l.oilti;ttt Road. 338 2088.


S.3()prtt. 2. Cabeza de Vaca r til 1 5pm. French Twist r lb") 4pm. S-IFpnt. Cyclo r IS”: (t. I 5pm.


1. Time Of The Gypsies r 1513.

2. Cyclo I IS) 3pm. Caheza de Vaca r is, r. sllpttl.

French Twist i is. \‘lfipttt. SUNDAY 31

1. A Little Princess r l. 't 2 .‘wltpnt Cronos I lit}. 5 .‘tllpltt.

La Ceremonier is. N..ill;‘ttt.

Cycio r is) 0pm. 5.30pm.


1. A Little Princess r t '. risprn.



1. La Ceremonier15):.3Hprn.(aprn.

.lllpztt. La Ceremonie r If . (tprtt. shim.

2. French TWiStllts't3pl11.Sillptrt.

3. La Signora Senza Camelie rl~.l~'(;r

La Ceremonie r If» 3.15pm. b.15pm.

2. A Boy‘s Liter is) 3pm.

Cyclo r IS) ()pm. 8.30pm.


1. A Little Princess (U) l.45pm. (t. limit. La Ceremonie r l5) 3.45pm. 8.45pm. : 2. Cyclo r IS) 3pm.

1 A Boy’s Life r tsr (t._‘tl)pttt.

Umberto O r‘l’(}t S,.‘y()prtt.


i 1. A Little Princess ( L't I.-15prn.

; La Ceremonie r l5) 3.45pm. 0. 15pm. 5.45pm.

3 2. Umberto O rl’(}) 3pm.

9 Cycle I IS ) opnt.

. A Boy’s Life « lst .s'.3rtpirr. THURSDAY 4

1. A Little Princess r l't I.-I5}tlil.

g La Ceremonie r l5) 3.45pm. u, 15pm. l 5,-I5l‘lll.

2. Cyclo r lb) 3pm. 8.30pm. Umberto D (I’m (tuillplil.


I CAMEO Home Street. 228 4 HI. ID]. Fri 29:

1. Devil In A Blue Dress r I5) and One

False Move ( 13) 11.30pm.

l 2. Trainspotting r is) l 1.50pm.

. l 3. Dead Man Walking I IS) ll.-15prtt.

. f Sat 30:

1. The Adventures or Priscilla ( IS) artd The Rocky Horror Picture Show I 12) ll._‘s()pm.

f Cinemas 2 and 3 see Fri 29.

: Thurs 4:

1. Once Upon A Time in The West r IS) I 1.30pm.

Cinemas 2 and 3 see Fri 29.

f I DDEDN Clerk sum. cm 733 l/uos 2101. Fri 29/Sat 30:

('all cirtertta l‘or details

I UCI Kirtrtzrird l’ark. Kinnaird Road. ()(t‘)

()777. g Fri 29/Sat 30:

(‘all cirtertta l'or details.


Competition Voucher (Entry valid only when accompanied tvith relevant voucher.)

2 O y— '— III a. E O U —I < O Ill n. m a: G c: E. Ill 2 y— 2 '—

W” Ig‘ duetting with ls’ylie‘.’

If you did. tltett we want to see your photographs. We wattt your weirdest. rttost lip-liekirtgly groovy arid mind-bogglineg interesting pics to use iii the T In Tlte Park programme for this year attd possibly itt the advertising for the evettt. A picture that screams ‘I’I’N' arid captures the spirit of the gig is wltat we need.

It your picture is chosen as the best ol‘ the bunclt then we will send you a pair ol’ weekend hospitality tickets which will get you irtto T In The Park (line-ups announced next issue. pop-pickers) on Saturday l3/Sunday l4 July artd allow you access to the hospitality bar so that you cart ltob rtob with the stars. To make it all perfect we w ill also throw itt a crate ol' Tertttent‘s’ lager.

Get your entries to us by Thurs 4 April. Send your prints to TIP PHOTO, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

If you want your photos returned then enclose art SAL: arid please mark your name and address clearly on the back of each photo. The List cannot accept responsibility lor lost or

misplaced material. ‘L-_‘

T In The Park

Were you at last year‘s T In The Park’.’ (‘an you remember arty of it'.’ More importantly. did you take any photos tojog your memory ol' the time that your rttate absent-rttindedly crammed lour veggie burgers irtto her mouth because she was so excited at seeing Paul Weller iii the lleslt.’ Or did you manage to get a picture ol' the crowd caught up in the dtrst storm raised by The l’rodigy's set’.’ 01' one ol' all your pals sittirtg iii the al’ternoon suit. their laces split open with cheesy grins at the prospect ol‘ Nick ('ave


E I THE PAVILION Market Street.

(lalasltiels. (llSWt 753707. Toy Story (PG 1.

: Sense And Sensibility rt . Trainspotting r is).

Jumanji rt’G r.

Braveheart r 15). 3 Get Shorty r :5).

Loch Ness tl’U).

'3'. . Desperado. ts: sits; ; I OUEON lita'ts S'ali my): 3m urn.

i ' Toy Story .l’t ; -.

l’ossible opening. replacing two oi .rboye: Dunston Checks In rPCii

Cutthroat Island I. 15 r.

I ROXY CINEMA llor' Kelso. lli573 .‘3-1 bll‘). Hart [l)l. (‘inertta only open Sat/Sun. 'l‘uc/Wetl.

Jumanii (PU ).



Provisional programme details only not confirmed at time of going to press.

I ALLANPAHK .-\llattp;trk Road. Stirling. rtl7so 471137.

1. Toy Story rm).

A Little Princess (l') Sat/Sun only.

; 2. Phone for details I CANNON Princess Street. l‘ltlkirk. Illill


Toy Story (I’m. Get Shorty ( 15 t. Trainspotting r is I.

A Little PrinceSSrt )

Jumanji ll’(}'t.

l’ossrble opening. replacing two or above:

' Sgt. Bilko tl’( i) ; Balto ill).


l'myersity. Ill7b'o Jolllh‘l.

. In The Bleak Midwinterr l5) sun 3 r. 7.3(lprtt.

i Provisional programme details only - not

Q The Horseman on The Roof ( 15) Sun 3 l.

Charlotte’s Web (Ur wcrr 3. 2.

The White Balloon (I') win . . 7.30pm.

confirmed at time of going to press. I ADAM SMITH CINEMA liennochy Road. Kirkcaldy. 01592 260 40s.

7.3() mt. I GLENROTHES CINEMA (‘hurch Street. (ilenrothes. 01592 750 UN)

1. Toy Story (PG I.

2. Phone for details

I MGM High Street. Kirkcaldy. ()lS‘D 260 Hi).

Toy Story (PG).

Get Shorty ( t5 ).

Trainspotting r 13).

Jumanii (PC).

A Little Princess (U).

Saturday Kids Club (L'l ):

Thw Swan Princess (U).

Possible opening. replacing two of above: Sgt. Bilko (PG).

Balto (U I.

I NEW PICTURE HOUSE North Street. St Andrews. ()l334 473509

1. Sgt. Bilko (PG) 6.30pm. 8.20pm.

2. Toy Story (PG) ().-I()pli’t. 8.15pm.

I ROBINS liast I’ort. Durtlerrttline (IISSS

(0..“ 535.

: Toy Story I l’( i I.

Get Shorty. is u. Trainspotting r Is I. Jumanji rl’ii .


Provisional programme details only not confirmed at time of going to press. I CANNON 'l'rlcltl‘teld Street. Ktltrtarnock.

0le; F‘w’TZSS.

. Jumanji li‘(it.

Toy Story tl’(ir.

Babe r l ' t. CetShortyrlSr ; Trainspottingrlsr.

l’rtsstltl.‘ «melting. replacing two ol .rl‘nie'

Sgt. Bilko rl’(i ».

Baltorl't. ~ . I KELBUHNE (ilasgoyy Roarl. Paisley.

int); ssI) Roll.

Trainspotting i is Toy Story rl’(i i.

_‘i‘ I ll.t:'t‘tt'.'!sit‘-.'. l: \ III". I'll‘fll


than i‘tll‘.. bin...

;.' ‘Syltlalt'. -\yr.


Casinor :si



Trainspotting r l.\ I.

Sense And Sensibility x l '1

Possible opening. replacing tyyo ot .‘rboyc Dunstan Checks In rl’(i ..

Cutthroat Island . IS I.

Kids Shows Hat: tall cinema to: rlt‘i..ll‘~ I OOEON l‘mynlteaI Street. ll..'1i‘i!rtll. “lows 2s? :srll.

Toy Story Il’(i'.

Jumanji Wt};

I! Heat r l5).


; l’ossible opening. replacing one mi about Dunston Checks In ll’( ; r

I UCI (‘lyrle Regional (critic. (’lyrlel‘.::tl.. ill-11051 l‘i-l‘).

Expected programme similar to Week 1. Call cinema to confirm.

l’ossible openings:

Dunston Checks In rl’(i).

Cutthroat Island r is ,t.

Sgt. Bilko rltt‘. r

Balto (I'r.

I UCI ()ly Ittpia \lall. Ifasl Killtritle. (H.155: wow.

Expected programme similar to Week 1. Call cinema to confirm.

Possible openings:

Dunstort Checks In rl’( ; r.

Cutthroat Island r 15 r.

Sgt. Bilko (I’m.

Balto (I? l.

I WMR FILM CENTRE. Bank Street. lry me. ()1294 270mm.

Toy Story 4 PG).

Trainspotting r IS I.

35 The List 22 Mar-4 Apr I996