UNDERGROUND -— the latest film by Sarajevo-born filmmaker limir Kusturica - was still being edited when it won the Palme l)‘()r at last year's Cannes Film festival. Now in a slightly shortened forth. this is a rollicking satire of life in the Balkans from World War ll. through the Communist years. to the warfare of the ‘Jlls.'l)espite coming from a war/one. the lilnt is a surprisingly upbeat celebration of the Balkan spirit. “Man always discovers within himself an instinct to survive. even in the worst of times.’ reckons Kusturica. ‘1 hope people will find a better use for the passion they have used to kill one another and that they will know how to find solutions.' Underground is at the (ilaxlemv I‘ll/n 'liltealrefm/n I‘m 2‘) Mar and I’i/nt/muxe. lidin/nire/i. fl'uttt Fri 5 .Il/n:

\ I "i a". i y 1., .., ‘0 I.

GARY NUMAN’s career has never suffered from an overdose of critical acclaim, being labelled as a cheap Kraftwerk rip-off. Since his first number one in 1979 ‘Are “Friends” Electric?’, every robotic move Human made has been accompanied by sniggers. When he bought the obligatory pop star airplane and promptly crashed it, the howls of derision were deafening. Even during the wilderness years, however, hardcore Human fans have kept the faith and now he’s back with a greatest hits album (‘Cars’, ‘We Are Class’) and a nationwide tour. Time to look out the white make- up and shiny black shirts again . . .

Gary Numan plays on Sat 30 Mar at the Pavilion, Glasgow.

KEVIN MCKAY knows the dattce music industry literally inside out. While most record producers wouldn't know their are from their electrode. .‘ylcls’ay is right in there. genned up on the gubbins of his synths with a degree in electrical engineering. Presumably that's what they mean by ‘mtelligent techno". Whilst studying at Strathclyde University he became interested in the Glasgow clubs

and soon realised how directly relevant his degree was to the creation of the music he was hearing. Only three years alter

graduating. and a business studies diploma later. McKay launched dance record label Muzique Tropique based in his hotne town of Largs. Together with Any Carrick. his studio partner since uni days. they combine their technical knowledge with formal music training to produce smooth. jazzy house which has garnered a huge underground following both here and in America. So the duo has put out five releases. confusingly under five different names. including 4am and West Coast Connection. which have climbed to successively higher positions in the dance charts. Now. as if there weren‘t enough strings to McKay's bow already. he‘s trying his hand at DJing. (Rory Weller)

Kevin MeK av [)J.v at Cream at The Are/rev on .Sat 30 Mar. 4am: Underwater Blues E P ()It Mum'qu 'I'rapique is out at the end ofMarelr.

The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Music: Terrorvision Loud guitars. chest-quivering drumtning and a seriously good time attitude have made 'l‘errorvision the rock band that it's cool to like. Moshpits ahoy! Barrmv/aml, Glasgow; Wed 27.

I Theatre: Angels In America Tony Kushner‘s millennial. state-of—the- Western-world ‘gay fantasia' has been performed all over the globe and receives its Scottish premiere this fortnight from 7:84 Theatre Company. Frightening. funny and fascinating. it is both intellectually brilliant and highly accessible. .S'eefeature. 'I‘mn Theatre. (i/argmv, from Fri 2‘).

I Film: Toy Story Woody the cowboy, Buzz l.ightyear the space ranger and a cupboard full of toys come to life in Disney's first compu[er-generated animation feature. It doesn't just look great. it's a cracking story too. See feature. ()n general releasejnnn Fri 22. I Edinburgh Folk And Harp Festivals They share the Friday's Queen's Hall opening concert. the harp fest ending pluckin with a mid-week ceilidh. but the folk fest's late bars and endless music roll on till liaster Sunday. See separate listings and previews. li'i'iat Rmv, l’learatu'e, Queen '3‘ Hall. Edinburgh, Fri 2‘) Mara-Sun 7 Apr.

I Comedy: Charlie Chuck The estravagantly coiffeured character also known as Uncle Peter from The Smell ()f Reeves And Mortimer makes an appearance outwith the Festival to spread a little absurdist humour. The guys from Horny Monkey will be spinning the platters that matter to keep the vibe going afterwards. They call the whole package The Full Monty C‘mnedv Club. Wi/kie House. Edinburgh, Thurs 28.

I Theatre: The Cracked Pot Barry Rutter‘s Northern Broadsides Company presents a Yorkshire translation of the only classical German comedy known to exist. Poet Blake Morrison‘s translation has Rutter as a corrupt small town judge in this linguistically lively play which won Rutter a Best Director award last year. See preview. Traverse, Edinburgh. Thurs 28—5101 3].

I Comedy: Juilan Clary Back out of the doghouse for mentioning Norman Lamont and listing in the same breath. Clary presents a more intitnate show that‘s a lot less camped-up and tacky showbiz-orientated than we are used to. Basically he‘sjust doing what he likes best. chatting to the punters. Seefeature. Pavilion, Glasgow; Thurs 28: Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Sun 3 I.

The List 22 Mar-4 Apr 1996 3