The Folk Festival takes place at Teviot House. Bristo Square; and the Harp Festival at the l’leasance Theatre complex. the l’leasance. There are three concerts in the ()iieen’s Hall. (‘leik Street.

At the Folk l-estival's 'l‘eviot House are liars. .i i‘estaui‘ant/caleteria. records. music and instrument stalls. i‘ooiiis litll' workshops. and .i creche on weekend alternoons.

Some concerts and all or the dances take place in tlie Debating Hall at the top of the building.

During the Folk Festival. 'l‘eviot House is open lion) l0ani until 3am. except

.\lon -\\'ed. when the closing time is lain. Please note that entrance to 'l‘eviot House is tree during the day but alter 7pm is by 'l‘evioi ticket.

Tickets are available before the start of the


i l i 1

Festival at the Queen's Hall Box Office. ()l3l 668 201‘); Credit Card Hot-line 0l3l 667 7776. Concerts in 'l‘eviot House. unless otherwise stated. are ITCC to holders of that evening's 'l'eviot ticket. available at

the Ho\ Office in the foyer. 650 4673. A ticket tor one ot the (‘ltlt'cll‘x' Hall concerts is also valid for entrance to 'l‘e\ iot on tiiat night.

Tickets (or Harp Festival events are on sale at the l’leasance 'l‘heati'e Box ()lTiee. (’liildren are not pei'iiiitted in the bars. and 1 animals (except guide dogs) are excluded l‘rom the buildings.

Web pages tor the most up to date information on the Festival are to be l‘ound at the l‘ollowing URL: http://web/one | .co.tik/www/sctitsweli/edi iil'olk.htni

'l'lie lidinhui'gli Folk Festival is supported by the (‘ity or lidinburgli Council. and the 3 Scottish Arts ('ouiicil.


I Ceolbeg/Maire Hi Chathasaigh and Chris Newman Queen's Hall. ("lei-k Street. 7. 30 pin. £8.50 (£7 i. ()pening concert presented by the lidinburgh Harp Festival in conjunction w ith the lidinbui‘gh Folk Festival. (‘eolbeg w ith vocalist Rod Paterson. vv ho is perhaps the linest Scots ..ilk singer. has an instrumental line-up including pipes. electric harp. llutc. keyboards. and percussion. Ni Chathasaigh and Boys oi. the l.oitgli guitarist Newman combine harp. vocals and acoustic guitar in a synthesis of traditional Irish atid transatlantic styles. See piev ievv. page 3‘).

I Tim D’Leary and Aaron Jones l’ark Room. 7.30pm. Free with Teviot ticket. Baroque. Irish and tunes from eclectic sources arranged for this new bouzouki duo.

I Mick West Band l’ark Room. 9pm. Free with 'l‘evioi ticket. Beautiful songs in the traditional idiom ITOm Scotland and behind by the much admired Glasgow singer.


witbspecialguests THE HOT TAMQLES

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lickets on door [730 (tom‘s 15)

For full details of non-festival folk music events in Glasgow and Edinburgh, see Folk & World Listings on pages 52-53.


I Irish Set Dance Workshops Teviot (room to be arranged). Noon—4.30pm. £5.

All Set. led by Mary Fox. I Tales Told to Music l’ark Room. 2pm.

I The Occasionals Debating Hall. 10pm. ; £6 (£5). (with Karen lngram). Accordionist Freeland Barbour‘s ()ccasionals are one of the top Scottish dance bands.

With the Belfast dancers and musicians of

£4 (£3). A highly original approach to old Scottish. Irish and Celtic tales. woven together with improvised music on various traditional instruments. by storyteller David Campbell and lock Tamson’s Bairii. Norman Chalmers.

I Border Fiddle Music Park Room. 4pm. £4 (£3). Presented by Dr Fred Freeman with Jedburgh baiid Fiddler’s leap.

I Clarsach Ceilidh Pleasance Theatre Bar. 7pm. £3.50. Short performances by the concert guests. tutors. and friends. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Shooglenitty/Buracb Debating Hall. 7.30pm. £7.50 (£6). Greentrax 10th


0131 - 667- 8241

‘s I

g I Smalltalk is bigger with the arrival of harpist, composer and flute player Billy Jackson, joining his old Ossian mate, singer Billy Boss, and turther extending

Smalltalk’s music to include the triad of traditional instruments the harp, pipes and

' riddle. Straight Scotch, no additives. See Mon 1.

.-\nniversary Concert. laii Green's

(ireentras is at the l'orel‘ront ot~ Scottish

music and two of the label‘s new-wave l bands play tonight. Sliooglenil‘ty’s

arresting hypnol‘olkadelia gets down into

a groove. while Burach play a more

straight-ahead folk rock; and both are essentially dance bands.

I Bannal/Donald Black I’ark Room. ; 7.30pm. Free with 'l‘eviot ticket. Gaelic

waulking songs and vocal part arrangements from the Glasgow-based Highland music group. Black is a line young mootliie player. A Gi'eentras |0tli Anniversary Presentation.

I I Sophie Bancroft and Gina Rae Band

Park Room. [0.30pm. Free with Teviot

: ticket. The classy. ja/zy acoustic duo is

; back with the addition of percussion. bass. sa\ arid trombone and a pile of their own

‘i contemporary songs mixing l'olk. jazz.

blues and soul.

I Ceilidh Dance Debating Hall. l0.3()pm. £6 (£5). The Three Ghillies. Down from the Highlands. Ian Hardie on fiddle. Duncan MacGillivray on pipes/whistles. and Andy Thorbum on keyboards.

I ALP Step Dance Workshop Teviot (room to be arranged). l0.30am—lpm. Absolute Beginners: 3-4pm. Intermediate and Advanced. With Mairi Campbell.

: I Edward Witsenburg Pleasaiice Theatre.

l.~l5pni. £5.50 (£4.50). Witsenburg performs on both concert and small harp. \viiii soprano Rosemary McKerchar Settings of poems by \VB Yeats. and compositions by Glinka. Faure and

M acDearmid. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Unlocking the Waterways Park Room. 2pm. £4 (£3). Storytellers David Campbell and Linda Bandelier take aboard events. characters and dreams through stories and songs of the Lowland Scottish canals.

I Bringing the Past to Life with Ballad and Song I’ark Room. 4pm. £5 (£4). Back in her previous incarnation as a folk singer. TV presenter lsla SI Clair with singer Aileen Carr. and Dr Ian Dlsen present a new version of the acclaimed show they lirst performed at the Greig- l)uncan series oi concerts at last year's lidinhurgh Festival.

I Anne-Marie 0’ Farrell/Carrol McLaughlin l’leasance Theatre. 7.30pm. £5.50 (£4.50). l'nusual sounds on the small Irish harp including Bach and Handel. with the usual Carolan. and traditional airs. McLaughlin presents a programme of popular jazz and and classical standards on pedal harp. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I The 90’s Collection Debating Hall. 7.30pm. £7 (£6). The 'l‘raditional Music and Song Association of Scotland presents a selection of tunes from their published collection ol" recently coniposet music in the Scots tradition. played by the musicians l'eatured on the album released with the book. Willi The Ghillies (fiddler laii llardie. guitarist lack Iivans. accordionist Freeland Barbour. piper Duncan McCiillivray. and pianist Andy 'l‘horburn) are concertina ace Simon Thoumire. and littl'pet' Mary Ann Kennedy. I Ceile l’ai'k Room. .’.3()pin. Free with Teviot ticket. (‘eile are a new Manchester lrish band. playing a lot of traditional and sell-penned material. and featuring button accordion. llute. liddle. whistles. guitar.


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I Calluna: A generic term for heather,

Calluna. Also: a me musicality, an original

instrumental music on harp, flute and cello that is both moving and meaningful, and songs, in Scots, with an unusual Tabor-like timbre, all givmg the ear plenty to listen to. 0K, they don‘t Poozie things up on stage, but they seem very happy doing it their

way. See Wed 3.

54 The List 22 Mar-4 Apr [996