double bass. and vocals.

I Dick Caughan Park Room. l0pm. £7 (£6). Arguably the fittest Scottish singer/guitar stylist of the past twenty years.

I Ceilidh Dance Debating Hall. I030 pm. £6 (£5). Dance to the Robertson Ceilidh Band. With caller Colin MacLennan.


I Youth Caitherin Modelled on the highly successful Highland feisean. Edinburgh’s Youth Gaitherin is a unique opportunity for young people to encounter the vibrancy and dynamism of Scottish folk music today at first hand. Full details of how to enrol for classes can be obtained from the ALP Scots Music Group. l84 Dalry Road. Edinburgh liH ll 2F.P. Tel. ()l3l 337 5442. Fax 0l3| 337 03H).

I Bobin Huw Bowen/Smalltalk l’leasancc Theatre. 7.30pm. £5.50 (£4.50). Bowen is the virtuoso Welsh triple (three courses of strings) harp player keeping the old tradition alive and vital. Billy Jackson has increased Smalltalk to a quartet. adding clarsach. flutes and whistles to their amalgam of fiddle. small pipes and guitar with Scots and (jaelic vocals by Billy Boss. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Songs of Scotland Debating Hall. 7.30pm. £7 (£6). (‘oncert of women singers presented in association with the Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland. l-‘eaturing lsla St Clair. Sheena Wellington and Cordeanna McCulIoch.

I Deat Shepherd l’ark Room. 7.30pm. Free with Teviot ticket. With a new album out on (ircentras. this young band sport pipes. fiddle. fluent whistle and copious energy.

I Jim Malcolm Band l’ark Room. 9pm. Free with Teviot ticket. Polished songwriter and performer on guitar and mouth organ. attracting much attention since the release last year of Sconeward. his first album. With bass. drums. accordion and guitar.

I Chantan Park Room. l0.30pm. Free with Teviot ticket. Scotland‘s leading female folk-derived singers blend jazz and blues into the mix. llarpist Corrina Hewat. guitarist Christine Kydd and Seannachic vocalist Elspeth Cowie in a new trio.

I Youth Caitherin. See Mon 1.

I Minstrels and Makars l’leasance Theatre. 7pm. £5.50 (£4.50). Anne MacDearmid. clarsach and vocals. and mttlti-instrumentalist Alistair Marshall play a wide variety of accessible music.

I Jock Duncan: A great character and a great singer in the authentic earthy style oi the rural North East, Jock Duncan, long past retiring age, has been in the studio with Brian MacNeill and others of a younger generation, recording his first album. A concert featuring Jock, his piping genius son Gordon, Brian, Pete Shepherd and others, promises to be a highlight of the week. See Fri 5.

I Creentrax 10th Anniversary Concert Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 7.30pm. £8.50 (£7). With the vocally powerful and humorous MacCalmans are songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian McNeill. who for years was frontman with the Battlefield Band: and Tony MacManus. the new young star of the guitar in Scotland.

I Brooks Williams l’ark Room. 8pm. Free with Teviot ticket. Highly regarded US singer/guitarist makes a special. unscheduled appearance at the festivall

I Anam Park Room. ‘) 30pm. Free with Teviot ticket. lt means ‘soul' in Irish. and this Dublin-based foursome. with a young ()rcadian woman in their midst. are making waves in the folk band scene with a lively. innovative sound.

I Ceilidh Dance Debating Hall. 10pm. £6 (£5). Bella McNab’s Band is based on the fiddle and guitar partnership of Mairi Campbell and soon-to-be-dit'ector of this Festival. Dave Francis.

()n clarsach and recorder. Rosemary McKerchar and Ian Inglis perform music from the Scottish and French Courts. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Archie Fisher Park Room. 7.30pm. £0 (£5). The presenter of BBC"s 'l'ravelling Folk is also one of Scotland's tnost talented and sensitive guitar-playing folksingers. having defined the style in the (10's revival.

I Margaret and Martyn Bennett/Jamie MacDonald Reid Park Room. 9.30pm. Free with Teviot ticket. A ceilidh atmosphere: music on pipes and fiddle. (iaclic and Scots song. and stories.

I Youth Caitherin. See Mon 1.

I Na Clarsairean l’lcasance Theatre. 7pm. £5.50 (£4.50). The lidinburgh—based clarsach orchestra mixes performers of varied ability in a programme of mainly Scottish music. Edinburgh Harp Festival I Calluna Park Room. 7.30pm. Free with Teviot ticket. Original and traditional music from a powerful new Scottish all- women trio. featuring clarsach. flute and cello. with occasional vocals. Sec preview. page 39.

I Edinburgh Songwriters’ Showcase Put-k Room. 9.30pm. The widest spectrum of songwriting styles. from the political. to bluesy to Scottish to just plain wacky. Free with Teviot ticket.

I Ceilidh Dance Debating Hall. 9pm. £6 (£5 ). Music from Tapsalteerie.


'1‘ 2375: - :.- bu .‘.~

i 2‘5}, ‘1?" r

t... -. I Anam: Highly vocal, with two singers, Brian D’Eadrha, and from Drkne

y, Aimee

Leonard, Dublin band Anam are no slouches in the instrumental stakes - that hardly needs saying nowadays when most of the youth of Ireland seems to be taking up traitional instruments but their enthusiasm and affection for their music is palpable. Not for nothing was their eponymous first album called Anam, Irish Gaelic

tor ‘soul’. See Thurs 4.

I Northern Ireland Tourist Board Workshops Dining Room. 10am. Free. See Thurs 4.

I Adult Learning Project Classes.

l0am 4pm. £25 (£l2). (‘all ;\l.l’ for enrolment details (0| 31 337 5442). Fiddle with Marie Fielding; Mixed (.lroup with Corrina llcwat‘. Song with ('ltristine Kytld; Guitar with James Malcolm: Percussion (botlhran on Saturday) with Jim Walker.

I Smallpipes Masterclass l0.30atu. £20. With maker and player Hamish Moore.

I Andy Irvine/Nollaig Casey and Arty McClynn Queen's llall. (‘lcrk Street. 7.30pm. £8.50 (£7). Since l’lansty. Andy lrvine has been at the forefront of the lrish music scene as a singer and instrumentalist. See Music preview. He shares the concert with two of the fittest musicians lrcland has ever produced -


I Youth Caitherin. See Mon 1.

I Northern Ireland Tourist Board Workshops Dining Room. 10am. Free. First of four days of instruction by top- llight traditional musicians from L'lster. I Tony MacManus Guitar Workshop Middle Reading Room. 2an. £4 (£3) Celtic music. and the odd song. on the guitar using alternative tunings. by Paisley's new maestro of the acoustic instrument.

I Edinburgh Youth Caitherin Concert and Ceilidh Debating Hall. 5pm. lnformal perfornutnces. and a wee dance by participants in the weeks workshops.

I Travelling Folk Live BBC Scotland. 5 Queen Street. 225 3131. 7pm. Free. With Archie Fisher. Boys Of The Lough and



March ’96 in concert with Band



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