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D animation 4


Tickets for each show cost {I.SO unless stated otherwise. . JACTITO PUPPETS Hiccup the Hippopotamous

Thurs 28 March, 2.l0pm Fri 29 March l0.30am (age 3-6)

Tickets (LOO


Sat 30 March, 2.30pm

OPEN HAND Beauty and the

Tue 2 April, 7p Tickets (2.501 (8.00 (family)

MOVING HANDS Big Jackie and the

Beanstalk Wed 3 April, IO.30am

Puppet Workshops - Wed 3 April to Fri 5 April (contact Box Office for details).

Cost: £l0.00 Workshop Performance - Fri 5 April, 6.30pm Tickets: 50p

CLOWN JEWELS Cartoon Theatre Thurs 4 April, 7pm




A R O L 'L A U L A Sat6April, 7.30pm

Tickets: (6/ £4 concession

BOX OFFICE: (Ots'oei 422624.

I? .

V4,": 4/ "'

I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE (ireenside Place. 557 350i). [Accessz R. 1..

Facilities: WC. W8. (i. (I

The Phantom of the Opera t’ntit Sat 25 May. Mon-Sat 7.30pm. Wed/Sat niat 2.30pm. £5— £27.5t). The public demanded it! Lloyd Webber's blockbusting musical about the beautiful opera singer and the disfigured young composer hiding out Ill the sc\\ L‘t‘s‘ I‘L’Itl“ the l);lt'is ( )pera House has ltad its mammoth run e\tended. Some folks haye been tour times. apparently

no satisfying some people. eh‘.’

I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (it indlay Street. 23‘) 9097. [;\ccess: I). l.. l‘acilities: \\'(‘. \\'S. H. (i. (I 'I‘, Help: .-\. .-\.»\l (‘losed Suns.

Montrose ITntil Sat 23 Mar. "130an Sat lb/\\'ed :0 Mat 3.30pm. L'I U3. Not to be outdone by the cinematic triumph oi Brute/nun]. It’u/i lt’ut et al. the Lyceum company stirs tip the rousing legend ol' Iatites (iraham. Marquis ot' \lonttose. Royalist rebel and romantic poet. seen by the t‘eot‘le of Scotland as either heroic warrior or bloody traitor. The clay more- yyielding neyy play has been commissioned troni Robert lamest and directed by Kenny Ireland. See t.-\ ieyy. Trainspotting Mon 35 Sat 3n ~\Iat: 7.45pm respect Hi 2‘) Mai 7pm/ltlpmi. L'l £13. .lttst in case you didn't catch it on one of its prey ious marathon runs. the stage version of erne \\'elsh's drug- l‘uelled galloyys humour rampage through lidinburgh's underbelly li)llti\\‘s hot on the heels of the tiltn that came hot on the heels ol~ the play tirst titne round. llarry (iil‘s‘utl “lithe \‘t‘t'sltill til. \Vt‘lsll's .l/ttrtt/mu Stork .\'ig/tt/m1/‘t'.y has had its run extended by popular demand at Glasgow's (‘it/. - is behind the adaptation. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3‘1 Hamilton I’ltlt‘t‘. 336 5435. [Accessi l’l’.'\. SI. R. l-‘acilities‘: WC. \\'8. ll. (i. (‘. llelp: .’\.v\] Flesh Fly l'ntil Sat 33 Mar. Rpm. £0.50 (£3). ('onl‘rontational neyy adaptation of Ben Jonson's classic comedy lot/nine.

Q 74/ 552 25.77 63 fledged;

abottt the bored. rich and despicable nialingerer \"olpone and his equally nasty seryant .\losca. performed in highly

\ isual and typically uncompt'omising l‘as‘hion by littrope's top disabled theatre company. (iraeae.

Bugsy Malone \Ved 37 Sat 30 Mar. 7.30pm; l-"rt ZOE-Sat 30. 2.30pm. £50.11). l-‘orth (‘hildren's Theatre celebrate eighteen years in the business yy itlt the classic musical that helped put a certain young .lodie lioster's career on the right track.

Don Juan 'I'hurs J--Sttt (3 .-\pr. 3pm. £6.50 it? I. .‘\n impressiye cast numbering l’ormer members ol~ Theatre t/(' ('unI/t/it'ilt' and 'I‘restle 'l‘heatre ('onipany pool talents tn cloyyntng. te\t-based theatre and puppetry tor(‘ommotion‘s ‘passionate. hilarious and ,s'yyeaty' take on the classic tlagctly.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE ('ambridge Street. 225' Hill |.-\ccess: |.. liacilities: \\'(‘. W8. ll. (i. ('l. (‘losed .\lons.

Miss Julie I'ntil Sat 23 Mar. 7 Stlpm. L'X till I. l’ublic demonstration: l‘ri 22 Mar. 4pm (ipm. ('ombined pert'tu'ntance and demonstration ticket U) (‘5). latest \enture Irom the mttch-acclaimed .-\ctors Touring ('ompany. \\ ith a bristling neyy Ulls reatltng ol .-\ugttst Strindbetg's class. se\ and yiolence-centred masterpiece. Artist Unknown tn 3: Mar. spin. in tifo. See 'l‘ouring.

The Cracked Pot 'I'htn's 3% Sun 3| .\lar. 7.30pm. {Sit—1'. lletnricli yon Kleist‘s classic te\t. translated and adapted by Nttt‘tllt‘ltl lit‘titltlsltlcs tltltl \Vt‘sl Yttl‘lxsllit't‘ l’lay house into a right Northern tale of middle-aged lttst. thuarted young loye. ambition. corruption. intrigue and slander. See t‘t't‘y ie\\.

I CUMBERHAULD THEATRE ls'ildrtnn. ('ttnibernauld. II 230 733887. [.'\ccess: l’l’x\. l.. SI. R. Facilities: \\'('. \\'S. ll. ('1, (‘. llelp: .-\. :\.»\l

Splinters t-‘ri iii-sat .‘so .\tat; 7.45pm. co ([3 I. John Shedtlen's bat'my lampshade- on-the-head take on the short. quirky stories (‘ltekhoy \y rote tor the satirical Inaga/tne .V/r/i/n't'ry l'eaturing a motley parade ot' harassed husbands. y'. retchcd

\y riters. old troupers and trustrated IL‘LIL‘llL't's.

Coppelia/Cooey Louis yy'c-d :7 Iltttl's 3s Mari-1513111. {(1123), See llance.

I MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE t'niyet'sity ot' Stirling. Stirling. (IITSti .loltis' l. l:\ccess: l’. I’l’:\. I.. R. l';lL‘lllIlL‘\I \\'('. us. It. (3]

Wild Child l'tl 3‘) Mar. 7. “5.501; ape\ price £55“ i U t. See Dance. Don Juan \\'ed3.~\pr.7.»15pni. Lb (£4.50): apey price L55“ t Lil t. Italy 's most tiamons philandeter as seen through the eyes of director John Wright and ('ommotion 'l‘heatre ('onipany iii ‘a passionate. hilarious and syyeaty tragedy '.

‘diptir to

Daft as a busker: Dave Anderson on tour in Wildcat's one-man show Barking

This section lists shows that are touring the Central Belt. There is a phone number for each company should you require more information.

I Artist Unknown .-\ new play commissioned t'roni Stte t/i’unt/ttet'ryt (iloyer by (ilasg'oyy 's 'l‘.-\(i 'I'lieatre (‘ompanyz The play looks at Scottish women artists and attempts to draw parallels between late attists like .\Iargatet Macdonald Mackintosh I Rennie's \y'itei and Joan liardley'. and the neyy breed working today. I‘m l'urtlter into call: Ill-ll .130 3s77. '

’I‘rm't'rxt' iii/lt’H/I't'. lz't/t'm'wre/r Hi 22 Mai. 8pm.

The limit lluuyt'. llttt/t/iuetu/t Sat 33 Mar. 7.30pm.

I Barking l)ay e .-\ntlerson ol‘ stalyyart Scottish company Wildcat l'olltms tip the success tit-17 \y III] a new one-titan musical comedy abottt a singing. dancing story-telling brisket: Written by Anderson \y‘ith \Vildcat's artistic dtiector [lay Id \lacl .ennan. l-or t'tn'ther into call: til-ll Ill ()78‘).

’/'/n' I’ll/ttt't’ 'l'ln'ttlr't'. Kr/HnII/nu‘l. I‘t! 33. Mar. 7 itlptii.

li'ttrrtit'r’t/y lint/run. lat/ex Sat 33 Mai. ".Stlpni.

Hunt/«e .-\I'ty ('u/i/rt' llltlts 25' Mai. Titlptn,

/\’H.'/t<'\ [/(IH. (i/t'lt/ttr/tt'y I'll 3‘) Sat ;U Mar. 7..‘~t)pni.

'l'lit' 'lir/lnntI/i flied/rt: Stir/me .\lon l .-\pril. 7.30pm.

an esin \ 9

by Tony Kushner


Part One - Millennium Approaches


63 Trongate. Glasgow. 61

29 Mar - 20 Apr 7.30pm Tickets: 28/27 ($24) Preview nights 29 - 31 Mar. Tickets: £3

Tel: 0141 552 4267 or 0141227 5511

Details from 0141 331 2219

(84 SEUIIAND the Theairc »{)(i".f.(l’i’(} U". W YrE Y


54 The List 22 Mar—4 Apr 19%