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Indian miniatures: a watercolour by Ajay Kumar Garg, on show at The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh until Wed 27 Mar.

hay bales to create a feeling of mystery and drama. SHTWKS Until 30 Mar. A cleverly titled (but definitely not reflective of the content) collection of new works by painter [)eryck llealey. I EASTERN GENERAL HOSPITAL ()utpatient Corridor. Seafield Street. 536 735‘). Daily ‘)anr- 6pm. Winter Sunshine Until 3‘) Mar. liour artists have contributed to this charmingly titled exhibition 'l‘inr (‘ockbtrrrr .lohn l.owrie. Margaret Milne and Margaret Stuyth with all paintings for sale. I THE EDINBURGH GALLERY lSa l)undas Street. 557 5337. Mon -l5ri I lam— 5pm; Sat l()aru-«lpm. The Villages 0t Edinburgh t.'ntil 3 Apt: Paintings by six artists working lIi oils aritl watercolours. depicting various aspects of Edinburgh and its surrounds. I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP 33 Union Street. 557 347‘). Tue-~Sat Itiam ~6prll. In Print Until 6 Apr. Art exhibition of prints by the former lidinburgh Women Artists Group. now known as ‘Underwired'. on show alongside Book of Ours. prints by the Seattle Woman's Caucus for Arts. I EILMHOUSE CAFE BAR l.othian Road. Daily Itlam-l tprn. Veronica Harris sin 30 Mat—27 Apt: Recent paintings and art works by artist Veronica Harris. I FIRTH GALLERY 35 William Street. 335 3196. 'i‘ue—l‘ri llam--5pm; Sat Ham—4pm. Journeys On Paper t'nrii 6 Apr. large colour woodcuts and watercolour studies by Paul Furrreaus. created during travels through Scotland. France. Mesico and la )an. I THE ERUITMARKET GALLERY 3‘) Market Street. 335 3383. Tue-Sat ‘)am 5.30pm: Sun noon-5pm. The British Art Show Until 3S Apr. \"ideo work frorrr Steve McQueen and Sam Taylor-Wood. alongside paintings and videos by Mark Wallinger. depicting horses and the dearly departed furury man Tommy Cooper. I GALLERY 41 4| l)undas Street. 557 456‘). Mon—Fri mam—5.30pm: Sat 10am—5pm. Northern landscapes Until I() Apr. An exhibition of new work by paitrter Andrew Squire. on show alongside ceramic sculpture by Brendan Hesmondhalgh. and the Gallery‘s permanent collections of turned wood. ceramics. glass. silver. sculpture and rrnts. I HANOVER FINE ARTS 33a Duridas Street. 556 318]. Mon—Fri l().3()am—6pm; Sat IOam—me. Realism And Impressionism From Ukraine

l_'ntil 30 Mar. l‘ollowing on from last year's successful exhibition. the gallery now offers a second opportunity to view works by some of the l‘kraine's leading artists. Also on show. sculpture. jewellery. prints. wooden boxes and cards.

I INSTITUT ERANCAIS O’ECOSSE l3 Randolph Crescent. 335 5366. Mon --Sun 9.30am till late.

The Rainbow Portraits & Balcon Hi 3*) Mar -S May. 'l'wo specially commissioned works by photographer l.i/. thleal. featuring a series of colour ftrl. enlarged photo-booth pictures which reject traditional notions of self-portraits. and a photo-montage that attempts to re—create a specific memory of the artist‘s grandmother's Paris home.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Northuruberland Street lane. 557 545-1. 'l'ue—Sat llanr «1.30pm.

Liz Knox l‘ntil 5 Apr. .\'ew still life and landscape paintings and drawings by Lil Kno\. who trained under Sir Robin Plrilipson and David Michie at li(.‘:\. Also on show. a collection of w atcrcolotrrs by eight artists. glass and ceramics by Moray Miller and jewellery from Poland.

I VINCENT KOSMAN FINE ART S Burgess Terrace. 663 ‘)‘)‘)l). Mon Sat llaru 5pm. James Paterson Sat 33 Mar to May. ()ver 3()() pictures by James Paterson. his friends (other ‘(ilasgow Boys" r. arrisr relatives. and liast .-\nglian painters who were influenced by the Scottish style.

I NAPIER UNIVERSITY ls'.lI’ (iallety. 6t Marchmont Road. 33S l‘)‘)‘). Mon 'l'hurs ‘)atll--S.5(lprlt; l-‘ri ‘)am 5pm.

Uisdean Until 3‘) Mar. Work by Napier t'niversity and Duncan of .Iordanstone graduate .-\le.\ander (iunn. w ho uses wooden boxes and photographic assemblages to evoke a sense of the hardship faced by fishing communities in the northeast ofScotlaud t‘l'rsdeau' translates from (iaelic to mean ‘llugh

l‘raser'. an ancestor of(iunn‘s who died in the l’ortskerra fishing disaster in WIS). I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Motrrrd. 556 S‘)3l. Mon Sat lilanr -5pm; Sun 3 / 5pm.

The Three Graces Antonio (‘iinm-a‘s beautiful sculpture. in residence at the gallery until l‘)‘)7.

From Brueghel to Rubens t‘-nut 1? .-\pr. .-\n exhibition of 16th and l7th century I-‘lemish drawings from the (ialletys permanent collection. highlighting the. rich and di\erse talent wlnch flourished in the area during this period.

David Le Marchand (1674—1726) Until 6 May. The first ever eshibrtiou devoted to the l’rench-borri ivory carver. who during his career created figure sculptures from such illustrious sitters as Queen Anne. (ieorge l. Sir Isaac Newton and Sir (‘hristophcr \Vren.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieorge IV Bridge. 336 -l53l. \Itilir-Sttl lilam -5pm: Strrr 3 ~5pru.

A Nation Divided: Scotland and the ’45 l'ntil 3| Oct. The Jacobite uprising of l7-l5/-16 was one of the most momentous (and bloody t events in Scotland's history. and inevitably. the truth has been somewhat overshadowed by legend. ‘A Nation l)ividetl' looks at the real story behind the .lacobites. llonnie Prince ('harlre and the Battle ol'(‘ulloderr. Mixed Exhibition Illlll's ~l- 30 Apr. \\'atercolour paintings and drawings by members of the Horticultural Training Project at Redhall \Valled (iarden. run by the Scottish .-\ssociation for Mental Health.

I NETHERROW THEATRE 43 45 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). Mon -Sat.

Caroline Hunter and John Hunt I'ntil 24 Mar. An exhibition of humanist paintings. featuring sorrre wonderful and ftrnriy animals atrd cartoon characters.

Sheena Dixon Hi 3‘) Mar—~37 Apr.

Paintings antl masks ruade front beeswax. created using ancient techniques dating back to pic-historic and medieval times. On show as part of the WW» Puppet and Auirrration Festival.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75- 7‘) Cumberland Street. 557 1030. Mon~l3ri It)am~6pm; Sat l(lanr ~lpm.

Indian Miniatures Until 37 Mar. Small. rrrtricate paintings b_v Ajay ls'urnar ( iarg. who works in the traditional manner of the great l7th century Mrrghal rrrirriature painters. using precious stones. gold leaf and 3(lti-year-old paper.

Works On Paper tintil 2s Mar. New and interesting works oti paper by artist Alan Mackenzie-Robinson.

Recent Works Until 37 Mai. .\ selection of new jewellery by John l3. i‘ield. who works in such unusual materials as amber. turquoise. African blackwood. cocobolo and labradorite.

Figures And Form llutil ls Mar. Au eshibitiou of recent cerarrrics by Judy (‘aplirr

I PORTFOLIO GALLERY ~13 (‘andleruaker Row. 330 1‘)! l. The Sat noon-5.30pm. Transitions: Contemporary Art From The Republic Of South Africa Until in Mar. Photographic work by l.ien Botha. who explores contemporary and historical rcons of the .M'r'ikaaner history. and Santa Mofokeng. who docurrrents life in the Soweto township from the [Hill of the century to present day.

I ROMANIAN CULTURAL CENTRE i66 High Street. 667 3 ‘s‘)7. Tue-Sat

It)am«6 .‘stlprn; Sttri 3—5pm. Contemporary Romanian And Scottish Art Until 34 Mar. Diverse work from two cultures by loan Burlaco. (‘arola ('hanibers. 'l’hora (‘lyne. (‘ostel llrearuata and Marcello i\'ey.

I ROUTE 66 GALLERY l-idinburgh Lesbian. (iay & Bisexual (‘entre 5S ilroughton Street. .556 ()l53.

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