A selection or television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television listings compiled by Jonathan Trew.


I Hi-Be-Hi! (BBC I) 8-8.30pm. A repeat run for the comedy capers of Maplin‘s yellow coats.

I The Fast Show (BBC 2) 9—9.30pm. More laugh-a~second comedy sketches from Paul Whitehouse. Charlie Higson and team. The show works on the principle that if you don't find one sketch funny. then there will be another one along in two ticks.

I Father Ted (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. When the Holy Stone ofClonrichert gets upgraded to a Class II relic. three bishops arrive to perform the solemn ceremony. Naturally. this causes problems for the three native members of the clergy. Death. destruction and horror ensues.

I Risky Business (Scottish)

lO.30pm—l2.20am. Archetypal 80s teenager movie in which seventeen-year- oId Joel. played by Tom Cruise. lets a couple of young hookers use his parents' pad as a base while they head off on vacation. Adolescent hormonal imbalances lead to a series of situations which are hilarious if you are a hormonally-challenged teenager.

I The Mark Thomas Comedy Product (Channel 4) l0.3()—l 1.05pm. More satirical letter bombs from the stand-up scourge of the Establishment.

I The Sting (BBC 1) ll.()5pm—l.()5am. Paul Newman and Robert Redford team up to pull a fast one on a greedy racketeer in this classic comedy which will have you whistling Scott Joplin tunes for weeks to come.

I The Smell 0t Reeves And Mortimer (BBC 2) ll.lS—l 1.45pm. The final programme of this repeat series wanders absent-mindedly across the screen.

I Jubilee (Channel 4) 1.25—3.20am. Derek Jarman's black comedy paints a bleak if riotous picture of punk era Britain.


I On Golden Pond (Scottish) 1.50-3.45pm. Henry and Jane Fonda star together in this Oscar-winning film that takes a tender look at an old couple‘s autumn years.

I Correspondent (BBC 2) 7.20-8.05ptn. The BBC’s ‘Dealing With Drugs' week kicks off with an examination of Qat use in Somaliland and the fight against drug smuggling in Poland.

I Stars In Their Eyes (Scottish) 8.05—8.50pm. Glasgow‘s very own Marc Almond impersonator. Ian Thorpe. reaches for the. er. stars.

I Bookmark: Skinhead Farewell (BBC 2) 8.05—8.55pm. Throughout the 70s. hundreds ofcheap pulp novels were published in the UK by New English Library. They would regularly sell up to half a million copies at a time. This programme tell the story ofJirn Moffat. the author of Skinhead. one of the genre‘s biggest-selling titles.

I Court TV (BBC 2) 9—9.50pm. This programme highligth the case of a twelve-year-old American boy caught in the cross-fire between his adoptive and natural families.

I The Governor (Scottish) 9.05—10.05pm. Lynda La Plante‘s drama about a woman governor in the prison service returns for a second series.

I The World Of lee Evans (Channel 4) lO—IO.35pm. In the final programe of the series. Evans tries to overcome his

I The new series of literary programme Bookmark kicks off with a look at the 70s phenomenon of pulp fiction, notably ‘skinhead’ writer Richard Allen, who was among the first authors to tap into Britain’s fascination with violent sub-cultures. The

programme looks into Allen’s background -

he was an Irish-American writing under a

pseudonym - and discovers that he had no contact with skinheads or any other youth cult he wrote about. Despite this, his books are still regarded as collectors’ items, and are particularly sought after by skins themselves.

Bookmark: Skinhead Farewell is on Sat 23 Mar at 8. 05pm on 8802.

crippling nerves and bag off with the girl next door. aided and abetted by the ‘Mr Confidence How To Meet Girls' record

I Tribal Cops (Channel 4)

l().35—l l.l0pm. ‘The Blue Light Zone' series heads West with the Native American police who patrol the vast Indian Reservations of New Mexico. USA. The officers tread a fine line between enforcing the federal law and respecting the customs and traditions of their own people.

I 10 (Scottish) midnight—2. l()atn. Dudley Moore. Bo Derek and Julie Andrews star in this fast-dating comedy about the male menopause antl the ridiculous events that this leads to.


I The Natural World - Hightops Of Scotland (BBC 2) 5.55—6.45pm. Wildlife cameraman. Manuel Hinge spent twelve months camping out on a tnountain peak to capture the splendour of the wildlife in one of Europe's last great wildernesses. I Mr Bean In Room 426 (Scottish) 7—7.3(lpm. Rowan Atkinson demonstrates that he can bumble with best of them as his character gets locked out of a hotel room in a state of undress.

I Hamish Macbeth (BBC 2 ) 7.30-8.20pm. Bobby Carlyle returns as the pot-toking Highland copper. The last series ended with Macbeth torn between the love of two women: which way will he go‘.’

I Wheeler On America (BBc 2 ) 7.30—8.20pm. The veteran correspondent examines the lasting legacy of Reagan's presidency.

I Mad Dogs And English Women (Channel 4) 8—9pm. Sarah Cleveland. 11 British vet. has set herself the unenviable task of eradicating rabies in Tanzania's Serengeti National Wildlife Park. The disease has wiped out bat-cared foxes and African wild dogs in her time there.

I Clive Anderson - Our Man In Calcutta (BBC 2) 9—9.40pm. The sharp-tongued barrister examines both the slums and the ex-pat luxury of the city.

I Cracker (Scottish) IO.l5—l 1.15pm. Fitz puts the Trant family under pressure as the truth about their daughter begins to emerge.

I Heart Of The Matter (BBC 1)

10.45—1 I .25ptn. In a programme entitled ‘Buying Into Ecstasy‘. the Beeb hopes to open up the debate about the drug‘s use

beyond the formulaic knee-jerk response. It is estimated that each week in Britain up to a million licstasy tabs are taken. With this level of use. a sensible debate is a necessity rather than a luxury.

I She’s Gotta Have It (Channel 4)

I l.4()pm—I. l()am. Spike Lee's first feature stars Tracy Camila Johns whose open enjoyment of sex enables her to run relationships with three different men.

I The Great British Country Music Awards (BBC l) 2—2.4(lpm. American country star Martina McBride and David Allan present a show which features Garth Brooks. Charlie Landsborough and Jimmy Nail.

I Horizon: Chernobyl Sarcophagus (BBC 2) 8—9pm. The Hm'ifmt team returns to Chernobyl five years after their first programme. transmitted on the fifth anniversary of the disaster. was broadcast. The team follows up the surviving Russian scientists who were the first on the scene after the accident and asks what is being done now to minimise the dangers of what is still a very dangerous situation.

I The Greatest (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. The quest to find the best British sporting figure of this century continues with a look at ice scrapers and ()lympic medal winners Torvill and Dean. and Bobby Moore. the captain of lingland in l‘)()() when they won sotne wee championship or something.

I Cutting Edge: Special Force (Channel 4) ‘)-~I()pm. Derbyshire police force is short of coppers in both the financial and manpower sense. To make up for the shortfall in staff. one in four of their men on the streets is a Special Constable. an unpaid volunteer with two days training who has the powers of their regular colleagues. Cutting [Edge asks if Specials are the solution to the nation‘s policing problems.

I Panorama: High Society (BBC 1) 9.30—10. l()prn. ls Britain's attitude towards recreational drug-use changing.> The programme speaks to a secondary school teacher who smokes cannabis every night and yet. despite oft-repeated warnings from the Government. has failed to turn into a slavering. heroin user who robs her pupils to pay for her drug habit. I Raising Arizona (Channel 4)

IO—I 1.45pm. The Coen brothers directed this leftfield comedy starring Nicolas

Cage as the recidivist con who marries a policewoman. Finding themselves childless. they take the unusual step of kidnapping a rugrat. Unfortunately. the kid they pinch belongs to the local vicious tycoon who hires the biker from Hell to get him back.

I Ex-S: Bill Douglas 0n Stony Ground (BBC I) l0. I()- [0.40pm. See feature.

I Acting With . . . Prunella Scales (BBC 2) I I.I5pm«~midnight Best-known as Sybil from l'tllt‘lil‘ 'lim't'rx. Scales gives the first of a series of three acting

workshops. '


I Motor Mania (Channel 4) S—-S.3()pm. The motoring history programme looks at the restrictions imposed on motorists during the Second World War. Willi blackouts. petrol rationing and road signs removed. the freedom of the open road was rapidly curtailed.

I A Brief History DI Slang (Channel 4) ‘)—‘).3()pm. ‘So if you peep me at ajam. don‘t try and tes or it‘s a l87 on your grill and you chest‘. Nope. I don‘t have a clue what it means either but watch this programme and lexicographer and slang dictionary compiler. Jonathan Green. will elucidate and argue the case for slang as an innovative force in language.

I CAPD: Starsky And Hutch (Channel 4) ‘).3()— l()pm. It was twenty years ago that the chunky cardigan-wearing duo hustled their way onto our screens. For the first time since the series ended in 198 l. David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser have agreed to be interviewed about the series which made them famous.

I Guilty Secrets (BBC 2) 9.45— 1 0.30pm. A woman who lived for 25 years knowing that her sort was not her husband's. the shopaholic unemployed man. and the perfect husband and father who yearned to be a woman. all spill their hearts for the

I The Nicky Campbell Show (BBC 1)

l()-- l().4()pm. Campbell chats to Betti-em T/lt‘ Liner star Siobhan Redmond and SAS man turned barrister Harry McCallion. lidwyn Collins and Link Wray provide the tunes.

I And The Beat Goes On (Channel 4) l()-—I I.()5pm. The second part of this drama set in ()()s Liverpool finds the issue of fatherhood causing problems for all concerned.

I Big Mouth (Channel 4)

l I.()5pm—l2. I ()am. Tony Parsons presents round two of this series of topical cultural discusion and no doubt takes great delight in putting the proverbial cat among the pigeons.

I Savage Skies (Scottish)

lI.lSpm—I2. ISam. The documentary series. which uses stunning photography from around the world to unravel the mysteries of the atmosphere's most destructive phenomena. looks at tornados. In particular. the tornado which devastated Wichita. Kansas. in l99l is examined using astonishing film footage.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 5. l()—5.40pm. Ewart and Mari bring the Scottish chart action and celebrity interviews into your living room.

I Time Of Your life (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Scottish history is charted through film footage. The year is I987. St Mirren win their first major trophy in 27 years. workers occupy the doomed Caterpillar plant at Uddingston. the Special Branch is sitting in at the BBC Scotland headquarters and the Scottish Conservatives were deservedly trounced in a general election for having introduced the poll tax.

I Travelog (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. In the last in the current series. Pete McCarthy travels to Laos. a country bigger than Britain but with a population ofjust five million. Despite 300 years of internal and

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