V I saw you at Madame Gillespie's on Sat 3 Feb. You Norwegian (learning Spanish). Nuetros ojos NO se- encontraron. N1 nos besamos. hablamos. sonreimos . . . Pero tne gustaria conocerte. AND I'm not a Scot. Hasta pronto!!! Box No U/274/4.

V I saw you Trainspotting at the Grosvenor cinema. Tuesday night. Had to cunrtingly change my disguise to get by you again. Maybe we could go undercover. Box No U/275/5.

O I saw you all last year in various states of sobriety and undress. Favourite colleague. you‘re leaving soon. l’d forego the dysfunctional marriage and unwanted children for a few weeks together. Box No 11/275/6.

V I saw you wearing a big. grey jumper artd Totes toastes. 1 love you not her. Box No U/275/7.

V I saw you at the party iii the church. Broughton Street. 23/2/96. We danced (briefly). You petite. dark curly hair. Me - lumbering ox in brown jacket and jeans. Who are you? Box No U/275/8.

O I saw you and you twinkle your eyelash so ‘Griz’ and 1 so blue it can be our seductive secret. Do contact rue. 1 don‘t bite. Box No U/275/9.

O I saw you 12/2 Paris Edin flight cancelled. Architecture. Certains départs s'adassent it la fraiche souffrance. Avec l‘arc des mots tu franchiras les ténebres. Like to see you. Nothing else. Box No U/275/10.

V I saw you but couldn’t get near you. Tron 27 Feb 96. Happy birthday. You even look good drunk. Box No U/275/l l.

V I saw you Val. nurse. trained at Edinburgh Infirmary. on your birthday and mine 2/3/96. You left the Melville before exchange of nutnbers. Like to meet agian? I’m not one of the brothers! Box No U/275/I2.

V I saw you at Citrus Club 2/3/96. You had Egyptian river name and post office connections. Me whopping big liar. with sweaty friend. See you again for truth or dare? Box No U/275/l 3.

0 I saw you the blond bombshell with the kill at your brother lan's wedding. Yott were Ian‘s best man. Can l be yours? Please say 1 do. l/3/96. Box No U/275/l4.

V I saw you New Zealand girl. Friday 1 March. leaving The Kitchen. chatted with you until

you got a taxi. Let’s chat some more. Box No U/275/15.

V I saw you dazzling blue eyed drummer at the Queen‘s Hall. 8/3/96. You're heaven with your rhythm sticks. Miss you. Box No U/275/16.

V I saw you Andrew. past the Mission irt Avalanche. Wednesday 21/2/96. Looked out for you in AA. I've got some pink and more if you're interested? Nice meeting you anyway. F. Box No U/275/l7. V I saw you Fury Murrys. Silver heels and total sex

appeal. You‘ve got my number call me! Box No U/275/18.

V I saw you David. We spoke briefly. 6/3/96. C.C.'s. Me: lrn Bru. blue checks. You: red and baseball cap. I was shy. nervous and rude but I liked you; let me apologise. Box No U/275/I9. v I saw you 7/3/96 at Delmonica's. All the cute ladies who looked my way. l sat irt corner at door. I'd like to get to know yous one on one. Don‘t be shy. Box No U/275/20.

V I saw you at Lawrence Street party. Saturday 9/3/96. You: gorgeous blonde with red scarf. Me: dressed in black. at the door. I asked you not to leave. Please call. Box No U/275/21. V I saw you Kincardine 8/3/96. 12pm. You: blortde hair. black arid white jacket. Asked me if Glasgow bus stopped here. I wanted to chat but was tongue- tied by your beauty. Wattt to talk now?? Box No U/275/22.

V I saw you Karen. Thursday 29th Feb. We talked itt Jinty's. walked up Byres Road. You thought the queue for Cleo's was too long - you disappeared into the night! Was my Geordie accent that bad? Box No U/275/23.

V I saw you 29/2/96. Tori Amos. Concert Hall. You: blonde. ethereal. heavenly looks. Me: Clark Kent. Let's soar skywards with angels playing harps. l'll ditch Lois and you can be Mrs Superman. OK. Box No U/27S/24.

O I saw you 6/3/96. We cycled and chatted along Victoria Park drive. You were very impressed by my bar-ends! Get in touch. We might have tnore in common than cycling? Box No U/275/25.

No membership fee 2 months free access”

Free access software

V I saw you Norwegian student from Glasgow. You: shared with me (German) my chocolate in the Nevis Range gondola (1013). Let‘s do it again sometime!!!! Box No U/275/26.

V I saw you You are the sunshine of my life! Would you like a footmassage yeah? I hope you know what it means . . . I give you four. you give tne one. Ti amo. Box No U/275/27.

V I saw you Garage I I March. Flaming Lips. bttt ‘excuse me' was all I Could say. I wanted to continue holding yott attd praise your beautiful eyes and gorgeous bunt! Let's collide again. Box No 11/275/28.

V I saw you Diet Coke girl. rugby grand slam. Cltitnrny Cltttngas. I like your style. Box No U/275/29.

V I saw you both working at Bar Miro. 10/3/96. You saw me btlt didn't take my order. You lost a customer. Box No U/275/3().

V I saw you everyday when I worked at Spiers Wharf. Yott live there and are tall. blonde. short hair. absolutely gorgeous. Me 6ft 6in. shirts hanging out. My god. you‘re stunning! Box No U/275/3l.

V I saw you Kindergarten Collette. wasting your evenings behind a supermarket counter! Such stoical charttt and good cheer. Hoped you liked the music. What goes on behind those beautiful green eyes? Tell me! Box No U/275/32.

V I saw you Zoe l’sicologa (attribution theory) uscentlo dalla ‘Shelter'. Cecil Street. tenentlo uno tlisco. Nostri occhi ltanno toccato in ntodo intcrressantc. Arno vostro Iaccia bella forte scrivi mi. Presto! Box No 1.3/275/33.

v I saw you 1 1/3/96. I.{llltll'k. 'l‘rainspotting. You got on at Jordanhill. I got off at Motherwell. Both wore denim. I had Irvine Welsh for cornparty. you had my penetrating roving eyes. Let's talk. Box No L1/275/34.

V I saw you on stage in green dungarees and freckles. 'l'hen irt tttore ‘normal' attire 111 the Griffin and then. sweetie. itt no attire at all. It‘s the only way forward. Box No U/275/35.

V I saw you Wearing tartan trousers. black jacket on Underground between St George's Cross and llillltead at 1.45pm on 12/3/96. caught you looking you smiled and turned away. Please write. Box No U/275/36.

V I saw you Fri 15. Sat 16. Sun 17 in Edinburgh. You the foxy brunette who lost her wallet. possibly her heart. Me the fond young man who found it but am 1 your Starsltip Trooper? Let’s be more than just friends. Box No U/275/37. '

Apple Macintosh Computers,

CD-ROMS &The Internet!

- 'IIpmchosedonmmdstbscmtion

a. “1e ‘53.??- ? a??? Is as

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When you purchase a CGC Internet Starter Kit from our Holyrood Road showroom before 30 April 1996


CGC AppleCentre, 16 Honrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AF 0 Tel 0131 557 5995 Fax 0131 557 S676

° 49 Assembly Street

Edinburgh EH6 730 IntoOednetcauk

Tel +44 131 466 7003 http://wwwedtetcauk Fax +44 131 466 7004


so The List 22 Mar-4 Am 1996