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They’re loud, lary and American. And that’s just the folks who make the games. John Henderson casts a bleary eye over some of this month’s multi-media releases

Total NBA (Sony Playstation. £44.99)

Now that Channel 4 has started its blanket coverage, basketball looks set to become the next big sport in the UK. Fortunately, for those less physically inclined. Total NBA can make you look as good as Michael Jordan in the comfort of your own home: From reflections on the court to the squeak of a trainer. this game gets it right. Although deceptively easy to get to grips with, it does take a while to build up any real finesse. Still. the constant defeats by precocious young relations will only see you coming back for more, and that is what makes Total NBA a worthwhile investment.

MTV Unplugged (PC CD-ROM. £19.99) Whatever post-modem cultural value you wish to ascribe to MTV. its global impact can’t be denied. and playing a huge part in that success story is the Unplugged series. Now comes the inevitable CD—ROM companion, filled with clips and useless information. Unfortunately. a product like this can only ever be as good as the artists featured on it. and exclusive footage of Paul McCartney doesn‘t do much to get the adrenaline pumping, however good your sound card. Although a lot of work has gone into the excellent feel of this release, it is marred by lacklustre material and its failure to provide a decent system for cross-referencing.

Olympic 88m Web Site http://www.atlanta.olympic.org/ In the wake of the 1994 World Cup, America has again contrived to stage a Sporting event that doesn’t require hot dogs and bobby socks. This year Atlanta hosts the Olympic Games, and anything that you might care to know about. from travel and venue information to the latest gossip and results, {can be found at the above address. The site is functionalrather than innovative, but it is Comprehensive, and if you are heading across the pond you can book all your tickets here before you go. After all, the Olympics are about amateur participation rather than commercial opportunities. :aren’t they?


(Launching itself into the atmosphere this issue. is The List’s new media and technology section. Scanner. Logging on to the latest in everything from the Internet, games and CD-ROMS to magazines, newspapers. broadcasting and advertising, Scanner aims to cover media in its widest sense with a fortnightly bulletin of features. news and reviews. Comments and queries to mediaList@aol.com


Around digital town

The List and the UK’s latest online service AOL are powering up to launch Digital Glasgow and Edinburgh this month. Ellie Carr signs on

to find out more.

is going digital. with electronic extracts from the

magazine to be published fortnightly as part of UK online service AOL‘s new digital city guides. Digital Glasgow and Edinburgh. Accessible to anyone with a modem and an account with AOL -- for free time online see publicity flier enclosed the city guides will give full film. theatre and music listings. with highlights and venue information for clubs. art. sport and kids. tourist information. The List Eating And Drinking Guide and online chat forums will follow.

The Net may be the buzzphrase of our times. but for many it's still a cause for confusion. A cruise down the information superhighway can seem more like rushhour gridlock on the M8. without so much as a traffic-free slip road to aid your escape. Enter online services like AOL. who bundle both Internet and custom-built electronic services in a one-stop point and click package that‘s easy to navigate and fun to use.

With 4.5 million subscribers in the States (see feature page 98). the original America ()nLine has moved into Europe. and most recently into the UK. with the de- Americanized service known simply as AOL. The company has hooked up with key information providers such as London listings magazine Time Out. ClubCall (the club soccer telephone information service). Future Publishing. AA Roadwatch and The Mirror Group. It will provide full Internet access. e— mail. news and magazines. sports. travel. entertainment and online chat rooms.

As AOLjoins forces with The List. virtual tourists on the service will have the chance to extend their daytripping to digital renderings of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Based on the model of US-based sites like ‘Digital Washington'. and following the recent release of Digital London in the UK. AOL's two Scottish digital cities were launched on 21 March.

Trading printed page for computing power. The List

Enter online services like AOL, who bundle both Internet and custom-built electronic services in a one-stop point and click package that’s easy to navigate and fun to use.

Like Digital London -~ which owes most of its content to Time Out - Digital Glasgow and Edinburgh will be available to all AOL subscribers, providing a one-stop electronic metropolis of news. views. reviews. gossip. events listings and tourist information relating to the city and its populace. The List will provide events listings. venue information and hot tips for the fortnight ahead in a trimmed—down digital version of the existing magazine.

If you've got a modem. and you fancy a stroll round the streets of Digital Glasgow and Edinburgh; :1 live news feed into your living room or live online chat with celebs Oasis were the last to hold court in a chatroom pick up that AOL publicity flier thatjust fell out ofthe magazine! It holds your license to cruise.

SahSi‘riptions to AOL run at £5. 95 a month with the

first/ire hours/rec then f I .(S’Sjor each additional hour.

Initial/y. new members will receive one month is free subscription including ten hours 'free access to the UK service. For more information and advice on free time online. call A01. on 0800 376 5432.

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0n the ball: A01 hopes to pull the punters with tootle tact:

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