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Famous faces, important buildings, memorable locations 28 centenary plaques have been chosen by the public from 110 nominations to celebrate Scotland’s invaluable input to cinema at home and abroad.

I Eric Campbell Dunoon. The bloke with the bushy eyebrows in the Chaplin films was born in Dunoon around 1878. but died in a car crash in America just as his fame was rising.

I William Kennedy Dickson Broomielaw. Invented the Kinetoscope with Thomas Edison.

I Dr John Macintyre Glasgow. Radiologist who was among the first to use film scientifically. taking X- ray footage of frogs‘ legs in action.

I William Walker Aberdeen. Pioneering silent filmmaker in the north.

I John Maxwell Glasgow. The man who built the ABC empire.

I Donald Crisp Aberfeldy. Actor and director (with Buster Keaton on The Navigator).

I Norman McLaren Glasgow. Influential animator (born in Stirling) who studied at Glasgow School of An before doing ground-breaking work with the National Film Board of Canada.

I James Finlayson Falkirk. Squint-eyed Scot down- trodden by Laurel and Hardy.

I Andy Clyde Blairgowrie. Hollywood character actor who was Hopalong Cassidy‘s comic sidekick. I John Grlerson Stirling. The father ofthe British documentary film. born in Deanston in 1898. also set up the GPO Film Unit and National Film Board of Canada. An archive carrying his name is housed at Stirling University.

I Edinburgh Film Guild Edinburgh. Champion of film as artform. set up in 1930. and renowned across the world.

I Jenny Gilbertson Lerwick. Shetland-based

tlocumentarist of crofting life. who made her first film in 1931.

I Alexander Mackendrick Barra. Director of Whisky (Ia/ore (filmed in the Ilebrides) who made several Ealing classics before moving to Hollywood.

I Jack Buchanan and Deborah Kerr Helensburgh. The town produced two stars: musical-comedy actor Buchanan and the six-times Oscar-nominated Kerr. who romped in the surf with Burt Lancaster in From Here 72) [flerninz

I George Singleton GF'T. Glasgow. Manager of the Cosmo. Scotland's first purpose-built continental cinema. now the site of the Glasgow Film Theatre. I James Gillespie Rothesay. Two Gillespies for the price of one: Senior managed the town's Palace Cinema: Junior made early educational films.

I Duncan Macrae Millport. Born in Glasgow iti 1905. the star of Whisky (Eu/ore and The Kidnappers spent many happy hours in Millport.

I Bill Douglas Newcraighall. Director whose poetic vision lives on in his '1'r1'lugy and ('(mtrttt/es.

I Sean Connery Edinburgh. The world's tnost famous es-milkman and screen star. forever James


Centenary of Scottish Film

I Empire Palace Theatre Festival Theatre, Edinburgh. Site of Scotland's first cinema screening on 13 April 1896.

I Ice Skating Palace MGM Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. Where Scots first saw the Lumiere Cinematographe.

I Peter Feathers’ Shop Dundee. Photographer‘s shop. where Dundonians caught their first glimpses of the new artform footage of a train crossing the Tay Bridge.

I Poole’s Synod hall Castle Terrace. Edinburgh. Original premises of the cinema-running Poole dynasty.

I New Picture House Campbeltown. Oldest surviving independent cinema in Scotland.

I Glen Cinema Paisley. Site of Scotland's worst cinema tragedy. when 72 children died in a fire on Hogmanay 1929.

I Seawards The Great Ships. Glasgow, Broomielaw. Tribute to Clydesitle shipbuilding. winner of the Best Live Short Oscar in 1961.

I Chariots Of Fire West Sands. St Andrews. Hugh Hudson‘s Oscar winner about athletes Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams used the beach for the famous scene set against the music of Vangelis.

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I Local Hero Pennan. Bill Forsyth shot his fey comedy around the north east coast and the phone box is still there.

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