Centenarg of Scottish Film

mm the bottom of the Borders to the tip of the Highlands, Scotland

is celebrating 100 years of movies and moviegoing with screenings

and events that promise something for everyone. Co-ordinating the whole shebang is Scotscreen 100, an initiative of the Scottish Film Council. Contact them at 74 Victoria Crescent Road, Glasgow G12 9JN, 0141 334 4445; there’s also a web site at http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/scotscreen/ for updated information. The List offers a selection of forthcoming highlights; future issues will also include centenary events. For more details, contact the venues.

I Science Fiction Weekend Fri lZ—Sat 13 Apr. A preview of Terry Gilliam's 'l’wcli‘t' .llmzkcvv tops a bill oi‘ l‘uturistic treats to tie in with the lidinburgh Science Festival. l'l/Hl/IUIIM‘. lz'tliiilnug/t. I Scottish Films Sat 13 Apr. livery Scottish cinema will show a Scottish lilm (maybe a feature. maybe a short) to celebrate 100 years to the day since the first screening north of the border. See Film listings. lirriuux venues.

I Centenary Reels Sat 13 Apr. The First Reels scheme changes its name tor a year with a remit to reflect different aspects ol‘ the moving image and its history. See panel. (ilureoii' l-‘ilni 'I'lii'utrt'. 4.15pnt/7/mi. Also film/muse, Iftliltlmrglt, 'liu' SAY/limit" 35 .‘l/Hf

I As Others 38W Us Sat l3 Apr. The premiere screening of the Scottish Film Archives unique collection of newsreels from the silent era. iilmed by cinema managers in the 20s and 30s. Dominion. [filinlm/jelr. Also MUM Suzie/iic/nil.’ Street, (iltrsenii; Sun 26 Um:

I Lumiere And Company Sun 14 Apr. 8pm. World iaiiiotis directors ranging from Greenaway to Lynch. Lee and Wenders take up the challenge to shoot a hand-cranked SZ-second movie in natural light. just like the Lumiere Brothers did a century ago. l'T/lli/lUIlA't’. lz‘i/iiiluuje/i. Also (,‘lmeuw I'll/ll I'lit'uri't'. Mon /5 Apr; 6145/2/11.

I Seawards The Great Ships Thurs to May. The premiere of the restored print of the first Scottish Oscar winner (for Best Live Short Film in l‘)()l) is accompanied by Sean (‘onnery's 'I‘lu'

Burt'lt'l'A/Itl ’lltt' Bit/incl. (ilmeiiii' I'll/II Theatre.

I Les Diaboliques Sat is May. A special screening of the classic French thriller in commemoration ol'Cieorge Singleton. the man who founded the Cosmo. Glasgow's lirst continental cinema. (Hus-eon Film Theatre.

I Braveheart Drive-in Hi 24 May. Mel Gibson‘s multi—()scar-winning historical epic is shown on the scale it demands on a huge screen. with sound tuned into the radio of your car. (ilurqmr (ii't't'li, 7pm.

I Napoleon Sun 20 May. A rare screening indeed ol the complete and restored version of Abel (iance's silent masterpiece. with live orchestra conducted by (‘arl Davis. (ilusenir RHWI/ Concert Hall.

I National Cinema Day Sun 3 .Iune. All seats at every cinema in the country i'or a mere 1'] each -- one penny for each year.

I Still Moving After 100 Years taint Sat 20 Apr. Video displays. stills and memorabilia celebrating a centenary of British cinema. .llut'lx’olit'rl Am ('t'nirt'. Stirling.

I The Living Picture Show May. An interactive event which combines ori- screen visuals with live performances illustrating crucial events from the origins ol‘cinema to the present day. (ilux‘emi' I-‘il/ii Tllt‘tlll‘t’. Sir/i /2/.llu/i /.\‘ .llitv; I‘Vllll/IUIIM’. Ift/i/tliii/je/i. liit' /-l/lli'tl /5 May.

I Behind The Screens Sept. The lllsltit'y ol'cinema as seen through the

arr; I

I DBAMBUIE EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL Sun 11-Sun 25 Aug. There’s more to The Phantom Of The Opera than Andrew Lloyd Webber. One ol the highlights of this year’s DEFF is a massive screening at The Playhouse of the 1926 Lon Chaney silent version, complete with live orchestra. Elsewhere, the Festival celebrates its golden anniversary with the glamour of the Gala screenings, the innovation of the Rosebud section, ‘Films That Really Changed The World’, the Ten Best Documentaries Of All Time, and the unique Scene By Scene events, in which world-class actors and filmmakers dissect their work before eager audiences.

perspective ol cinema managers. proiectiottists and usherettes. Social changes and the development oi‘ the indnstry portrayed in oral testimony and archive photographs. (iluvemi' I’ll/ii y/lIt'ti/I't’.

I Panamorph: A Wider View Of Photography Thurs ll Apr. 3pm. (‘hris 0' Kane describes the new I'orm oi" photography used to project panoramic ililtlges on it large scale. I'll/III/IUIIM'. lit/iiiliiiije/I.

I CENTENABY BEELS Glasgow Film Theatre, Sat 13 Apr; Edinburgh Filmhouse, Tue 23/Thurs 25 Apr. This year, the Scottish Film

Council/Scottish Television’s First Beels scheme changed its name slightly and set filmmakers the challenge of creating a project that would in some way reflect an aspect of cinema. The results range from Chris Books and Alex Norris's Beacons, an experimental documentary examining the significance of light in people’s lives, to Sheila(pictured above), a film noir tribute by Hannah Robinson. For details on the contents of the two Centenary Beels programmes, see Film Index.

10 The List (WIS Apr 1090

I Shooting Scotland Sat 13 Apr. School children all over Scotland will capture one day in the life of their local communities on a minute-long video. To be screened by Scottish Television at a later date and preserved by the Scottish National Film Archive.

I Stamps Tue lo Apr. The Royal Mail issues a set of live stamps. with familiar Iilni-going images.

I GFVW Centenary Week Mon 20—Sun 36 May. Screenings. masterclasses. installations and children's events. culminating in a showing of the ten short Iilms made as part of the unique 'Screenworks 95‘ scheme. (iluxgmr l’i/m um/ lit/cu limits/top.

I Highland Film Festival Fri 24 May~Sat 8 June. The cinematic history of Scotland from 1926's .lluiri, Romance ()f'A lliy/iltuit/ Muir/cit to l‘)‘)5's Brave/tear]. lit/vii ('uiirl, llll't’l'lll‘.\‘.\'.

I Open Day Sat 25 May. Find out what goes on in the offices and projection boxes with a glimpse behind the scenes oi a working cinema. (II-"I? The Movie. capturing the highlights of the last twelve months. will show from I Iam-—3.3()pm. (ilus‘emr I’ll/it Theatre.

I Call That Singing! Sun 26 May. A celebration in song of l()() years of the movies by the Glasgow collective who encourage audiences to exercise their

\ ocal cords. Includes a screening of My Fair [.(l(/_\'. All together now ‘The rain in Spain . . . ' ()ilemi. (Ilus'gmi:

I Perth Film Festival Sun 26 May-~Sun 2 June The first ever Perth Film Festival ttying in with the 35th Perth Festival) concentrates on ‘cinema classics'. Play/muse ('A(' Leisure. l’crt/i.

I Drambuie Edinburgh Film Festival Sun I I—Sun 25 Aug. See panel.

I New Visions Oct. The third biennial International Festival of Film. Video ts Media presents new. cutting edge work by artists working in lilm. video. computer and multi-media technologies. and connects the centenary with a retrospective oi’ early experimental works. (iluvlemi' Film and Vii/m ll'm'ka/rup um/ ul/ier (iluvgmr l'('IIIl(’.\‘.