“spectacular, convincing and bloodthirsty”

M for community video and outreach work. and Aimara chues continuing

I British Short Film Festival This year's event takes place 19-26 September at UCI Plaza. off Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London. The line- up includes a programme of work from Britain. America and Europe. with special sections on new Scandinavian film. classic shorts from Australia. experimental work from France. and the pop promo. A seminar entitled ‘New Horizons For The Short Film’ will examine the state of i'iuropean co- production over the first weekend of the Festival.

Before then. however. four one—day technical training seminars will he held at Kodak House in llemcl llempstead on I l/IZ July and l‘)/2() September. when topics will include film post- production and the nature of film. Further details and a submission form are available from the Festival Office on ()lb’l 743 8000 ext ()2332/62052.

I Glasgow Film and Video Workshop After three years as .-\dministrator »~ a period that saw the (EFVW build on its successes with a move to new premises in Albion Street Joan Johnston has moved on to pastures new. Some restructuring has followed. with Peter Patterson continuing to be responsible

with project development. A new post of Resources and Training Co-ordinator has been created and will be advertised in the coming months pending grant applications.

Elsewhere. the GFVW‘s Screcnworks 95 films are picking up screenings with main features in Scottish cinemas. As part of the Glasgow Film Theatre’s Mayfcst programme. The Sound screens with Todd llay nes‘s Sit/e. Cute Rem/emits with Wayne Wang's Smoke. Basin (It'xittrurtimz with the fashion show expose Unn'ppcrl. Objects with excellent gay movie .S'tonewn/l and “(LUCY In The Sky with Sister My Sister. The full Screenworks programme will be shown at the GFVW on Sun 25 May as part of the centenary of cinema celebrations. Check out forthcoming issues of The List for dates.

I Janet Leigh Star of l’syt'lto and Tour/i (Zf'lz’i't'l. Janet Leigh comes to Glasgow to discuss a career that has spanned some 50 movies. The event. organised in conjunction with Dillons bookstore at (3.30pm on Wed 17 April. also includes a book signing for the actress’s first novel. Huttse ()t'l)estt'tt_v (Mira. £5.99). The (EFT screens I’syt'ltu and The Mane/nu'iun ('um/it/ute on Sun 21.

4.1.x"; £2323.


“‘see The Bruce, it’s a must”


“a very fine film indeed”



Courage never dies...

See the new Scottish blockbuster at a cinema near you from APRIL 12th

OPENING APRIL l2th advance booking strongly recommended Odeon Edinburgh 0|3| 668 2|0| MGM Kirkcaldy O | 592 260|43 Robins Cinema, Dunfermline O|383 623535 The Steps, Dundee O l 382 434037



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Charmed: Colin HcCredie plays funny bunny while Forbes Masson looks bemused

It’s a little early for the Easter Bunny, thought the residents of Stockbridge in Edinburgh, and we don’t remember him being bright lime green. Hot to worry, however, as the mad March bare in question was actor Colin McCredie (of Taggart fame) filming a scene for Charmed, this year’s Edinburgh Video Training Course graduation film.

McCredie plays Mick, a bit of a loser who just can’t accept that his former girlfriend Jackie (Vicki Masson) doesn’t want to see him anymore and has started going out with smooth weatherman Alan (Forbes Masson). In order to assess his chances of winning her back, Mick gets more and more

obsessed with star signs and astrology. The ‘rabbit’ scene comes about when he’s leatleting for a joke shop, using his disguise to spy on Jackie and her new amour.

Charmed is written and directed by Brian Ross and, like other EVTC graduation films, mixes a production team of professionals and trainees

with professional actors for a week- long shoot. For the trainees, it’s the culmination of a sixteen-month course covering all the technical aspects of video production. no set, they shadow a professional in their chosen specialisation - continuity, sound, camera, lighting, locations, editing, second assistant director - but also see how everybody links together as this single project demands their input at script development and pre- production stages.

This year, EVTC is a decade old and, over the years, has enabled more than 50 people to get a head start in the industry. Closing date for the next eighteen-month full-time course (which starts in June) is Monday 15 April. Six places (three male, three female) are available to applicants aged 18-24, living in Edinburgh and unemployed. Other details are available from Edinburgh Video Training Course, 36 North West Thistle Street Lane, Edinburgh EH2 1EA, or call 0131 225 6518/9. (Alan Morrison)

UCI Edinburgh 0990 888 990 The Pavillion Galashiels O|896 752767 New Picture House St Andrews 0 | 334 473509

OPENING APRIL 26th UCI Clydebank 0990 888 990


APRIL 12th

Ryan Centre, Stranraer (11/12 April) Brora School Community Theatre (15 April) Carnegie Hall, Clashmore, Durnoch (16 April) Town Hall, Thurso (17 April) Waterfront Nite Club, Wick (18 April) Community Theatre, Aboyne (19 April) Stonehaven Town Hall (20 April) Lanark Memorial Hall (23 April) Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline (19 May)

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