screen translatron ol Walter .\losley's novel. with

the added bonus ol superb photography and a sensuous performance by Washington. Ile stars as Iiasy Rawlrns. newa rrrremployed in post-

WWZ I..'\ and trying to earn a buck searching for

a mysterious woman. The (‘handler tradition with a more cynical racial twist. (‘entraII .\IacRobert.

I Diva ( I S) (Jean-Jacques Beineix. lirance. IUSI ) I‘r'ederrc Andrei. Roland Berlin. Richard Bolrringer. 117 mins. the twisted late or two tapes. one an illegal recording ot’ an Amer ican

opera star. the other exposing a crime ring. rs the

central strand of this datly (iallic crrlt lavorrrite. Style exudes from every sprocket Irole. Iidinburgh: ('ameo.

I Dr N0(I’(i) (’I'erence Young. l'K. |‘)(r2) Sean Connery. l'rsula .'\lltllt,'\\. Joseph Wiserrrarr. I05

ruins. the lirst Bond movie. and a \ irrtage one at

that. .-\ very young-looking ('orrnery works his charming way through the diabolical back passageways ol I)r' .\'o's ex il empire. parrsrrrg

onlv to take out the occasional tarantula and take

in the (‘aribbearr scenery, lidinburgh: Cameo. I Dunston Checks In then r Ken Kwapis. t‘s. 1995i Jason :\le\ander. I‘aye llurrauay. lirrc Lloyd. 88 mrns. I'here‘s monkey brrsrrrcss apierrty when a rewel tlriel smuggles hrs orarrgrrtarr partrrer-rrr-crrrrre rrrto a posh hotel. Adults will get men more ortt ol this than kids. because the humour is irresistible. the characters suitany Ioatlrsorrre or adorable. and Sam the (hang a star' m the rrrakrrrg. (ieneral release.

I Eat Drink Man Woman rt’ttr (Aug 'Iaiwan. I‘Nir Srlrung Lung. Kuei .\ler Yang. (‘lrein lien Wrr. l3} mins. (‘Iru is the greatest chef in 'l‘aipar. brrt lot years his allectiorr tor his three grow rr-up daughters has been redrrected

into the lavish meals he prepares t'or them. When

one unexpectedly enters mm the lr\es or all tour. therr inabrlrty to corrrrrttrrricatc comes to a head. Warm. runny. colonrt'ul. .\ toy t'nI experience. Iidrnburgh: I‘rlrn (irrrld.

I Ed Wood t l5 r t'I‘inr llurton. l'S. l‘l‘I-Ir Johnny Depp. .\lattttt Landau. l’atricra .v‘srqtrettc. I33 mins. Burton's londly atrrrosplreric lrorrrage to the so-called "worst director or all tune" rs his best lrlrrr to date It's rrrore than a broprc pastrclre. lrowcxer: the emotional heart or the

lilrrr rs round in the genrrinely caring relationship

bctw een Wood and the dy rug. drug-addrctcd Bela largosr ta rnar\ellous .\lartrn l.andau r. lidrnburgh: lirlrrrlrorrse.

I Elisa I IS r tJean Becker. I-rance. I‘I‘Hr Vanessa I’aradrs. (ierar'd l)epardrerr. ("hlotlrrlde

(‘orrrarr II5 mms, .-\ street-wise girl moses trout

corrrrcrl estate to slca/y hotel to w indswepr lighthouse toe\act rc\errge lor her rrrotlrer ‘s srricidc. Becker 's lrlrrr sutt'crs an aw kw ard change ol tone rrom lunny buddy actrorr to lather-daughter rrrrtrd garrrcs‘. l’aradrs rsrr‘t bad. she's rust asked to cover too rrrtrclr ground late: Adam Srnrth.

I [as Entants Du Paradis r t’( tr t.\larcc| (‘ar ne. l'tancc. I‘M-Ir .\rletty. Jean-tours llarrault. I’Ier’rc lirasscur. I‘IS rnrns l’arrs m the IS-ltis. .-\nrrd the secthrng heart ol the lirench capital's theatre street. a rrunre .rrtrst taIIs III lo\ e \\ rth the delicious but llrrtatrous (iarnace. One or the crnema's rnosr e.\tta\agatttly enroyablc pr‘txluctrorrs. this gorgeous cleplrarrtrnc wallow or a lrIm rs crarrrrrred w rtlr rrrcrderrt and corrrpellrngly curious (iallrc comrc characters lidrrrburglr: (‘ameo

I Eraserhead r tsr ll);t\ rd Lynch. t's. Irr‘m John \ance. UI) rnins. You may rre\cr cat telly babres again alter the repellent but compelizng tale or Ilenry. hrs hairerrt. hrs grrllrrerrd. hrs strange otlspring and a sr/eable quantity ol pus. Disturbing stult'. rrrercrlnlly lrlrrred rn black and w lrrte. Iidrnbrugh: l'rlrrrhouse

I Fringe Film and Video Festival t utter the [tile ‘Serving Suggestions. the I Itlr I'I-\'l- runs at the

liilmlrousc atrd lta\ctse m Iidrnburgh trom 'l'ue Ibv-Sun _‘l :\pr. lior tunes and venues sec I'rlm lastings. .\lso see lirlm and :\rt ptc\ rews

I FFVF: All Mouth And Trousers 1 To rrrtns .«\ \ery personal and honest look at the psychology and [itCrK'v‘ltpaltotis ol men. rncludrng lay Rosenblatt's The Sun .’l (N lint/zine .‘llr‘l‘. Jo l’earsort's [lurk l'irr'kuze llmn \ atrd .\ltchael ('trrran's .\Irarrrrr .\‘e \iror

I FFVF: Das Andere Universum Des Klaus Beyer

tl‘rankc llehnketieorg .\laas. (ierrrrarry. l‘l‘HI 3t) rnrns. .\ candle-rrraker by day. an rnsprred Iilnrmaker by rrrglrt ~ Klaus licycr tries to trIrn all the Beatles" l.I’s on Super .\'

I FFVFZ Chicken Farm ‘ltl rnrns .\cw \ rdeo art lronr Scotland. \shrch stands rrp \sell in comparison \\ ith the I.ondon-b.'rscd artists Irot lrom the British .'\rt Show. the programme

includes Stcplranre Smith and Iidward Stewart's .llurrtlr lit .lluzrtlr. :\lan (‘trrrall's l/l'llH ()I (lorli

.\l: / and Him." I’mt entire. and other work In Douglas (iordon. ls’oss \rrrc'l.rrr. (‘Irrrstoplrcr ' I{\ans. 'l‘ara llabcl. Joanne Iatlram and torn ()‘Strllrvan.

I FFVF: Cutting The Mustard 1 "tr mms .\ showcase ot the best \ rdeo work or the world. including the award-winning Sadre Itennrng's

(in-mun Song.

I FFVF: Cutting The Mustard 2 ss mrns. .\ second non-thematic programme ot‘ \ rdeo work. rrrcludrng (‘Iio liarnard's llt’l'llltl/tlll’t’tlllt' Irrtmr and two shorts by llanzel and (iret/el.

I FFVF: The Day The Bronx lnvaded Earth 1 no mrns The first programme in the Kuchar Brother‘s retrospectixe leatures rarer screened brrt lrrrgely rnt'lnentral work hour the ,-\rrrerrcan l'nderground trlrn moserrrent or the (ills -arter the Kuchars. Warhol Lynch and Waters

lollow ed. .\lrkc Kuchar Introduces the ground-

l‘lCillslllg Sllh ()l ./.l;(‘ l't’tW/Itlt”!'.'tl\. Il’t .\‘(1 It .' ()l

lli'mle/l Summit and lirlt'r ()7 The [iron I FFVFZ Finders Keepers To mrns. l'ound

t'ootage. borrow ed t'ootage and stolen tootagc.

showing the c\tent to w lrrclr new and unc\|\'ctcd

meanrngs can emerge lrorrr other people's Images Includes the ot lien Ib's mrrrrrtc loll}: \rdcos‘.

I FFVF: House or Pain r \lrke llooll‘oorrr. Canada. I‘N5r .\(l rrrrrrs .\ hy brrd ol Ile .\ade and Hall. Iloolboorrr's rrrglrtrrrarc takes place some“ Irctc between sleep .rrrd deatlr. \s Irere the pcrlorrrrcrs all appear as rrrute lralln. rrratrons \'rsccral. yet bcantrtul rrrragcs

I FFVFI Hustler White I Bruce I allrtrcc. ( ’anada I‘Ntrr Alter the hardcore \\ar|rolrarr pastrche ot the e\ccllent Sir/rt r N / 3. c rrrcrrra's gay porn auteur delr\crs hrs most accessible work to date .\ handsome btrt accrdcnt prone hustler comes tr l..~\ pursued by a man who wants to wrrte hrs rrrerrrorrs. .\ romantic comedy aborrt Irtc on Santa .\lonrca Boulevard

I FFVF: Island Race ltll rrrrns I‘our Irlms lirrtma l)a\ ic's .\‘errr It'll . Stew llaw Icy and lorry Slc‘}'éls'r 's laurerrtret' lemons. erlrarrr ls’aban's /\/tlllt/ ls’rrt r' and .'\\tlls l’rasad‘s .\'.'t imam;

I FFVF: lessons In Modesty r .\telaatr l)c

(‘ostcre. Iielgrtrtrr. l‘t‘l5 r 5'“ turns :\ radtca.

rrresmerrsrng look at a culture that seems increasingly tragrrrcnted .rrrd strange. concentrating on the current status ol the body .r a srtc and receptacle or the rec Irno e\per ten. e

I FFVF: Dpening Screening no rrrrrrs l’repare to he da/Iled tor arr Irorrr and a ball as the I‘estr\ .rl gets underway w rtlr a sclcc trorr or this year ‘s most e\cttrng work.

I FFVF: A Thousand Years 01 Cinema 1 "5

turns l'srrrg the (‘entenary or (‘rncrrra to look

toruard to the nut ‘r' "I years or the medrrrnr and

the corrtrnued rntlrrence ol e\pcrrrncnt.rl rrhrr twenty works are on \llti\\_ rrrchrdrng eleven bf. Stelarr .\Iockel.

I FFVF: What Do You Want For Your Daughter 1 llll mrrrs. 'l Ire trrst or two prograrrrrrres esarrrrrrrrrg the rdcntrty or women who the} and why Includes ‘.\trlk by Ruth .\o\.rc/cl.. .\lonrka llutta .rrrd (art I \Iorle\

I rrvr: What Do You Want For Your Daughter 2

(r3 rrrrrrs Ilrc second proj'rarrrrrre or aorl. I»; women includes work by \aralr ltrrner. \rtrta l.ootttrs. Karen Vadebo and I'rarrecs. a da ls’rrrrrrrr I FFVF: What’s The Story? to rrrrrrs \ programme ot e\pcrrrrrerrta| rrarratrxe nr. lrrdrzzz' liwan Bush's rr‘ystrcal //"r' A} r1". r

I FFVF: A Word In Edgeways Us ttr!!rs l)rstrnctr\c rrrcdrtatrorrs on language spoken. unspoken, Includes \hrorra \I. t ‘r:bl\nr’s 'I'lrrr(tut/11H.\lrchaelburrarr'sIts \k' Um." tr llrr [Juli/urn: and work by lakahrko Irrnzra. Slrcrla l'rbanowskr and lcrrnr \lercdrth

I Four R00m5r l\'r ((‘lucntrn larantrno Is‘olrert

Qucrrt s sell indulgent sectrorr l rte \-

the lr\es ol Mud and ('Irabat

Rothtgrre/":\Ilrsorr \ndcrs \levrrrdre Is’ l S. I‘NR t 'l'rm ls’otlr. .\ntorrro Ilandcras, .\ladonna HIS mrrrs concoct a quartet ol storres set in .r Iroth and lurked by Irrrr Roth's bell Ito} Ilre result rs .r mess. \srtlr most or the .rrtr.rsm tal_:'etted at

Iararrtrno and trrerrds

lltrthL' I French Twist .- llalasko. I'rarrcc. I‘I‘W- \ r. torra [Jalasko ,-\lar:r (‘Irahat

breaks down outside the house or a .orr'.en'.ron.rl

«I\ losrane \brrl.

In.“ rtrrrrs \\ trerr her tail


couple. cigar-clrorrrprng' brrll dyke Italas'ko brings a new \arratron ol the ltl;‘:t.t}':' a trors :ntt \ naught} Inn and crrgagrngly I~rerrcIr se\.tr.rl tar.-e. tilled '.‘.Illl

d}tramrc characterrsatrorrs Shown to its dubbed

\ersron I-drnbnrgh l(‘l

1s l’r.trr:c

I Get Shorty t l5rrllarry \onnenteld. I \ l‘r‘r‘r

cool as rrrrlk and as deadly

gadgets. but \srtlr .. brt oI character

John lr.r\olta. llanrry l)e\ rto, (iene ll.r.krrrarr. Rene Russo. IIII rrrrrrs loan shark ('lrrlr l’ t'l'ra\oltar shrtts trorrr \lrarrrr tol \ and, being a mo\ re butt. decides to get rrrto the trlrrr l‘trstrress Wrtlr rts sharp dralogtrc. dunk} c hara. ters and oltbeat humour. this rs probabl; the Ircst adaptation yet or .rrrl lrrrore l corrard novel Ir.r\olta show s lrrs titre star titrairtj. lre's .-s as a rattlesnake (ierr-eral release I Goldeneye I.">\lartrrr( .:z‘apI‘eI: I l‘)‘)5r l’rercc llrosrrarr. \earr Ilearr Scortrpco I {it turns ‘s Ion;- '.'..rtt a to N to brrrrg lrrrrr up t r the "' 's It's .I.-tr:::tei‘. worth rt. because this rs .r st lrd t‘.'. ‘.:!‘r I .r I at hours or trrn. tilled xsrth all the old plans at. "Hels prrretrt

Iirosnan is the best-Bond ~rrr.-e( ozrtret} arrl Ins

wry smile helps our hero tlrrorrglr Ins trials as he tracks down the baddres w ho ll.I\C Irrracked a satellrte sy stern that can \\ rpe the world‘s corrrprrtcrs clean. (ilasgow: (irosxerror.

I Gregory‘s Dirlrr’ttrrrrrtr l'orsytlrd rs'. trrsr r (iordon John Srnclarr. Ilcc Hepburn. (‘lare (irogan. ‘ll mrns. Wrrrrrrrrg corrrcdy trom ('rrrrrbcrnatrld w rtlr Sinclair e\errttr.rll} lrndrng

romance alter his heart rs set .rllarrrc by the latest rccrurt to the school lootball team .\t‘lllllldl prece

or Scottrsh cnrcrrra. rts nnrycrsal appeal demonstrating that Irorrrcgrown talent can compete \\Illl Ilollj. wood's truest tn the errtertarrrrrrerrt stakes l1drrrburg|r (‘ameo.

I hr ISI II).:nrcI Snugmurd Is'. I‘M-Ir I" mrns ttotal prograrrrrrrc ‘ll rrrrrrsr (‘Ia'srrratron Itgitrres .lll\l \\trtl\lc‘llttll} .tlIIlUsl‘lls'ttc \Cl\ It‘ll lltc‘ arurrratcd talc ot a storrerrrason who lalls torrl ot the clergy when Ire dexelops .r strange \It}!lll.t on

his hand l,le\etr other arrrrrratrorr shorts tour 1: rrr

a stand out propzrarrnrre. including llarrrcl

(irt'.r\cs\ .llm::,'r.'r'...'.rm, Karen Kelly 's .\‘m \n'rl.

.\arah Kenn-ed} 's / .r x! Ar: .rrrd KN Kn." by \lat.‘ ('aro rone halt ot the IL X. ...'( \\t 1: tearrrr l’rrppct and \rrrnratrorr l estr\..l (‘crrtral .\lacls'obcrt

I La Hainer l,\'r \Iatthrerr ls.rssrr\ rt/. I'ratrec. I‘l‘l5r \‘rrrcerrt (asscl. llrrbett lsrrrrrrtlc'. Said

laglrrrraour \* rrrrrrs lIrrs edgy. black and \\lrrte portrart ot ra. ral tension and polr.‘c I‘rrrtalrty on a

rrrrr down estate outsrde I’arrs won l\\c'lll}\rillIL‘llrttI}! ls.:sst»\rt/ the llrrector 's I’rr/e at the I‘l‘t,‘ (arrrres l rlrrr I'estrsal llrree ethnically rrrrscd lads come rrp a;'arrrst the cops

when one ot therr pals rs hospitalised alter a raid

I ‘rgerrt. corrrpcllrngr trlrnrnakrrea that's as punchy as a blow to the head I drrrlrrrrgtlr (‘arrrco

I Heat 1 l‘. r t \lr. hael \I.rrrrr_l \. I‘HSI .\l

l’ac rno. Is’olrert lle \rro. \'al l\rlttrcr \larrrrk star pac l..r§.'e cops and rolrl‘ers tale rs

I'al rrrrns

head and shoulder s .rln \e the rest or the g'errre. thanks to .rrr actrorr p.r.'r.ed st rccrrplay that tnllj. esplores rts themes .rrrd ;:r\-es depth torts clrarcters l’a. rrro rs the dedr. .rted .I:'!cetr‘.c "whose home lrle rs rrr rtrrrrs. Ire \rro is the reclrrsrre \lllllill.ll rrrasterrrrrnd IlrrIIrant (ilasgow lltleorr ldrnhtrtg'lr I. (ll Borders l’a\rlrorr .\tratlr.lsde ltils. \\ \lls'

I Heavy ' I5rt,larrres .\langoldd .\fl I‘,“"'I I‘rrrrtt laylor Vance. .\lrell-ey \\rnters,l r\ Ijsler 1"5 rrrrrrs In a l S rrrdre trarler park Irrnterland. a lat guy with corrrrrrnnreatron problems taIIs rrr love :srtlr the \‘-.Illlt'\\ at the pr/Jerra he rrrns ‘.‘-Illl hrs domineering mother \arr.e makes social rrrrslrt \ rctor a .r lllt‘lc". Irg'rrrc. arrl the frhrr rs a.ted with .rrr rrrtellrg'errt tenderness I‘rrt \larrj'oldR portrait or a poem. poxcrtj. rs sentrrnerrtal. rlretrrns exed realism I drnbnrglr (’arrreo

I \lrtl..rh:..l r; rwsm

(Iarstopher l .rrrrl‘ezt. lieatre l .Izrej. \earr

('otrrrer‘. Ill lillrh \lrarrdlrz'r trzrrrrrr‘rtals

battle tIrrt ugh the .errtrrrr-es to ".s m .r mythical

prr.‘c \ .:ztro'as :.'.r‘sitr:e w! r-\:rr.rrr.e tr: l'rtlr . errtrrr'. heather aai .l‘..:st's rrr prcx‘rrt daj- \orl. the 22:12; is .;:r rzrelej'ant. otten'as Iva' ephemeris lat!) a.l\er.t;rie ldrrrl‘rrrg'h (arrreo

I The Horseman On The Root I\ r learr l’atrl ls’appcnearr. l'rarrec. I‘I‘Wr Irrlrette Ilrnodre. (llr'aer \lattrrre/ lean tarrrrc I i'lrrrrrrs ls’appcrreatr's It live. up to (l' r. an it. lr'r mgr lacks the \ er‘. c or that modern arthorrsc

blockbuster \rr ltalrarr lr'assar c\.rdes Ilapslrurg

.rg'errts and c tosses . lrolera ra\ rshe.l l‘ttlr . errtrrrjs

lrarr.e. rrreetrrz; up us rtlr .r oearrtrttrl st um: nuorrrazr I Irrotrorrs are re; res~e.l to the e\terrt that it a. trrallj. l:::r.lcrs arrttzerr. e mi. -I\crrrcnt. t a! pr.ttrrcs ‘.'.lr:.h are spectamrlar .: hurried}. \ l' lstiI‘trtl-e \rts ( s'rrtre

I The Hunt For Red October :~ I. Em \l. Ir-errrar: I \. \fiant tr:::er‘.. \lec llaidzxrrr, .\ort (iletr lrzrr t '.:rr‘. I...s “oklarrd,

and we r-e 't lr't‘

li'r rrrrrts '.rr a“ star I-tterzzr or [)1 Haul set .r't‘oazd. .:-et stil\::r.:rrrre and tire \ \lll suit sc‘l‘rllr'ltllill 21‘! titlre I‘lot ~i‘rl.i1‘.,7llt.r‘.‘-r

In resin-rise

\l. lrerrrarr snea'ra'r. . years back. ushr. h . an". anachrorrrstr. I .irzztrrrrg'h (.Illzt't‘ I The Indian In The Cupboard -I’ti at rank t)/. I .\. I""*: llaI \. .:rdrnc lift‘lru'l. llaxrd Iserth ‘lh turns 1 or his frizthdas rrr.r_:'rc ctrplroard that Irrrrrjfis to ll_‘\ll and bone Irte hrs plastr. t. j. s principally \atrxe Irttle llear l ’~..;'3:.';.t llarrks Ironc'r to Irte

sf ~. l‘-::r‘..‘ l '.rrrr:' ls’erd l‘lll .:szd.‘ tr-trr that. :t

doesn’t teall's elvp .:;‘.rtl t:-'rrr some trrtc

in. r... 2‘ z. '.

it '.Ir-ers l':!.' 'sdarr: \zzrrtir \l(r\l \tr.:tl:. lyde

t'anrrt n l liri‘nrxle \zts ( Time

I Jeanne La Pucelle r'r ;. l_-.:!‘. tea: .-::.-

l:arr.e I" W " 3- \ ::;tl'::;e l'.--'.rr.rrre f 1‘ rrrrrrs

ls’ et'. is an: ' r' e l urn ! \r. Ie'u'rrd talls . rtij. t. ’. ‘f' ks \ sr 'rple . _'tZIllI:. sprrrlt r' rlj to tan l

I‘s't ‘s-sltiCd to: 31." h- lit rtzrazze s

i'c‘l\ rrrplzasrses tlre or .r lr;.:tne rrrore t!\1!.rll:s

pcrtwrrrrarne e

swan-.7 I litttt is green a


‘s1"‘.l tr !l'.e ll\t'\

~tztlra1rd|:trrrr..rrrt:s :Xj. myth, while

Catch the best Film this fortnight.

I Fringe Film & Video Festival A startling selection of cutting-edge lilrrr. video and rrruIti-media works. irrclrrding a major retrospective of the underground cirrerrra ol‘ the Kuchar Brother's. See Film and Art Previews.’ lirlr’rr/rrrrg/I: I’r'lrrr/Ious'e.

I Small Faces Gillies Maekinnon‘s tale of growing up in Glasgow in the late (rtis captures a sense ot‘ the city and its tensions hour the unusual perspective ol a yorrrrg teenage boy. See leatut'e and review. General release.

I The Kingdom Irrragirre David Lynch directing a couple ot‘episodcs oI‘ er. and you‘ve got the mood of l.ars \'orr 'I'r'ier".s bizarre hospital soap. Disturbineg addictive. (flrrs‘gun‘j ([177:

I Toy Story Woody the cowboy and space ranger Bit/.7. Lightyear embark on a thrilling buddy adventure in Disney's tirst corrrputer-gener'ated arrirrration feature. (Jerreru/ release. I Trainspotting A rollercoaster ride through the chemical highs and devastating low s of Iile with heroin on the streets ol Edinburgh. Fast and lttl'ttrtls. hilarious and serious. it r' ’ally couldn't be better. (ierrcrul release. REPEBTURY

I Johnny Guitar The cinema is importing this rare print lrom America tor a single screening. so don‘t miss Nicholas Ray's classic western which srrbverts the genre with Freudian overtones. (Edinburgh: I’llnr/rorrse.

ls'r‘.ette tales Ilresson's crrrotrorrally detarled. rreo realist approach to Irrstors ('entral‘ \lacls’obcrt '

I Jesus Christ Superstar r I’( '. r r .\or man

lr".‘. Isrtttd S. l'l" i v 'lt'tl \Cs'ls'). (hill Anderson. \".orrrre lzllrnran. \arry l)enncn I07 rrrrtrs’. Set ttr modern Israel. complete w rtlr sand. sweat and tarrl s. Jew rsorr's oddly reverential screen version or the early Is’rce/lloyd Webber rrrtrsical has its rrrorncnts, btrt is rrruclr too kitsch to be taken so scrrously these days (ilasgow: (irosvetror'.

I Johnny Guitar rt’t tr tNicholas Ray. L's. 1953) Joan (’raw lord. .\Ierccdes .\Ic(‘arnbr‘idge. Sterhng Ilayden. I It) mins. ()ne-ol-a-kind ‘scsletn has saloon owner (‘raw lord ul‘ against terrrale cattle rarrclrer' .\Ic(‘arrrbridge over the bcnet'rts ot' the rarIroad coming to town. l'larrrboyarrt rrr style. l‘reudian in merrones. This prrrrt has been specially llowrr in from the States. I Jules Et Jim (I’( i r t l~'rancors 'I'rutlaut. France. I‘ltrl r Jeanne .\lorcarr. ()skar Werner. llenri Serre. IIIS mrns. 'Irut't'ant's earlymasterpiece. telling the coon-tragic tale or an eternal triangle straddling the lust World War. Bohemian. rnercur raI I’ar rsrenne (‘ather irre (.\Ioreaut divides her atlectrons between Julcs (Werner) and Jim (Serzer. whose deep lrrerrdship overrides their

rrx ahy rrr lose and then separation by war. But Irrrtlarrt has .r salutory tare in store totter threesome. w hrclr rs both devastating and poetic. I’owert‘rrl srnrt' l-drrrbrrrglr: (‘arrreo

I Jumanji r l r r Ioe Johnston. [5. l‘)‘)5) Robin Wzllrarns. Jonathan Ilyde. Kirsten Dunst. l()l rrrrrrs Irappcd lot 3'» years rn a jungle board

The last 5-l8 Apr I996 25