game. Alan l’arrish (Williams) is released only when two modern-day kids throw the dice themselves. But they also unleash a stampede of monkeys. crocodiles. elephants. rhinos and other unfamiliar beasts into small town America. The post-Jill'rtvrir' l’urk computer effects that make it state-of-the-att cinema spectacle. (ieneral release.

I Kes (I’U) (Ken Loach. I'K. I069) David Bradley. Lynne I’errie. (‘olin Welland. Brian (ilover. l()‘) mins. In the run-down industrial north. a young boy learns some harsh lessons aborrt life from the fate of his pet bird. (‘lassic piece of British realism which showed that Loach's television work could transfer to the big screen. :\ very humane sense of humour Ieaverrs what is in effect a tale of sorrre desolation. (‘entr'alz MacRobert.

I The Kingdom ( IS) (Lars \'on Trier. Denmark. l‘)‘)~l) Kirsten Rolffes. (ihita Noiby. Ifr'nst-Ilugo Jaregard. LU/l-lo mins. lf David Lynch directed four episodes of er. then the result might be along the litres of this subverted hospital soap opera. Visually striking. denser plotted and hauntingly scored. it's an evtraor‘dinary fusion of the comfortany quotidian and disturbingly weird. (ilasgow: (SI-T.

I lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace ( tlr (liirhad Mann. l'S. NOS) Matt I-‘rewer. Patrick Bergirr. lily I’otigct. 93 mins. Mad virtual reality genius lobe is arming for world domination via a chip that worrld lay data from all the world's computers at his feet. (‘ue inventor Benjamin Trace. who's lured back for techno-lxrttle. :\ cautionary sci-fr sequel with flashy graphics aplenty. but too many gaps to really achieve zeitgeist status. Iidmburgh: l'('l. Strathclyde: l‘(‘I ('Iydcbarik‘.

I leaving las Vegas ( lrs'i I.\Ilke t-‘iggis. (‘8. I995) Nicolas (‘age. Iilisabeth Shue. Julian Sands. I 10mins. Sacked from hisjob. Ben ((‘agcl drives to Las Vegas with the sole intention of drinking himself to death. brrt during his descent comes across hooker Sera (Shire t. another lost soul. Iiiggis's neon-drenched movie captures the irresponsible euphoria and mental pain of alcoholism frorii a subjective viewpoint. while the astonishing [X'rformances by- the leads help it transcend the surface tawdiiness and delve deep into underlying emotions. (ilasgow: ()deon. Strathclyde: ()deon .»\yr. l.'(‘l liast Kilbride.

I lean ( IS) (Luc IICs‘s‘ort. I‘iarice. I‘)‘)~1)Jcan Reno. Nathalie l’ortman. (iary ()ldman. Ill) nrins. When his neighbour's family is wiped out


by crooked cops on a bungled drugs bust. ice cool lritrnan Leon finds himself looking after the sole survivor twelve-year-old Mathilde. Ltic Besson‘s first film in English is. nevertheless. a French film in terms of style. editing and its boldness in story and theme. It's good to see that the director has finally got over the all-ster-no- content obstacle. lidinburgh: (‘ameo. I A little Princess (I’(i) (Alfonso (‘uaron. US. NOS) lileanor Bron. Liam Cunningham. Liesel Matthew s. 97 turns. Young Sara is forced to leave her privileged life in India for a New York girls' boarding school when WWI breaks out. Things turn for the worst. however. when her father is reported missing-iii-action and. periniless. she is subicctcd to the cruelty of sclioolriiistress Miss Mincliin. A movie with a sense of real magic and love of storytelling. that is beautifully designed and intelligently acted. (ieneial release. I living In Oblivion r t5) (Tom I)i(‘iIlo. t'S. I‘Nir Steve Busceiiri. (‘atheriiie Keener. Dermot Mulroney. 923‘ mins. All of the nightmares of low budget frlmmaking seem to have descended upon the head of Nick Reve (Buscemi). I)i(‘iIIo's hilar ions follow-up to Johnny Sim/e has a very cool cast. who all bring a human touch to their roles. This isn't just for film btrffs. it's for anyone who has struggled to achieve .soiirething in a group sitrratiori against the odds. (‘entralz MacRobei't. Strathclyde: Iiast Kilbride Arts (‘entre I love In The Time or Hysteria r 18) (Alfonso (‘uaion. Mexico. l‘)‘)l ) Daniel (iimenez. (‘landia Ramirez. Luis de lcaza. 9-1 riiins. A modern day Don Juan gets caught tip in what wotrld be a typical sex farce situation if director (‘uaron (who went on to .-l Little l’ri/ir‘mv) hadn't given it a safe sex spin. Its treatment of HIV issues is poised between bad taste and praiseworthy comic invention. (ilasgow: (il’l'. I lumiere And Company (l’(‘.r (Various. liraiice/Spain/Sweden. l‘)‘)5) SS ruins. Several of the world's greatest filmmakers were given a strict brief to make a film like the Lurniete Brothers' originals. 52 seconds long and in natural light. The resulting compilation is as diverse as one would expect. complete with interview-ster ‘Making ()f' links. Spike Lee. David Lynch. [hang Yimou. Wim Wendeis. Jacques Rivette and Lasse llallstrorir are among those who take part. (ilasgow: (iI'T lidinbnrgh: Iiilmhouse. I Madagascar Skin r t 5) ((‘hris Newby. t'K. I995) John Hannah. Bernard Ilill. 93 mins. llis

face disfigured by a birthmark. llarry (llannah) flees from the London club scene to the coast. where he meets l-‘lint (llill). another man escaping his past. The dialogue glitters. the pci'for‘rirances charm. the imagery is a cavalcade of the absurd and unexpected. I-‘reshly' free of buddy and romantic cliches. Iidinbrrigh: I'IIIITIIOIISL‘.

I The Madness or King George rl’(}) (Nicholas llytnei'. I'K. l‘)‘)~l) Nigel Ilawthoine. Ilelerr Mirren. Rupert Iiverett. llt) mins. Alan Bennett's adaption of his own stage play is a great British film in its own riglit with no lingering sense of theatricality. Nigel llziwthorne's excellent portrayal of the King. his demented behaviour threatening the stability of the nation. gives the film an emotional core. while the scripts themes are intelligently handled throughout. Iidinbrrigh: Iiilm (irrild.

I Marnie r 18) (Alfred Hitchcock. l'S. l‘)(slr Tippi Iledi'en. Sean (‘onneryz Diane Baker. Ill)

miris. After IIedren's boss ((‘ormeryt catches her

robbing his safe. lie becomes attracted to her and the two rriarry; but her frigidity in the bedroom hides a much darker secret. The usual late lIrtclr mixture of carelessness (those backdrops?) and technical virtuosity. .v‘v playground for veteran I‘reudians. lidiiibutgh: (‘ameo

I Mary Reilly r tSr (Stephen t-‘rears. l'S/l "K. 1906) Julia Roberts. John Malkov‘rch :\ special preview to mark the (‘eritenary of (‘rnema. btrt word on this Jekyll and Ilyde spin-off is not good. to say the least. Malkovicli is the good guy/bad guy. Roberts his housemaid w ho's not sure who she's in love with. Too much post- production meddling seems to have dcaderrcd what should have been one of the year's most interesting mov ies. Iidinbuigh: ()deon.

I The Maze ( 18) (William (‘ameron Men/res. I'S. I953) Richard (‘ailson. Veronica lIiirst. Katherine Iimery. .S‘l mins. Ilmrii. When he inherits a family fortune. a man also inherits the

family curse ~— he must also be tur tied into a frog

Laughs abound in this .‘v~l) movie that has some effective gothic atriiospheie by director and designer William ('ameron Menzies. lidinburgh: liilrirhouse.

I Metropolis (l’(ir ( liritz Lang. (iermany. l‘)3(rr Brigitte Ilelrrr. Alfred Abel. (iirstav l-iolrch. II-l mins. ()ne of the greatest films of all time. Irere in its longer-length. uncolotiscd version. free from (iior‘gio Moiodcr's tacked-on rock soundtrack. The cityscapes remain unsurpassed. although the allegory against totalitarianism is a bit naive. lidinbirrgh: Iiiliirhouse.

I The Most Desired Man [)ir’ [hymen- .rlmm (IS) (Sorrke Woitmann. ('rermany. l‘)‘)5) Til Sclrweiger. Katja Riemann. Joachim Krol. 08 mins. The most successful homegrown (ierman movie to date. with more laughs than the country's usual comic output. A woman sends her philandeiing husband packing. but becomes even more suspicious when she discovers his new male tlatmate naked in his wardrobe. The crass final reel ruins any sense of subversion. (ilasgow' (iI-T.

I Nelly Et M. Arnaud ( I Sr ((‘laude Sautet. I'TSIIICC. I‘M-I) Iiiiriiianuelle Beart. Michel Seriatrlt. Jean-llughes .-\rrglade. l()5 mins. Satrtct's first film after ( 'ir ('tu'ur [in IIrr-r'r is another delicate yet corirplex study of human relationships .-\ woman in her twenties. unlucky in love. meets a retired magistrate and friendship blossoms when she takes a job helping him write his memoirs. (ilas‘gow: (ll-T.

I Nikita ( IS) (Lirc Besson. I‘rancc, l‘)‘}()) .-\nne I’aiillaud. Tcheky Kai'yo. Jean-Hughes Anglade. Jeanne Moieau. ll-l iriins. :\rr exercise in stylish tosh from (iallic Besson. I’arillaud stars as a junkie waif resurrected from her dreary existence by the errignratrc Karyo. an agent for the gov eriimerrt's most seererrv e IlllsIl'lc‘tn c1 organistaion. and pretty soon she's a topriotch assassin. I'Idinburgh: (‘ameo

I Ossessione ( IS) (Lucino Visconti. Italy. l‘l-III ('Iar'a ('alamai. Massimo ( iiiottr. Juan De I..rnd.r. Dhia ('iistatu. Ifi‘) tttilrs \‘rscontr‘s first feature pie-erupted the Italian neo realism movement with its steamy story of err/ireprivrin/rt'l '//ie l’mt/nuri .-I/ir‘uv\ li’r/rev 'liir'r‘e set in the Po Delta. Seductive brrt controlled. it was an early indicator of the uirrr'rir's intelligence and intensity. lidinbuigli: I-ilm (inild.

I Panomorph Show rso ttlllts. (‘lrris ()‘ts'auc showcases the I’anarriorph format of photography. which gives life-si/e drrircnsioirs to landscape and a new pespectiv e to scale models. Iidinbrrigh: I‘ilrrrhouse.

I Panther ( IS) (Mario \Iiri l’cclrles. I 'S. l‘NFt l2~l mins. Writer and director team Melv in and Mario \‘an I’eebles don't pull any punches w rtlr this politictsed account of the origins of the Black Panther Party l'nlike a rircssage movie by. say. Oliver Stone. I’HllI/lr’l doesn't bombard the audience with repeated theories. the v rew s are. nevertheless. forthright. brrt there's also a strong and involving narrative. .-\nd it's a film that doesn‘t pander to the coririiicrcr.‘rl \Il'lllilIRIs‘ of the rrrarket by foregroundrng a w hire character. Str'atlrcI_Vde: Ilast Kilbride .-\rts (‘entre


25 The List 5-l8 Apr 1996