I Passenger ( I5) (Arrdi'zej Munk/Witold l.esiewicz. Poland. I963) (r2 mitts. An ex-SS officer rrreets a former concentration carrrp inmate on a cruise. rrrrleasirrg a flow of overwlrelrtritrg irremories‘. It the film feels somewhat disjointed. that's because it was corrrpleted rising stills and comrrtetrtaiy when the director was killed iii a car crash during shooting. Iidinbtirgli: I‘ilm Guild.

I Plan 9 From Outer Space ( I8) itiilvv aiil I). Wood Jirt'. I'S. I95o) Gregory Walcott. Bela Lugosi. 'I‘or Johnson. 79 turns. Dismissed by many as the worst film ever made. lid Wood's ham-fisted tale of graverobbcts front outer space is admittedly arrratcrtrislr. btit it has an energy that takes it from A to B. So many technical slip- irps are there for everyone to see. that it’s really a great Iauglr and never boring. lidinburgh: I;Illltlt()ll.\’t‘.

I II Postino (1') (Michael Radford. Italy. I995) Massirrro 'l'ioisi. Philippe Noiiet. Maria (irazia (‘trcinotta IOS irritrs. Wlterr exiled ('hrlearr poet Pablo Nertrda (Noitet) arrives on a remote island off the Neapolitan coast. he aids local postnran Mario (Twist) to woo the village batrrraid. (iently paced and ftrll of Mediterranean suit. Radford's filrrr rs rrrcely urrserrtirrrental. Sadly. 'I'ioisi died the day after slrootrrrg w as conrpleted. htrt Ire couldn‘t have left a litter legacy. Glasgow: (ll-I. Iidrributgh: lirhrtlrouse.

I Pulp Fiction ( lb’) (Quentin 'I'arantirro. I'S. I994) John IliHOIIII. Samuel Jackson. l‘rrra 'I'hirrmarr. Bruce Willis. l5() Itlllls. Much more ambitious than New l‘r'll Drier. the most awaited secortd feature of the 90s has many scenes that crackle vy ttlr 'l‘arantriro vv rt. atrd a few oilrets that fall flat as the writer director bravely expeiitrrents. Interlocking stories in the ptrlp crime marrrter‘ cortccrrr Iritrrrerr. ailtrrg boxers. gang bosses and their rnolIs. drttg fiends. arid assorted ritf-ratf. Iidrtrlrurgh: I-rlrrrhouse.

I La Heine Margot ( IS) (Patrice (‘heiearr. lirarrce. I994) Isabelle Adjartr. Daniel Autctril. Jean-Hughes Arrglade. l-I5 units. A forced wedding between the Protestant Ilerrri dc Navarre and the (‘atholrc Margrrcr rte de \alois can't calrrr lt'rth century liiance‘s religious wars or stop the St Bartholorrrew 's l)ay Massacre. (‘hereatr's breatlrtakrng epic is perhaps a tad gory for the costume drama crowd. but it's a strbtitled spectacle that rs remarkable rn its scope. Edinburgh: (‘arrreo.

I Rendez-vous In Paris r t 5) itii ic Rohrrrcl. I'Iittk‘s‘. I995) (‘lai'a Bellar'. Mathias Megaid.

Aurore Rauscher'. I()() trrirrs. Rohmet's coirrperrdiuirr of three short tales breaks little new grotrrrd. btrt retains his trademark sophistication and gives substantial roles to a fresh-faced young cast. Romance is at the heart of each section. which are linked by a street accordionist and chanteuse. but it's really I’ar'is that's the star. captured w tilt the eye of an insider. (‘etrti'alz MacRoheit.

I Restoration (I5) (Michael llofftrrarr. I'K. I995) Robert Dowrrey Jr. Sarrr Neill. David 'l‘hewlis. I IS rrrirrs. Art rrrtpoveitslred physician (Dow trey) is repaid irt wealth and women when Ire tends King (‘harles lI's sick spaniel; asked to marry the King‘s mistress for convenience. Ire finds Iritrrself falling in love. Downey bounces around this superbly costumed adult playpen to good effect. birt when the tone darkens. his acting talents falter.

I Santa Sangre ( IS) (:‘vlcxarrdio Jodorow sky. Italy/Mexico. I989) Axel Jodorow sky. Blanca Guerra. (iuy Stockvvell. llS mitts. Against the backdrop of a circus. young I'eirix witnesses horrifying events when his strorrgttrarr father commits suicide after drsrrrettrher ittg the boy 's mother. (‘oirrrrtitted for 20 years. Ire eventually escapes. only to frrrd the trratertral bonds still strong. driving him to kill any worrrart lie finds attractive. Deliberatley disturbing and provocative. brrt a landmark in cinerrratic surrealism. lidinburglr: I‘ilrrrhouse.

I Schindler’s list t l 5) (Steven Spielberg. ('8. I993) I.iam Neesort. Ralph l-"rerrnes. Ben Krrrgsley. I95 mitts. During WW2. (iermarr industrialist arrd Nazi Party member ()skar' Schindler saved the lives of over a thousand Jewish employees by deitranding they work in his factory rather than be settt to Auschwitz. Spielberg's irragrrificerrt movie and Nceson's peifoi'rrrance capture tlrrs enigmatic brand of heroism. Psy'clrologically corrrplex. eirrotionally devastating arid artistically irrrpeachable. this is one of the best films ever made. lidirthurgh: ('arrrco.

I Sense And Sensibility it‘rtAng Lee. t'S/t 7K.

I995) Iimma 'I'horrrpsorr. Kate Wirrslet. Alan Rickmair. Hugh Grant. I35 riritrs. Denied their ittlreritarrce when the father of the household dies. the female members of the Dashvvood family face a precarious future which corrtplicates the romances of sensible Iilinoi ('I‘lrortrpsorr) and emotive Marianne (Winslet). 'l‘honrpson's adaptation keeps the wordplay errgaginly' tart atrd sharp-w itted. brrt never loses sight of the powerful frustrations simmering

beneath the surface. Infinitely more satisfying than your typical tIttffy' period piece. General


I Seven ( IS) (David l‘inchei‘. ITS. I995) Brad Pitt. Morgan Freeman. Gwyneth I’dllt‘t)“. l27 mitts. The outline is farrriliar two cops track

down a serial killer btit Sen-n is a step ahead of

its rivals. lirom its opening title sequence onwards. it's art extremely dark movie which winds through the rirost twisted recesses of hurrran nature. liaclr death is a graphic interpretation of one of the seven deadly sirts. giving .'I/Ir'll .t‘ director l-"incher the material for an intense stylistic exercise iir horror. Glasgow: (itosverroi: Iidirrbtrrgh: (‘ameo. Strathclyde: ()deori Ayr'.

I Sgt. Bilko ( PG ) (Jonathan Lynn. I'S. I995) Steve Martin. Dan Ayktoyd. Phil Ilartrtratr. 95 mtns. There are no surprises in this routine Steve Martin velrrcle. lifted front the Phil Silver's 50s 'I‘\' show. Here the scam-boy Master Sergeant cotttrrrues his private vendetta witlr Major 'I’hor'tr. By turns furrtry and boring. the script has too trrrrclr sheen and no real firepower. (ierrer'al release.

I Shallow Graver IS) (Danny Boyle. I'K. I994) Kerry liox. Iivyan McGregoi'. ('lrristopher licclestotr. 9t) mitts. 'I‘hrce lidinhuigh flatmates find their rtew co lrabitarrt dead with a stack of money utrder ltis bed. so after perforrrrirrg a little I)IY on the corpse. they reckon all their worries are over. Brit the cops are closing in. there are two thugs after the tummy. and the psychological tension is begirrtrrrrg to show. liilled with dark huntotrr and cynical one-liners. this Scottish thriller is bloody arid intelligent errotrglr to please the cttll audience while icrrrainirrg accessible crrotrglr to be a rrrainsti'eam hit. Iidinburgh: (‘ameo. life: New Picture lIouse. Strarhcly'de: liast Kilhride Arts (‘errtre

I A Simple Twist Of Fate (PG) r(iillie.s .‘ylackinrrort. I'S. I995) Steven Martin. Gabriel Byrrre. Laura I.irritcy. It)? mitts. Not even Scottish director (iillres Mackirriroir (Sum/l liner) can stem the flow of Steven Martin’s serrttrrrcrrtality as the actor. writer and executive producer updates (‘rcor‘ge Iiliot's Si/rrv .lIrl/‘Itr'l'. A rechrse frrrds new life when an orphan turns tip on his doorstep. brrt trouble looms when the girl's father appears or) (Ire scene. (ilasgowt (ll-'1‘.

I Small Faces ( IS) (Gillies Mackinnorr. I‘K. I995) Iain Robertson. Joseph McIiaddetr. J.S. I)uffy. IOS’ rrtrns. (‘o written w rtlr producer brother Billy. (iillies Mackrrrrron‘s rrrarvellotisly

detailed study about the growing pains of a boy caught iii the fringes of Glasgow's gangland violence iii the (rOs emerges as a warm and accurate portrayal of working-class family life. Centring on three brotlters. it avoids the pitfalls of the Glasgow hard man movie. instead becoming a superior rites-of—passage tale. See feature arid review. General release.

I The Sound OI Music (U) (Robert Wise. US. I905) Julie Andrews. Christopher Plunrmer. Richard Ilaydn. lileanor Parker. Peggy Wood. I73 mitts. In the late 1930s. vivacious nun Maria (Andrews) introduces the Von Trapp children to the joys of music. and their widowed father (Plumnrer) to the joys of love as Nazism begins to sweep Austria. ()rre of the great screen musicals. completely uncynical. and boasting a host of riterrrorahle songs and chat'irr-soddeir rrronrents. Fife: Adanr Smith.

I Spanking The Monkey ( 18) (David 0. Russell. L'S. I994 ) Jeremy Davies. Alberta Watson. Berrjanrirt llendrickson. 98 rrrins. Emotionally blackmailed into looking after his bed-ridden mother during college vacation. Ray's life begins to tip over the edge as annoying circumstances escalate and sexual tension begins to take its roll. The subject matter isn't sensationalised. but played ottt in psychologically realistic terms. lidinburgh: Cameo.

I Stolen Hearts ( 15) (Bill Bennett. US. 1995) Sandra Bullock. Denis Leary. Yaphet Kotto. 96 nrins. You'd think that if acerbic stand-up star Denis Leary had a Irand iii writing a Hollywood rorrrantic comedy. it might have more bite but no. A blue-collar cottple try to get their relationship back on course on a posh New [England island while he's aiming to sell off a stolen paintitrg. General release.

I The Swan Princess (U) (Richard Rich. US. 1995) With the voices of John Cleese. Jack Palance. Steven Wright. 94 mins. Swan Lake in its fairytale fornt. with all the expected ingredients that modern children's animated features contain - talking animals. bland but cute heroes. musical routines. An evil magician casts a spell on a princess. turning her into a swan. Arid arty film that features Palance doing a song called ‘No More Mr Nice Guy‘ has to be worth a visit. Glasgow: (EFT. Fife: Adam Smith.

I Tender Little Pumpkins (PG) (Gilberto Martinez Solates. Mexico. I948) 101 mins. (‘omic actor German Valdes stars in his famous role of upwardly-mobile hustler Tan Tan who's joitred in various sketches by a troupe of rhumba dancers. Glasgow: GFI'.


and introducing IAIN ROBERTSON

director of photography JOHN DE BDRMAN

a film by gillies & billy mackinnon



costume desrgner KATE CARIN designer ZOE MACLEOD editor SCOTT THOMAS music composed by JOHN KEANE

executive producer for the glasgow film Iund EDDIE DICK




“Fresh. Funny. Poignant. Great performances.”

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“One of the best British films in years.”

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“A TRIUMPH! Beautifully shot, a supremely cinematic Glasgow”




“Astonishing performances”

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“Superb... compelling, vastly entertaining”




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