I 3(.\1orag McKinnori. ['K. 1995) 75 mins. Made. remarkably. when the director was at the Scottish Film School. 3 met with a highly favourable response at the Drambirie Iidinburgh I'dllll Festival. A graphic designer is forced to re- evaluate his spiritual life when hai‘angued by a riiysteiiotis figure known as The lilder. Some of the dialogtre rs wooden. but the film's mystical imagery is truly marvellous. lidinhurgh: Cameo. I Three Colours Trilogy ( l5)(Kr1.ysztof Kieslow ski. liiance/l’oland/va itzer'land. I993/94) Juliette Binoclie. Julie Delpy. Zbignicw Zariiacliovv ski. lreiie Jacob. Jean-l.otii.s 'l'iintignant. 98/91/96 mins. Kieslowski‘s masterful trio of films. thematically based around the ideals of the lirench Revolution —- Liberty. liquality. l‘ratei'nity -- gets to the heart of the contradictions of the new liurope. biit never loses sight of its human heart. lidiiiburgh: (‘anico

I Time Of The Gypsies ( l5) ( limit Kirstirrica. Yugoslavia. 1990) Davoi Dujmovrc. Bora ‘ItXItll'vH ic. l.)ribic;i :\d/ov ic. Sinolicka 'l't‘pkova. lilv ira Salt, I42 inins. In a rough btit fecund Yugoslavian gypsy community. young l’erhan (Dirimov ic) liv cs with his grandma and aspires to marry .»\/i;i ('l'ipkova). btit rs loo broke. When the riiysterioiis (iypsy Sheik Ahmed ('l‘odoiovic) arrives in town. he sees a chance to better himself. and returns with him to ltaly for tutoring iii dirty dealings, 'l'eerning with life and sll‘s‘lilc‘lllitlly scored. this is a gritty. brutal comedy: epic Ill scope and hugely enjoyable. Glasgow: (il’l'.

I Tous les Matins du Monde ( l3) (:\l;llll (‘oineau. Trance. I992) Gerard Depardieu. Guillaume Depaidieti. Anne Brochet. 114 mins. The story of l7th century viol dc gainba virtuoso Marin .\l;iiais (told in flashback trsiiig Depardieu [we 4'! till) acts as a background for conflicts between music and riiiisician. art and artiste. llugely successful on home territory. lidinbui’gh: ('ameo.

I Toy Story (l’t’i) (John'sctci. l'S. I995) With the voices of Tom Hanks. Tim Allen. Don Rickles. Sl inins. It isn't just the state-of—the-art images that distinguish Disney's first coiiiputer- generated animation feature. it's got a cracking adventure story loo. A tale of friendship and

self belief continued with an exciting rescue and againstthe-clock tension. 'Iivv Story is sprinkled with comic asides. Don't be fooled into thinking these toy s are inst for the kids. (‘ieneial release. I Trainspotting ( l8) (Danny Boyle. l'K. l‘)‘75) livv an \chrcgoi. livven Br'emner. Robert


Dead Man walking (15)

12.45. 3.25, 6.05. 8.45pm.

Trainspotting (18)

1.20. 3.30. 5.35, 7.40 & 9.45pm and in Screen 3 at

1.00. 3.10. 5.15 (all not Sun). 7.20. 9.30pm

FROM rru r2 APRIL '

Dead Man (15)

12.45. 3.25. 6.05. 8.45pm

Trainspotting (18)

1.05. 3.50. 6.45. 9.00pm SCREEN 3 The Aufif Alliance See listings for details



(‘arlyle. Jonny Lee Miller. 93 iiiins. John llodge's screenplay perfectly captures the desperate humour of Irvine Welsh‘s novel. keeping the episodic structure ofjunkie scenes for the first half. before concentrating more on Renton in London in the later stages. Fast and stylish direction. creative soundtrack and acting that's off-the-i'ails excellent. General release.

I Trop Belle Pour Toi! ( l8) (Berri-and Bliei‘. I'l'illlCC. I989) Gerard Depardieu. Josiane Balasko. (‘arole Bouquet. 9| mins. Massive I:lCl)L‘Il hit offers a characteristic twist on the old eternal threesome scenario. Depai‘dieu plays the succesful owner of a car showroom. envied by all for his beautiful wife (Bouquet). who falls in love with his dumpy secretary (Balasko). :\ film of commendable openness. its true achievement is how it turns the stuff of farce into an intense hybrid of wistful comedy and romantic passion. lidinburgh: (‘arneo.

I Twelve Monkeys ( l5) (Terry Gilliam. US. I995) Bruce Willis. Brad Pitt. Madeleine Stowe. 129 mins. A convict from the future is sent to tilt

past to discover the source of a lethal virus that has devastated humanity. but even he begins to wonder if the images in his head are merely delusions. :\ complex time-travel fantasy. with liberal subplots and a decent mystery edge. that's lifted by Gilliam's ever-brilliant visual skills. It may at times stumble over its own inner logic. but it's an odd. eccentric creation that engages the imagination. lidinbuigh: liilirihotise.

I 2001: A Space Odyssey (l') (Stanley Kubrick. l‘S/l'K. I968) Kcii Dullea. (i;in Lockwood. l-1l ruins. ('clebiated v isioriaiy epic about the history and future of the human race. superbly crafted and directed by Kubrick. It needs the big screen to do real _|ll\’llc‘C to the famous sequences on the development of man and the landing of the mysterious monolith. ()ne of the great classics of modern cinema. lidinbuigh: l5iluihouse.

I I Underground ( l5) (Izmir Kusturica.

l‘rance/(ier'many/llungar'y. I995) .\liki

; .\l;tt)o_ilt)\ ic. l.azar' Ristovski. Mtl'jzllltl Jokovic.

1 I67 mins. A black rnarketeer cons a cellar full of . refugees into believing that WW2 still rages

l overhead. and so becomes a top dog in the

) Yugoslav communist regime. Kustuiica's




meditation on 50 years of Balkan history is set

against a background of national tragedy. bill the

tone is emphatically upbeat and one brilliant set- piece follows another. A l’alme D'()i-vvinning celebration of the human spirit (ilasgovv‘ (ll-l. lidinbiiigh: l'ilmhorrse. I Les Valseuses ( 18) (Bertrand Blrer. liiance. l974 ) Gerard Depardieu. l’atiick Dewaeic. .\lioii-.\liou. Jeanne .\loreaii. l 18 mins. l'ndeniably offensive early feature by Blrer. iva youths go on a spree that involves sex. car theft. sex. robbery and a bit of sex thrown in for good measure. llalfvvay between romantic liigatives and bawdy delinquents. they eventually develop into something approaching human beings. lidinburgh: (‘aineo I Videodrome ( IS) (David (‘i'onenbeig ('anada. I983) James Woods. Debbie llai'i y. 88 mins. Woods is a programmer for a pirate cable station who becomes intrigued and then obsessed with an untraceable porn channel that ti iggeis hallucinogenic fantasies. A nasty but intriguing and ultimately confusing masterpiece vv ith eye- poppirig special effects. lidinbiirgh: l‘ilnilioirse.

l’aul .‘vicGann. Richard li. (irant. Richard Griffiths. l()7 niins. 'l‘wo oiit-of-vvoi‘k actors surviving I969 London giro squalor take a break in a picturesque l.ake District cottage. vv here one of them suffers the attentions of the ageing homosexual owner. entertaining British comedy has a second stab at glory. and it's the bleaker end-of—the-decade elements that have lasted best. lidiirburgh: ()deoii.

Are you tough, beautiful, taleMed 8. funny; aged 18-25 & available for a feature film shooting Summer 96?

If so, write immediately, including a recent photograph to

Box No Z7S/R/2 The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 TTE.

FILM mama-

WEEK ONE Friday 5—Thursday 11

Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at any time. [D] indicates that wheelchair access is available, though prior notification is advisable. [E] indicates the availability of an induction loop for the convenience of hearing aid users. Film Listings compiled by Thom Dibdin.


I CANNON 380 Clarkston Road. Muirend. 037 264 l. £2.80 (£2 before 5pm).

; Student: £2.20. Child/()Al’: £2.

1. Toy Story (PG) 1.45pm (not Sun).

1 3.55pm. 6.25pm. 8.55pm.

2. Sgt. Bilko (PG) l.15pm (not Sun). 3.35pm. Stolen Hearts ( l5) 5.55pm. 8.40pm.

1 3. Balto (U) l.20pni tiiot Sun). 3.25pm. Get Shorty (15) 6.05pm. 8.35pm. I CITY CENTRE ODEON 56 Renfield

Street. 332 3413 (24 hour info line: ()l42 693 34l3). Bar. [D] screens 2. 3 and 4. £4 (£3.25 before 5pm). Student/UB40: £3.25. Child/()Al’: 2.75 (£2.50 before 5pm). Superior seats (no concessions): £4.50 (£3.75 before 5pm). Advance booking on Access/Visa/Swilch hotliiie: 333 955i and at box office from llarn~7pnr

Toy Story (l’G) ll.l5am (not Sun). 1.30pm. 4pm. 6.30pm. 9. l5pm (not Thurs) and late.

‘_ Trainspotting (18)4pni. 6.30pm (not Tue). 9pm and late.

Broken Arrow ( l5) Thurs only. 9pm. Braveheart ( l5) l2.l5pm. 4pm. 7.45pm. Jumanii (PG) l.3()pm.

Babe (U) l2.30pin.

Sense And Sensibility (U) 2.3(lpill. 5.30pm. 8.30pm. Dead Man Walking ( l5) l2. 15pm. 3pm.

5.45pm. 8.45pm and late. Dunston Checks In (PG) 12. lSpm.


i Heat ( 15) not Sun. 4.15pm. 8pm.

See also Glasgow l.atcs.

I GROSVENOR Ashton l.ane. llillliead.

I Withnail & I t l 5) (Brrrce Robinson, l'K. 1987)

339 4298. £3 (£2 before 6.30pm and all day Mon/rue). Child/()Al’ £1.60. Seats can be booked for last evening and late

screenings. Box office open llam—-7pni. 1. Sense And Sensibility (U) l.4()piil.

4.40pm. 7.30pm.

2. A Little Princess (U) not Sun. l.30pm. 3.40pm.

Trainspotting (l8) not Sun. 6pm. 8.10pm. Jesus Christ Superstar (PG ) Sim only.

; 2pm. 5pm. 8pm.

See also Glasgow l.ates.

I MGM FILMCENTRE 326 Sauchieliall Street. 332 1592/95 l3. 'l’wo bar's. £4.30 (£3.20 before 5pm). Student/()Al’: £3.l0. Child: £2.80.

Toy Story (PG) l.l5prn. 3.40pm. 6. l0pni. 8.40pm.

Get Shorty ( 15) 3.25pm. 6pm. 8.35pm. Small Faces ( 15) 3pm. 5.35pm. 8.25pm. Trainspotting ( )8) 6.30pm. 8.50pm.

A Little Princess (U) 1.10pm.

Sgt. Bilko (PG) 1.45pm. 4pm.

Cutthroat Island (PG) l. 15pm. 3.50pm. Balto (U) 1.10pm.

Stolen Hearts ( l5) 6. l5pin. 8.40pm.

I MGM PARKHEAD The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282 Access/Visa bookings. ()54l 560562 24 hour information line. [D]. [liltscr'eens l. 3 and 5). £4. 10 (£3 before (mm Mon—Fri and 4pm Sat/Sun). Student: £3. Child/()Al’: £2.60.

Toy Story (PG) noon. l2.55pm. 2.05pm. 3pm. 4.15pm. 5.05pm. 6.30pm. 7.l0prn. 8.55pm and late.

Stolen Hearts ( 15) 3.45pm. 7pm. 9.25pm and late.

Dead Man Walking ( l5) 6.45pm. 9.35pm and late.

Sgt. Bilko (PG) 2.30pm. 4.40pm. Dunston Checks to (PG) )2. 10pm. 2.15pm. 4.30pm.

Get Shorty ( l5) 9. l 5pm and late. Trainspotting ( 13) 6.40pm. 9.05pm and late.

Sense And Sensibility (U) 2.45pm. 6.20pm. 9.20pm.

Braveheart ( 15) not 'l‘hui's. 8.45pm. Cutthroat Island (PG) l2.-15pm. 3.30pm. 6. l0pni.

Balto (U) 12.30pm.

, Jumanii (PG) 1.30pm.

1 A Little Princess (U) 12.30pm.

Broken Arrow ( l5) ’l‘liurs- only. 8.45pm. Saturday Kids Club l ):

D2: The Mighty Ducks (U) l()am—l2.30pm.

See also Glasgow l.atcs.


12 Rose Street. 332 8 l 28’. (‘afe/bai' open noon—9piii (Sun: 2 79pm). All performances bookable. [1)]. [ii]. Matinees £3 (corics £2). livenings £4 (Cones £3 except Sat evening). All double bills evening prices apply.


i 1. Small Faces ( )5) (45pm. .1. l5an

l 6.30pm. 8.45pm.

2. II Postino (U) 2pm.

Underground ( l5) 4,30pm. 7.45pm. SATURDAY 6

E 1. The Swan Princess (ti) 2. (Spin. Small Faces ( l5) 4. l5pm. 6.30pm. 8.45pm.

2. II Postino ([1) 2pm.

5 Underground ( l5) 4.30pm. 7.45pm.


,1. ll Postino it?) l.45ptii.

Small Faces ( 15) 4.l5pm. ().3()prll. 8.45pm.

; 2. Underground ( 15) 1.30pm. 7.45pm. Time or The Gypsies ( )5) 4.45pm. MONDAY 8

:1. II Postino (ll) l.45pm.

é Small Faces ( l5) 2pm (cinema 2).

l 4.15pm. 6.30pm. 845pm.

I 2. Underground ( l5) 5. l5pril.

I Tender Little Pumpkins (PG) 8.30pm. 3 TUESDAY 9 ‘1.IIPostinoitt)().l5pm.

3 Small Faces ( l5) l.3()pm. 4pm. 8.45pm. 2. Underground ( l5) 2pm. 5. l 5pm.

3 The Most Desired Man ( )8) 830ml).


1. Small Faces ( l5) 1.30pm. 4pm.

1 6.15pm. 8.45pm (cinema 2).

ll Postino (U) 8.30pm.

9 2. The Most Desired Man ( l8) 3pm.

l Underground ( 15) 5. l5plll.


t 1. Small Facesr 15) (30pm. 4pm.

: 8.45pm.

! II Postino (U) D. (Spin.

1 2. The Most Desired Man ( l8) 5.45pm. 9 Underground ( l5) 2pm. 7.45pm.

; CITY CENTRE DDEDN Rc‘lllic‘ltl Street. 332 ( 34l3

; Fri 5/Sat 6:

1 Toy Story (PG) ll,45plll.

l Trainspotting (l8) ll.45plll.

i Leaving Las Vegas ( l8) 1 1.45pm.

5 Dead Man Walking ( 15) ll.45pill.

! I GROSVENDR Ashton Lane. 339 4298. Fri 5/Sat 6:

)1. Seven (18) 10.20pm.

12. Goldeneye ( l2) )0. r 5pm.

: I MGM PARKHEAU The Forge. l’arkliead ' 556 4282

Fri ISat:

Toy Story (PG) l l.3()pm.

Stolen Hearts ( IS) ll.5()pm.

Dead Man Walking ( IS) 12.15am.

Get Shorty ( l5) midnight. Trainspotting ( )8) ll.40pm.


I CAMEO Home Street. 22*) 4 14). Bar. [D]. Cameo 1: £4.50 (concs £2.25); main evening perf £4.95 (no concs). Cameo 2

28 The List 5-18 Apr 1996