T Ill THE PARK is confirmed to take place for the third ._ time at Strathclyde Park on ' _ : 1 Saturday 13th and Sunday g s 14th July. To date the acts H continued include Pulp, ,. Radiohead, The Bluetones, . . Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters, - Cast, Canada’s Bare Naked i _ ladies, The Amps and local . j heroes Bis and The Gyres. After the incredible success of last year’s dance tent the following gurus of groove will be playing: Goldie, Lionrock, Lettfield and The Chemical Bros. Tickets cost £26.50 per day _' .3 or £45 for a weekend ticket and credit card bookings are available on 0131 557 6969, 0141 556 5555 and 0141 227 5511. Watch out for more news next issue.

ANDREW [ANCELA w lio plays the conscientious Dr Andrew (‘ollin in (kin/inc JlI'I't'H’ has put aside his stethoscope and white coat to star in (knit/mi ('u/m‘mm/iu. which completes its national tour in lidinbt‘rgli this l'ortnight. Written by Barry lingland. who wrote the screenplay for The Hill. the sweaty World War II drama that starred Sean Connery. ('o/n/mt (Tu/mmrrilre is a military thriller set in l8.\’(ls liidia. l.ancel (right) plays a rebellions young lieutenant. a substantially different role from the mild-inannered characters he normally plays. and the tour has given llllll the chance to perform in

some ol' Britain's largest theatres. ‘( 'om/m‘l [flil’t’t'lHlIi/lfi is a really good story which spans the whole spectrtnii ol‘ drama.‘ says l.ancel. ‘lt’s also Very nice to be finishing

lll Scotland because that's where it all started for me.‘ l-iom lb’h'lls India to l‘Nlls NHS. lancel‘s alter ego . l)r (‘ollin has inst returned to our screens iii a new. thirteen-part series of (Rm/1m .li'rtaxL shot iii (ilasifllw -'\“.\ lure} dewlOPInents lll store lor the ~ young doctor"? ‘Yes. Sey‘ says

l.ancel. ‘l)r (‘ollin discovers shaggiiig.’ i(’atlir_\n ()‘Neilli ('u/it/mi (Tn/m urn/Ire 1x (1/ I/It’ King 3‘ Theatre, lit/iii/iiu‘e/t. Tue ‘2 Nu! /.\' .-l/iri/. (kirk/rut xll'l't'U ii on lili('/. Ali'lt' a! lU/mi.

MICHAEL VAN WIJK- better know it as (iladiator Wolf is taking titiie oil. to appear in The Bruce. the film which aims to do for Robert what li/‘m'c/rt'url did for William. With a less than a hundredth of Mel (iibson‘s budget. you might expect a clayniore or two fewer in the battle scenes. Not that this has stopped the production team from attacking their subject with the same gusto as (and. rumour has it. more talent thani their debtit movie. ('liuri/ie The Deer. .-\ii eclectic cast brings together ()liyer Reed, Brian Blessed and van Wiik. who plays lidward l's \‘illaitious right hand man. ()l‘l‘ screen. however. yan \\'i_ik's a bit of a sheep in Wolf's clothing. ‘\\'lien l was a kid] he enthuses. 'I used to watch lirrol Hynn movies. Now it there's a swashbuckler on. I'll tape it. That's what 'llu' Bruce is like: it's all action.' Before he made his name snarling on Saturday prime-time TV, yan Wijk made his movie debut in Ken Russell's caiiip-l'est. Sir/unit's Lust [)ti/lt‘t’. Now he reckons he's cornered a niche in the market. ‘Since (.‘liristopher Lee. Donald l’leasence. l’eter ('ushing and the Hammer Horror days." he says. ‘there hasn't been a national baddie. And now I‘m the Number One bad guy in Britain.‘ Ah well. John Major can rest easy then. (Alan Morrisoni T/lt' lii'irt‘r' UPt’lH‘ (I! Illt‘ ()(lt’tlll. lir/i/i/iii/‘g/i on l‘ri /2 April.

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2 The List 5-l8 Apr 1996