Kotriinio Koski 8. Bridget Upson Concert for recorder, piano, guitar


Works by Bach, van Eyck, Villa—Lobos

and others


St Mark's Unitarian Church, 3 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh ?

0131 o 667- 8241


Sim/1m: scam-"snows

16-21 APRIL 1996 .


2 8 3 Experimental 8 Underground film Artists' Video

Digital Imaging


Lesbian 8. Gay Cinema

Interactive Electronic Art


SEE BROCHURE FOR DETAILS ( I“ l: r ti..- '_ fa“. .‘Ir .. “"53” ~ » -'_ flREA/EGADE/

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: a .. I- loin MC Otis. DJ Nick Siver and DJ Love at With Special Guests Saturday 13th April - Edinburgh Assembly Rooms 6 o N G Steffy Shorpstrlngs, Rab Calvert, Orlando Allen & Didier Malherbe. Sunday 14th April - Glasgow Arches @ 8.00PM

(almost) the original lineup featuring Daevld Allen, Gilli Smyth, Mike Howlett,

a . - '1 V-‘ .

:2 «M: v.2»

o A

:7, 9. ,~ ' g

_ h: m - w‘ ‘1 .lllmr ., ._; Transglobal plus BLACK STAR LINER April 19 - Edinburgh Venue

April 22 - Glasgow Garage


Tickets from Virgin. Ripping and usual TOCTA outlets- 0131 557 6969

i l


Barrow/and, Glasgow, 21 Mar

The last Scots girl to make it as a sex


symbol in America was Sheena Easton and look what happened to her judged to have abandoned her roots

and sentenced to bottling off at The Big Day. Shirley Mansun, despite having teamed up with three Yankee

producers, seems determined not to

make the same mistake. With constant

references to the general wonderfulness of a Scots audience

? (gee shucks, Shirl), she’s not just

wrapping herself in the flag, she’s

: literally - pinning a sporran on her g mini-skirt

Not that she’s got anything to prove:

: it’s sadly a long time since I’ve seen ; anyone dominate the stage so well. * Mansun’s persona is icin imperious,

\fi HOTLINE 0131 556 2041. .

her slight frame looking too thin to support such a strong, corruscating voice, and, backed up with a guitar-

: heavy sound, weightier than a month’s

shopping. The band seem pretty tight, 5

especially as this is their first tour

l _

together, but live at least, it’s Shirley‘s Show.

Braver starting off with their best track, ‘Oueer’ is a big sexy monster of a song which creeps up on you mock- playfully but with enough menace to raise the hackles on the back of your neck. Every Garbage song has a dark core of disgust and, as with Shirley’s former band Goodbye Mr MacKenzie, sometimes you could overdose on the cynicism. But I guess that a friend of Kurt Cobain and a veteran of the Scottish music scene has got good reason to be cynical.

Introduced as ‘a Scottish song for Scottish people’, ‘Only Happy When It 5 Rains’ might be seen in America as a dig at self-obsessed adolescent rock, ; but tonight it sounds like the perfect 2 expression of the frustrations of living in a small country with a national hobby of wallowing in past miseries. Something Sheena Easton could probably identify with . . . (Andrea Mullaney)


? Barrow/and, Glasgow, 28 Mar. ; Terrorvision are born for the live

arena. On record their strange and genuinely inimitable collage of pop- metal riftage, power-punk choruses and Tony Wright’s breathlessly rapped vocals sometimes jars: they seem to be speeding to the next solidly tuneful

f chorus as quickly as they can,

stumbling over subtlety and melody in '

the process. However, once in the

1 position to perform a show (this is

i definitely a show, not a ‘set’)

; everything makes sense. Theirs is an energy that can only be fully

appreciated in the sweat and tumult of

the live arena. With the band attired in all white,

j and Wright in blue, all previous

attempts at real ‘rawk’ stylizing have been finally ditched in favour of

' energy, humour and a joyous

consolidation of their panache at

churning out song after cracking song - why have a guitar solo when another stomping tune can be pummelled into

. your audience’s ears? They are now

more reminiscent of Slade than Slayer. Indeed, their switch from Kerrang! to Smash Hits territory is seen in the intriguing, cosmopolitan crowd: yes, there are the obligatory tight jeans and white trainers crew, but more in

evidence are the snipped bobs and felt trainers of the Britpop generation. Nothing unites so much as a fiendishly addictive musical hook and a sense that life is worth living.

It seems there is little filler to their

set any more: material from their Regular Urban Survivors album is just as immediate and flab-free as the singles-trove that was How To Win Friends And Influence People’. Throughout, Wright leaps about like an over-energetic salmon, clambers on lighting rigs, hurtles himself into both the stage and the adoring crowd. His personal charm and sense of fun spreads throughout the whole night: a sense of infectious and melodious musical celebration that’s hard to resist. (Phil Miller)

«38 The List 5-18 Apr 1996