Nova is joined by Peter Argontli/la (guitar) and Helen Brew (llute) tor a programme of ancient and modern music called ‘Bittersweet Within My Heart'. The title reliers to Rick l’otter's lyrical cantata celebrating Mary Queen of Scots. which receives its world premiere alongside a selection ol’ period songs l‘i'om France. Scotland and linglatid.


I Organ Recital Art Gallery and .‘yltiseum. Kelviiigrove. 221 ‘)(il)(). 2.30pm atid 3.30pm. 1-‘ree. 1)avid Hamilton plays from the organ repertoire.



I Alceste Ilillc‘dllt‘ Royal. Hope Street. 332 ‘)000. 7.15pm. £3.50 £45. Scottish ()pera presents a iiew production or Christoph \\'i11ib;i1(1(}1tick's story or a woman who promises the gods to silCl'llilk‘L‘ liersell' ili her husband is cured ol a serious illness. and so descends to Hades. Yaiiiiis Kokkos designs and directs. Nicholas .\1c(iegaii conducts and soprano Isabelle \'eruet sings the title




I Vocal Recital Merchants House. \Vest (icorgc Street. 12.45pm. £3.50(£3’£| ) on the door. Soprano .‘ylargaret .‘ylaiiie has perl'oriiied iii iiiajoi' opera houses in linglaiid. Wales and (ieriiiany. and during April can be seen in(11asgow pei‘t‘oriiiiiig 1.ady .\lacbetli tor the (ilasgoyy‘ (iraiid ()pera (‘oiiipaiiy Today she teams tip with accompanist .lereiiiy Silver for liedei‘ by Strauss. Brahms. Schuiiiaiiii and Wagner.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra and Chorus l'slict' Hall. l,otliiati Road. 22S 1155. 7.15pm. £4.50 16.50 (£5/£3). Nicholas Kraemer conducts Handel's .llt‘.\’\’ttl/l with (iillian Webster (soprano). Alison Browiier tiiie//o-soprano). Ian Bostridge (tenor) and Christopher l’urves (baritone).

I BT Scottish Ensemble ()uecii‘s‘ Hall. (‘lt‘l'ls' Street. 003 2111‘) (Credit card littlliltc ()0? 777m. 7.-l5piii. £‘)/£7 (Ur/£11). The award-w inning group play Britteii's /.e\ Illinin'natiunx and Now Sleepy '/'/ie (‘ri'niw/i l’t'tal. 'l‘chaikovs‘ky 's .‘l/lt/(HIH' ('ti/ita/ii/e (tiroiii the String Quartet in 1) iiiaiori and Serenade For Sir/ties and lilgat‘K Serenade lair .Strtliey. .laiiics ()sley is the guest tenor tor the Britten



I BT Scottish Ensemble Stevenson Hall. RSA.\11). Renl'rew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £‘) (£5 1. See 'l‘lltll's 11.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra and Chorus City Hall. Albion Street. 227 5511. 7.30pm £150 £14.50.See'1‘1iurs 11.


I Recorder and Guitar Recital St Mark‘s l'iiitartaii Church. Castle '1'eri'ace. Spiii. 1*ree (donations are welcome !. l'iiuiish musician Kalriiua Koski is (Hing-ti by Bridget l'psoii tor a selection or recorder music.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra 1'slier Hall. 1.ot1iiau Road. 22S 1155. 7.30pm. £(i~£1‘).50. Conductor Leopold llager makes his RS.\'() debut conducting Scliarweiika's romantic Piano Concerto .\‘i: 4. with soloist Steplieii Hatigh. 1iiterestm1—‘1_\'. the rust pei't‘oi iiiaiice ol the concerto was conducted by Mulder. and it's that coiiiposei‘s Svni/i/iunv A}: 5 that makes up the rest oi the programme.


Glasgow I Alceste Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 332 ‘)()00. 7.15pm. £3.50--£-15. See Wed


I Strathclyde University Chamber Choir Barony Hall. Castle Street. 552 4-100 ext 3444. 7.30pm. £S/£5 (£2.50~£5.50) from 227 5511. As part of Strathclyde 1'niversity‘s Bicentenary liestival. the Chamber Choir. (iiei'iiiany’s Cappella Sebaldiiia Niiriiberg and Strathclyde Sillinllltt gather for an 18th century-style rendition of Haydii's The Creation. played on 'pei'iod' instruments. Alan 'l‘averner conducts. and the soloists are .\lhairi Lawson (soprano). .leaiuictte Wilson (sill‘l'altttl. l’aul Reiidall (tenor). William Coletiiaii (bass) and .loliii .\li1iie (bass).

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra (ilasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. £(i.50—£1‘).50 hour 227 5511. See 1511 12.


I Lunchtime Recital (‘ouiei- 't‘tieau-c. Hyndland Street. 357 3SoS. 1pm. £5 (£4). Pianist (iris/lav 1‘eiiyo is ioiiied by Mark lltlllc‘ylc‘c‘llttllittl'1)L‘l‘tl\syls(rt/(LSUIIUIH. Kenneth Leightoii's Alleluia. l'tl.\('/I(1. .\'mtrnni 0/) S5 and Rachiiiaiiiiiov's ('eI/n Sonata in (i Illt/lrtl' ()/i N. Presented by (ilasgow-based .\1usic-.\1akers.

I Trio Ecosse Buri'ell Collection. 1’ollokshaws Road. 2.30pm. £4 (£2) on the door. 1.ive1y traditional dances for violin and guitar.

I Lord Menuhin Conducts Beethoven (ilasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. £10 ~£l‘).50 limit 227 5511. As part of his S0tli birthday celebrations. lord .\lenuliiii conducts the Warsaw Siiil‘oiiia in Beethoven's ()i'erture: lie/innit. Symphony No 3 ("lit'tiic‘tt‘ ) tttttl 'Il't/t/e (.(’/Il('l'[ll'1\\lltll

y ioliiiist Ralal Zambrlycki-l’ayne. cellist David Cohen and pianist Bobby Cheri). I Camerata Scotland Steyeiison Hall. RSAMI). Retil'rew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £10 (£5/£l ). The .'\'\'()S Chamber Orchestra play s Stravinsky"s l’lt/t'ilte‘l/(t Suite and 1)\ til';tl\"s (‘Iee/t Suite. This event also includes the 1.AS.\1() Stalla Music Award l‘)‘)(i. with 1.1111111S1S(i1SL‘11L'.'\11L‘lll\’t)lc'L‘l. likatei‘ina Apekisheva (piano) and (‘oi‘iiuia Harris (clarinet).


I 81’ Scottish Ensemble l‘alklatid l’alace. 01337 S573‘)7. 7,30pm. £7.50 i£~l.50/£2.50). See Thurs ll.


I Essential Scottish Opera 't‘tm-n Hall. Abbey Close. S110 1058. 7.30pm. £7 (£5) l'rom Town Hall or l’aisley Arts Centre (SS7 1010). Scottish ()pera's‘ spring totir brings the best or" the opera world to the lurthest reaches ot' Scotland (and some of its home bases). Arias. ducts and ensembles l'rom the classics -- (’arnien. lx’ieu/etto. The Magic I’lnte. /.a [in/telne. The Barber ()t Sei‘i/le are sung by four or the company‘s most outstanding singers: Claire Rutter. Claire Bradshaw. Richard Coson and Stephen (iadd. .‘ylusic Director laii Shaw provides the accoiiipaiiiment.


I Rachmaninov Trio ttuictieam‘s Hall. John Street. 1.15pm. £2 on the door. l.ey Atlas (\ ioliii). .-\1e.\aiider \'olpov (cello) and Phillip Sily er (piano) play Brahiiis's 'Iri'ti In C. 0/) S27. (.ii'icg‘s Ant/ante Con .llatu ni ('niniur and Stephen Adam's

ai'i‘aiigeiiient ol' Bernstein‘s West Side Starr suite.


I Edinburgh Ouartet Reid Concert Hall. Bristo Square. (>50 2423. 1.10pm. Free. The Quartet play Dvorak's String Quartet in (i ()p [06.

W Edinburgh

I Edinburgh Quartet The Glass Arcade. lidinhurgh School of Agriculture. King's Buildings. West Mains Road. 1.10pm. Free (tickets from Faculty of Science and litigineering reception and at the door). See Tue lo.

I Cosi Fan Tutte l‘estiy'al 'l‘heatre. Nicolson Street. 52‘) (i000. 7.15pm. £5.50-£ 17.50 (£4.50 —£S.75). 'l'ravelliiig ()pera return to lidiiiburgh alter last year’s sell-out or In Ito/it"nie with Mozart's tale or love. l‘idelity and tric 'ery'. 'l‘heiiiatically. it's an abstract and psychologically searching piece: musically. the richness or some or the ensemble numbers is unequalled. The company pei‘l'oi'iii Bi/et's Carine/i on Thurs IS.



I Lunchtime Recital Concert Hall. University or (ilasgow. 330 4092. 1.15pm. liree. A programme of music by student composers.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Barony Hall. Castle Street. 553 4113. 7.30pm. Free. For this special concert celebrating the biceiiteiiary' of Strathclyde lTiiiversity. the RSM) -- under conductor Christopher Bell - are joined by soloists 'l‘racey Redl’ern and Angela Wlielaii.

I Anne Sophie Mutter (ilasgow Royal


C 055 fan tutte

by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



; f George Bizet 'Pefrormed in the presencegtg-g HRH Princess .

Pure essence: Claire Rutter is among the performers in Essential Scottish Opera, Paisley, Mon 15 Concert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 8pm. £7.50 ~£15 l'rom 227 5511. The world lamous violinist. accompanied by Lambert ()rkis. plays music by Brahms. Bartok. Beethoven. Sarasate and Wieiiiawski,


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. (ms 201‘) (credit card liotline or)? 777m. 7.45pm. £4.50w£l(i.50. lvor Bolton conducts the SC() in a Schubert and Britten programme. with .Si‘ni/i/to/iv No l. Svnip/iony' Na 6. and Die l-‘ure/le from the loi'iiiei'. and Serenade lair 'li'nm: Horn (“11/ Strings and Now Sleeps The Crimson l’eta/ from the latter. .loliii Mark Ainsley (tenor) and Robert Cook (both) are the soloists.

I Carmen liestival Theatre. Nicolson Street. 52‘) (i000. 7.15pm. £5.50—£17.5() (£4.50 -£S.75 ). Travelling ()pera's second production in their two-night stopover is the Bizet lay'otu‘itc. a tale of tempestuous‘ passions under the hot Spanish sun. The company [‘L‘l'ltll‘lli .‘ylo/art's Cari/an tutte on Wed 17.

The rm 5-18 Apr 1996 45