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MEAT LOAF, whose sturdy form is widely believed to be 100 per cent beef, would like it to be known that it’s also 100 per cent American, which rules out any infinnities of the spongiform kind . . . so it’s quite safe to, uh, otter him your hunger. More Specific inquiries about his home turf referred to in the current Welcome To The Neighborhood album - revealed only that he was raised in the State of Disshevelment, in which he’ll doubtless be found when he visits Glasgow tomorrow. Meat Loaf plays SEC!) on Fri 5 April.

BENCHTOURS are an Edinburgh- based collective of Australian, English and Scottish performers who trained in France and have toured the world, so the ‘international’ tag that accompanies their brand of physical, serio-comic theatre is a fair one. Currently, they’re in Limbo, a ‘search for meaning and solace’ in which a bereaved mother becomes obsessed with her grandfather’s stargazing memoirs. Much acclaimed on its premiere last October at Tramway, Limbo has been further developed and embarks on a short tour this fortnight.

Limbo is at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Thurs 11-Sun 14 April; Tramway, Glasgow, Sat 20 and Sun 21 April.

ADAM COOPER is a swan. He's also a solo-ranking dancer with the Royal Ballet. btrt for the purposes of the new, ()livier award-winning production by modern dance company Adventures in Motion Pictures. he's a ftrlly fledged. iriusclebound swan in a cur/M" (/L' ballet of male swans. It's a

balletic scandal. as any dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist will tell you. Swan Lake is only right and proper if the swans are girls in tuttrs and pink satin pointes. The man responsible for this gender-bending is AMP‘s charismatic artistic director. Matthew Bourne. and it's not the first time he's taken a classic and turned it wittily. stylishly and affectionately upside down. as anyone who‘s seen llig/i/aiit/ I’lirig his spin on La .S'ylp/rit/e ~- will testify. ‘Siiaii Lake is one of those pieces everyone has an image of— even if they've never seen it.' says Bourne. His aim is to create an alternative production that pays tribute to Tchaikovsky’s magnificent score. btrt jarzes up the story for today's young. hip dance audience. And far from camping it tip. the swans dance with a wild. unashamedly masculine animal grace. ‘People ask if it‘s Sir-air Lake in drag.‘ Bourne says. 'lt's not. It's a ballet about male swans.‘ (Ellie Carr)

Strait [xi/re is a! lz‘tliirbrrrgli Festival Theatre. Tue 9—.S'ar 13 April.

The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Comedy: Eddie lzzard ‘When you hear your cat purring. he‘s really drilling behind the sofa but you never see him ‘cos he‘s quicker than you' is a typical lzzar'd nugget. Sharp, surreal and often off the cuff. please welcome Britain‘s most favourite cross-dresser. Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Sun 14. I Classical Music: Lord Menuhin Conducts Beethoven The world's most famous violinist and conductor keeps the Warsaw Sinfonia on the right tracks for Beethoven's overture to [fig/limit. Syrup/tarry Na 3 and Triple Concerto. See feature. (ilasgmi' Royal Concert Hall. Sun 14.

I Theatre: Shakespeare Revue The luvs and ltrvettes of the RSC offer a riotous assembly of sketches and songs by sundry wits and wags. all inspired by Stratford's most celebrated scribbler. See preview. Kiri,qu Thea/re. lz'rlr'nburg/i. Mari l5—Sar 20.

I Film: Edinburgh Fringe Film and Video Festival ()ne of Europe‘s most important showcases of contemporary moving image media. the FFVF enters its eleventh year stronger than ever. Check out the latest works by Bill Viola. Daniel Reeves, Bruce LaBruce and several of the artists currently exhibiting at the British Art Show. See previews in Film and Art. Film/muse. lirlirrburg/r. Tue [6—Star 2/.

I Rock: Alex Chilton The Big Star song writer. guitarist and singerjoins in The 13th Note‘s week-long gigfest where bands who are now getting somewhere return to the venue that gave them their first gigs. PS Teenage Fariclub are Chilton‘s backing band. See preview: The l3l/i Nate. Glasgow. .S'rm 7/Mmr 8.

I Film: Small Faces The tensions in Glasgow in 1968 are seen through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Lex. Gillies Mackinnon's film touches on the gang rivalries of the era but has a brighter. more optimistic side to its urban realism. Winner ofthe Best British Film at the Drambuie Edinburgh Film Festival. Seefearure. General release from Fri 5.

The List 5-1.". Apr W96 3