Poor may lose out under new Edinburgh maternity scheme

Controversial plans to shake up additional costs srrch as child care have to travel across to Little France midwives‘ workload. which is going Edinburgh’s matemity services will would be significantly lower ifthe or Livingston.’ to be massive.‘ reduce choice and discriminate against service was local.‘ said Pam Spiers. The Western General NHS trust itself Leith MP Malcolm Chisolm mothers on low incomes. it has been spokeswoman for the WHL. ‘lt opposes the plan. stating in their denounced the proposals recently as ‘a claimed. Changes proposed by doesn‘t always follow that women in response to the plans: ‘A maternity denial of the fundamental principle of Lothian Health would see services for the area will have complicated births. trnit which will provide only for choice’. adding: ‘Choice for women Edinburgh concentrated at St John‘s but if you are on a low income you certain “low-risk" births will not meet means not just choosing the kind of Hospital in Livingston. the New Royal may be on a poor diet. or have other the needs of the population of North unit in which to give birth. but the Infirmary at Little France. and a factors that make you high-risk fora Edinburgh.‘ location of that unit.‘ midwifery-led unit at the Western complicated delivery.‘ The health service watchdog Lothian Lothian Health has stuck to its General Infirmary. It is not yet clear what the criteria are Health Council. while broadly proposals. however. citing a survey The latter would not provide a full for predicting a ‘normal‘ delivery. welcoming the moves. is concerned at carried out by M()Rl in which 73 per obstetric service and would only be Based on models elsewhere. they the lack of pain control available in cent of those who responded backed able to cope with ‘normal‘ births, and would include such factors as a history midwife-led units. the plans. However it does concede pain relief procedures like epidurals of premature birth. cardiac disease or ‘Women may well wind tip having that ‘further work‘ is needed to may not be available. The Lothian known drug abuse. However. they decided before the birth that they don‘t determine the criteria for entry to the Women's Health Lobby (WHL) fears could be far broader. including. for want pain relief. btrt changing their midwife led tmit. and says that mothers from deprived areas in the example. all first-time mums. tnind.‘ said a spokeswoman. ‘If that inclusion of an epidural anaesthetic north of the city will be hit. especially ‘Women from outlying areas are the happens or there are problems. they unit and travel options are still being if they do not fall into the ‘normal' ones more able to use a midwifery may have to be transferred to another looked at. A final decision is expected pregnancy category. unit.‘ said Spiers. ‘Women from hospital. within the next few months. (Stephen ‘They will have travel costs and greater Pilton and the north West will ‘We are also concerned about the Naysmith)

Arts festival line-ups tell tale of two cities

This year’s Edinburgh International Festival has announced its 50th anniversary celebrations with the biggest-ever programme at a cost of over £5 million. In the same week, Glasgow’s Mayfest launched its programme which features an impressive array of Scottish and international work.

This year the Edinburgh Festival has raised over £1 million in sponsorship and director Brian McMaster said he had received assurances from the new City of Edinburgh council that there was unlikely to be a shortfall in its funding. The council has already

guaranteed a £1 million grant. The theme of this year’s programme is crossover, with artists from one to discipline experimenting in another

and several projects resulting from

fggfidgfgf'zzzépgg'gt3:233:13 Der Rosenkavalier: films scores at Edinburgh Festival . . . . Peter Stein’s Italian production of the 1925 German film version or highlights of Mayfest, the Scottish

wm'e Mel G'bson pol'Shes "'5 Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, and two Richard Strauss’s Der Iiasenkavalier Chamber Orchestra will be performing gualnei of Bravehea" Osca's’ . Gluck operas directed by with a live musical performance. a double premiere of work by Scottish '"c “3'” 0.": m bfst use oitwoad '" choreographers Pina Bausch, who Dance, which has been the big composers Craig Armstrong and fuflofigfligg aggcznizfiga °°t m returns to Edinburgh for a second success story of McMaster’s tenure William Jackson. The ultra-hip comicbook su when) Two Scottish year, and Mark Morris, already a at the Festival, is again strongly Armstrong has previously worked with comic creator: are cm'renu workin veteran of four successive festivals. represented with 3 Martha Graham trip-hop act Massive Attack and

on roughs with me final version dueg _ In keeping with the crossover theme retrospective and a rare visit from the contributed to film soundtracks

to be produced next ear to tie in Is a co-production with the Edinburgh influential choreographer Jiri Kylian. including Batman Forever and

V Film Festival, also in its 50th year, of Aside from the already announced Goldeneye. (Eddie Gibb)

with the 700th anniversary of Wallace’s finest hour, the battle of

Stirling Bridge. ' I he was sorry to see lles quit. ‘The

‘Originally we were going to tell the monopoly of Apollo circuit theatres full history of William Wallace,’ said [owner of the Playhouse] on big shows Bobbie Morrison, ‘but then we 't -| t - such as The Hum/um ()f the ()[N’HL decided to do the battle of Stirling s didn‘t help him. Just one of those a Bridge, which was his biggest victory season could have sustained some of .. the on” Victory, to be honest) Edinburgh's theatres are under scrutiny could be partly due to overlap between his other brave and idiosyncratic Scriptwriter Morrison has previously amid claims that the city can‘t support three theatres in the city presenting programming. The question is whether worked with graphic artist partner them all year round. The issue has touring shows. The Playhouse. the a city with lidinburgh‘s population can Alex Ronald on comics such as Judge come to a head with the resignation of council-owned Kings and the Festival sustain three theatres of this size. It Dredd. Paul lles. general manager of the Theatre inevitably compete to some looks as if the answer may be no.‘

It the one-oft comic is a success, Edinburgh Festival Theatre. shortly extent. The council refused to speculate on the duo hope to turn the Wallace before the new city council publishes Last week the outgoing district the contents of the Theatre Strategy. story into a series. ‘It he did halt the its theatre strategy. council approved a £350,000 grant to btrt admitted it would be looking at things it’s said he did then we have lles. who will continue to manage the subsidise rrrnning costs at the theatre. such issues. "The strategy will be the basis for a rollicking good story; Festiver Theatre until September. has and the new council is expected to take considered by the new council‘s said Morrison. ‘lt’s a change from the refused to comment about his a more hands—on approach to the recreation committee in May.‘ a usual sci-ti material and probably a resignation. but consistently talked of venue‘s operation. spokeswoman said. Part of it will chance to reach a wider audience,’ the difficulty of attracting large-scale Neil Murray. acting chair of the include examining the viability of (Scott Montgomery) quality productions to the theatre. This Federation of Scottish Theatres. said theatres in the city. (Stephen Naysmith)

4 The List 5-18 Apr 1996