Exhibitions are listed by category, then alt" wetically by city and venue. Please sent: details to our ottices at least ten days before publication. Art Listings compiled by Kelly McMenamin.

I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY 1‘) Parnie Street. 552 7779. Mon—Sat Ham—6pm. Glasgow Art Teachers Until 23 Apr. Disproving the maxim that 'those who can‘t do. teach'. are this group of teachers and lecturers front the Glasgow area. including work by the multi-skilled Peter Nardini. painter. principal and singer- songwriter.

I ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE 221 ()600. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Strn llam~5pm. Cafe. [D]. Voluntary guides are available free of charge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Ask at the enquiry desk.

St Kilda Explored Until 25 Aug. A fascinating look at the island of St Kilda. which was evacuated iii l‘)30. exploring the natural and cultural world of both the land and its inhabitants.

I BAR TO 10 Mitchell Lane. 221 S353. Mon—Sat Ham—midnight; Strn 6pltl—lltidnight.

Alan Johnson Unltl 6 Apr. Work by photographer Alan Johnson exploring the consumption and politics of meat.

TO People Sun 7 Apr—5 May. Appointed by the owners of Bar H) to capture the varied atmosphere and clientele of the place. Kate Drummond has produced a ‘photographic celebration of a bar. its


Talbot Rice Gallery University ol Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge

One of seven Edinburgh venues for

The British Art Show

See Garg Hume's purple feet, Bridget Smith's widescreen photographs and the conflicting elements in Pertnindar Kaur's highly personal installations.

Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Continues until 27th April

friends and visitors‘. So go along and check. it could be you.

I ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART I34 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon-Fri 9.30am—5.30pm; Sat l()am~lpm. Mixed Exhibition Until 23 Apr. Recent work by award-winning watercolourist Victoria Cassidy. and paintings and monotypes by Mhairi McGregor. both of whom are graduates of Glasgow School of Art. Also on show. work by Archie McCall Head of Ceramics at GSA. and clocks and watches made from a wide assortment of materials by Marianne Forrest.

I THE BURRELL COLLECTION 2060 Pollokshaws Road. (34‘) 7 l 5 l. Mon-Sal 10am—5pm; Sun Ham—5pm.

Visions or Spain Until 14 Apr. Considered to be one of the fittest groups of Spanish paintings in Britain. this

collection of over 30 works by the likes of

Goya. lil Greco and Velazquez. will leave the walls of Pollok House and take up temporary residence at The Burrell Collection while the former Maxwell home undergoes repairs.

I CATHCART GALLERY I I l Clarkston Road. ()33 I344. Mon -l"ri ()..‘i()am-5pm; Sat 9.30am—4pm.

Carol Moore Until 30 Apr. Still life drawings and mixed media paintings on a culinary theme. ranging from the traditional bowl of apples. to more exotic red hot chillies and garlic.

Printtnakers Work by Richard Cox. Damian Henry. Jonathan Robertson and Evelyn Wright.

I CCA 346—354 Sauchiehall Street. 352 7521. Mon—Sat llatii—opm; Sttri noon—5pm. Cafe. [D].

The llandpainted 0 Until 20 Apr. Dublin artist Maurice ()‘Connell attempts to create the perfect hand-painted letter () over a 32-day period in the gallery. producing a staggering (i().()()() ll] total. Real Lite Rocky Mountain t‘ntil 20 Apr Artist Ross Sinclair endeavours to recreate his owrt personal Scottish mountainside. complete with tree trunks. rockface and cave. and tttrns history on its head by re-populating his plot in ‘The Highland Clearances ln Reverse'.

I COLLINS GALLERY t'niversity of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2682. Mon—liri l0ani--5pm; Sat noon—4ptti. [D].

Pioneers And Patrons Lfntil 37 Apr. .-\ collection of art and artefacts celebrating 200 years of the University of Strathclyde. from the original Andersonian Institution to the present day. I COMPASS GALLERY 17S West Register Street. 221 (i370. Mon-«Sat ll)am—5..‘~()pm. Oh A Thin GI'OSt Uttlil 24 Apr. New paintings by John Taylor.

I FRINGE GALLERY (‘astlernilk Shopping CL ntre. Castlenlilk Arcade. 034 2603.


compass gallery

I78 west regent st. glasgow 32 «I scotland. 04t-22l'6370 fax: 04l~248 1322

On a Thin Crust New Paintings by

Mon - Sat 10am ~ 5.30pm

John Taylor

Until 24 April

Mon—Sat l0am—5pm.

Out Of The Web Until 6 Apr. New work from the gallery's seCond artist-in- residence. Victoria Morten. who uses traditional oils on canvas. btit adds household gloss and industrial spray paint to create an abstract quality.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 33l IS54. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm; Strri l lam—5pm. Glasgow's newly opened gallery. featuring four thematic lloot‘s based on the elements tliarth. Air. Fire and Water). with works by l‘lowson. Hockney. Campbell. Bellany. Byrne and many more on show. as well as interactive exhibits and a swish cafe decorated by artist Adrian Wis/.niewski.

The Lord Provost’s Prize Until 19 May. Shortlisted works in a variety of media by artists vying for first position in the richest annual art competition in Scotland.

with a whopping L' l 2.000 prize. The lucky

winner is announced oti 25 Apr.

I t. GARNER GALLERY 4 l’arnie Street. 552 4585. Tue—Sat l0ani~-5pm; Sun noon—4pm.

Judith Gilmour: SOIO Sat 0-30 Apr. Described as falling somewhere between pottery and sculpture. former (.iSA graduate .ludith (iilniour's work is inspired by the light and space used lll architectural design.

I GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rouken (ilen Road. (iiffnock. (Ct) 0235. Mon Sun l.5ll< 5.30pm tclosed 'l‘uel.

Mostly Figurative t‘ntil 2n Apt”. No pri/es for guessing the content of this exhibition. featuring new work by Alexandra (iardnet‘. ('atr iona Campbell. .lohnstone. llelen Wilson. Kirst Wither and Alistair 'l‘hotnsori.

I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART l-IS West Regent Street. 22l 3095/204 027o.

.\lon -Sat t)..i()

Agnes Miller Parker (1895-1980) t‘ntil 20 Apr. An exhibition of some 30 works by the highly —acclainied wood engraver Agnes Miller l’ar'ker.


Ceriphs l‘rt l2 Apr 4 May. (ilasgow ‘s liestival of \'rsua| Arts offers yet more l’ubltc art. in the form of three site- specific works by artists limily Bates. .ludy Spark. Kirsly Starisfield. Various sites in the city trncluding a book shop. shop front and abandoned doorways) will be transformed by photographic protections. installations and video itiiages.

I GLASGOW FILM THEATRE ('al'e ('osriio. l2 Rose Street. 352 Sl2b’. .\lon ~Sat llt)(ill-‘).5()pllll Sun 5 0.50pm.

A Tribute To Massimo Troisi lintrl so Apr. ()rganised in conjunction with the ltalian l"tlm l’estival. this photographic exhibition pays tribute to the recently departed star of ll I’m/inn. l’r'evrously orin shown in his home town in Italy. the exhibition includes many pictures from the actor"s family album.

I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 552 0704. Mon ~Sal Wain-5.30pm. Original Prints t'nttl 20 Apr. .-\ t'eview' of work created over several years at the Studio by artist David Wall. front richly coloured etchings to experimental prints created using riiotlern photographic techniques.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART to? Renfrew Street. 3.53 4500. Mon Fri 0.30am—5prii;

catch the best Art this fortnight.

I Gallery of Modern Art After six years in the making and a heap of controversy. GOMA is now open. Not only home to the much-talked about Beryl Cook paintings. there's also Op Art from Bridget Riley. kinetic sculpture arid more. See review. Glasgow. open daily.

I A Grapefruit In The World or Park Taking it's name from a (>0s happening by Yoko Ono. this four- woman show incltrdes a work by ()no and drawings. paintings and mini- installations by Jttdith Dean. Mary Heilmann and Tracey Emin. See review. 'lrtursnrtxximr (fuller): (I/ttsgmv imrrl Su/ 6 Apr:

I Heavenly Scent All things fragrant: from ancient perfume bottles. check-your-own odour- snifling ability devices to perfume ads from the 80s. It adds tip to an interactive olfactory delight. Royal Museum ()I'St‘olltulrl. lz'rlrirlnu'gli lllllll Sun 2/ Apr.

I British Art Show There’s still time to slog it around the show's seven venues and get an eye fttll of contemporary art. (My Art (7mm). Collective (Jul/cry. l’ruilmurkel (ittllt'ri; Royal lf()f(llll(7 (ittrtlen. Scams/r National Gallery UfAhH/Fl'll Arr. Sill/s (ittl/t'rv (Ult/ 'Iitllmr Rice Girl/er): lz'tli/rlittrg/r (HI/ll Sim 28.41)):

Sat 10am noon.

Index l'ntil It) May. Ait exhibition exploring visual arts riiaga/ines published since World War ll. with particular emphasis on those which have been on the scene sirtce Not).

ceramics Mort l5~~l‘) Apr. Work by students from the Ceramics Department. I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY liniversity of (ilasgovv. University Avenue. 33‘) SS55 ext 5431. Mon-Sat ‘).5()arii—5ptn. Mackintosh House Having welcomed nearly three quarter of a million visitors. the famous house closed in November 95 for a spot of polishing and re-carpeting. Newly invigorated. the hotrse has reopened in good time for the Rennie Mackintosh celebrations in on. Also on show. the Old Masters and Whistler collection.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngavie. Ni i247. .‘vlon I'll l()ani--5pm; Sat/Sun 2--5prn.

War torn: Patrick Hughes' The Shadow Of War one of the artworks on display at Glasgow’s new Gallery of Modern Art

58 The List 5-l8 Apr [996