Rory Weller digs deep tor the facts on this weeks DJ or choice.

I flame John Di gweed

I Age 28

I Place of Birth Hastings

I Occupation DJ and Producer

I DJ credits Data Digweed has been DJing for ten years now but he blossomed two years ago when his mix tape was heard by Geoff Oakes. the Renaissance promoter who gave him a slot alongside Sasha. Then came the Renaissance mix CDs. a wide selection of the housey tunes played by Digweed and Sasha. Renaissrorce ()ne sold over l00.0()0 copies. Renaissance Two is all set to go gold. Last year Digweed won the Mixmag best UK DJ award.

I Where is he at? As- well as regular spots at Renaissance. Digweed DJs at Babealicious and Northern Exposure. both legendary nights. Recently he's been touring Asia to rave reviews and getting on the covers of magazines.

I Remix and production credits Not only has he remixed such illustrious stars as Billie Ray Martin and M-People. but he is also a member of the dance band Bedrock. His single ‘For What You Dream Of" is now being rc—released with new mixes after its inclusion in the Trainspotting soundtrack.

I An exclusive track? No the record was made in ()3 btrt is a classic end-oflthe-night cltrb track. Digweed is back in the studio making another Bedrock single. featuring the special Bedrock recipe. I Which Is? Digweed describes it as ‘a pumping journey. continually building. not just a groove. it continually changes.‘

I Extra Curricular Activities? Last summer Digweed and Sasha went round the Grand Canyon in a camper van with a ban on ‘DJ chat‘. Digweed has just bought a club in Brighton which he hopes to open at the end of the year.

John Digweed DJs (tr Colours or The Arches. Sat 7 Ap):


I Rat Trap l().3()pm—3am. £3. Three floors of rock. Studio One: The Rat House. 90s rock. Studio Two: Don't ask For Pish with DJ Christine. Studio Three: Happy. Happy Joy. Joy.

I Reds Ilpm—3am. £6 (£4). A packed night specialising in mainstream dance. funk. rap and house with DJ Sktrd and Graham. Intimate. smart and friendly.

I Rhapsody I lpm—3am. £7 (£5). Robitr Burrows with a clubby mix.

I Shoosh at R.G.'s. Spin-midnight. Free. DJ Chris with Irotrsey choons for the Saturday warrrr tip session.

I Sub Club l().3()pm—3am. £8. ()tr the cusp ofcelebrating ten years of quality Strbby clubbing Harri. ()scar and Dominic get deep and hard. D April. deep L’S house DJ Roberto Mello (Azuli Records) guests. 13 April Harri isjoined by Diesil (Junior Boys ()wn ).

I Toasted at the QML‘. 9pm ~2am. £2.50 (£2). DJ Toast poppirtg tip again for chart dance and indie. Regular drinks promos. I Triumph at The Tunnel. l().3()pm—3am. £6 (£4). An epic voyage through Italian and UK house. presented by Colin Tevendale and Steven McCreery. In Rootrr 2 Kevin McFarIanc offers tip a different vibe with a mix of soul. fttttk and datrce classics. I3 April. Renaissance and The Fathers Of Sound with Marc Atrrbach returning to the Tunnel decks. 5am license.

I Velvet Rooms ()pm—Iatc. £7 (£5) (reduction before 10.30pm). Across the board mix with DJ Skud.

I Whisky Bar 9pm— I 2. Free. ()scar (Sub Club) with funky underground house.

I Wild at Cotton Club. llpm--3am. £6 (£4 students). Commercial dance and pop. £l bottled beer.


I Area 51 at Nice ’n' Sleazy. ‘)pm- late. Techno-ish night with local guest DJs.

I Aqua Planet at The Volcano. llprn—2.3()am. £3. .-\Iready an institution. Mark Ryal (UK Gold). Simon Cottlson and Cris Biguzzi combine forces for a night extolling the ‘tjuaIity underground vibe'. Vodka mix and Rolling Rock £l. I Baby Grand ‘Jpnr—midnight. Free. Andy Young with an acid jazz night.

I Bank Holiday Spotting at The (image. I lpm-3am. £4 (£2 dicotrrrt with (name card or fancy dress). 7 April only. Bl(i party night with a film therrre. Best dressed movie star wins £ 100.

I Bennet’s llpm—‘3am. £1. (lay. All beers and spirits £ I. D.I .Iolrtr Fra/er with commercial dance and pop.

I Boogiemania at The Attic. l().3()pm-3am. £2 (£l ). D.I (iraeme with a varied mix ofclub classics. Drinks promos.

I Blackiriars Sunday at BIaekt‘riat-s Underground. 8.30pm midnight. Free. RAD with their usual varied underground dance vibe. ‘no strict music policy. strategy or style.‘ l4 April. \\'eathera|l guests.

I Bubblelicious at Reds. I lpm- 3am. £6 (£3). Club classics. disco anthems and all drinks £I all night. Amiablc smart crowd not putting too much emphasis on hitting the floor.

I Club Havana at The Cotton Club. It).3()pm—3am. £5 (£3). 7 April only. DJ Jazz. returns to the Cotton Club. Havana's spiritual home. for Latin house. salsa. and rnerengue. Free dance classes from I Ipnr. I Club Mouth at the I3th note. Spit)- midniglrt. Free. Itrdie and alternative sounds frotrr Mark l’er'cival of Radio Scotland and XFM (l.ondon) fame.

I Colours at The Arches, lllpm—4am. £lb. 7 April only. Faster Sunday special featuring Sasha and John Digweed plus Colours regulars Jon Mancini. Iain Boney Clark. Darren Mackic and Crosby.

I Fuddrukkers at Cleopatra's. I().3()pm-—2.30am. £3 (£2 with ticket). Disco. pop and (ills party vibes.

I Glitter Gulch at The Apartment.

l Ipm—3anr. £4. Full on dummy casino with roulette. black jack and pool. DJ Big Al irt residence. Bottles of Bird £ l.

I Heaven at The Hart Club. I lpm--3am. £5 (£4). DJ Angel bringing the weekend to a close with house. garage. dance. trance atrd giveaways.

I Interpol at Nico's. Spur—close. Free. l’auI Cawley from Phar ()ttt playing ‘easy listening and cosmic _j;t//.'. IIaIf price Martinis and cheap cocktails.

I loaded at Fury Murry's. llpnr~3am. £3. AII spirits plus mixer ()‘Jp. Pints of Coors £ l .50. Ftrr'y’s stalwarts Craig and Jim with a high calibre night to close the weekend.

I Lube ill The ISIII .\'otc. Spitt—iiiidtiight.Free. Law. and Mann supply the drtrrn and bass soundtrack for

people whose weekend doesn't end on

Sunday morning.

I Miss uiax at The Arena. llpm--3arit. 7 April only. Miss Djax of Djax l’p Beats is joined by the Arcna's own Adrian Rennie for an Iiaster Strnday special.

I Eat Trap ll).3()pttr--3anr. £2. Bands in Studio One. Julie Andrews After (iig l’iss L'p ill Studio Two.

I Shirley’s Temple at Archaos.

I lpm-—.‘5.3()am. £5 (£3). A trippy mix of cattip theatricals and hard house soundtrack from the radiant Ms Alston and Bob.

I Sorted at the (‘athouse ll).3()pm 3am. £2 (£l.5()). Indic/alternative vibe iii the new (‘athouse Drinks promos.

I Sunday Service at Maxalnna. ‘JPIrr—closc. Free. Ali (7 (that monk of ftmk) with a dance based mix.

I SUCK My Disk at Mojo's. Uptn—midmght. Free. ‘()ne basement under a groove’ with DJ Kenny digging otit the best Slls underground dance tracks.

I Velvet Rooms 9pm -l.tte. £3 (reduction before I().3()pm). Across the board llll.\ from DJ Alan Ronald. £I all drinks.

I Weatherall at The Sub ('Iub. Ilpm—5am. £5. 7 April only. Andy Weatherall (limissions l.o-Fi) hosts his own one-off night iii the Sub (‘Iub playing for a full five hours.


I The Boat at the (‘aIedonian Princess. l().3()pm-3am. Massively popular commercial student night \v IIIl floating club. rotating dancefloor and cheap drinks.

I Cleopatra’s I(I.3(lpnr 3am. £2 t£l with ticket). (iary I'nett and a llll\ of mainstream pop and dance.

I Club X at Club Xchange.

l().3()pnr- 3am. £2. (lay. House and garage. £I.25 all drinks.

I Speedracer at The Attic tt‘or-met-ly the (‘ameo Suite). 1030 3am £2 t£l ). Steven mixes tip a few indie-dance classics and retro tunes.

I Salsa Dance Club at the (other Bar. (i.3()pni-midnight. Free. l.atrn .«\merican dance club. Monday :\ are the advanced nights and Tuesday s are best for beginners. It‘s ;l(I\'l\L‘tI to arrive at the beginning of the night.

I Student Mondays at The (‘athouse Illl‘ltr--3atrr. £2 (students free before midnight). New club from the Mr Student Niglil IlIIIlSL‘Il' Dave Russ. I'stltlI gmnIlilitc tunes plus double vodka and (iold Bier £l.2() all night.

Tuesdays I Cat in The flat at The \'enue.

ll).3()pm -3am. £l. Student and goodunre party gt'tttivcs. I’iltls and INIIIILKI beers £l. I Club XChange I lpnr 3am. £2 t£l ). ('iay. Dance and chart sounds. £I lager. 5(lp vodka. I’rtched as the only gay night irt town totnglrt.

I Kaleidoscope World at The (‘athouve H.3tlpm—3am. £I. Band atrd club night (Tam Coylc) w ith the club starting at |I.3()pnt to play records to reflect the style of band featured that rrrglrt.


Catch the best Glasgow Clubs this fortnight.

SUB 3 0I93

I Weatherall Andy Weathcrall. man behind the Sabres of Paradise project and now the Emissions label. hiring the Subby out to pttt on his own very special night and full five hour set. Sill) C/ul). Sun 7 Apr only.

I Colours Bound to be another storming Colotrrs. Special guests are Sasha and John Digweed. two of the biggest names on the hotrsc circuit. See Phactfile to find otrt why they went away in a camper van together and the link between Digweed and 'li‘ttr'ns/mllr'ng. Arc/res. Sun 7.41)." only.

I Coodtoot The (iootlfool collective return itr style. Rocksteady. reggae and R & B iii the bar and Northern soul. ftrrrk and hatmrrond ja/./ iii the trrairr ball. This new venue doesn't Iravc quite the charm of (Ire RAF cltrb. bttt (ioodfoot arc barred after someone ntade off with the picttrre of the Queen. The lictlsrl. Fri /2 Apr only.

I Club Havana After hosting a night in almost every bar and club iii the city DJ Jan. returns Havana to The Cotton Club for an extra special Easter Sunday night. Salsa. merengue. Iambada and flatttenco. 'I‘hc ('o/Ion (lit/2. Tue 9 Apr only.

I Love Boutique at The Arches. l()pm-»3am. £I(I. () April and monthly. Resident Roy and Twitch (Pure) behind the decks with The Duchess Iivc. Love Boutique are currently seeking performance artists from any discipline to work at this cvetrt. Contact The Arches for details. The Arches, So! 6 Apr:

I Foam Night lt's Ibi/a flashback tiure at (ZiIasgow's first foanr night, You're guaranteed to crrd up in an even bigger mess than a ttstral (laragc Tuesday with drinks still at ridiculously Iovv prices and fire place covered in bubbles. The (it/meta lite 9 Apr only.

I Salsa Dance Club at the (‘orncr Bar. (v.3()pm nridnrght. Free. Iatin Atrrcrrcan dance club. Mondays are the advanced nights atrd 'l‘uesdays are best for beginners. It's advised to arrive at the beginning of the night.

I Shimmy Club at Bennet's.

l().3()pm 3am. £2. legendary. drtrtrkerr. 'mixed'. longest-rurming cltrb trrglrt lll tow n. Mainstrcarrr dance and chart. £ I . If) promo beers.

I Shooting Stars at The (image.

llpm ~3am. £3 (£2) Dave Ross' latest extravagan/a whooping tip Tuesday nights party style iii the main room. Staggering (yotr will be) drink promos. Vodka Mix £ I. margaritas 50p. ‘) April it’s Ibi/a flashback time with the (iarage Foam Night. No leather clothing.

I Superlly at Fury Murry is.

If).3()prrr 3am. £2. New night with an

64 The List 5-18 Apr 1996