indie/dancey. poppy/soulful playlist and the ubiquitous drinks promotions.

I Trading Postal Cleopatra's. lt).3()pm2.30am. £2 (£1 with ticket). Chart. iiiainsireaiii and ()(Is‘ 'l‘oi' the pub/club stall crowd‘.

I Wide at Madame (iillespies.

lt)pni -3atii. £2. l).l Leonor l‘ini bringing together all strands of alternative dance music. Look out for t'orthcoming I)Js and bands. Draught beers and selected shots

L“ l. Wednesdays

I Bennet’s I rpm «3am. £ 1. (iay. 70p vodka and gin! [)1 Sara.

I Boudoir at The Whisky Bar.

Spin -c|ose. l‘ree. (ilasgow's original easy listening club pick tip their Burt Bacharach collection and settle down at this new venue. l'ree canapes and lots or love.

I Chopper at (’1th Xchange.

lt).3()pni 3.30am. £3.50 (£2). (iarage. house. ‘)(Is disco and pop t'rom l).l Rory (.-\rchaos 'l'hiirsdays). Double vodka £1.25.

I Delicatessen at The Velvet Rooms (Iront room). llpm 3am. £3 (£2 ). (‘liib Havana presents Bra/.tlian. l.atin (an. rare groove arid acid tan. with D] Ian on IIIL' decks.

I Disco Wonderland ;II The (‘aitioiise llpm 3am. £2 (£l I. '70s tlii'ow'backs (and pt)\\ll‘I'\ slingbacks) get iii l'ree. '70s night IIUIII new kids on the block Barbie and Ken. Marglieritas 5t)p. Vodka mis £l. (iold Bier £l.

I 0.] Lee at Moio's 0pm midnight. l'rec. .-\ mellow Illl\ ol hip hop and gia// tank, I Fab at Reds. I lpin 3am. £~I (£3 t. (‘liib classics. I'uiik. soul and disco. Miller £l. vodka-mix £l.

I Go West at (‘leopatras

lt).3()pm 2.30am. £2 t£| with ticket). .-\ mainly 'stiident orientated' bill or" tare. I Jam at The Velvet Rooms. llpm 3am. £3 (£2 I. l).l Mel Barr w itli classic disco. I Juna at The l3th .\'ote (basement I. Spin midnight. l-ree. l," :\[‘l'll and t'ortnightly. .-\ mix ol techno. trip hop and house It'otit (iregoi' and Michael plus guests.

I Paradise Island at The Volcano.

llpm 2.30am, £3 (£2). Sace and liasi take a break to work on their album so Blueprint is put on hold too. .-\lly

(‘ampl‘ell lakes their slot tor hip hop. Itink

and jungle. I Revival at the .-\p;irtnient. llpm 3am. £3. l’iitiky hip hop and cliibby tunes. Kaniaka/is and mai'gaiitas hall price (‘liatiipagne £15” a glass.

I Sticky Fingers .II the .-\lltc.

ll).3tlpm 3am. £2 i£li (ietiy with unite and retro sounds. Drinks promos.

I Soul Train at the llatl ('hih

llpm 3am. £ i (£2 i. Paul M piiisiiing a retro \ ibe. l)tllll\.\ (‘l'tilllt)\.

I Wednesday Night Fever a: cotton (dill) llpm 3am. £3 I £2 with matrtc card I. l'tII' those w lio long to be back in


Right, let’s not fanny about. There’s good music and there’s bad music. All the pigeon-holes in this ott small- minded business won’t change that. It’s hard to say exactly what type of music Joey Musaphia is making - some would say garage - but it isn’t so hard to say that some of it has been pretty good, particularly the two ‘Cover Ups’ EPs for which he is best known, and last year’s ‘Te Adoro’ recorded with friend Gerald Elms under the name 2 Deep. Some of it though the recent remix of Gena West’s ‘Joy’ for example - shows significant signs of under-indulgence. But hey, nobody’s perfect - just ask Masters at Work or David Morales.

Two things strike you about 24-year- old Musaphia as you talk to him. Firstly, he’s refreshingly honest about his career to date, while secondly he seems reticent about being interviewed. Maybe he’s tired, maybe he’s got better things to do, who knows, but whatever the answer he’s not giving much away.

‘I didn’t really like house music at first,’ admits a slightly embarrassed Musaphia. ‘But I’ve had decks since I was fifteen and I’ve always known that I’d make a career out of music in one way or another.’ And that he has. Following the success of the ‘Cover Ups’ series (there’s another due for

Joey Musaphia: playing till the cows come home at Coo Coo at The Honeycomb, Edinburgh

release) his reputation has grown steadily through key remix work with the Klubheads, Tito Puente and India, plus his own productions, including the recent ‘lmperial Grooves’ EP.

As for the future, as well as an increasingly hectic DJing schedule look out for forthcoming releases on Musaphia’s new (as yet untitled) label from DJ Disciple, Colonel Abrahams and Roger Sanchez. This could well be

1 his year. (Jim Byers)

Joey Musaphia [Us at Coo Coo, The Honeycomb, Thurs 11 Apr with Martin Valentine and Neil Byers.

llltist‘ ltgtlc‘y (ill illsct) (I.t_\ s til ytilt‘ \\ ltt‘tt IilL' trousers were tight and the glitter ball polished. Drinks promos.


I Bar «Split Cltl\t'. l‘l‘L‘t‘. I’attl Cit“ IL‘} lroin l’hart)nt w llll a w end. eclectic. underground pre-cltib e\pei ieiice.

I The Base Room at (ilasgow School oI .'\I'I (downstairs). 9pm 2_3t).ini. l-iee. llouse night Ironi l).l\ (iiahani (Schmoo). Keyitt and Jim.

I Barfly at The .-\paitnient. I lpiii 3am. £3. ( )asis. Stones and ietio classics. Students welcome l'iee pool l)i.ilt pints ltitll price. lltitlst' \ltttls l\‘.() ltIl itllt‘.

I Bloomers at (‘leop.ili.i\

III.3IIpm 2. Wain, £3 (£2 w ith ticket I. Mainstream

I Boogie Bus .it R.(}fs. Spin midnight. I'It‘t‘. l).ls /tggy and Bob get house) with ltlls HI pretty llg'llls lint

I Boudoir ill the (‘.(‘..-\. ('ate hat. ‘).3t)pni midnight. l'iee. ‘l'lie crimplene kings open another or their oh so easy listening nights teatiiiing the kind or times you could take home to your mother.

I Club Clas i at The Hall (‘liiir

llpm 13am. -5 I£-1 I. .-\ mellow IIII\ ol chart and cltib classics both the last two decades. Drinks promos.

I Club Xchange llpiii 3am. £2 « £l I. (lay l).l Morgan and £l lager. £l vodka. I C0p at .-\icliaos. lltpni 3am. £~I (£2.50). Busy student lioiise night li'oni l)_l Rory (('ltib X. Wednesdays) and guests. "l‘tn'n tip. get down. cop oil." £l vodka arid Beck's Tani (‘oyle "I‘lie I'll/l. does his itidie/pop/kitsch stiill iii Betty is. I Dee Jays in Disguise .tl Variety

Sl‘tn close. l‘i'ee. llatch .ind .l‘ilkes ol the Knucklehead with a ilubby rim or new dance and techno.

I Donkey at the (‘athoiise llpiii 3am. Indie/grunge rock :!i the new (Lithouse. l)rinks pi'oiiios

I Flaunt it at the Rat 'riip.

l()_3()pnt 3.1m. l).l ('ln'tsttne with Stls rock and pop.

I Inferno at Reds. Ilpiii 3am. £2. 7(Is disco. pop and glam with DJ Paul .\”.lie pliis Bud £|.2() and £1 vodka im\ all night. .-\ night (it classic disco peppered

w III) the best ol contemporary house and garage.

I Loveshack at l‘tiry Murry 's.

lt).3t)pm —3ani. £2. ‘Siiper cool sounds or the 7()s-dance stonipeis and student classics abound. l.agei and vodka llll\ an unbelievable 5l)p.'

I Red Cell at The Sub ('liib I Iptii 3am. £3. l‘iom the makers ot' l'ls' (iold comes one ol the deepest. darkest underground club nights in Scotland. The night centres on Mark Ryall (I'K (iolilx'.-\tiiia l’laneti

w itli guests Martin (I‘ls' (iolil ). Richard (ire) (\apoin'spacet and Dominic (Stibby Satiirdays' making appearances through the month. l)imks promos.

I Bumble at The (iarage. llpm 3am. £3 (£2 I. ('ardow and Ross w llll an e\ceptionai|y busy night ot'chaity dance layes. cheap drinks atid drunk students. Snogtasticl

I Shindig .it (‘ottoii (‘liib llptti 3am. £3 (£2 ). lain lat/patrick with an IlltlIL'i/tlhc‘t) club. .-\|l drinks ‘Np.

I Total Eclipse at ()clol‘i‘t' (fitti-

Spni close. I'It‘t' l).l Sole Boy .III\I guests \\ ith (tingle. hip hop swing and deep soul. Rolling Rock. l'l.i\oiiicd \oilka. lager/heavy pints all £ l. Moon .liiice £2. I The Tunnel lupin 3itllt. £1 (£3 \\lllt iiiatiic card) lt'yoii've e\ei been to this student night in the last to e years. their it's still e\actly the same as you ienieiiiber it. (‘heesy (but I'iiti) music. mobbed dancelloor and regrets in tlie moining.

I Tom at Moio's. ‘)pm midnight I‘l'c't‘. ('liib lla\ aiia presents the truest l'lainenco. rumba and l.atin iii/I tioiii D.) Jan every week. San Miguel £l III. 'l'apas menu.

I Velvet Rooms thtt- late. £3 ( 53)

(reduction before |().30pm). Across the board mix with DJ Skiid. Drinks promos. I Wax at Reds Bar. Strathclyde University Student Union. 9pltl—2ulll. liree. Dance and indie pop.

I Whatever You Want at The Hive. Glasgow University Union. l0pm—lam. Free (students and guests only). Classic student pop from D] Musty.


I Astromotel at the Honeycomb. l()pm—3am. Curlew 1.30am. £(). 5 .-\pr. l-‘oi'tiiightly. Residents Scott (Jallagher (Breeze) and the Tribal l“tinktion posse digging deep. hard US house iii Edinburgh's newest club space.

I Cavendish ‘)piii--3ain. £5. Over 25s only. Smart dress. live bands every week. (it)s and 7(ls music. (ironnd lloor only.

I Cathouse at The Rocking Horse.

I lpm--3am. £3 (£2.50 with tlyer). Price includes entry to Katch and Voodoo Chile. (.‘rowded night running the gamut of rock. l'rom heavy metal through grunge to thrash.

I Century 2000 llpm—3am. £5. (‘ommei'cial dance music under the most expensive lights in Scotland. No ripped jeans. steel toe—caps or trainers. ()ver 18s. I Club Latino at La Belle Angele. llpm-3am. £7 (£5.50) in advance from liopp Records. (‘ockbtirn Street. 12 Apr. Monthly. With demand l'oi' l.atiti dance currently reaching epidemic proportions (it says here) the l.atino people present Sierra Maestro. a nine-piece .\(III band lt'Ullt llavana. iii what cotild be the lirst run or a regular Scottish circuit tor l.atin acts.

I Dub 'n’ Dance at The City (hire. It)._‘s()pm»-lani. l-i‘ee. l).l (id/tot) playing diib. I‘tink. hip hop. house and garage III the recently redecorated (,‘ity 2.

I Evol at The Music Box. It).3t)pm~3am. £3. .\'ow Iiiv e years old and still packed otit. (r()s. 70s and 30s pop nonsense.

I Firing on Fridays ill tlte Moscow Bar. 9.30pm -lam. Free. Weekly house session.

I The Greenhouse iii The Advocate. It)pni~ lam. Free. 5 Apr. Fortnightly. I'pt'ront UK and US house.

I Jungle Bistro Wilkie llouse. lt)pni—3ani. £4 with tlyer. £5 without. l2 Apr. l-‘oi'tnightly. .-\ Merry l’i'ankstei's happening promising a complete psychedelic multi-mcdia jungle spectacular and ‘more times. less drum ’n’ Your llUSI.‘ in the main room are (‘.l\'. Ray (Basement Records) whose mixing and scratching is unbelievable. Rtil'tone (Boomerang I‘M) and iii course The l’rankstcrs themselves. I'psiait's. Stan and the Rude posse w ill be providing the chill-out.

I Katch ill 'I‘llt.‘ Rtic‘k‘lllg lltitsc‘. llpm-3am. £3 (£2 with Ilyer). Price includes entry to (‘athonse and Voodoo ('hile. lively club w ill] a playlist




EVERISUNDAY 9-l @the bab gran 5/7 eImb gardens chafing cross: as v tel MI 248 94


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