HIT llSl'

Catch the best Edinburgh Clubs this fortnight.


I Jungle Park An impressive line- trp of DJs and MCs including DJ Ron (Some’Ting Records. London). DJ Frenzic (Atmosphere iriagazine). DJ Kid. KMC. Ruff B and lntaIekt come together with MCs Karnage and Pressure. The Mrisie Box. 'I‘lirirs

U Am: I Stripped John Digweed joins residents Kris Keegan and Zamrno for the first birthday celebrations. La Belle Ange/e. Sat [3 zip): I Pure The one and only minimalist techno hero Ritchie Hawtin returns to Pure for another of his mind- blowing performances. The Venue. Fri 5 Apr: I Yip Yap Scott and Scooby (Shindig)join resident hero Gareth Somrnerville for some hard underground garage and pumping party house. La Belle .‘I/ige/e. Sui 0 Apr. I Goo 800 One of London‘s finest house producers Joey lylnsaphia joins Taste garage heads Martin ’alentine and Neil Byers. 'l‘lie Hmreymnrl). 'I‘liurs // Apr.

consisting mainly of 80s and ‘)()s indie dance.

I lift at the .-\ttic. I()3()pm 3am. £. (£4). I: :\pr. Fortnightly. Craig Walsh joins residents Iiwan and Paul for hard trance. acid and techno.

I Loungin’ at Negociants. Illpm 3am. Free. Weekly (apart from the last Friday of the month). I’hat-boy Yogi Hanghton checks the real flay-a of black music. droppin‘ a baad-assed mis ol'ia/l. ftrrrk. soul. sw irrgbeat and rap to an enthusiastic crowd.

I Manga at I.) Belle Angele. I Ipiri 3am. £5 (£4). 5 .-\pr. lidiiihttt'glFs first regular jungle iright continues to go from strength to strength as people continue to turn on to the seductiy c pow er of drum and bass. Resident (ieorge .Mac is joined by KMC. plus the Usual rrrad. futuristic yistrals and protections. MCs Frosty and Finley. horns from l'r'eshly Sauce/ed and Iiyc \ rdeo jockeying. l'uture guests include I).l Kid. MC ('onrad (Speed- and Rom Si/c.

I Marley’s Reggae Klub at (.‘ast-naistr. lllpirr 3am £4 The city's longest- running reggae rrrglrt (situated on the middle floor of (‘ayeridishi with a play'list ranging through roots. ragga. oners.

hcay y'w eight dub and darrcelrall.

I Minus One at The Carlton Highland Hotel. lllpltl 3am. £3.50 (free for members). .\ relascd. plush yenue for the rrrore mature seekers of night life.

I Partyceilidhdisco at Moray House. Itlpm 3am. Free to Moray House students ()thers £I between It) -I Iprir. £3 after. Drinks £I all night. 5 :\pr'. Fortnightly. 2 hours ofceilidlr followed by 3 hours of disco.

I Planet Earth at The Citrus. I Iprrr 4am.

£4. A celebration of 80s and 70s retro: playing everything from glarrr disco. to punk. to new romantic and Iii-energy. Watch otrt for drinks promos.

I Pure at The Venue. |().3()pm--3am. £5 (£3 members). Guest nights £7 (£5). 5 Apr. The one and only Ritchie Ilaw'tin checks back into one of the country's finest techno nights. Watch out for llyers about town announcing details of future guests. See Hit List.

I Reaction at The Subway. I Ipm 3am. £2 (free for sttrderrts with nratriculatiorr card). Weekly mix ofchart. dance and classic disco.

I Salsa Viva at The .-\ttic. I()pm~--3am. £4 (£3). 5 .-\pi'. Monthly. The best in Latin music with DJ George.

I Sativa at New (‘altorr I Ipnr- 3am. £5 menrbers. £(r non. 5 Apr. Satiya are back with the usual full-on orchestrated madness. featuring weird. wired funky techno and drunr ’n‘ bass. The .-\t|antean All-Starsiam upstairs while the Satiya drummers do their thing downstairs.

I Sublime at Wilkie House. lt).3()pm—3am. £7 (£5). 5 .-\pr'. Fortnightly. Residents Billy Caldwell and ldge whip a truly up-for-rt crowd into a bizarre Friday fren/y with a hectic mix of hard. acidic. trancey. party-sty le house. Be Prepared to dance. I’aul ()akerrfold guests soon.

I T.F.I.F. at Club .‘ylercado. 5pm 4am. Free 5--I()pm. £3 Itlpni midnight. £4 midnight—4am. Weekly. Ftrrr after work session hosted by Trendy Wendy (Tacknor that rapidly turns into a full-on party. I’Ius drinks proirros.

I Usonia at Wilkie Ilouse. I Iprrr 3am. £4 with llyer. £5 without 13 .-\pi'. Fortnightly. I'ndergrournl deep house and techno.

I Voodoo Chile at The Rocking Horse.

I Ipm -3am. £3. Price includes entry to Cathouse and Katch. I’opular rock affair. I Zodiac at The Ilorreycomb. I Ipm- 3am. Curfew l.3()am. £o. Membership is ayailable on the night. I2 «\pr. .Montlrly. The first two nights Iiaye established this as a definite dressy party /one. l).ls in the nrain room are Scott (iallagher t Bree/e). Murray Richardson ((ienus) and Yogi llatrglrtorr (Sakrade) playing upfront garage and house. with Gordon Mac and Jinr Byers mixing it up through the back.


I Burger Queen at Mercado. I lpm 3am. £7 i £(r). I3 Apr. Fortnightly. The guys wear dresses. the girls wear nest to nothing and eyer'ybody's already wearing sunglasses. The trueue stretches round the block. hundreds of people get turned away and it's sold out by midnight. Craig and lluggy throw down the bangrrrg soundtrack. What‘s gorirg ort',’

I The Cavendish 9pm 3am. £5. ()\‘er 35s only. Smart dress. l.i\ e bands eyer'y week. I Century 2000 I Ipm 3am. £5. See Fridays.

I Colours at Club Mercado. I Ipirr 4am. £ It) non-members. £3 members. () .-\pr. Fortnightly. Residents Mancini. Boney. Mackie and Crosby roirted by regular big name guests from the house scene. Watch out for the ('olours spectacular in May with Tong. Sasha. Coy. I)rgweed and BT. I Disco Inferno at The .'\\\L‘Illl‘l} Rooms I()prn 3am. £I2. I3 .-\pr. ()ne-off at The .'\.sseltil)l_\' Rooms. as part of the Assembly :\lr\e season. featuring the legendary Heatwa\e perforirrrng Inc with I)Js on the night. Disco Inferno will be as nornral at The Venue on () Apr.

I Earth Inferno at The Rocking Horse. It).3(lpin 3am. £3. Happy Ilorn rrrrtrl I2.3()arn. No ray e. rust out of the gray e gothic and industrial sounds.

I The at The Wee Red Bar.

I I.3()pirr 4am. £3. Drinks proirros. Weekly solid gold easy -action sounds; rrrore specifically indie. hits. new w a\ e and soul.

I Energise at Subway. I 1pm 3am. £3.

Weekly. \‘arious party sounds.

I FBI at Moray House. llpm 4am. £4. () Apr. Fortnightly.

liscellent indie night playing the sassiest. smartest and sharpest Ill Britpop from ('ast to ()asis to Supergrass. Always busy. I Joy at The New (Hilton. I Ipm ~3._‘st)anr. No entry after 2am. £0 members before midnight. £7 alter. £7 non-members before midnight. £8 after. Weekly gay night. Members and guests only. Maggie and :\Ian are routed on (r .v\pr' by Mrs Woods for hard house. nu-nrg and trercc techno at this. Scotland‘s biggest gay night. l’lus 'I‘rendy Wendy ('I‘ackno) upstairs.

I Katch at The Rocking. Horse.

l(l.3llpti) 3am. £3 (£2). .-\ \errtablc cornucopia of rrrdre music from the 80s and 90s. in this busy weekly cltrb.

I le Freak at Moray House. llpirr 4am. £4. I3 Apr. Fortnightly. Increasingly popular rrrght of real disco with a suitably well-dressed party crowd.

I Mambo Club at Cay endish. |()pm 3am. £4 (£3 ). Two floors with African. Latin. salsa. reggae. louk and calypso downstairs and dub. oners and darrcelrall upstairs. Sir ( )ssre is your selector. dropping the finest in global grooyes eyery week.

I Marmalade Riccartorr Student I'nion. |()pm 3am. £4. () .-\pr. ('hart-orrentated

I Mi5 at The .-\ttrc. |()pm 3am. £4 (£3 before midnight). I3 .-\pr. fortnightly. Sister cltrb to I-BI playing a similar soaraw‘ay tins of Birtpop and indie. (let there early to take in some m.n'\ellous drinks promos i |()pm midnight). I’Iay list. as cy er. includes the may best of contemporary indie: Supergrass. IiIastrca. ()asrs. Black (irape.

I Minus One at The Carlton Iliglrland Hotel. |()pm 3am £2.5llifrce for members). See Fridays.

I 0 at The Mtisic Ho\. It).3l)prrr 3am. £4 before midnight. Weekly. Residents Kenn .lones (l'orth I'M ) arid Billy WlnH w ill) a this of house. dance and funk.

I RAW at Negocrants. Itlprn 3am. Free. Weekly. House and garage session from Day id Brow n ( Yip Yap) and Neil MacDonald.

I Resistance at \\ rlkre House. |().3()pnr-3am. £5. o .-\pr. Monthly. Ilard trancey house.

I Revolution Riccarton Student l‘nron. It).3()pm ~3ain. £4. 13 .v\pr. |)ance music. I Rinse Dis downstairs at Cafe I)rs (opposite .lennersr 0pm lair). Weekly. I'pfront drunr ‘n' bass w ith I).Is lntaIekt ttlttl Senses.

I Rock Orgasm at The Rocking Horse. I().3()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. (‘Irmactic night of heayy guitar sounds.

I Sakradé at the Honeycomb

I Ipm~3anr Weekly. () Apr. Jacqui Morrison (Secret Garden. Aberdeen) joins Ross Keddie and Ciayin Campbell in the main room. with Yogi Haughton through the back.

I Snog at Club Mercado. 7.3()>— I().3()prn. £4 members. £5 non-members. Weekly. Busy urrder-lh‘s night playing the best in chart and dairce.

I Soma at The Attic. I Ipm—3anr. £5. () .-\pr. Fortnightly. Hard Chicago trax rrreet seductiye Detroit grooyes with Chris and Hill. plus .lonny and Ritchie from Windup.

I Soul Underground at the City Cafe. Opnr- lam. Free. Weekly. Residents Nick Way and Norton playing 1‘ 'n' h. Motown. (i-Funk. hip Irop and rare grooyes. No house inusic'.’ What are people going to do'.’

I Stripped at La Belle Angele.

|()pm -3am. £I(). I3 Apr. Fortnightly. First birthday with residents '/.ammo and Kris Keegan joined by special guest John I)igweed. (let there early folks. See Hit List.

I Teasage at The Citrus. I Ipnr—4am. £3. Happy Hour I Iprrr -midnight: all drinks

£ I. Weekly. I’opular indie dance night. I).ls Sarah and Niall jam a superb selection of punk. disco. 80s and funk for a friendly student-orientated crowd.

I Tribal Funktion at The ’enue.

I().3()pin ~3am. £5 (£4). 13 Apr. Fortnightly. Fiye years on and this remains one of the finest nights in the country. prstairs. residents (ieorge T. Simone and II dig hard. jacking IFS Irousc alongside the occasional guest (Tenaglia. (‘andelario. Morel and Morillo haye all

\ isited ) while Frosty and I.yley cut up hip hop. swing and funk in The Cooler.

I Yip Yap at La Belle Angele.

IIpnr- 3am. £6. () Apr. Fortnightly. Scott and Scooby (Shindig. Newcastlefioin resident (iareth SonriirerinIe for what promises to be (yet another) excellent night of garage and house. Watch out for a new Yip Yap resident soon. See Ilit I,ist.


I Bridge at Cellar Bar. ‘)pm»- I .3()anr. Weekly. Free. Rare grooye. ia/ly jungle. grooy'rn' garage and Brooklyn beats with (Ziay. l)ub aird I’at.

I The Easter Egg 111 at The Venue.

I Ipm—4am. £5 (£4). 7 Apr. ()ne-offeyent featuring the nrad nutter lige Bam Yasi. I.ol Harrrrnorrd (Drum Club) and Nina \Yttlslt (Sabrettes). pills The Hill (Pure) and (image (Manga).

I Masterplan at The Lane. I()pm~3airr. Free. Weekly. Acid iau. funk and hip- hop.

I The ill The Basement. 0pm -Iam. Free. Chill out. ia/l-funk style. with residents (lino and Fryer.

55 The List 5- l S .-\pi' I‘No