I East: Take Aways On Wheels (BBC 2) 7.30—8pm. Around 20.000 stolen vehicles are exported front Britain annually. Many of them ettd up on the Subcontinent. Ian! follows the trail and confronts the suspects.

I lonely Planet (Channel 4) S._‘~0~‘)ptri. lan Wright heads to the former military dictatorship of Chile hefore investigating the standing stones of liaster lslarrd.

I Modern Times: Flatmates (BBC 2r 9—9.50pm. The cameras folloyv three households as they search for the perfect flatmate. The two girls in hulliam want a bathroom Adonis. the three Christian women want a like-minded rrrau with several friends and the three lads \vant sotiieone leggy of the opposite ses. See a theme developing yet'.’

I Rough Justice: Who Killed Carl Bridgewater? (BBC tr<)._‘~ir sl0.20ptii. tn I978 Carl Bridgeyvater‘ was shot dead while delivering a iieyvspaper to Yeyv 'l’ree Farm in Stourhr‘idge. West Midlands. l-‘our men were convicted of the crime on the basis of what many helieve \vas a suspect confession. Rune/i .luylret' heliey c that tltat they have uncovered more evidence which means that the case should he reopened.

I A Man’s World: The Soldier (BBC 2r 9.50— l0.30prti. Being a tiratr iii the first lialfoftlris century iiievitahly meant going to war. In the final episode of the series. men speak about the effects \\;II' had on them. hoth good and had.

I e.r. (Channel 4) I0--l lpru. The emergency room is flooded with \ytittictl ahotrt to undergo parturition \vlirle Benton tries to prove himself as a surgeon.

I Cheers (Channel -l) ll.30prii midnight. Diane and Satii agree to a hedonistic 2-1 hours separation in order to rid themselves of any outside distractions before marriage.


I The 0 Zone (BBC 3) 0-15 7pm. Jarvis Cocker discusses his escapades at the Brits \vliile l)uhstar go star-spotting at the London l’lanetat‘iurii.

I Secrets Of The Paranormal ( BBC 3. S--S.30pni. \\'hat \\ ith the success of the X-I'Y/rny. a growing interest iii the paranormal and the fact that the end of the millennium is nigh. it was irrevrtahle that the Beeh \vould muscle in on the act. This programme traces the British government‘s interest in [It )s over .10 years and speaks to servicemen yy ho claiui to have seen I'l?( )s.

I The Real Holiday Show ((‘haiiriel .i» S30 Uptii. The shoyy which details people's true \acatton e\pet'ierices lolloyy s a couple heset hy disaster alter disaster on their trip to (iaudeloupe and four young lads \vho head off on a Cluh l.\ ‘sli


Bobby Macbeth. Suns. BBC1

holiday for a spot ol‘cttltrrre. learning and getting laid.

I Undercover Britain: Shabby Treatment (Channel 4) ‘)»-()..“l)[‘lli. .-\ former psychiatric patient goes undercover to experience first hand the state of Britain's Care lit The (‘omrriuuity programme as the cameras explore a riohle idea \\ hich has novv hecorne ati trgly national scandal. I NYPD Blue (Channel -lr l0 l055pui. Simoneinvestigates \vlreu Russell’s hrotlier claims r‘espousihility for the slrootitig death of his father. Sipoyy ic/ and Medavoy eylitrtire the remains of a teenager \\ lio disappeared eight years ago. I VJS (Scottrslii Ill" ll.-15pur 'l‘yvelye teenagers are given \ tdeo cameras and some hasic training hefor‘e heiiig sent out to rrrake sis programmes ahorrt the issues which concern them drugs. music and other aspects of youth culture.

I Erik The Viking (Scottislir

ll.-lSprri 1.25am. l’ytliouestrtre adventure comedy ahoirt a viking called lirrk. strangely enough.

I The Transatlantic Sessions r trut‘ 3r 7.30 Spur. Rod l’atersorr. of the late arid riiueli lamented laro- ( is one or the finest espoueuts of ls’ohert Burns" songs and he tsioiiied hy singer .\larr'ead \r .\lliaotiaigh arid ristrruireutalrsts troiii the ISA. lrelarid and Scot'aud :or a spectacular rendition ot ‘\tritl lung Sytie.‘ x\lso in the prograrriiire \larread sings solo; .\lary Black is routed hy liiriuiylotr llarrrs; .lolirr \lartyu rs accotirpauied hy ls'atliy .\lattea: Karen .\latliesoii sings \yrth Kate and .v\uua .\lc(iarrigle: Sayotrr'rra Steyerrsori is accompanied hy lrddler \ly Barn. and

\ icyy cls are treated lit a solo l‘y \lalk ()"Corinor'.

I Hi-De-l‘lll (BBC lr.\' .\. ‘yllprir. l'rirther' shenanigans at .\laplrri‘s llolrday (amp. I Soldier, Soldier (Scotttsli' ‘I lllpiii. III a repeat slioyyirig ol' the tlrittl series of the popular strtraddtc dratira the ls'urg's l'Ilslllct's l‘irid theurselyes ru \e\\ /.e.rl.rird. I Father Ted (Channel l r ‘I ‘0 itlprir Bishop Brennan is due to arrive to tiiyesttgate a case ol titrde sieepyyalkrtig hy l‘atlier Jack.

I 999 (BBC l r l). it) l03llprti. MW. in its tiftli year. the series retains yy sti; a run of stories ot lieroisrii re-created lrorii real life emergencies

I Rory Bremner— Who Else? Charriiel .i. HUI) ll.|0piri. Breiiittet clutch ot polrtrcrarrs.

I Body Heat r scrotal. lll..illptii l.‘ 35am \\ril:artr lltrtt. led l)ausou arid Kathleen 'l .zzriet \ :r‘ :l::

fr eslr

s.:‘..::'es .rtroilier

steatiiy dt'aiiia .-\ lav. y er 's altar; with 33.. \ytle ol a shady lotal l‘tzsttress r‘.:..:i Izzrrrs

nasty tn the midst ot a strtiurg heatx. l’latrs are hatched to murder the cuckoitieti llIIsl‘dlltl hut they teatrrre steady :tet'. es

I Eurotrash .(‘trarr rel it ;: to

.'\rrtorrre and lean lazzi

ittpm tot”. aliotrt to: some more liltlr and cort:e tip v. ith Ial‘l‘ll slio\\ tirrirprrig. litrropes teiepuoue se\ king. the called ~l (itry/. porn ()rreetr l.:l‘.tllt.: Caslr. arid supeitiiodel Carla lrrrtzr s shopping guide. \yhrcli \yrll leave little change trout txyeuty grand I I Flava tCliarrrr-e arr:

Slroyycase lot coriteilij‘r‘r’ary l‘lacl. trurstc

vyorld‘s lrrst gay iroy teen l‘dilti

-l» it -.I'r‘::r I_


sly lt's .S'c‘t' [‘IL‘\ lt'\‘-


I The Gaby RUSH" Show '( 'lrararei I, I} llly‘lll. l<ll\lll] \(i;}(!l;\1\ :E}:\.\. :1; is?!“ lllle‘l“ |r'\\\ \\.1:}1;s\.“;\!\.

trots. the spheres ol the arts. porrtics and si‘tiil azii

liye rtrtxstc sets izorz.

introduces soar: o: the hottest acts aiottzzd 2:: this tree. series l.IlIll*.\ lllsk' ll c'titlltl l‘.’ interesting than tire I Infamous Addressesa'zramac ; 10.30 l lib-pit: 'l'lte 'ilitrel :. 3.: /o:re

C(‘llllldlc \ y‘.i'.rr .l .I‘I‘P.

l‘t'ot‘erties \\ lricli haye \\ itiiessed horrific cririies. including (’r'otiiyy ell Street and little Ross lslatid in Solyyay l'irtli “here the lighthouse keeper \yas urrrr‘deied hy llls 3»l~_\c‘;tl‘--tilvl ttsslsldtll.

I Murder In Ostankino Precinct rChariuel -lr llll.‘ ll'5aui. When a vyouiari is found dead in a seedy .\losco\v flat it's a case tor the .\losco\y .\ltiider Squad. 'l‘lirs teal life. tly -oti-tlie-\\all tale llt‘lltl\\\ lllc detecliyes :ts lllt‘y lt'dc‘k Illt'll’ suspect across a ls’trssia iii the throes of


I Babylon 5 (Channel .lr (r05 7pm. The popular science ltctiori prograiiriue returns for llltll't‘ space age adyeuttrres.

I Rebellion (BBC fro-l0 " .itlptii. The

BBC kicks otl rts filacol‘rte' series \yrtlr a

docrrrdrarira telling the .lacohttes tale hy

.loltri l’rel‘hle. atttlior' ot the classic

account ot (iriilodeu.

I Triumph Of The Nerds ((‘tzarmet .1.

" Spur. euty years ago the personal

corrrptrter tirtlrr't e\ist tioyy rt torriis the

tlrrrd largest industry in tlie v.orld. 'l‘hts

prograttiirie tells ltoyy the suit statyed

arioraks came to invent arid cotitrol the

tirost itiiportatrt technological adyatice of

the 30th century l'rrst ota three part

I Culloden r BBC 2.» T_ it) .‘sltiprri. l’etet'

\\'atkit:s's drarria-docuriieutary last seen iti

Wot. See Ieattue.

I Hamish Macbeth r BBC t.

30 Slllpirr. .\lore trials and :rrluilatrons

tor the l.oclttlt:l‘li i‘oy rti l~lzte.

I Encounters: Outback Fighters

'(Iiariuei -l s Uprii. he cant-eras t'ollovv rt'i aritg‘1r/ef

:rralees :ts may


all .el l‘. . l..r‘.‘ .‘r't‘tll as ll



‘. o! are ( Izzzhaer.

I The CDWDOVS -( 'E‘.a:‘.:tei -i

1";‘zt; l.‘ ::~ lo':::r \\.r\::e as an

.:_:'e::i_~._' .\lo:.!a.=ra taztcttet \‘.llri lures eleyeri

lroys‘.e IZIIIIltead o! cattle lire :.l alter his regular

£00 32.:3es 'o the t.::\:\ \ic\c.. lr.i. \l ‘.'\‘.\l l.l\:l lcll'ssl t‘l‘l‘i‘llll.lzl\ for lrrtti to a;

lry-et lrrs :irtstptotetl 1::re‘ ‘( iet otl your horse arid

drink your tritlif

i W

I The Greatest r( 'lraiitiel l~.\ itl Uptii Bol‘iyy ('itarltozi rrrakes lirs l‘l-tl for glory to

o. trotrariaa t.-.s lrirratri s greatest

I ot the .‘lltl‘. century. Steve ()xett is the other cotrteritler trr tlirs prograauite I Rescue: Smoke Eaters -Clta:ttiel .i.

\ seize

'erx'ericy ser‘.rces

" ' flips. stliatzitoyrdtsa

~ accounts to teyeal liov. ariaatzce ‘eelitiology arid ‘eci:!.rti;re l‘..;‘..‘ :ucze -ltl;e eltectiyciress tree he “at.

I An Inspector Calls: Unplanned Erections ‘I 1" l‘lg‘ui \\ ho ‘.‘.tiIllrl you

e ntiocearie ozr \otrr' door’ llus s:\ part series looks at the \aiiotts ;:.s;\ecto:s :ro t;':,".tl.t‘..' otrr lr‘. es in one

‘.\.:‘v o: arzotirer lr'2!2..‘l‘.l s or.ert:i~._' rztles


-('l;a:::.ef i-

I Red Rock west

l l i

:ll.‘.\t‘lle'tl lI' llle'.

‘Allo again, my leetle Breetish chums.‘ l0 ll.55pui. 'l'lie Nicolas Cage season than s to a close iii this tale of schettiitig and skulldtrggery \vlieu Cage is mistaken for liir‘etl lritiuari Dennis Hopper.

I Ex-S (BBC tr l0.l0~l0.-l0prri. In a prograuirrie entitled ‘Cullodeu n Making Reel llistory ‘. l’eter Watkins revisits the people \y ho helped him make the liltu

vv hich \v as shown yesterday. See feature. I Acting With Jack Shepherd (BBC 2r

1 l. 15pm - l3.05aru. Shepherd. star of Ills/rt't'lril' ll't'r'lr'i/r'. gives an actitig tiiaslerclass.

I Raising The Standard (BBC 2)

.S' H.30pnr. :\ repeat sliovv itig for this

ey ocatiye dusk-to-dayy ri triusical journey \\ rtli (‘apercarllie at (ilenl'iuuari. the starting place of the last .lacohite rehelliori.

I Cardiac Arrestiuut‘ It to l0..‘y0piir. Scissors Sriiedley and colleagues continue to itrtertyviue their private and professional liyes.

I The Nicky Campbell Show (BBC tr

l0 illnlllplll. .'\ hleiid of light and serious cliat from ('ampl‘ell and guests.

I Revolution Devolution? (trite I r ll.l0pru irridriight. Kirsty \\'ark leads a dehate on the legacy of Culloden for a modern Scotland \y ith a panel of opinionated Scots.

I Lonely Planet (Channel -ll H..‘~0—‘)pru. lrrstine Shapiro travels to South West (‘lirria \yliete she has acupuncture and eats dog. vyhrch apparently tastes like Sparii. I Dispatches ((‘Iiaiurel —li ‘) 9.45pm. \vvard yyiniiriig current affairs progratiuue.

I Cheers ((‘lrarurel .lr ll. illpm rltlltllllg’lll. (lift the postman has heeri hitteri hy a dog on his rounds and his friends at the har teel that he should site. How ever. when the on. net pops in to apologise. she turns out to he an attractiye \yoruati \\ll(l is prepared to do any tlrrrig to get him to drop

lllt' lt'gldl v‘ttst'.


I Top Of The Pops ( BBC It? 7.30pm. ’l'lre latest shakers. takers and money- riiakers from the music llltlllslI} parade their \yares.

I The Real Holiday Show (Channel t.

.s‘ ‘stl ‘lprii. 'l'lie \Viley latirily froiu lissex.

‘v‘. lltl tlcsct tl‘e Iltcltiscl\ cs as the lilttlll‘lt's‘. go on holiday to lari/arote. |)r.iui;t student Sue \lacl cod and quantity

1 surveyor l)orrald .\la\v spend a neck on a

harge holiday in northern l’rrglatid. and Molly Carirprori Smith. S l. \ylio lias lites eight lllltcs ill the

last three years. rrreets up u rtli liet' gay

pals rri .\'e\y York.

I Witness: Surviving Waco (Channel 4) ‘I ltlprii. 'l‘he start ot a new series of the docrirrreutary progrartirries \\ hich e\aiiiiiie peoples trioial. religious atid philosophical lty es (In the tliitd

.rurir\ersaty ot the Waco tragedy llirrrevv

talks to those \\ liose lty cs \\ ere affected

hy the events there.

l'lie l.tst SIS .\pr NW) 75