The key to Christianity

The secrets behind Christianitys origins are buried beneath a Scottish chapel. according to an

Matthew. Mark. Luke and .lohn. By comparison; the Dead Sea Scrolls yy ould look like a bunch ol‘ l’ost-lt


' material for the Biblical books of

The authors haye tioyy put together a

team of academics \y ho \y ill argue that

the yaults underneath Rosslyn (‘hapel t should be e\ca\‘atcd. either proy ing

l Knight and l.omas right or exposing

them as tyyo amateur historians dabbling in a field \y here c\pcrts hayc

'sl‘L‘tll :I lilt‘lilllc‘ til. research. .\\'L"I'L' lllll percent sure the scrolls yyerc buried at

from grace and lied to Scotland l‘rom l’apal persecution. bringing yy ith them the \ aluablc scrolls \y hich had been

entrusted to them.

The other central figure. lit'om yy hom

the book takes its name. yyas an ancient ligyptian called Hiram ;\bit' \yho built

King Solomon's tctnple. and is

described by Knight and l.omas as the lirst l:l‘L‘Cil);l.\'tlil. lle \\';ts killed l‘or

l'elittsilig to disclose the secrets oi his

cral‘t. yy hich the authors belieyc links

the stoncmason's cralt as s_\ mbolised

by the compass and rule with the rituals

ls‘osslyn and W) per cent sure they are ol a secret society. "l'hc l’reemasons won't quite knoyy \y hat to do \yith this l I they'll either make us (irand Lodge ol’l‘icers or boot us out.‘ says Knight. ! , - It The ll/m/n Air is right. and some i The Freemasons WP" t (lune . leading biblical scholars haye already : know What to do w'th ""5 _ i lined tip to endorse the research. many they’ll either make US Grand ol the tenets ol modern (lit'lslidlfll) are Lodge officers or boot us out] undermined. l’ot' instance. Jesus is no . , Son ol‘(}od but merely the leader ol a ChrIStopher nght small ‘resurrection cult‘ yyith remarkable leadership tltldllllc‘s. Knight ' and l.omas\ arguments make a Kllléllll Ulld l.oma.s are both mockery ol' the idea that the Bible l'il'eelllttsons \\ ho l-Ulllltl the t‘iltltlls til' contains literal [['ll[l)\_ arguing [Imt

astonishing book by' two : . . . .

c . . v stillthcrc. saysnght. Freemasons. lLdLllC Gibb bears some ground—

breaking claims.

lhe lliram Key. billed as a book that will ‘shakc the (’hristian world to its ycry roots’. reads like a history ol'the last .W'H years. linking iust about every signil'icant \y orld cy'ent hour the birth ol .lcsus (host to the discoy'ery ol' .-\mcrica \y ith l‘rccniasonry. \Vhat's more. it argues that the most important

arcbaetiloszical site ey er is iust outside T the l.odgc ceremonies both bi/arrc and (’hristianity' “as bacimlly (In (\c‘d (is ;1

lidinburgh. beneath the 15th century . e laintly ludicrous, lloyye\et'. they [minim] mm,“ mkmmwl. Km‘ym lx’ossly n ('hapel became intrigued by the archaic doesn't necessarily belic\c this is bad In ;t titassixc c\crcisc ill tlt‘c‘hiytll i symbols and iltcdttlitllolis \.\ltose neyys (or [he ('liristian church, lioyy c\cr. detectiy c yyoik that reads like the lllk‘llllilif.‘\ haw been long liol'goltcn. "l‘here are lot ol' people today \y ho lind opening pages o!~ an Indiana Jones 'lills‘ll' ill'fllllllt‘lils are complicated. it dillicult to belieyc the ancient myths moy ic script. ( 'hristopher Knight and though yy ritten in accessible sty lc. but but want to belicyc in something] he

Robert l.onias hayc y‘. rittcn an ll‘k' s'k'lll'i'l l“"“l “inf-RN on the say s. ‘(’hristianity is a [\yo-licl' religion

absorbing account ol' their = 7 I importance ol a band or lltli century incorporating both intellect and street inyestigations into the origins ol‘ ' I religious \yarriors ktioyy n as the mythology \ye are bridging the gap.‘ l‘rcemasonry. What they believe they ' ' Knights 'l‘emplar \y ho acted as a kind (it tl-iddie (iibbi

discoyered is ol much greater I ' ' peace-keeping lorcc in the Holy Lands '/'/1(' l/mun Ix} y by ( '1’1/‘ryto/H'nr/x'n/g/r/ sigtiili~.';iiicc. hoyy e\cr: the Nasorean Freemasonry: could be at the roots of alter the ( 'rusades. Although poyyerlul um/ Robert l.l’Hlti\ .’\ prt/A’M/H‘t/ /)\ scrolls containing the original source Chrisuaniw l” 1‘ “mu ll‘L' Klllill‘“ ilk'll'l‘li” l9” I (Tn/my (1/ {I 7AM i


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