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The University of Stirling invites applications fora fully funded \‘ o 7 mm ,0 pm: mm“ mum

Scholarship sponsored by Scottish Television plc to join the 44;: D | D | O N and tub-1L._lil!ll-lllonqp;~ Stab. w

fir UK is only full-time Masters programme in Media Management 3’ A _ d “mm “mm “momma (m “mm, [m in“. wk.“ in seplember 1996' olll_\. l‘il'st lesson l‘l‘t‘t'.


The successful candidate will gain entry to this rigorous one- year course based in Stirling's Department of Film and Media Studies, a leading national and international centre for research and teaching.

Arts, Entertainment, Iouiisin on

MANAGEMENT COMPANY ol‘l‘ei‘iiig .i eoinplete range of serx ices lt'Utll one-oil gigs to liill i‘epiesentation. currently seeking hands with potential.

Send tape and biography to PO Box 13015, Edinburgh EH13 9Y8.

The M.Sc in Media Management is aimed at preparing media managers to meet the challenges posed by unprecedented change in the media environment. Areas to be covered on the programme include media economics, regulation and policy, media studies, strategy, marketing, management and finance.

. . . . . . ASTBID REQUIRE BASS PLAYER The William Brown Scholarship, which IS open to UK applicants innncdhuci-L gm {Uliikdnnhg‘ who are either graduates with a relevant background or who ' i' have substantial experience in the emdia, will cover tuition fees

and will provide the recipient with generous living expenses.

\lUL' it) l't‘t‘oltl. lt‘L‘al llllt‘l’L‘xl. liiliaeiieex Hell}. .\la;ltlei Rose. Pastels. lioo l{;ltllt‘}'>. Siiiitlix. Txliixi lie eoiiiiiiiltetl.

The closing date for Scholarship applications will be Friday Phone Kenny 0141 561 0568. April 19 1996 and a short essay will be required. Further details of the course and application procedures can be

obtained from:

Gillian Doyle, Media Management Course Director, Department of Film and Media Studies, University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA, Scotland Tel. 01786 467520. Fax 01786 466855

URUMMEH AND BASS PLAYER I'eiiiiii'cal l'oi l‘ll.\_\' hiiies nan i. Max! he \\ illingl to haul

Phone 0131 467 5395.

Promoting excellence in teaching and research, if you wont to grab your customers where i gutters, give us a call I D'umme' wanted urgently (iiiitai naiitl Into Multan \\'.iig_'~.. 0] l’innpkins ele. seek tlitiinsiier. . pi'el‘ei‘ahly C(lllll‘t‘lL‘lll l’lione ARE YOU AN ARTS ORGANISATION, g SAX TUTOR WANTED 7 ‘lilll\l he patient ~- .lll\l ltlll -- DO you need NEEDING A VIDEO RECORD OF YOUR WORK. m m “huffing,” M [W

shelves, bookcases, \;l\\\ (Hint!) liiill'ei' \\:tllll;tlk‘\.

l Clani'amirie will Film your show or event at low cost

cupboards, an old - Small flat move . . . Into lllllk illltl 1am. fashioned dishrack’? - - and prov'de you WM“ 6 VHS Copy m Please phone 0131 229 6653. specialist-£28 PAL/SECAM/NTSC Format. . then can (single item £15) Thanks to an Equipment Grant l’rom the ; I Keyboaid NEW“ wan?“ l‘.‘ Gordon RuSSell Hands-on help with lifting. Scottish Arts Council National Lottery Fund 'll“".‘ l“’l‘ 'iilil‘ii “' ~‘l1‘il'l‘;'~'ftl" o;ii-;‘:eLe to ftp. :‘w‘ ill on 0131 669 5082 l Sympathetic, For our own multi-media work, Claniamlrie can now make a,” mm: ltimu.‘ WHUHMN . . friendI gen/Ice available, at low cost. high quality lik‘illlt'\. \ iolczil l‘i'itlll‘t‘\. Platform bed 5 eCIalist y . . ,1 . . as featured the i video projectors and monitors to arts organisations : hi'l‘k'lsfid\‘~ l WW Ms W ‘l \\ {\‘NJ Glasgow Herald Telephone Neil in Scotland. For further information L - ~ . H“ - *‘ l 013] 229 8361 . call Clanjamlrie on 0l4l 353 BBC. J 3 BASS pLAYER

ilesi‘eralelx seeking: ixiiil/ t'llilttlit‘lliltilx lnto \\ol\l\le. (‘/iika_\. \lt'(‘aitiie_\. \ it'ions.

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l‘i'ance. 45 lllllllllL‘S lit‘glllllt‘lx untLL further Tel s‘even 01414241953. class followed by dancing to ' not. ce the . , \(YU‘\-' ' '\ L r L °

I{L::el\y. l‘ltlll ‘. l till”. 1 . e u E I L.I;I\N!L.;‘l film's- 53’;‘l~ R53“ '1 IR”! V be SPBCLaL reduced and/or ia/r orientated guitarist .l-CCli\C( ‘Llll ()lllk' Cl (lllL‘ (ii I _ [U "UH" duu Playing a “,ldc “'"i‘ lli‘lilni‘l-l)‘"”‘ “i‘i'” "1 rates for ads Ln our \;ii'Iet_\' oi lllll\lL‘. .\lll\l he a TDD”). “VT—"l‘lm‘ 91““ 4*: UHNDS O IUSIC ieailei'. l’hoiie .litlllLN (‘tiri'an

7.45pm COL m . - (Hit 3:: 77oz. In Glasgow: 'l‘ut-xatu .ii 't’iit- ? U 5- “"9339 . l’la/a Ballroom. liglinton loll l up to 30 words m u i & (near Bridge Street l - - i , . t‘mlt-iui-miiiili. i Sem"dLspL39 : l Past life and age regressron In Edifiburgh; 31mm“; i up to 30 words nnLu £2 hypnotherapy i'mm ;i klllJllllL'tl \\'C('”C-‘d”.\3‘ 1” MWVRV H01“? . FLU. Ln the cLasstLed ; hH‘llotlieialiixt. l’lltill: lfior 3'7 llolyi‘ootl Roail. l‘iii'tliei . for" on page 96 Ullhlllldlllllllll~1l (i-l, All.» - '- “X 1 a tltl.lll\ llt)lillll.1_l (ii. JV). REGRESSIUN/ FIRST EVER GAY JIVE CLASS , . . , 1,. ..i . (.mmncncnw “bde H : ll.ltlill.lllLlllllL1t Iiit lLtitlLlltlil. S . .‘-, ne' ii; '\ - l‘lll ‘lll an edinburgli arts 8. entertainment! ltl.»\piil :ii the \L‘lllli.‘ .\i;:iii i .Rhythm mum-N MM”: h. Milli; :51: ilgmimm: Leaflets.i’ostcrs.Brochures-i’rugreimnwsAiagazinos (‘llllk Saneltiellail Silk'k'l. hu-m’hpn film I 1111' “nun-[in “tr?!” i): I. 1U \‘ Ll“ _., iii ~ I: L. '21. ‘- e.. publicity distribution nationwide Doors open /..‘()[‘lll. ; \1~\\H)H\l\ii\\ll\i\ L'l£\ looking U, wrluzk‘r “1L. (“hm "m, Edinburgh Arts at [Entertainment_Ltd Beginners lesson Starts at 8pm l [H \\ t'ilL' on ll lll;ll.k‘ltl.l~i E ‘[ \‘ltt'sx Rclt"t\c ii i’irric Sim-i Edinburgh tam SHY to 9W" the" dance to 10:30pm i lllllllt‘llL'L‘\ Beatles. l)oor\. Tel 01383 872086. 'I‘t-Icpimnc (0131) 555 1897 i‘animilc (013i) 555 2905 ‘0 the “In” SOUHdS 0? “ch l)\ l.iii. (lam. l’lioiie ('i'aig alter

Latin, soul and blues.

(1pm. UN 1 (13.17575. MORE OVER THE PAGE

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