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The Sunday Times has made a most recent figures for Scotland

splash in the Scottish newspaper On Sunday (SOS). their obvious

market by ditching its tabloid rivals in the broadsheet stakes.

Scotland supplement in favour of are 90.270 (ABC).

an entirely tartanised edition. The According to licosse's deputy

Sunday Times Scotland. as the features editor Lila Rawlings

whole paper is now known. though. the real threat to The

bundles a bright and breezy Sunday Times Sear/and (TSTS) Former editor of The List. pathetically thin and incredibly cultural section. Ecosse. with and the chief catalyst for the re- RilWlingS was drafted in six tokenist and l have to say I agree extra pages in the main paper for launch - is a London-based months ago to aid T575 editor with that.‘

Scottish news. business and middlebrow tabloid. Will Peakin in the run up to the Issue one of the tartanised sport. ‘lt‘s less SOS that‘s a worry to re-launch. Despite respectable edition broke with a typically The new look paper. which hit the men in suits at News circulation figures. Rawlings was irreverent front page Ecosse story the stands on 18 April. has been International than The Mail ()1: WC” zlwztrc that the Scottish by Joan McAlpine and columns masterminded from The Sunday Sunday.‘ she says. 'Over the last edition was in need of by travel writer Katie Wood and Times’s Glasgow office in an two years it has taken the lead revamping. Scotland The Best author Pete attempt to boost circulation here and is gobbling up sales. ‘Whllt W218" ttCCdCd W215 [0 r0- ltVihC- '80!“ Wt“ lPCfikittl imd 1 figures and gain a lead over its This whole re-launch is about invent the Whole of the felt the paper should have a more rivals in Scotland's Sunday paper that really. It’s about trying to newspaper in Scotland. which is radical voice.‘ comments market. The Sunday Times is take readers from The Mail On What Will Pczlkin and myself Rawlings. ‘We wanted to take it steadily gaining ground in Sunday rather than SUS.‘ The have hopefully done.‘ she says. from portraying a rather crusty Scotland. boasting sales of Mail On Sunday sales for the ‘People thought it [th Old-100k imith Of Scotland and bring it

QL‘HO for last January. The Easter weekend were 87.000. Scottish supplement] was totally up to date.’ (Tillie Carry

everyone predicted. Naturally you can save your £1.50 and check out the contents at the Cyberia site at: I” ‘1 “1C” ("inns-“l0” mi“ 1‘" lmcmc‘ http://mvw.easynet.m.alt/cyberiu/nutg download may not be the best v in '-' medium for reading large quantities of textual information. Britain's first cyber-cafe chain. Cyberia. has launched a good ol' fashioned magazine with pages. ink and pictures. And just like any other news-stand magazine it has put a pretty girl on the cover -- Aussie singer Kylie Minogue who proclaims ‘l'd love to be a nerd’. She should be so lucky. lucky. lucky . . . The magazine offers the usual this of cyber~surf gossip. cool web site addresses and feature articles. but without the same corporate , obsessions as nerd lifestyle mag _ . Wired. whose translation to the L'K ' t W s _ has not been quite the success {ma “‘1‘” t". 4“ Powersec’retafiy Speech Recognition Software ' " " for Apple PowerMacintosh &

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POW8I’SecreturT is an easy to use

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Tar/k to your Computer!

Foster's Ice lived up to its name at the ultra-chilly launch of its sponsored graffiti an competition in a disused bus station in Edinburgh last

week. The beer was. however. free Hollywood starlet Demi Moore *l’L‘F'fl‘ “"“R‘llll‘m “’“Wilrt' lm‘kiltls‘ which encouraged several hundred started it when she posed naked on ‘3th “Hm” 3")” I" (“mm “nd hardy groovers to check out the the cover of American swank mag ' mm" d'm‘l'l 1m" d‘“ “mm”

without having to use the keyboard

Foster‘s billboard designs at the New or mouse. l’K Version.

Street depot. which is due to be converted into an alternative office space for ans collectives. Meanwhile the winner ofthe Foster‘s Ice Street Art 96 competition. which featured graffiti art from the Mutoid Waste Company and Scottish spray-can crew Fallen Angels. was due to

Vanity Fair, clad only in a layer of make-up artist’s paint applied to resemble a business - rather than -, i * birthday - suit. Now The Stoater, the ( ( K (+ sports insert in the Scottish Daily J a.) a“) Star. has taken the idea a stage further when it asked Scots model Scot'and.s Authorised Emma Caesari to get her kit off, so they could paint on a football kit.

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thc .bCCI‘ FOHtPitn): S NUS-“mil: The hcst variation on the Star Bird routine 16 Holyrood Road,

designs from similar competitions and. according to me paper’s Edinburgh, EH8 8AF

around the country will feature in touching editorial, ta few brush Tel 0131 557 5995 -:i. Foster s [cc promos throughout the strokes later we had to agree it was tum-nun Fax 0131 557 5676 Mac'OS

year as an alternative to the kangeroo-on-skis motif used in the company‘s TV advertising.

wonh letting Emma have her way‘.

The List 19 Apr-2 May 1996 99