detailed attrtospherc remain true in l‘ianklin's screen translation of Walter Moslex 's nox el. xx tilt the added bonus of superb photograph) and a sensuous rx-rt‘oriii.‘iiice bx Washington He stars as l.asx Raxxlrns. nexx l} tineriiplox ed in post \VWZ l.:\ and lrxrrig to earn a buck searching for a iiixstc‘rirriis xxorrian. lhe (‘handlcr tradition

xx itli a more cxnrcal racial txx ist lzdrnbriigh: ('anieo.

I Dunstan Checks In t l’( 'a (Ken Kxxapts. l'S. l‘)‘)5i Jason Alexander. l-axe l)rrnaxxax. lzric l.lo)‘d SS nuns. lhere's monkex business aplenty xx hen a texer thief .sniirggles his oi'angutan partner-irr-crime into a posh hotel. Adults xx ill get exert more out of this than kids. because the humour is irresistible. the characters suitablx loathsome oi" adorable. and Sam the (hang a star in the making. (icneral release.

I Edinburgh Goes Hollywood ’l‘omrn)’ ('arson and John We present a talk xx illi slides tracing the at‘iix'al and impact of cinema on the capital. lidinburgh: St Brides.

I The Empire Strikes Back ll? l t h x'in Kershnei. l'S. W80) Mark Hamill. Harrison Ford. (‘ai'rie l'isher. Anthonx Daniels. .-\lec (iiiinness. Ill iiitris. Second and least surprising instalment of the (‘reoige Lucas tiilog}; xxilh readily recognized characters and predictably great special effects. liut the intrigue of fartiin riddles is only reall} interesting in the light of the third .seix ing. Return ()f The .lr‘t/f. lidinburgh: St Brides

I Excuse The Delay l Pl; l r Massimo 'l‘roisi. Ital}. 1083) .\lassirrio ‘l'roisr. (iiulana De Sio. l.e||o Arena US turns. :\ fragmented plot. philosophical tenderness and a series of bashful encounters xx itli ilre female sex shoxx niuch-

lox ed comedrarr l'roisi tn typically sx'iiipatlietic form. Italian l‘lllll l't‘sll\ill. (Elasgoxx': (il’l'. lidrnbuigli: l‘rlirihouse.

I Fatal Frames l H) (Al tic-sin. tialx. 1005i Stefania Stella. Rick (iianski. Donald l’leasance. 1:5 ruins. the late Donald l’lcasance stats in this Italian goiefest about a killer who sends llre police a ‘. ideo cop} of each of his x'ictiiris' deaths. ltaliati l'illll liestrxal. (ilasgoxx: (il’l‘. lidrnbtrigh: l'rhirhouse.

I Father Of The Bride Part II (N i l l(‘liat Ies Slixc‘r'. l’S. NUS) Slex e \lartin. Diane Keaton. Martin Short. ll)? iiiiiis. .-\s a plot dex-elopriienl from xxhat xx as probabe the xx orst moxie of MOS. (ieoige llanl's t.\larliiii not only has to face up to becoiiirng a granddad. brrl also a dad again. as xx rfe \iua t Keaton) falls pregnant. Smug ceriiedx xxrth babies Sti;illic‘lxxlx': Kcllttllltc

I Film AS Propaganda Feature extracts. news-reels and shorts illustrate the manner in

xx their film xx as used before and dtrring WW2 as a means for governmental influence on the public. lidinburgh: St Bride‘s.

I Fringe Film and Video Festival t'nltcr- the title ‘Sei'x'ing Suggestions'. the lltli lil5\’l: runs at the l‘ilrnhouse and THIVCISL‘ in Edinburgh until Sun 31 Apr. l5ot' times and x‘euues see l‘ilrn Listings. I FFVF: All Mouth And Trousers 2 SJ mitts. A xer)’ personal and honest look at the psychology and prexx‘cupations of men. including xxork by .-\rran (‘r‘abbe. Brian Kane. Michael (‘ui'i an and i-iun .\lc(iough.

I FFVF: Best Ill The Fest As the title suggests. the pick of the ex-enl. including all the filriis and x ideos tip for axxar‘ds.

I FFVF: Chronos Fragmented (Malcolm l.e (irice. l'K. 1905i 5~l iiiiris. litiilding outwards from the personal images of a diary to more fundamental sx rribols of time passing. l.e (irice’s sxriilixilic' xx ork explores x'ideo as a creatixe form of irieriior)’.

I FFVF: The Crime That Changed Serbia (Janko lialjak. Serbia. l‘)‘)5) 35 mins. A hard-hitting dix‘uriienlary from radical radio station 1392

xx Irich focuses on the rise of gangsters during the Balkan conflict.

I FFVF: Cutting The Mustard 2 ()4 minx. .vx showcase of the best x'ideo xxoik in the xxorld. including ll't'tlmu! 'I‘lre' :lml by Simon liildes. I FFVF: Cutting The Mustard 3 ()2 turns. .‘xloie superb international x‘ideo xxork. including (‘ai_x l’eppeinrirrt's I’m-mil.

I FFVF: The Day The Bronx Invaded Earth 2 .sn iiiitis. 'l‘lie Kuchar Brothers retrospectrxe features rar‘elx screened but hugelx influential

xx ork from the American l'ndergrourid frlrri Itinx‘ClllCltl of the (l0\ -- after the Kuchars. Warhol. l._xncli and Waters folloxx ed. .‘xlike Kuchai introduces four of his xxorks from the SOs? I’ll/)Ie Fur :\ .\'r'ii' Age. lie/it Skell‘ltr'x. ’liuie I’Ut'llt :llld Sr'tlH'll/N'.

I FFVF: The Day The Bronx lnvaded Earth 3 so mitts .\like Kuchar' introduces l’iu‘gulor .llllll'llllll. Splatter .llm'rr' and a surprise screening.

I FFVF: The Day The Bronx lnvaded Earth 4 no ruins. the of (ieorge Ktrchar 's most influential \xtllls'sl [Ill/(l .l’t' ll'III/v I'Ht .thkr’tl. [it'll/NV ()7 The Sun liieur, ’I'lre .llmrere/nrd. .-l Rt'tlxttll 'Iii Lrw and I’rilr'i'er' .‘llltr’ dirt on.

I FFVF: The Day The Bronx Invaded Earth 5 so lltllls lioui more from (ieorge Kuchar: Slip/mgr In The (ion/mi. I’mmunm' In Blur k. Rut/ix Seuxrrii arid Bull/[ex (U litrl'er'inrr'ixlr'r.

I FFVF: Fast Fun Way To All Round Fitness 7: mins. .-\ diverse programme held together by on!) the most tenuous of connections.

I FFVF: Landscapes or The Mind Bill \‘iota‘s- most recent tape. Di‘M'l'h. screens xx iih three of his earlier xx orks 'I‘lu- Rrfleelrne Pool. (‘liuii r'/ I’jr'l'fr/ and l/ruxu )ium'.

I FFVF: A I.le And A Promise “)3 turns. l'tesh. confronlational xx ork by artists on x'idco.

I FFVF: A Night Of Passion With Vito Bocco .'\ coup? After his film (‘iun .lluniniu opened last _xear 's l)rambrrie lidinblugh l'lllll l't‘sllHtl. the legendary .\lr Rocco returns to the capital for an inler‘x iexx session xx ith (itiardian _roirinalrst and biographer Ronald Bei’gan. (‘heck out clips lioui Rocco's lost ION) disaster moxie Qimkr-u/a'.

I FFVF: Obsessive Becoming (Daniel Reexes. Scotland. NUS) (ill niins. Pioneering expcirirrenlal filmmaker Daniel Reex'es. noxx based in Scotland. introduces his extraordinarx atitobrogmphical ridxssex. xx liich deals xx rtli

dx sfunctional families and forng eness in a

x rsuallx at resting arid t‘lllxtllxtll;lll}' corrrpclling

I FFVF: Pulse 83 turns. .\lox-e ox'ei 'lin' San x' here's some xx end and xx'onderlul digrtal arirriiation. including lieiiou's Lint/)r-x.

I FFVF: A Small Shifting Sphere 0t Serious Culture (it) ruins. An eclectic programme featuring xxoik bx xoung artists. rriatrx of xxhoiri are ciriierillx to be seen at the British Art Shoxx. Includes nexx- xx oik bx Danrren lliist. (ieorgina Starr. Angus (‘ook and Kerix Stexxait

I FFVF: Sonic Outlaws (Craig llaldxx rn. l‘S. l‘)‘)5l 87 turns. A fast and furious dls'umentarx on the cop_xrig|it infringement action taken bx ['3 against aural collagists Negatrx land. :\n alternalrxe intrlxluclron to the xxorld of media hacker s.

I FFVF: Speaking or Sotas ()5 mm. ()rre or txxo progiaiririies featuring iiexx xx ork bx _xourrg artists. some of xxhoin are crrrreiitlx to be seen at the llritrsh .'\rt Slioxx lieatirred this time are (irllian Wearing. Sarn 'l’a'xlor Wood. 'lacrta Dealt. Leigh Boxxerx and l)lllC;.s,

I FFVF: La Terre Noire lliirneline l.e \tc-m. l‘tance. I‘Nii SS iriins. A iri_x'steirous x ideo xxork that portiaxs a hum-real xersiorr of a dangerous Cl)llllll_\\l(lC.

llllilixl": .\ 'l housarid Years Of ( ~inertia _‘ s" irirns. .\ progiariime of international xxoik that uses the ('entcnarx of (‘iiiema to look for xxaid to the next 000 xears of the medium and the ulllllllllcxl influence ofexrwrrnierrtal lilrii

I FFVF: Tools You Can Trust 05‘ turns.

lixrwrinienlal animation from around the xx orld. featuring Rachel Daxies. 'l‘irri Webb and litian


I FFVF: What Do You Want For Your Daughter 3 7~l rrrrns. Six international xxoiks b} and about xxonien. l'drtibuigh' lirluihousc. l'raxeise

I Get Shorty t l 5 i t llarrx Sonnenleld. l'S. l‘NSl John 'l‘raxolta. Dannx De\'ito. (ierie llackiiian. Rene Russo. Illl iiirns loan shark l‘hilr l’alrnei tl'raxoltai slirlts lioni \liatiir to l.:\ and. being a trim re brill. decides to get rnto the frlm business. With its sharp dialogue. trunk} characters and olllieat humour. this is probablxthe best adaptation _xet ol an l'liiiore Leonard noxel ltaxolltt shoxx s his true star l|ua|rlx he‘s as cool as iiirlk and as deadlx as a rattlesnake. (ix'llc‘tal tt‘lx'asx'

I la Hainer |.\' l r \latthieu Kassox rt/. l'iance. I‘M?) Vincent (Kissel. llubeit Koirnde. Said l'aghirraour 85 turns lhis edg}. blackand xxhite portrait of racial tension and police brutalitx on a run doxxn estate outside l’aris xxon txxeiitxsoriiclhing Kassox Hz the Dticctor 's l’ir/e at the I‘NS (‘anues l‘lllll l'estrx'al. l'luee ethnrcallx mixed lads come up against the cops xx hen one of their pals rs hospitalised after a raid. l igent. compellng frhnniaking that‘s as punch} as a bloxx to the head. lidrnbuigh: ('anieo

I Hamletrt‘rlt-ranco [cum-Ill. its. I‘)‘)()l .\le| (irbsou. .\lan Bales. (ileiiri ('Iose. .\ xritiiig man returns home from lllll\L‘l\ll_\ to find his fallrer dead and his mother niairxrng his uncle. More than txx critx _xeais alter /.ellrre||r's lx'rmu'o .‘llli, .l'r.'u I comes this colourful and lixelx production or Shakespeares gieatesl p|a_x xxith a xeix strong. riiost|_x lirrtish cast and the best [\‘lltittllltllx‘c‘ in xcais troiir (irbson in the title role l‘rle .'\ll.lllt Siiitlh

I Heat t l5ll\ltchael \laliri. l S. I005» .'\l l’acino. Robert De \iro. \‘al ls'ilrtier. I‘ll rririis \lanu's star package cops arid‘robbets tale is head and shoulder s abox e the test ol the genre. thanks loan action-packed seteeiiplax that full) explores its themes and gixes depth to its chaictcrs l’acino is the dedicated detectrxe xxhose horiic lite is iii ruins. De .\iro is the reclusixe xllllllllJl niasteirrirrrd ’l'he shoot orrl set pieces are heart stopping Stialhclxde l (‘l ('lxdebarik

I Hell Is A Cityrl’x’mx'..t (irresld tx'. IUS‘)» Starrlex liakei. \laxriie .Ntlxllt‘}. .lohn (‘iaxxlord ‘t.\' iiirris \ snxeatx citiiic thriller set in \laucliester. shot in 'llariirireiscope' llaker is the police inspector tracking doxxu .r railbreaker xx .iiited tor rirurder xxlirle coping: ‘-\Illl his

trustialed xx rle at home l’drnburgh l rhirhousc

“fiffifi 1-3

magma. .. .WABMW


the most precious things are-".l'tglit‘er than air.

aconror a. WAYNE WANG //



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