V I saw you all M you on Sun

a You IeIt disturbed niy poetic phantom When \\ i)! I see ;:1. because I knoy‘x Mu: “Ill be track 3‘) or that spec:al CI). Yours the \ )rgmal one? Box No L722"! I 3

V I saw you as my floppy pig and I was your syyeet pea. We messed up Let's tall III lo\'e again. I on e you Itos No L',"2"7/23.

I saw you near 'I‘hoinyx ood Bar. l)t:t‘.‘.bartot‘. Road You tall. glasses. settittity teeth. .‘yle balding. picking my nose and a blue and \yhtte seat‘I on. Any chance or a shirt change and rende7yous'.’ II()\ \o L7/277/22 0' I saw you twtizne the I‘ar III the Bathe. 31/3/96 Dark bob. diy'me eyes. You had the minutes in \\'IIICII to ask the out. That wasn‘t counting Zl)_‘.tII'_\ time. Please lo\ e the? I3o\ .\'o


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drink sha r p





than a bar


Before And Alter ( I2) 2. I 5pm. -I.-I5ptn. 7. I5pm (not Thurs). 9.45pm.

Dead Man Walking ( l5) l.30ptn. 0.30pm. City Hall ( l5) 1.30pm. 7pm. Braveheart ( t5) Itooti.

Babe (I?) I2.~15pm. 3.05pm.

Dunston Checks In (Po) 3.15pm. Jumanii (PG) I2.30ptti

Sgt. Bilko (PG) Sat/Sun only. I I.-l5atn. Balto (I?) l2.3()pni.

The Birdcage ( I5) 'I'Iiurs only. 7.30pm. l0. I5pm.

. See also Edinburgh lates.


l.olliian Road. 22S 2688. Bar. Restaurant. [Ii]. [I)|. .\Iatinces £2.20 (Concessions

£ I .50 Mon I5ri only I; shoyys commencing belore 7pm £3.50 (Concessions £2.20 Sun I-'ri only): slimys commencing alter 7pm. £4.20. bookable Ill advance (Concessions £3.50 .\Ion--Thurs only); I-ri

matinees. all cinetna I seals £I. I-‘ringe

Film and \‘ideo I‘estiy'al screenings. marked (I’I-‘VI‘I are £2.50 (£2 cones) arid

£3.50(£2.75) in cinema I.


t 1. Unzipped ( )5) 2.30pm. stop”). Il Postino ( l 7) ()pm.

The Day The Bronx lnvaded Earth 4 airy)» I l.I5pni.

2. Thousand Years or Cinema 2 (tit-yr) 2pm.

La Torre Hoire (I-‘I-'\’I~‘) 3 I5ptn.

i The Day The Bronx Invaded Earth 2

tI‘I‘VI‘) 3.45pm.

Speaking DI Sotas (II-'y'I-‘I ()leI.

What Do You Want For Your Daughter 3 tl"I"\'I:) 7.30pm.

All Mouth And Trousers 2 (I-ta‘y'ti)

I). I5ptn.


1. Excuse The Delay (Po) noon.

ll Postino (t') 2.30pm.

Unzipped ( I5) 5.45pm.

Lamerica (I’(i) 7.45pm.

A Highth Passion With Vito Rocco (II‘VIJI II.I5pm.

2. The Day The Bronx lnvaded Earth 5 (I-‘I-‘\’I-‘) I.J5pm.

A Small Shifting Sphere Dt Serious Culture (I-"I-‘\'I-’) 4pm.

Pulse (l~I-‘\’I-‘) 5. I 5pm.

The Crime That Changed Serbia (I-‘FVFI .7pm.

A Lick And A Promise (Hiya-I 7.45pm. Fast Fun Way To All Round Fitness (I‘I5\'I~') 0.45pm.


f 1. Tools You Can Trust (t~‘I~‘\'I-‘) 2pm.

II Postino (l‘) 5.30pm.

9 Best or The Fest ( tit-yr) spin.

2. landscapes or The Mind (I~‘I~‘\'I-‘) 2pm. Sonic Outlaws ( I-‘Iiy’I-‘I 4. I 5pm.

The Day The Bronx lnvaded Earth 6 (II-VI") ()pm.

Unzipped ( I5) ().3()pni.

With Closed Eyes ( IS) S.3()ptn. MONDAY 22

1. Vanya Dn 42nd Street ( I5) 2.30pm. S.30pin.

Unzipped ( I5) (3pm.

2. Libera ( I5) 3pm.

Young Archimedes (Po) 6. |5pm.

A Soul Divided In Two ( l5) .s. I5pin.


1. Unzipped ( l5) 2.30pm.

1 Vanya Dn 42nd Street ( )5) 5.45pm.

L’Amore Molesto ( )8) .s‘. ISpm with RA. 2. Centenary Reels I I5) 3pm. S.45ptn. Blow To The Heart ( I2) 0. I5pni. WEDNESDAY 24

1. Unzipped ( I5) 2.30pm. 5pm. 7pm. Stonewall I I5) 0pm.

2. L’Amore Molesto ( IS) 3pm.

Open Doors ( I5) 6. I 5pm.

The Pink House ( I5) 8.45pm. THURSDAY 25

1. Unzipped ( I5) 2.30pm. 5pm. 7pm. 9pm. 2. Centenary Reels ( t5) 3pm. S.-I5ptn. Stolen Children ( IS) o. I 5pm.

FRINGE FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL Screenings in The Traverse 'I‘heatre. I.othian Road. 22S I404.

’I‘IIL’iIII'C 22


: Cutting The Mustard 2 (II-VF) 2pm.

Cutting The Mustard 3 (I-I-y'I-I 7.30pm. ' The Day The Bronx Invaded Earth 3

(Fl-VI") 9.15pm.


' Chronos Fragmented (H-‘VI-I 2.45pm. Obsessive Becoming )t-‘Iiy'ta 7pm.

I Cutting The Mustard 4 (I-‘I-‘\'I") 9.30pm.


: I CAMEO Home Street. 22S 4 )4). [D]. . Fri19/Sat 20: I 1.Seven I IS) Il.30ptn and The Vanishing (IS) I.50ani. : 2. Dead Man Walking ( t5) I|.55pni. 3. Smoke ( I5) I I.-I5ptn. Thurs 25: |. La Ilaine I I5) I I.30pm. Cinemas 2 and 3 see Fri 19. I (‘IL‘I'k SII'L‘L'I. ()07 7.33 I/(tthS 210). 3 Fri 19/Sat2D: Leaving Las Vegas ( IS) lI.05pnI. Broken Arrow ( I5) II.I5pm. : Small Faces« IS) I I. lllptn. Braveheart ( I5) ll.()5ptn. I UCI Kinnaitd I’ark. Kinnaird Road. ()(I‘) '0777. [D]. (()y'er IS only I. Fri 19/Sat 20: 12 Monkeys ( I5) I2.I5atn. Trainspotting ( IS) I Iptn. I2. I5an). Broken Arrow ( I5) I I.30pm. midnight.


I I THE PAVILION Market Street. (ialaslticls. ()ISQo 752707. Cale. £3 : (£2.60 bcI'ore ()pm). (‘IIII(I/().'\I)I £I.S0 ; I .50 belot‘c (rpm). Cones. .\Ion~Thurs only. £2.20 (£2 bel'ore (mm). The Bruce ( I5) 3pm. 7.20pm. ' 12 Monkeys ( )5) 5.30pm. slop”). The Birdcage I. I5) 'I‘hurs only. S30pm. Broken Arrow I )5) spin. Trainspotting I IS) 9.30pm. Toy Story (I’('i) noon (Sat/Sun only). 2.30pm (Sat/Sun only I. 5.40pm.

W .

l H 3 A Little Princess ( I?) l2.3()pm (Sat/Sun only). 5. I0ptn. Babe (I?) Sat/Sun only. lptn. 3pm. Braveheart I I5) I11 Sun only. 3.20pm. 7pm. II Postino ( If) Mon 'I‘liurs only. 3.20pm. S. I0pm (not Thurs).

I HUXY CINEMA llorsetnarket. Kelso. (H.573 22-1609. Bar. [D]. Balcony. £2.50 (Child/(MP £I.50). Stalls £2.30 (Child/()AI’ £1.20).

Cinema only open Sat/Sun. Tire/Wed. The Pebble And The Penguin (II) Sat/Sun ; only. 2. I5pm.

; Dunston Checks ln (PU) 5.45pm.

The Bruce ( I5) S. I 5pm.

3 Jetrerson ln Parian) In only. topm.


I ALLANPARK 2S .-\Ilanpark. Stirling. 01786 47-II37. [Ii] screen I. £3 (£2 before ()pltl). (LAP/Registered disabled/Child £1.50. Student: £2 Sun-Thurs only. No unaccompanied children alter 7pm. Fainin ticket available.

1. Get Shorty ( I5) 5.40pm. S.3()pm.

2. Broken Arrow ( l5) 5.20pm. S. I0ptn. Toy Story (PG) Sat/Sun only. 2.30pm. Balto (U) Sat/Sun only. 2.50pm.

r 73.,

I CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk. 0|32-l ()23S05. £2.S0. Student: £2.20. Child/()AI’: £ I .80.

Broken Arrow ( )5) 2.20pm (not sun). 5.40pm. 8.30pm (not 'I'hurs).

Toy Story (PG) Sat/Sun: I.2()pm. 3.35pm. 5.45pm; I-‘ri. Mon- Thurs: I.55pm. 4.20pm. 6.35pm.

12 Monkeys ( l5) 2.20pm. 5.25pm. S.2()pm.

Sgt. Bilko (I’Ci) l2. I0ptn (Sat only).

3. I 0pm (Sun only).

Trainspotting I IS) 0.05pm.

Saturday Kids Club (£l I:

Dennis (I’G) I0am 12.30pm.

I MACHOBERT ARTS CENTRE Stirling I‘niy'ersity'. (Il73() -l()l ()Sl. [I)| [Ii] £3.50 (£2.50).

The Brothers McMullen ( I5) I-‘n l‘). 7.30pm.

Withnail & I I I5) Sat 20. 7.30pm.

Othello ( I2) Sttn 2I. 7.30pm.

I AOAM SMITH CINEMA Bennochy Road. Kirkcaldy. (“592 260-198. Bar. [D] [If]. £2.50 (£1.50).

3 Dangerous Minds ( )5) Sun 2 I. 7.30pm. 1 I CLENHUTHES CINEMA Church Street.

Cilenrothes 01502 750 ()S0 £2.()0 (Child

' £l.()()).

I 1. Toy Story (PU) 2pm (Sal/Sun only). 7.30pm.

2.12 Monkeysr 15) 7.30pm.

Dunston Checks In (PU) Sat/Sun only. 2.30an

I MGM High Street. Kirkcaldy. 01592 260 I43. [1)] (screens 2 and 3). £3.20 (I’ri -Sun). £2.70 ('I‘ue-7I‘hurs). Students: £2 l0. (‘liiltl/().-\I’: £I.S0. All seats .£I.S0. all day Monday.

12 Monkeys ( )5) 2.25pm. 5.25pm.

S. I 5pm.

Broken Arrow ( I5) |.I5ptn (not Sat/Sun). 3.40pm (not Sat/Sun). (rpm. S.35pm.

Toy Story (PU) noon (Sat only). 2. I 5pm. 4.25pm. 6.25pm.

Small Faces ( I5) S30an

Dunstan Checks In (I’(_i) Sat/Sunonl y. l2.20pm (Sat only). 2. I5pm. ~I. I0pm. Saturday Kids Club | ):

Ferngully (U) l0atn~l2.30ptn.

I NEW PICTURE HOUSE North Street. St Andrews (H.334 473 50‘). [D]. Cinema I: Circle £2.30, Stalls £2 (Child/()AI’

£ l .50); Cinema 2: .10 seats £2.30. Closed Sunday. except during school holidays. 1. Broken Arrow ( )5) r). l0ptn. s. t 5pm (not Thurs).

The Usual Suspects ( IS) Wed only. I Ipin. The Birdcage ( I5) Thurs only. S. I5pm. 2. Jumanii (PC) not Mon. (T. l5ptn.

The Bruce ( 15) 6.15pm (Mon only).

S. I 5pm (not Mon).

Land And Freedom ( I5) Mon only. S.I0pm.

I ROBINS Iiast I’ort. I)llllIt‘I'IIIIIIIL‘. Programme information: ()I3S3 ()23 535. Credit Card booking: 0 I 3S3 (12-1 S‘)S

(~I~ I()pni). £3 (cones £2). No cones Sat eyening. Mon. all seats £2.

1.12 Monkeys ( I5) noon (Sat only). 2.45pm (Sat/Sun only). 6pm. S.—I()pm (not Thurs).

2. Broken Arrow ( I5) l2.30ptn (Sal only). 3. I5ptn (Sat/Sun only). 6.30an 9pm.

3. Toy Story (PG) I2. I 5pm (Sat only). 3pm (Sat/Sun only). 6. I5pm.

The Bruce ( I5) S.50ptn.

The Birdcage ( l5) Thurs only. S.~I()pm.


I CANNON Titchfield Street. Kiltnarnock. (H.563 5372SS. £3.50. Student: £2.70. Child/()AI’: £2.40.

12 Monkeys ( I5) l'ri/Sat: 2.30pm. ().3()pm. 9.30pm; Sun —Thurs: 2.25pm. 5.30pm. 8.20pm.

Toy Story (PG) Fri/Sat: Iptn. 3pm. 4.55pm. 7.I5ptn; Sun/Mott: I2.20pm. 2.20pm. 4.20pm. 6.20pm; Tue-Thurs: 2.20pm. 4.20pm. 6.40pm.

Small Faces ( I5) Fri/Sat: 9.20pm; Sun—--'I‘Iiurs: 8.40pm.

Babe (U) Fri—Mon only. I2.25pm.

32 The List l9 Apr-2 May I996