Records. Argyle Street. 204 2500. ()Id punks who llL‘VL‘I' hothered splitting tip in the first place. so at least they can avoid the accusation of a sell-out reunion.

I Hank, Sugartly and Counterfeit Cay'ern Bar. Strathcly'de lfniyersity' l'nion. John Street. 552 I895. 8pm. I-"ree. Students and guests.

I Bedford Falls Kilkennys. .Ioliii Street. 552 3505. ()pm. l’ree.

I Mike Peters l’lanagans. (iallowgate Square. l.args. tll-l75 (i75 767. 9pm. £5. [ix-Alarm iiian iiidrilgiiig his passion for country rock these days.


I Coney Island Cyclone. Bungee Kittens and Frame Venue. ('alton Road. 557 3U73. 9pm. £3 l.ocal indie rockers.

I The Hot Tomales \y'tiisile liink‘ies. Niddry Street. 557 51 H. 9pm. l‘ree. Harmonica llay'oiii'ed hlues.

I Sandyman Queen Street ()yster liar. Queen Street. :20 353i). ‘lpin. l5ree.


I Kirk Brandon’s Theatre Of Hate King 'l‘trt's \Vah Walt Iltit. St Vincent Street. ZZI 527‘). 8.30pm. Lh5ll. Tickets from the lltl\ tilllc‘c tilltl .ltlst the Ticket. \lll'g'ttl. Union Street. 22o do“). More l‘ornier ptirik standard hearers ~ is this some sort oI' preparation tor the l’istols to ease trs hack itito the way (it thinking old men can still rage against the machinc'.’

I Backwater and Pilot Can Kaleidoscope World. The (‘atliouse l'nion Street. 3-18 (i(i(lti. 8.30pm. t l. l.o Ii weirdness from the headliners whose latest l'il’. Slim/r. repay s carelul listening.

I The Starlets, The Fontanelles and Sunhouse Ka/oo ('Itih. The 13th Note. (ilassl'ord Street. .55.“ MRS. ‘lpm. I‘i‘ee.

TRIGGERFISH seeks singer. aim tut). drink. gigs. .‘ylusic Anthray meets Andy Stewart. in slah of lager. Experienced sorigw riters. two guitars. fiddle. hass. drums. New yenture. Call Brian 0141 945 2647, Julie 0141 549 4072.

IN A TOTAL GUITAR RUT? Exciting guitar lessons encompass learning songs you want to play. songwriting. and basic jam-monster skills. Girl teacher has tour spaces only. First lesson tree.

Phone 0141 334 6254.

I Creeping Bents’ The Leopards need iii-ale/t’einale bass player. Call Nick on OH] 423 8953.

VERSATILE LEAD GUITARIST desired lt‘ltllil gigging duo performing a wide yaiiety or music. including original material. Contact The Artists Formerly Known As Slant? on

0141 337 2521.

I Seahouse, The Souhrettes and The Berries The Glory lloy. ('tii ler's. lly res Road. 33-1 IZS t, .S‘.3tlpzii. I‘ree.

I Reptile The Whisky liar. \\'est (.‘amphell Street. 3 i3 HUI. ‘lpin. lace. The Vagabonds Kilkennys. John Street. 553 3505. 9pm. l’t‘ee.

I Glasgow Songwriters featuring Joe MCMahon lilttt‘ls'lilltll’s. lit‘ll .‘Sll't‘t'l. 593-1. ‘) 5llt‘lll. l‘ree I’lus open mic.

I No Way Sis llarleys. Quarry Street. Hamilton. lllh‘ltS 455 l 7-1. ‘lpiii. .-\cconiplislied (lasts tirhute w ith a liandl'ul ol' TV appearances under their



I Ocean Colour Scene Queen's Ilall. South ('let'k Street. (itiS Zill‘) Tuillt‘Hl S( )l.l) ()l "l’ l-‘oriner second diy isron indie no-liopers in Paul Weller style transitirritationI Alter herng almost uniyei‘sally' carted hy the critics and


BASS PLAYER desperately seekrng hand" collahoratois. Into \\ohhie.

Czuk'ay. .‘ylcCartney. Vicious. anything . . We could he heroes theroiiies- (iotl only knows what I‘ll do w ithout you Timew'astei‘s welcome.

Tel Steven 0141 4241953.

FEMALE MUSICIANS WANTED l‘eriiale y‘ocalrst seeks other girls interested it: starting all-girl prinl; hand. Don't care what you play or how good or had you are. Call now.

Box No 277/BM/1.

SAX TUTOR WANTED rinust he patient - anti tun -- and in lidinhirrghv to: two sassy Candy l)ultei waxinahes. into funk and ran

Please phone 0131229 5653.

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Bands/Music ads appear in the Classified section of every issue of The List (see page 94). Lineage adverts cost only £1 and Semi—display ads only £2. For inclusion in next issue. just fill in the form on page 96.

kicked when they were down hy anyone with a passing interest in music. they'ye emerged somehow intact. 'I‘Iieir alhuin .l/nyt lei" S/imr/y isee prey iew l is out iiow. I Songwriters’ Showcase and Workshop 'l‘ron 'lliy'ern. lltinter Square. 7.30pm. tLI. Inl'orinatioii: 32S 82-15.\\'eekly' toruni l'oi' lidinhurgli-hased singer-songwriters. with anyhody' w elconie to perform a l5 minute set. One local songw ritei is highlighted at It)..‘\(lpin each night.

I The Johnson Brothers wrnsile liinkies. \iddry Street. 557 5| Isl. 0pm. l‘i'ee.

I El Supremo Queen Street Oyster Bar. Queen Street. 26251”. ‘lpni. l-‘i'ee. Big Bert otit on his own crooning deni hlires.


I The Almighty Harrow iarid. ( i.liit'\\ 23:11.. 553 lotll. “. ‘llprri. LS plus hooking ‘l'it kets liotii .l'lsl tlrc 'l'tcket. Virgin. l'nion Street. .‘Zo to“). Scotland's

higgcst lteayy i'i‘ck hand liaye decided to call II a day heroic {lien ti‘:r|<.‘ctoiy goes rrito decline. so this could he an eniotronal 311g“ lt‘l lllt‘tl' lt‘dlltt‘l cltttl tl'c‘\ttlt‘t‘\

I Porcupine Tree ts'nie 't'ni's win win llut. St Vincent Street. LII 537", S. itlpm. L5 'l'ickets t‘roiii ls'rng 'I'rrt's and .lust the 'l‘icket. \ riglin. l'2irori Street. 33o to")

I Gasoline Alley, Fine Line and Lazychain lire (Lilli-ruse. l'nion Street. .‘lS (ititlti Spin 2. i5“ L-l door i

I Live Music l~;rll..-ii:iys. .lolin Street. 553

i5”,5 Ut‘l‘il l'lt‘t'.


I Riders On The Storm \‘t-nn-s. (alien Road. 55" ill~ i. ‘Ipni. L'o e\s the name suggests. a ltoois trihute hand with a singer who looks similar to \loriisorr helore he got stuck in the hath.

I Mirandy And The Tall Men willie lloirse. ('owgate. 335 395. Ittpm. l'ree l'oitit-s and 512s country and w estein.

I The Johnson Brothers (ant-en Street (lystei llai. ()ueen Street. ffh :5 W. “pin l'l’t'c'.


I Doctor Feelgood and The Hamsters 'llie ( Adlllt‘lflfi. lizww tr Siieet. -Z IS (\otlti

Spit. L5 ‘H plus hoosrne it't

lilciut‘lS lii‘IIl 'l'lie (iaragre. Just the 'l icket. \‘irezn l'nioir Street. 33“ lo“) .rlftl low er Records. \rgylt- Street. SH! .‘SHH It's not rust old punks doing the rounds .ljJ.tI!! this Is’.\-Il corriho pie date prrnl. arr.l are

L itcd hy sortie ol the eaily punks as arr rttiluencc lliey return \yztlzotit their original siri~'ei I cc llillt‘all‘. who died last year.

I Stonedog sic.- 'n' Sic. Street. ‘3 1 “hi” "pm

I Magic Drive, Caffeine Cake Orchestra .llltl Fat Groove ('ltrh ‘l‘lp. ‘l‘lrt- Itili \ole rtlti\\ll\l.tll\l. (ilasslord Street. 55: It» 4S 9pm ‘J‘)p,

I Trust No One, The Crabs .ina Cinnamon Blue 'l‘lte lx’at 'I'zap. liiown Stree'. :II '73“: .Spnr E.“

I The Good. The Bad And The Ugly, Rev Snakehips Country Messiahs and Gypski .\lac Soileys. laniaica Street. .‘II SI‘N ‘lpm l'iee 'l'lic trist ot three senn tinals in the l\'atlle ol' the Hands Lt‘llll‘t'llll‘ttl. I Company Of Wolves anti Shiner lilic .'\It'l‘..t. ( )s\‘..tltl Sll‘s'k'l. \‘llill ‘li‘llt L35“

I Callus Alice lllt‘ llall liar. \y'nnatantr Road. “I I_‘_ltI " illpm lree

I Big George And The Business tr..- Ilrewhouse. Iolin Street. 55: “HI I'ree llcayy hlues

I The Mirrormakers Killst‘lllly s. lirlLl: Street. 55: ‘5“5 "pin l'rce

I The Gyres 't'ti.- trait- rye. hint-.- llotel. ('ornwall Street. l'asl lsiil‘rale. HI i553 I‘lfli. Illpri: Ll Hallsy retro po'yrv'rs

who y e l“.".‘ll liait‘. to terror.‘ o: rate See

my. Santirieliall



I The House Of Cheese (Hire Borgia. New Street. l’aisley. 8.180438. 0pm. liree. I Live MUSiC Ragnarok. ('ly'de Street. 2tl~ltlSl-1.‘lpni. r2. '


I Porcupine Tree Venue. t‘alinn Road. 557 3073. 7.10pm. £5. l’orcupine ‘l‘ree are well known tor e\perimenting with music so e\pect a fusion of iiitilti-instrumental rock. electronica. ltl/l. pop. ray‘e ainhience aird psychedelic resonance. Twenty years ago this would have heen called ‘pi'og i‘ock' htrt don't let that ptit yon olil‘. I’oi'ciipine 'I‘i‘ee are pushing hack the houndai'ies using the latest technology. ahsorhing the spirit ot‘ the "(ls and cornhinnig II with the dynamic potential til lt\tl;l_\ is tlltlslc‘dl latltlst‘at‘t‘. ll‘llt'll’ llt‘\\ single. ‘\\'.ir‘rng' 'e. Ill he out soon.

2 lollow 1:2;3 support -lo:s with (long arrl .‘.l;::illron. and a series ol showcase pert‘oi inances in .'\Illr.‘!lc'a.

I Little Green Monkeys w'tnsile liinkrcs. \iddiy Street. 557 5| l I. “put. l-‘tee.


Light Music is listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, subiect to space, provided that details reach our offices at least one week before publication. Light Music Listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd

and Jim Byers.

Glasgow I Tony Bennet and The Ralph Sharon Trio

(ilasgow Royal (‘onteit llall. Saucliiehall Street. 7 Wpiii. 2le L I‘l’t] l " plus hooking lt‘L‘ idehvi‘ llr‘lll lllt‘ l‘t\\ ollrce .tlltl lllt‘

'l :cket ( critic. ( '.iiitlleri3.'j..'s. IL" 55 l l. 'I'lre o'.d sniootiiy crooner heioyed oI

's young g'iins. and the l'l.t!ll. Sinatra

lon't ll.t\t‘ to wait a titetrnie to see



, I Daniel O’Donnell (ilasfjtr‘a ls’oyal

't‘oncei't llall. Saticlnclrall Street. Ll i 5t'.’l.l l'LI I 'l'icl ets hour the ho\ t-ltice and the 'l'rcket (‘entre ('andleriggs.

"RI lprii.

‘3" 55 Il lliose lirsh eyes are smiling he must he tlarilang ot all the osl': li."s raking in rtli the deriiand to:

l-i »,. ,.

l _ layallt


; MONDAY 29 Glasgow

I Daniel O’Donnell (aang Royal (‘t-iiceit llali. Sauclireliall Street Lll5t'1‘clir‘cil St-t- sun 5.


I Daniel O’Donnell (ilasyjow Royal ('oiicert llall. Saticliieliall Street. 7 .illpm thl “Ill Ll l S-.'-.' Sun .‘_.\‘.


I Daniel O’Donnell (ilasyjoyy Royal ('orzcett llall. Santlnehall Street Ll-i 5U“; l 3’: ll See Sun IS.


I Daniel O‘Donnell (ilasgow Royal

(‘onceit llall. Saiicliieliall Street. » .‘lll‘lll LII 5t“; I 37‘; I I See Sirii IS

S ‘(lpni


48 The List I‘) Apr-2 May I996 t