Stewart. .liiiiiiiy Sliand and Joe ('ioi‘iloii come in for a tribute lll this'l;lli- lllllllllLtl tiip zloyy ii memory latte starting \ .ziious Scottish performers.

I THE HAMSHOHN THEATRE 0S liigraiii Sil't't‘l. kit“) l.-\cc‘t‘\\i l'LIL‘lllllc\i \\ (I \\'S. G. Help: .-\.\| Ticket hotime: 35" Foot).

Salus Populi Suprema Lex 'I‘hm s: \lay " 1pm L5 ntjlflli. lt iiieaiis 'eiisuriiig the welfare of the people is the lllf..'llt‘\l tluty o! goyeriiiiieiit' lll case you were wondering

Sat ll

.llltl it's a co l‘l'thlllclltlll between .-\ctual 'l lieatte .lllil Stiatliclyile llieatre ( ii'oiip \\ 2 ilteii l‘y ‘l'oiii Kt'llll‘lll\kl ll‘t'\l know it for “In! / or

(hit i. this new show takes a colourful. iiuiiioioiis look at dictatorship iii all its loiiiis. Part of .\l.i\ test.


Michael Roberts takes time off from Angels in America to celebrate Tinseltown camp in Hollywood Screams. a one-off, one-man show for PHACE West and Body Positive at the Tron

Building. 90 .loliii Street. l~or further information call “HI 5‘ l 371 llc‘kc‘h .iy .iilable on the door.

Beyond Therapy Mon 3‘) out l .\lay.

". 10pm. £5 “43 l. Satirical .-\iiiericaii comedy dealing with lo\ e. mental illness and personal ads from Sti‘atliclyde l'iiiyezsity ‘s l'.c‘ll[‘\‘ lhaiiia (iioup.

I THEATRE ROYAL llopc Street. n: woo [\cccss: l’l’~\. H: R. lulclllllt‘si

(i. (‘lll\ Suns.

Othello l'iitil Sat 30 .\pr a, l 5pm; Sat iiiat :.l.<l‘lll. U 50 L'IoFH The National Youth Theatre of ( ilt‘.:l lliitaiii return to (ilasgow \\lill .1 highly physical. \ isual take on Sliakcspeaic's classic tale of

'lt‘.tltll|\\. passion .lllil \ ioleiit ie\eti;.'e.

42nd Street Mon :2 Sat 2" \pi. 7 l5piii; \Vetl'Sal mat 3.l5piii L3 U5 ‘\lll.llt‘lll’

company the Apollo Players star in Harry Warren and Al Dubin‘s classic musical about smalltown girl Peggy Sawyer who makes it big on Broadway.

I TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. 227 55! 1. [.Access: P. PPA. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C].

limbo Sat 20-80" 2| Apr. Split. co till). More experimental cut-and-paste style drama from well-grounded Scottish company Beiiclitours. as they rey'iye their tale of a girl whose attempt to unravel the chaos of her mind spirals off into a nightmare journey to a crazy place named l.iiiibolaiid.

Prydain (The Impossibility 0f Britishness) Thurs 2 Sat 4 May. b’pm. {I0 155). 'l’icket hotliiie: 387 5000. Radical Welsh performance group Brith (iol bring a new show to May fest. Pei'foriiied in linglish and Welsh. it is part building site. part performance and part music gig performed with the aid of one theatre group. two bands and 50 participants. and yes. you the audience are in there somewhere too. Taking the baton from l'topiaii ideas-iiieii like William lllake and lolo Morgaiiwg. Brilh (iof propose new agendas in performance and politics by way of big. loud. literally iii-yer-face theatre. Spectators will be proyideil with special over-clothing on site. and. it says here in big letters. the slum is .\"()’l’ suitable for ('llll.l)Rli.\'. Part of .‘yliiy'l‘est. See preyiew.

I THOH THEATRE ()3 'l'iongate. 553 4267. [Accessz PPA. ST. R. l.. l-"acilities: \\'(‘. \\'S. H. (‘. Help: .-\.»\I. (‘Iosed Mons. Angels In America that Sat :0 Apr. 7.30pm. L'S/L’7 tljJi. Big theme iiiilleiiiiiuiii-fey er theatre (subtitled l’art (hie .lI/lleti/iiimi gilt/mini /l('\'l from 7:84 illc‘illlc‘ (‘ompaiiy iii the Scottish premiere of'l‘ony ls'tishnei’s Pulit/ei' Pri/e and

Broadway ’l'ony award-w mmiig portrait of

moral and political crisis in iiiodei'ii :\iiierica.

Hollywood Screams l'l'l It) .-\pr. ll.|5piii. U (all proceeds to the AIDS organisations Hody l’osiliye and l’ll.-\(‘li \Vesl i. Michael Roberts (who plays Roy (‘ohii in 7184's current production of since/y In .-lIll(’I'l('tll. itidtilges iii a spot of post-perforriiance madness iii\'ol\'ing met 30 international film stars in a hilarious oiie-iiiaii sliow

Catch the best theatre this fortnight.

I Twelfth Night Shakespeare's potent comedy of love. sex. identity and music. presented by the Royal Shakespeare Coriipany. who are making their second visit to Edinburgh this month. Edinburgh Festival Theatre. I. Pygmalion Shaw's ironical study of class and society receives a spirited interpretation from the Lyceum company. starring Michael Mackenzie as Professor Henry Higgins. See review. Royal Lyceum Theatre. Edinburgh. r I Limbo Following the death of her newborn child. a young woman embarks on a quest for the meaning of life yia her deceased grandfather‘s amateurish interest in astronomy. A simple but beautifully staged and lit journey into philosophy by the Edinburgh—based Benchtours. TI'll/lllt'tl_\'. (i/asenw I Prydain Welsh performance group Brith (iof lay siege to :‘ylayfest with a physical and political protest about the role of us downtrodden ('ells‘ iii the United Kingdom. See preyicw. Ili'umn‘ay. (ilas‘emi: I Dance: Les Grands Ballets Canadians A triple bill of pieces -- including one choreographed by Mark Morris - from .‘yloiitrcal's in\’Cllll\'C iiiodern/cIassical troupe. making their UK debut. See preyiew. King '5‘ Theatre. (i/as‘emr.

be found in the listings above.

Thursday 25 Friday 26

little Shop .. little Shop

it's (it'lllltls Ballets lcs ( ii‘.ititls lialicls l’lease Stay l’lease Stay

~12de Street 43nd Street

Saturday 27 Sunday 28

How llcai lo .\lc llov. lleai lo .\le little \‘liop ..

[cs ( iraiids Ballets

l’lease Stay

43nd Street

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow’s and Edinburgh’s main theatres, more information can

For events at Community Centres and other venues, see detailed listings elsewhere in this section. For details of cabaret and musrc events see appropriate listings. Performances shown in brackets are previews.

Monday 29'

How Dear To Me

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How [)ear To Me

Thursday 2

lovers Now Hear lo .\lc Sec ()pci'a _ . .\layd;ince [Jet‘s Time A . . . let's llaye .-\

Salas l’opiili

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fine line

'l‘welftli Night Twelfth Night lloiidagers llondagers l’haiitoiii l’liaiitom. l’ygiiialioii l’yy‘iiialioii l5ly Out Of ('age l'ly (iiit ()t (‘age

licsl (ll l’el‘l'csl

‘l‘welfth Night llondagci‘s l’liaiitoiii l’ygiiialioii

l-‘ly ()itt ()f ('agc

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g - Sec ()pel‘a See ()pera See ()pera

Phantom . . Phantom

Pygmalion Pygiiialion

See ()pera

“film! A Feeling \Vlial .-\ lik'k'llll‘l'

Sec ()l‘k'l'il

Phantom. l‘liantoiii

l’ygtiialioii l’ygiiialioii

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