T H Ii


“iii/iii: A 7' R E Fri 10 8 Sat 11 my 7.30m


Irvine Welsh’s black comic play

Thu 16 May 7.30pm Brunton Theatre Co.

“re Playing (1’ Song by Neil Simon

Sat 18 Hay 8.00m


Sat 25 May 8pm

Otto Word Inprov.

lmprm nation tt'illt'th nttlr l iltlre I//.|l'li. Sir-ye l rmt \eil \Iullarkn .\ Suki \\elnter


Thu 30 May—Sat 1 June HULL TRUCK THEATRE


BOX ()FFICF. (01592) 260498

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2S 15$



I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 George Street. 220 4348. Ticketline: 220 434‘).

I Assemth Alive! Until Wed 8 May. Talking To The Bones Fri I‘) Apr. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). lilysian Fields Productions return to Assembly Alive? after last year's Alfl'tlt'ft’.\’. with a mixed bag of poems and short works by Kathy Galloway. performed by professional actors.

The Idea Works liri I0 Apr. 7pm. £3 t£2i. See Dance.

Fine Tue 23-Fri 26 Apr. 7.30pm. £5 (£3I. Perpetual Theatre present a monologue by Paul Trainer about a lonely woman who takes trnusual measures to drag herself frorn the depths of despair. See preyiew. Sweet Asylum Tue 23--Fri 20 Apr. 9pm. £5 (£3). Fantasy l-actory with a 'dark. comic fantasy tale' about celebrity stalkers and their yictims. with fictional soap star Kathy Morton as the piyotal character in this new Pla)‘ from Andrew l.oretto (co-founder of liactional Theatre I. See prey'rew.

I DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS West Bow. (ir‘assrtrarket. Booking: 220 44l2.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream l'ntil Sat 20 Apr. 7.45pm; Sat rrrat 2.30pm. £4.75 t£3i Black ()r'ehid Theatre (‘omparry with an alternatiye spin on Shakespeare's tale of love and mistaken identity.

I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE L‘s/2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) (i000. (Access: l.. Facilities: \\’('. WS. AS. II. (7. T. Help:


Twelfth Night Tue -5- Sat 27 Apr. 7.30pm: Wed mat l.30pm; Sat mat 2pm. £4 —£l7.5(). Slrakespeares classic comedy from those big Bard experts at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Lucia Tue 30 Apr. 7 l5pm. £4.50 -£l7.50. See Classical and Opera listings.

What A Feeling Wed I —Sat 4 May. 8pm: Sat mat 4pm. £4.50 ~£l2.50. ()therw ise known as "fire Rock n l’op Musicals in Coneert'. this stunning sensation of a







This production is

fu tulch by a

Sainsbury l‘amily Charitable Trust

BOX OFFICE 0131-59 6000

show features not only your fave rayes frotn top-notch films such as I’rlnre. (I‘IT'UXU. l‘imlfrmye and l'fllA/lt/(UHY' but also the boasts the fine stage talents of Irene IWIrI! A I'ee/i/re ('at'a il-‘rtnre. l-‘lux/rr/(urr'ei. strrnameless es-pop star Sonia ( Yul! '// Nr't'r'l‘ Slit/t .Ilr' [from Int‘llig‘ You) and that bloke from .\'eie/rlmrrr.\. I‘elice Arena (Marco Alessi). See Kids listings.

I KIRG’S THEATRE 2 [even Street. 220


The Shakespeare Revue I'ntil Sat :0 Apr. 7.30pm; Sat tnat 2.‘~0pm. £5.50 £l4.50. The esteemed Royal Shakespeare (‘ortrpany poke not-so-gentle ftrn at. er. Shakespeare in this eyerring of Hard- irrspired comic sketches and songs by Victoria Wood. Stephen Fry. Maureen l.ipmarr. (‘ole Porter. Stephen Sondheim and Noel Coward.

Bondagers Wed 24--Sat 27 Apr. Wetl-A-Sat 7.30pm: 'I'hurs/Sat mat 2.30pm. £3.50--£l0.50. Sire Ciloyer's rrruch-loyed and much—travelled warmhearted. earthy tale of hard graft and solid-steel camaraderie between si.\ l‘)th century female farm workers. returns for another run iii the original 'l‘r'ayet'se Theatre production. See l-‘rontirnes.

The Mikado Mon :9 Apr-Sat 4 May. 7.10pm; Wed/Sat tnat 2.30pm.

£4.50 £14.50. See ('Iassical arid ()pera listings.

I NEW TRINITY CENTRE 7a loaning Road. Restalrig. (\(TI II I I.

The Twilight Wash Thurs 2 Sat 4 May. S’pm; l‘ri mat lprtr. £5 t£2t. RIC} style rtrulti-media from the Light Opera (’ompany with this show bringing the Slide Workshops liqual Arts Project and Drake Music I’roiect's three year Venture with people with disablities to a close. With the aid of powerful \isual effects and a futuristic electronic soundtrack the company corriure tip a surreal fantasy inyoly irig ‘.|atte' Bond. l’atsy (‘Irne. storybook figures the Shadowman and the Phantom and a bunch of people down the Iattndt‘ette.

434‘). [Accessz R. I.. facilities: WC. II. (E:


Dr Samuel Johnson and his manservant Francis Barber are reborn In Paines Plough's

Resurrection at the Traverse

I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE (ireenside Place. 557 3590. [Accessz R. I.. Facilities: WC‘. WS. (i. (‘l

The Phantom ot the Opera l'ntil Sal Jul. Mon Sat 7.30pm. Wed/Sat mat 2.30pm. £5- £27.50. The public demanded it? l.ond Webber's blockbtrsting rnusreal about the beautiful opera singer and the tlisIrgttred young composer hiding out in the sewers below the Paris Opera House has had its mammoth run extended again. Apparantly half a million people that's 10 per cent of the Scottish popttlatiorr haye succumbed to l’lru/rro/ri feyer so far. Lookout for news of a big-titrre celebrrty guest star on Thursday 35 April,

I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (it indiay Street. 33‘) 9007. [Acesst I’. I.. l-acilrtres: WC‘. WS. H. (i. C. T. Help: A. AA] (‘losed Suns.

Pygmalion lfntil Sat 4 May. Mon Sat 7.45pm; rnatinees Sat Iii/Wed 24/Sat 27 Apr 2.30pm. £57 £13. Newcomer linttly Winter attd (int/tire .-lrre.rl's Michael Mackenzie (Dr Hunter) star in Bernard Shaw's all—time classic of social manipulation. in which l'iIi/a Dolrttle (the role made fattrous by Audrey Hepburn m .I'Ir l'iir'r l.(lr/\‘l rises frotrr humble (‘oekney flower-seller to society belle. Directed by Hugh llodgart for the Lyceum company. the show opens on home turf before embarking on a tttalor tour. Sec reyiew.

I ST BRIOE’S CENTRE ()rwell 'l'erracc. 14o I405. [Accessz i’l’A. I.. ST. R. l-acilities: W(‘. WS. (3. (‘1 ("losed Suns. Ticketline: 330 434‘).

The Lie Mon 3‘) Apr. 7.45pm. £7 iL.‘~.50i l’aragorr l-Znsemble present Dayrd llorrre's tale about the little white lies and big porkie pres we tell.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE ('arttbr rdge Street. 33S I404 [.Access: I.. Facilities: \\'(‘. WS. II. (i. (‘1. Closed Mons. Resurrection t'rriiI Sat :0 Apr. 7 £(i r£3i A satirical tale of liberal \aIues threatened III the face of prerudice. front l.ondon-based touring company l’arnes I’Iough. Maureen Lawrence rekrrttlles the friendship between Dr Sartruel Iohrrsori.


angels in

by Tony Kushner

"compelling. disturbing. wonderful theatre

on an epic scale"

. The Scotsman

“phenomenal in every sense"

- The LIST

amen ca

Part One - Millennium Approaches



the Tron Theatre

sponsored by Yl'E

Tron Theatre. Glasgow 29 Mar - 20 Apr 7.30pm Tel: 0141 552 4267

Dundee Rep 30 Apr - 4 May 7.30pm Tel: 01382 223530

Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh 8 - 19 May 7.30pm Tel: 0131 228 1404

Detaiis from 0141 331 2219

66 The List I9 Apr-2 May I996