Comedy is listed by date, then by city. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Comedy listings compiled by Ellie Carr.

FRIDAY 19 Edinburgh

I Ken Dodd Happiness Show l‘estiyal Theatre. l3 2‘) Nicholson Street. 52‘) 6()()(). 7.}(lpm. t“) t' l-l.5() (coiic ayailahle). The king of the Diddymen returns. tickling sticks and all. t‘oritist two nights at the l-‘estiyal 'l‘heatre.


I Parrot liast ls'ilhride Arts (‘entre. ()ld ('oach Road. (H355 36l()()(). 8pm. £6 (£3). Squaw-king into stand-tip action for one night only at liast Kilhride. (ireenock's favourite Iotidniotith comic with another round ol close-to-the-heak hanter.

SATURDAY 20 Edinburgh

I Ken Dodd Happiness Show l‘t'sli\tll Theatre. l3 2‘) Nicholson Street. 52‘) 6()()(). 7.30pm. 1“)»-£l~1.5()(conc .oailahlet. See PM W.

[EDITE— Edinburgh

I Bed The :\lllc‘ legends. 7| (‘owgatcz S. itlpm- 3am (doors open 8pm). ('all 667 H”): tor hooking information. Slip


17 May 9.15pm £8I£5

between the sheets of this new weekly comedy-lest. Everyone should he tucked tip in Bed on a Monday night. say the hosts. with a cosy mix (it stand-up. games. It’li'm/ Date-style match-making and music.

WEDNESDAY 24 Edinburgh

I Stand-up Night Tapsters. (‘ornci ol' liast ('rosscatiseway and llowden Street (hehiiid l)e .\'iro's on Nicholson Street i. Info: 667 0328. 8.30pm late. £3. lidinhtirgh’s comedy cltih ranks swell once again with the addition of this hraud- new weekly stand-up night for tip-and- coming local talent.


I Velvet Rooms 520 Satichiehall Street. 332 0755. 350- lllfillpltt (doors open 8pm). £5 (£4 ). Glasgow 's newest regular laughter /one. with iuan-ahout-the- coiiiedy~circuit l‘retl MacAtilay as resident coiiipere. and a fresh supply ol‘ tip-and-coming local comics e\ ery fortnight.

W Edinburgh

I The Stand (ioltllc Den. (‘llt'lslte'x \VLWI Port, lnl‘ortiiation 663 4467. S_,‘s()piii lain (show runs 0.30 I l.3()pitii H (U). Stand-tips John (iillick and Andrew Walker. excellent comic poet \'i\ (iee and compere l‘rankie Boyle spread joy and laughter at tonight's edition of the small htit perl'ectlyvl'oi'ined weekly comedy cltih. l’ltis open spots.

I The Full Monty Wilkit- House. In.“ (‘owgattx 335 3035. 9pm til late, £7 (inc hooking lee). Is" it a comedy cliih.’ ls ll a gtg'.’ Is it a house cltih'.’ Hey it‘s all three rolled into one. Back l'oi their thud hig night. The I‘ii/l .llmiti' present a hill that

mayfest at

the old athenaeum 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow

Hull Truck Theatre Co.


7-11 May 7.30pm (27/25)

SYT Productions

Beauty and the Beast

17-25 May (except Sunday) 7pm (ES/£3)


24/25 May 9.30pm £8l£5

box office: 0141 332 2333

kicks ttl~ with L‘ttll 'l‘V .sel'te\ liltr' lily! S/iuii \ Simon Day. inoyes iii to a h\ e set from local ia/Iy t’unksters (irom e Tunnel. and works tip to a sweaty down with DJ ('olin (‘ook l'i‘oni Horny .\lonke_\. Now that's entertainment

MONDAY 29 Edinburgh

. Bed The .-\lllL‘. l.C:.'L‘lltl\. 7i (iiiwgttlt‘. .\‘. 10pm Kain (doors open Spin). (’all 667 l 173 l'or hooking inl'oriiiation. See Mon

Central I Elaine With Attitude ('tinil‘ernatiltl

'l'heati‘e. Kildruiii. (‘uuihernauld (ll: lo 73385" 7~l5piii U? i Lit lt's checi‘io to string \ests and cans of Special and hello to 70s lashion. sliiniiiing. childhiith and l)oiis Day as lzlaine (‘ Smith .ika .\li‘s Rah (7 Sites (’uiiihei‘natiltl a sneak preyiew other new .\lay lest show, See leature.



I Stand-up Night 'I .ipstcis. ('oinei ot

l'.;t\'. (.l‘t\\\t‘.lti\t‘\‘-.t.\ ;tlltl lltMtlL'l‘. Sllt‘t‘l.

Info: 667 (BBS. S.3()pm--late. £3. New open mike spot for local wannahes.


I Velvet Rooms 520 Satichiehall Street. 333 0755. S..‘\(lr-l()..‘\(lplll (doors open Spin). {5(1'4). See Wed 24.

I Elaine With Attitude ()ld l5i'uitmarket. Alhiou Street. Ticket (‘entre: 287 55 l l. .\l;iyt‘est ticket hotline: 337 5000.7..‘sllpm. £10 (£5 ). lilaine (‘ Smith kicks off her .‘slayl'est proper i'tin. See Mon 2‘) and feature.

THURSDAY 2 Edinburgh

I The Stand (‘omic Den. ("hristie's. West Port lnl'ormation 663 .1467. S.3()pm--lani (show runs 0 l 1.30pm) £4 (£3). Tonight's guests at the packed~to-the-ral‘ters weekly comedy cltih: stand-up talents Mick l’arkiii. .laiues l)oiilan and Reg Anderson. with coiiiic poet \’iy (ice making her dehtit as compere. l’lus open spots.

Gentral I Geraldine Mcllulty/lynn Fergurson

(‘tiuihernauld Theatre. Kildrum. (’tunhernauld. ()l 236 732887. 7.45pm. £5 (£3.50). The last laugh goes to the girls in one of the final dates ol' (iildetl Balloon l’roductioiis‘ spring tour. l-ringe l‘)‘)5 ltit (Berry .\lc.\'ulty is 'li'n ll'unieu In .-\ ()ne firm/t S/ruu iiieet Maggie. customer sery ice hitch ol' the decade. and Betty Buchanan with the had hair day from hell. Second-up is l.ynn l‘ergtison giying it l/i'urt .Ilm/ Sole in her hilarious tale of a woman loying tuiwisely.


I Elaine With Attitude ()ld l"rtiituiarket. -\lhiou Street. Ticket ('entre: 1S7 55l I. \la} lesl ticket hotline: 337 5000. 7,3llpltl. | L l() i L5 ). lilaine (‘ Smith kicks her


A bloomin’ good night out.

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