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I WHAT A FEELING Festival Theatre, 13—29 Nicolson Street, 529 6000. Wed 1—Sat 4 May. 8pm; Sat mat 4pm. £4.50-l214.50. Pre-teen Neighbours tans who worship at the altar of the suntanned, smouldering Marco Alessi (Felice Arena) will be delighted to learn their Aussie idol is touching down in Scotland tor tour nights of starry-eyed showbiz glitz in a new musical stage show What/l Feeling, also starring one-hit wonder popster Sonia and one-time Fame star Irene Cara. The show takes its musical cue lrom Fame and includes a host of body-jacking numbers from the 805 smash-hit lilm and TV series, as well as songs from Grease. Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Footloose and Flashdance. You young things won’t remember the tunes from tirst time round. but ask your mum/big sister and they’ll recite the words to each and

Rain or shine, our at-a-glance guide will see you through. Events are listed under outdoors or indoors columns, and then divided by city. Kids listings compiled by Ellie Carr.


Activities And Fun I Fun, Frolics And Cratty Capers [inn

I’ark. Mansion House. Stilt Zl .-\pr. 3pm. l‘ree. For more int'ortiiation call the countryside rangers on (ll-ll ()37 ll~l7. Book hy Sat l3 Apr. Ages 5 I: ‘must he accompanied by an adult l, Spring into action lor an alternoon of outdoor (tin and



Activities And Fun

I Back To School Scotland Street School. Museum ()t~ liducation. 225 Scotland Street. 42*) IZOD. l'ntil Sat 2t) Apr. 2pm; Sun 2| Apr. 3.30pm. L l. (‘hildren under 8 years of age must he ztcc‘ontpattied by an adult. Actress Lesley Robertson hecomes Victorian teacher Miss Baxter in this

special Iiaster holiday hack-to-school as- it-tisetl-ttrhe experience. Be prepared to participate.


I Saturday Puppet Shows Scottish Mask and Puppet 'I‘heatre. 8- l() Balcarres Ayenue. Kely'indale. 33‘) ()lh‘5. 2pm. £3 (£2).

The Adventures Of Peter Rabbit Sat 20 Apr. Ages 4 - 3. Regular SMI’T \ isitor Ian 'l'urhitt returns with his all-puppet yersion ol‘ the much loyed Beatrix Potter story. Indian Tales Sat 27 Apr. Ages 5'— l2. local puppeteers (‘lydehuilt with two mystery-tilled North American Indian tales: How [Ii/It’ Rilt'r'lt /"I'('t’(/ Ill/It' .llrmll and The ‘lltum/i'rer.

I Never Ending Story (‘onier Theatre. llyndland Street. 357 .‘yh'oS. Stilt 28 Apr. Rpm llrom 3pm on streets). L11 (£3.50). Aerosol artist Brian Mullen. DJ Blaze and hreakers from all oyer Scotland join Glasgow’s own street dance posse I’roiekt ll:‘)2 for their tinal platform in the (’ottier's spring programme.

I Grandpa And The Bags 0t Rubbish l’aisley :\t‘ts (.‘entre. New Street. 387 ltlltl. Sat 20 .-\pt. lpm. L3 (Ll i. find out why sortleone's chucking plastic bags oy‘et' (irandpa's wall in Black Box Puppets" lollow-ttp show to (hum/pit 's Quiet [my and (innit/pit 'x’ Iii/tier 'lir/e.

I John Jacob Jingleheimer-Smith Sat 27 :\pt‘. lpm. L3 til l. Ages 3 ts'. liight-year- old John w ill do anything to ayoid the entlxu'rassment of appearing in the school show in this musical comedy from selli- styled \‘on 'l‘rapp l-amily style performers. The Slightly Silly Theatre (‘ompanyz

Activities And Fun

I Mini Botanic Gardens Royal Botanic (iarden. liyhihition Hall. 552 71"l eyt 48y). Sat 3'7 s Sun ZS .-\pr.3 4pm. L'l. l)esign and huild your yet'y own mimature hotanic garden in this lamily' workshop with Rachel Stinlh.


I OUCSI FOI' A Pirate (‘ity .'\lI (‘entte. 3 Market Street. 52‘) 39‘)“. l'uttl Still I: May. Mon/’l‘ue/Sat Want 5, illpttl;

\Ved l-rr Illam Spin; Stilt llam 5pm. £3.50 t Lil: larme ticket L‘), Plunder the (':\(‘ tor this world lill‘sl e\’hihitton ot genuine pirate treasure discoyered l‘y real-lite treasure hunter Barry ('lit'l'oi'd Ill 1033 on the ocean lloor at (‘ape t‘od, ltl,(ltl(l artelacts will he on display. w ith the centre's gallery traiist‘ormed into a pirate ship that will shiyer Visitor’s timheis hy talying them hack in time to the ‘golden age~ ol piracy

I Captain Pugwash Museum ()2' ('hildhood. High Street. 53‘) 4‘)t)l. l'nttl Sat l3 May. .\lon Sat 10am—5pm. I‘ree. lirom pirates on the ocean wayes to pirates on 'I'\'. as the original artwork of cartoonist John Ryan. creator of the popular teley ision series and hooks centred round the exploits of the tith- shaped. original grxttee-sporting ('aptain Pugwash.


I What A Feeling l'es'tiy al 'I‘lteatt’e. 13 ‘2‘) Nicolson Street. 53‘) (MIN). Wed l Sat -1 May. 8pm; Sat mat 4pm. £4.5()-..t.'lsl.5t). See photo-caption.


Activities And Fun

I Animal Magic ('alderglen (‘ountry Park Visitor Centre. Sun 2S Apr. 3pm. l-‘ree. For more information call the countryside rangers on 01355 236644. lt's cuddle-a- reptile day at the Visitor centre. with terrapins. hands and snakes yours to

watch and hold. me: ".

at it. :3 «iii Ljow‘if}

,_ 1's '1 i" ff”, ‘, 1, 7'1, lug; ' “i... C”! 'I1LL.LLkJTZ

I ELECTRIC FULL STOPS (Macmillan £4.99) Three young writers from Edinburgh get the green light this month when their work is published alongside 61 other winners of the 1995 W. R. Smith Young Writers’ Competition in a brand- new book, Electric Full Stops. The three local winners Katie Crace Brown (aged 15), Laura Mclvor (aged 14) and Judith Rideout (aged 16) were chosen by a panel at distinguished judges led by Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, from a staggering 33,000 entries. The results of the 1996 W. H. Smith Young Writers' Competition will be announced in July at this year.

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