A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Jonathan Trew.


I English File: Death Dt A Salesman (BBC 2) Noon l2. ‘stlpm. Arthur Miller has given special permission to BBC liducation for the first British teley isioii prtxluctioii of his seminal play. See preview;

I Esther (BBC 3i 5 5.30pm. listher speaks to a number of prostitutes who explain how and why they got into the (Tein trade. Not all of them are the victims ofcircutiistance perceived to he the norm by the popular imagination.

I Shooting Stars (BBC 3.» (i mopm. Reeves and Moi‘tiiiier torment and liuriiiliate Marlin Cltines. ('ai‘ol \"ot'dermaii and Jan is ('ocker in this repeat showing of the left-field comedy qttil. show.

I T.F.I. Friday (Channel -1) (i -7pm. The ever effervescent (‘liris livaiis introduces another round of II\ e music. celebrity interviews and. he hopes. no swearing. I The Transatlantic Sessions (BBC 7M) b’pm. More top class traditional music from liiiimylotr llai‘ris. Dick (iatighati. the Mc(iai'rigle sisters. :\ly Baiii. .lay l'ngar. Mary Black. liayy Spillane and Capei‘catllie‘s Karen Malliesoii.

I lli-De-Hi! (BBC lih~~t\'.3(lpiii More classic coriiedy capers from the Yellowcoats of Maplin’s lloliday Camp. I 999 (BBC li‘). it) 10.20pm. This eyenitig \‘iewei's are treated to the ho} who stii'y iyed ati eight inch stick piercing his neck. the firemen caught in an e\plosiott and y ideo footage of a hang.- gliding challenge which went wrong.

I Father Ted (Channel AM) in lllpiti. When a militant feminist singer ai'tiyes on the island. Ted is preparing tojudge the annual I.o\ ely (in'ls competition. The question arises as to how his old world charm (sici and the modern women's movement will greet each other

I Have I Got News For You ( BBC 3)

ll) ll),3()ptii. .-\ new series of the satirical current affairs slit)\\ finds .-\ngus l)eayton and laii llislop \tlll.\ Paul Merton who is working on another project for the BBC. Merton esplains that the real reason is (litil he wants to glVL‘ llislop ,i chalice to w iii.

I Roseanne (Channel -Il l() l(i.3()ptii. Dan is torn between job security and iiiega-bucks when he‘s asked to join his friends construction crew it the prison being btiilt on the edge ot town. He turns to Roseanne tor ady ice.

on Flava, PM!)

I The kitsch hit of last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, and returning to the city in July, is Cuban keyboard wizard and sultry songstress Margarita Pracatan. Clive James has long had his twinkly eyes on Pracatan and, alter several satellite exchanges from Manhattan where she has her own show, the Australian smoothie is introducing a lull-length profile of the whacky Cuban as a warm up for a new series of his chat show. Naturally Pracatan will be given a regular slot for her organ-playing.

Clive James Introduces Margarita Pracatan on Wed 24 April at 10.40pm; The Clive James Show begins on Sun 28 April at 10.15pm, both on Scottish.


I Another 48 Hours ( BBC ll

Illlll ll Fllpm. liddie Murphy and .\'ick .\olte team up again for more v. isc cracking and perp-appreheiiding

I Rory Bremner Who Else? (Channel .1; ll). ill ll.l(lpm Bteriirier latiipoons more poor. unfortunate politicians in. ho have ney er done a thing wrong lEl lllt‘ll honest. hard-working lives.

I Eurotrash (Channel 4% Hill | 1.10pm. (iaultiet and des Cannes delye into the Continents iiiurkier regions arid come up v. itli the world's only brothel tester and the Dutch etiuiyalent ol l’amela -\ndersoii oi Tatiana as she's known to her laiis.

I Flava (Channel Jr 11.40pm ll. l5am. The programme that aims to showcase the best of black music gives us Brandy. l..l,_ (‘ool .l. and l)‘.»\tigelo.


I Correspondent ( BBC 2i T30 snSpm. The BBC's Moscow ciii'i'espoiident. Rob l’arsons. discoyers a generation of young people being draw ll into the seedy Moscow underworld III a desperate effort I Cutting Edge (Channel S 0pm .-\ new eight-week season showing some ol the best pi‘ogi'aiiiiiies that Channel l'(itll"\ tlagsliip documentary has to otter This time the prograiiiriie focuses on road accidents and asks how many oi them are prey eritahle. I Der The Dead Donkey (Channel .1) ll) Ill.3()piii. Personal and professional life become iritertw med when .-\le\ discovers her es-liiisharid is itiyoly ed It] a major scandal. I FX2 The Deadly Art Di Illusion (Scottish.I ltl.()5piii- I2 (i5am_ Brian l)erinehy reprises the role ol the special effects espeit who uses his unique skills to capture haddies. More gimmick than plot but entertaining enough. I The Girl Club (Channel 4] l Ill..1(i~l 1.20pm. Journalist Reggie Nadelson goes inside the girl clubs where

men pay tip to Sltititl to see women strip doyy n their hall gowns and dance. The rule is strictly look but don't touch so what's the attraction. he asks.

I Court TV: The Case Of Patricia Krenwinkel « BBC 2. ll ‘dlpm »- i 2.:(iam. ls'reiiw iiikel was one of the Manson family who ritually slaughtered actress Sharon Tate w hile she w as eight months pregnant. along with sis other people. She's tip for parole htit llite‘s sister has a role lll swaying the parole hoard one way (it the (tiller.


I Carry On Up The Jungle (Scottish)

‘3. l 5 3.40pm. The regular team of snickerers. flUITthL‘l‘s and bottom- (‘ilicliel‘s reconvene Tor some steamy ,lungle frolics. Naturally. or not. more likely. they encounter headhunters. a iiiateless. all-girl tribe and a sex-cra/ed gorilla.

I Triumph Di The Nerds (Channel 4i

7 8pm. Sell-confessed former nerd. Bob Cringely tells the unlikely story of how Bill (iates a 34-year-old nerd who didn't wash his hair rose to control one of the most important industries in the world. I Hamish Macbeth (BBC i l

7.30 b.3(lprii. \Vrackcd \y itli guilt arid grief Macbeth takes himself off to a remote island intending never to return. l'iil‘oi'tunatcly for his plans of solitude he humps into an elderly lady who has her foot on an tliies‘plodcd landmine.

I A History Of British Art ( BBC 2)

‘stl 3 30pm. Start of a major six-part series that attempts to present a coiiipi'eheiisiyc history of British art.

I Doctor Finlay ( Scottish) 7.3a s.3()piii. When Dr limlay takes a walking holiday iii the Highlands. his break turns out to be rather more passionate than he had espected.

I Encounters: Plague Doctors (Channel Jr 8 9pm. This film documents the outbreak of the libola virus which ravaged

Zaire last year and sparked a media-led panic iii Europe. The cameras follow- doctors and scientists as they try desparately to contain the contagion and bury the dead to stop the spread of the outbreak.

I Birds Dt Death (Channel 4) 9—I()pm. A history of how the fledgeling RAF bombed far outposts of the former Empire as a cheap means of discouraging dissent. Makes you proud to be British. eh‘.’

I Mona lisa (Channel 4) ltl—l 1.55pm. Bob Iloskins stars as a stiiall-time crook just out of the clink who is reduced to working as minder fora high class call girl in this Neil Jordan filrii.

I Don’t look Down (Scottish)

l l.l5piii— l 2.15am. The Herald's arts editor. Keith Bruce. presents this Scottish arts programme. Under the heady eye of the camera tonight are the works of the Scottish poet Edwin Morgan. a review of the Toronto tour of Traverse's limit/tigers. a look at some Glasgow record companies and a retrospective of the work of Artierican avant~garde filmmaker Mike Kuchar.


I The Search For The Silver Arrow (BBC 2) 8—9pm. ()nly fourteen l‘)3‘) Mercedes Silver Arrows were built. When a millionaire businessman was offered the chance to buy one for $2 million he leapt at the chance and promptly found himself $2 million dollars lighter and car-less. This 72),) (It’ttl' special looks til the legacy of the car as a symbol of the supremacy of Nazi Germany and attempts to find otit who's got the businessiiiaii's car and his loot.

I The Greatest (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. l.ester l’iggot has his crack at being Britain's greatest sporting figure of the 20th century.

I Near Dark (Channel 4) l()—l l.45pni. Kathryn Bigelow directed this compelling update on the vampire story. Gritty. disturbing and touching. this is reckoned by many to be the zenith of Bigelow's

I Film ’96 (BBC 2) to. to l().-I()pm. Barry Norman says ‘And why not." to ('upveut. [fin/cutie and Ric/turd Ill.


I The Technophobe’s Guide To The Future (BBC 3) 7.30 3pm. More instructions iii how to survive the technological revolution and stay sane at the same time.

I Classic Trucks (Channel 4) 8—8.3tlpm. Back in 1896. trucks were ueg and clumsy btit ambition and the growing pace of industrialisation saw design change them to things of beauty iii the eyes of enthusiasts. The death of steam power in favour of diesel still causes ai'guiiieiits today as passionate truckers g0 dewy-eyed at their thought of their lost heritage.

I The Cook Report (Scottish) 8. 8.30pm. Roger Cook and his team return to doorstep more crooks and conmen. ln

Bob Rosklns and Cathy Tyson in Mona llsa, Sun 21

The List I‘) Apr-2 May l9‘)6 85