The evidence re-examlned In Unabomber, Thurs 25 (see preview)

this. the thirteenth series. they travel the world to expose the trade in people. live with the homeless to expose greedy landlords and uncover the secrets of a booming import/export business.

I Floyd 0n Airica (BBC 2) 8.30—9pm. Keith Floyd embarks on a culinary safari of Southern Africa. Needless to say. the hot sun soon works tip a thirst in the man. I Not Fade Away (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Buddy Holly‘s squeaky clean image may not have been the absolute truth according to this Wit/rout Walls documentary.

I Men Behaving Badly (BBC t) 9.35—10.05pm. Gary and Tony continue to exemplify everything that makes the New Lad Movement rather embarrassing.

I And The Beat Goes On (Channel 4) 10—1 l.05pm. The Scouse drama continues with an affair and an improvement iii health for Connie.

I Cardiac Arrest (BBC I ) 10.05—l0.35pm. Another hectic and stressful day in the operating theatre.

I Nicky Campbell (BBC l)

IO.35—l l.05pm. Campbell chats to Uri Geller and Donna MacPhail while Gloria Gaynor sings. Aptly enough. given her recent car crash. her choice of songs includes ‘1 Will Survive‘.

I Edward 0n Edward (Scottish)

10.45-1 1.45pm. Edward Windsor raids his mum‘s personal letter archives to look into the life of his great-uncle King Edward VIII who shocked society by abdicating for the love of Wallis Simpson. I Big Mouth (Channel 4) 11.35pm—12.40am. Tony Parsons stirs up another hornets' nest just for the sheer bloody-minded thrill of it.


I Get It On (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Carol Smillie presents this new fashion show which takes a peek at Emma Forbes‘s wardrobe. investigates the key trends of London Fashion week and previews this year‘s summer fashions.

I Rocky V (Scottish) 8—10pm. Get this: Rocky returns from Russia to discover that his accountant has lost all his money. he can't fight again and he‘s brain- damaged. Needless to say his injuries don’t prevent him from climbing into the ring for one final time. Again.

I Lonely Planet (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Ian Wright heads to the American Rockies where he meets some real-life cowboys and indians before Chowing down on Rocky Mountain Oysters which are also known as bulls bollocks.

I Modern Times: Streetwise (BBC 2) 9—9.50pm. It takes at least two years to become a London cabbie. This programme looks at the tests of knowledge. endurance and temperament which potential cabbies are put through before they earn their coveted green badge.

I Clive James Introduces Margarita Pracatan (Scottish) 10.40—1 l.lSpin. The cameras follow the flamboyant Pracatan's debut at the Edinburgh Festival as she bowls over the audience with her boa and Yamaha skills.

I Cheers (Channel 4) lI.30pni-midnight. Sam and Diane are invited to dinner by Frasier and his new girlfriend. Btit they soon find themselves refereeing a verbal battle between their hosts.


I Secrets or The Paranormal: Bending Footballs (BBC 2) 8--8.30pm. Geller attempts to claim that his psychic powers influenced Reading football team.

I Top Gear (BBC 2) 8.30—9pm. The intensely irritating Jeremy Clarkson takes the wheel of some unusual supercars.

I Witness: Unabomber (Channel 4)

‘)— 10pm. Three weeks after the arrest ()f Theodore Kacszynski. believed to be ‘The Unaboniber'. this programme presents an iii-depth profile ()f the man who is thought to have killed three people and maimed seventeen others. The publication of his 35.000 word anti-technology manifesto contributed to his cult status among ecological radicals.

I Heputations (BBC 2) ‘)—|()pm. From the St Valentine's Day Massacre to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. career gangster Sam (iiancana has had his blood-sticky paws involved at some level. Giancana came closer than any other gangster in history to the deepest secrets ()f government. The Cl.-\ asked him to murder Fidel Castro.

I Absolutely Fabulous (BBC l )

9.30- 10pm. When Patsy finds herself embroiled in a front-page tabloid sex scandal an argument arises as to whether or not the scandals ()f today are more exciting than those (it yesteryear.

I Johnny Handsome (Scottish)

I l.55piii--I.35am. Mickey Rourke and Ellen Barkin star in this tale (if robbery. revenge and plastic surgery.


I Death Of A Salesman (BBC 2) noon—12.30pm. Part two of Arthur Miller's tiiost widely known work. See preview.

I Shooting Stars (BBC 2) (i--()..‘~()pn). Re- run of the Reeves and Mortimer celebrity quiz show.

I Til. Friday (Channel 4) ()--7pm. The world's first professional ginger unveils more celebrity chit-chat and band shenanigans.

I The Transatlantic Sessions (BBC 2) 7.30—8pm. Mark O'Connor plays ‘Cat In The Bag' on his treasured white fiddle; Capercaillie's Karen Matheson sings ‘Canan nan Gaidheal'. and Davy Spillane demonstrates why his pipe-playing skills are so famous. The American contribution to the programme comes iii the form of Iris DeMent singing ‘()tir Toth with Emmylou Harris.

I Soldier, Soldier (Scottish) 9m 1 0pm. The officers are faced with the task of rebuilding morale after a death in the company.

I Father Ted (Channel 4) 9.30-I0pm. In a spot of appropriately seasonal programming the three ecclesiastical misfits decide to forsake something for Lent. Ted opts for the chokers. Jack foolishly goes for the booze and Dotigal hangs up his rollei'blades. Needless to say. resisting temptation was never their forte. I 999 (BBC l) 9.30—10pm. Another slice of real life drama as reconstructed by the emergency services.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) l0— l0.30pni. Dan leaves hisjob. looking forward to a long holiday and the sensible investment of his pension cheque. The rest of the family want to invest the loot in a trip to Disneyland.

I Have I Got News For You (BBC 2) l()—l0.30pm. Janet Street-Porter joins

Ilislop and Deayton to savage all connected with the week's newspaper stories.

I Rory Bremner Who Else (Channel 4) l0.30-l l.l0pm. Bremner gives his own slant on current affairs. much to the chagrin ()f assorted celebs. politicians and. ofcourse. our beloved royal family.

I National Lampoon’s Vacation (Scottish) 10.30pm-I2.2(lam. Chevy Chase takes his family on holiday to California and ends tip becoming embroiled it) all manner of unwitting scrapes and goofball bungles.

I Eurotrash (Channel 4) ll.l07-l I.-l(lptli. ()tir intrepid presenters venture where others wouldn't bother to tread. I-ollowing the maxim that television should inform. educate and entertain. tonight‘s- half hour of filth focuses oi) l.oIo I‘t‘i‘l'ill‘i. proud possessor of the biggest breasts in liui'ope. allegedly.

I Flava (Channel 4) I l.~1()pni II. I 5am. Black music comes into its own on this dedicated showcase.


I Cutting Edge (Channel 4) S 7 0pm. .>\ii emotional documentary which follows seven British mothers to Africa w'lteie they hope to be briefly reunited with their abducted children.

I Parents (Channel 4)

l0.30pm— l 2.05am. Bob Balaban's stylish satirical black comedy is set in Indiana in WSS where a yotmg boy discovers the grisly secret behind the perfect facade created by his parents.

I You AHC Nothing Yet (Channel .1) I2.05— I .05am. To celebrate the third anniversary of Freedom Day in South Africa. Channel 4 presents this one hour special featuring a live performance by the satirist atid Jewish-Afrikaner. I’ieter- Dirk llys. No quarter given or expected.


I Babylon 5 (Channel 4) ()05 7pm. life aboard the space statioi) throws tip its habitual series of disasters. close misses and nerve-shredding incidents.

I Triumph Of The Nerds (Channel .1)

7 -(\’pm. Bob Cringely explains how. in the personal computerbusiness. coining tip w ith a brilliant invention doesn't necessarily guarantee big bucks atid world domination with particular reference to Macintosh.

I Doctor Finlay (Scottish) 73o 8.30pm. The good doctor docs battle w ill) the scenery to see who will steal the show

I A History DI British Art (BBC 2) 7.30-8.20pm. Second of a major six-part series that attempts to present a comprehensive lustory of British art.

I Hamish Macbeth (BBC l ) 7.30—8.20pm. The Highland bobby continues to plod the beat in this light- hearted drama.

I Apocalypse New (Channel 4 i

‘)-—I I50pnt. Francis Ford Coppola's epic portrayal of the American experience of Vietnam which has been dissected. examined and analysed to the point whereby if you haven‘t even seen the film you will still know the story inside otit. I The Knock (Scottish) ‘)— I 0pm. New series for the Customs officers hit squad. I The Clive James Show (Scottish) 10.15—I lptii. Another dollop ()f wit and wisdom front the urbane critic.

I Don’t Look Down (Scottish)

I lpin—niidnight. The Scottish arts and entertainment scene has a cerebral eye cast over it.


I An Inspector Calls (Channel 4) 9.30-l0pm. [Every year. fare dodgers deprive London Underground's coffers of an estimated twenty million pounds. This fly-on-the-Iapel documentary follows two ticket inspectors as they aiitl a team of transport police crack down on the notorious Ilanimersmith and City I.ine.

I Karaoke (Channel -I) I0- I l.05pm. Repeat of the first part (if Dennis Potter's drama which was shown oti BBC I last night. See preview.

I Beyond Love (Channel 4)

I I.05pin- I205am. .-\ disturbing examination of the activities people will indulge iii to get their sexual kicks. .-\pparently more than 50 people die each year in Britain from autoerotic asphyxiation (i flf Steven Milligan.

I The Cook Report (Scottish) ssn ‘Jplli. Roger Cook (looi'steps more villains and confronts them w ill) their wrongaloings. .\l()sl HI lllC time [he liittltltes st‘t‘lll remarkany unconcerned btit occasionally IIlC ‘.'l(“.\'t‘t' ls ll't‘alt‘tl It) [Iit‘ sight of ( .Utlts being pursued .ony n the road by a heavy bent on ripping him limb froin limb.

I Cardiac Arrest (BBC I) l() I030pn) The ptihlios appetite for hospital dratna continues unabated.

I And The Beat Goes On (Channel 4)

l0 ll.05pm. The saga of the Spencer and ()‘Rourke families lll l‘)()0 Liverpool reaches its penultimate episode

I The Nicky Campbell Show (BBC I)

I0. ‘5 I l.lflpm. The local boy made good has a bletlier will) a clutch of celebs.

I Chartbite (Scottish) 5. I0 5:10pm. The movers attd shakers of the Scottish charts get their fifteen seconds of fame.

I Sharpe (Scottish) .\' 10pm. lleart-throb Sean Bean makes a comeback as a dashing. if mildly dishonourable. soldier. I Lonely Planet (Channel .1) 8.30 -‘)ptii. .Iustine Shapiro takes the same route as many of her contempt)i’ai‘ies and heads for India. where. among other things. she has a vegetable tIiaIi III a restaurant along with {IIIHIIIII ()Illt‘l' l-tllb.

I er (Channel I) It) I lpm. It‘s the busiest night ever in the emergency room aiid (iieene is forced to work oveinight for the fouitli night in a row.

I Cheers (Channel .1) I l..i0pm midnight. When a marriage guidance counsellor friend of I’rasier's turns tip at the bar. Diane pesters him to give an opinion on the chances of her and Sam's marriage.


I Hollywood Pets (Scottish) sfsn Uplli. Anyone who saw any of the prev ious piogt'aniiiies about Hollywood men. women and kids will know what stomach- churnmg ostentation to C\[‘t'CI from this show.

I The Real Holiday Show (Channel -1) 3.30 9pm, (iaby Roslin follows the adventures of two gay friends in Holland. .Iot) and Irene claim to have ioined the Mile Iligh Club en route to visiting friends III New ()rleans who have inst

opened a new casino and let) year-old James I)av is conspiies to have his hair dyed green front a dip in a sw iiimnng pool iii Corfu.

The horror. the horror: Marlon Brando wigs out in Apocalypse Now on Sun 28

85 The List 19 Apr-2 May I996