Central College is pleased to announce the following six-week Saturday morning classes. beginning 27th April.

Holiday Languages (French. German. ltalian. Spanish, Portuguese)

English as a Second Language

Intro to Basic Bookkeeping usmg a Manual and Computerised System

Intro to Word for Windows Intro to Excel

lntro to Busmess Micros

Art and Architecture in Glasgow Looking Good. Feeling Good Life Drawing

Intro to CAD

Art and Antiques Appreciation

Children's Activities. including Football Coaching (7- | 2 year olds). Athletics and Short Tennis


For further details call Information/Admissions Unit.

300 Cathedral Street, Glasgow GI 2TA Tel:0|4l-552 394| (Office Hours)

2': rel;7 Steled (limit, (minimized to offe'iiig quality

Higher and Further éduration oppwtuiuties to all



Beginners to advanced courses all year round in Barcelona, Malaga and

Granada. Two weeks from £280, including accommodation and cultural activities. Details from Kath Bateman, Caledonia Language Courses. Tel/Fax 0131 558 7118

LEARN T0 READ TAROT Develop psychic powers. Experienced tutor. Regular classes. Postal readings also available. For details phone 0141 632 6054/8515.

AR' CLASSES 'l‘hursdays. Stockhi'idge. l8 April. (i June. afternoon. evening. Painting. drawing from life. still life. landscape. Suits all levels and portfolio preparation.

Phone Demetra Browning on 0131 229 0400 or 0131 225 1289.


I Cello and piano tuition hy experienced. friendly. professional teacher and performer. Children and adult beginners. re-leai'ners and advanced students all welcome. Creative. fun and supportive learning. Tel 013! 551 45%|.

BE 000L Develop your creativity by learning guitar at The lidinhurgh (itiitar Studio. Satisfaction and results guaranteed.

Bookings: 0131 557 3215.

I Learn to be happy change your thoughts »- change your life. Personal development through positive thinking. Louise Hay workshops 27/28 April: lI/12 May: 8/") lune and regularly. livening classes also availahle. Phone ()l3l .‘wlS 3.533.

SPANISH/PORTUGUESE & TEFL graduate. Qualified Tlill teacher (ii'aiiiiiiar. conversation. all le\els \selcoiiie.

Call 0141 552 5588.

FEE: £25

Charles Oakley Building.

I Lite changes Lost your partner‘.’ Kids left home'.’ Starting college'.’ Learn to make sense of life's changes and realise your potential for growth through change. Tl‘tlllx‘llltilis workshop. 35/26 May. Phone ()13l315 3532.

onrssz 2532 (24 hours)


FRENCH-SPANISH lisperienced native Hench teacher. qualified in Lyon and Barcelona. (ii'ammai'. conversation. practical French and Spanish.

Call Lionel on 0131 557 0735.

I Saxophone tuition for beginners of all ages hy- professional performer and teacher. Relaxed but stimulating musical guidance. Telephone ()13 l 346-1088.

I Audition coaching for drama schools and theatre companies. Professional director w ill guide through audition techniques and speeches to improve your chances. Beginners or professionals. Tel OH] 423 .5722.

SPANISH/PORTUGUESE 8i TEFL graduate. Qualified Tlil‘l. teacher. (ii'ammai'. conversation. all levels welcome.

Call 0141 552 5588.

I Flute lessons tispci-ieneett and successful teacher of all levels from beginner to advanced player. RSAMI) and R.\'(’.\l trained. Contact Ruth Morley BA PGRNCM. Tel (ll-II 333 0828.

SPANISH TUITION by native Spanish speaker. Creative learning for all levels. (ii'oups and individuals.

Contact 0141 3321479.

G A R A G E 'l‘IIEA'l‘lUL‘ at grindlay court Fringe Venue seeks shows. Childrens shows/experimental theatre preferred. Good site, facilities & rates.

For prospectus contact Jon or Martin on 0973 963301.

oAiicE cusses 1W

I Dance classes .ltltttor and adult. Latin. iii/I. street dance. rhythm. tap. ianercise. At various venues in (ilasgow. Beginners welcome at all classes. (‘all Karen l’asi for tiiiietahle/details. (MM 3 W

4 ll)?»

I came The eiieigelic. stylish form of modern iive li'om l‘i'ance. 45 minutes heginiiers class followed by dancing to ll)..‘\(lpiii. Reggae. (‘liai'ts Latin. Iilttes. Soul, Rock ill. Roll. licensed hat. t'otiie along alone

I Latin American dance classes. Ss'tilll\il IitlIIt‘l. llli \Vt‘sl Princes Street Beginners 'l'ue

'7 Rillptii. til/L i. l evel L’i Thurs Kl) S..‘s(lpiii. L VLZ.

l ui'tliei‘ details. Brian Ross 0141

t 33.10827. or vs III) par'ner Doors open at i

7.|5pm. Beginners class at .

7.15...” I Latin dance class L'lllllI‘lt'l. In Glasgow: Tuesdays at The i iiiei'engue. ramha. samha. salsa Pla/a Ballroom. ligliiiton 'l'oll ' l‘s‘glllltt‘l\‘ “ClCUIt‘iL‘

(“cur Hi'idgy Street i'I‘iilll'xtItlks Nuillplll. l'ndei'grotindi. Thursdays at ' -'\sl'~‘l&l‘~<ls‘-\-309341015015‘1. Tm\‘L-mwXigiyt1i(‘li;hvil’f.; (ilasgovs ((illt'sl llotist Sullk'hlghuil Stand-t t‘llll'altt't‘l. Li [‘t‘l clitss \Ial'll/tl In Edinburgh: Mommy I\)iliIl'l}Yllt‘/Il)IslI Ml (H U. \Vediiesdtos at Monty llouse. Karen Past (ll-ll ‘1‘) ll‘li.

37 lli~l‘.iood Road. I'llllilt‘l

(It‘latls i'ioin o: {33. hi : jot). , E:

MOVING 0N. OUT OR IN? I et me transport you in my . chariot. Small moves. single I items; professional. friendly

set vice: good prices. I’hone

Gordon on 0131 3321904.

CUSTOM 5. TRA . y 52 \lOt‘POSE'Z’silCE «OFF .CllDON Rein: BI'lEJRGt 3+7 SDL 03652-2003


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