v Attractive, Edinburgh gay guy 34. slim. cropped. intelligent. personable. Aquariaii. seeks rooted. handsome. open- minded. Edinburgh-based boy. 26—30. not tall. for friendship. love-iiiaking and the possibility of a future together. No ‘straight-acting‘ or political types. please. Photo/phone appreciated. Box No 277/54.

v Edinburgh professional Oriental male. ~10. honest. affectionate and caring. seeks personable. sincere and reliable male to weather Scotland's inhospitable climate together. Box No 277/55.

V Glasgow, discreet feminine professional woman. 30. enjoys life to full. with good food. wine. travel. art. music. sport and laughter. seeks similar. All replies answered. Photo appreciated. Box No 277/56.

V Gay girl wanted by gay gtiy. Glasgow. 30. professional. down-to-earth. lirty-type interests. for friendship. Bo\ .\'o 277/57.

v Edinburgh, professional gay male. 3 l. n/s. s/a. seeks similar male (3040). Interests: hillwalking. fitness. outdoor. cinema. I‘m interested in learning Spanish. No camp or time wasters. Boy .\'o 277/58.

v Edinburgh gay male (34) professional. fit. intelligent. seeks a ctiiiiplemeiitai'y. contemporary for cuddles. companionship and considerably more. Box No 277/59.

v Warm-hearted Glasgow gay guy (~10s) tall. slim. honest. sensitive. spiritual. easy-going. seeks similar for friendship. relationship arid theatre. cinema. classical music. cats. countryside. food. Non-smoker. Box No 277/60.

v Gay female, mid 20$ feminine. bright. easy-going. enjoys films. theatre. clubs. drinking. sleeping. ja//. Weller etc. Seeks attractive girly for lllL‘t'l'illiL‘llI. perhaps more (lidinburgh/(ilasgow areal. Photo appreciated. Al..-\. Box No 277/6 l.

V Gay guy, Glasgow handsome. 29. professional. seeks s/a. non- scene man for friendship. leading to romance. I enjoy sports. music. movies. theatre. nights iii/out. travelling. Photo appreciated. Box No 277/62.

V Glasgow area Guy. young- looking .10. seeks slim. younger guy for companionship and good times. Looks unimportant btit daftness and likitig for sci-fi. animals and arty things aii advantage. Write! Ros .\'o 277/6 ‘s.

v Very attractive, s/a, n/s Glasgow non-smoking. professional (5| ) seeks got )[I- looking. discreet. genuine guy of similar age to share good times. Look‘ personality and integrity important. Photo please. Discretion assured. Box No 277/64.

V Glasgow male (36) with a lot to offer. seeks an attractive. genuine. fun-loving. decent guy. who enjoys life. music. sport (I’teiinisl cinema. with a view to friendship - maybe more who knows?! Box No 277/65.


V I saw you Vincent in Blue Moon. Joy and Orange. I was taken by the way you dance. Would you like to meet and tell me your secret? Say yes. Love your striped trousers. Box No U/276/l 9.

V I saw you lidinburgh ceilidh. March 30th. You: Koiistantine. (iermaii studying iii Glasgow. We were to go to a party. I lost you. Would you please have dinner with me? Box No lb’277/l.

9 I saw you on tlte 7.20 Glasgow lidinburgh btis every morning. Sittall silver rucksack. (‘an you speak iii the mornings"? I'm intrigued by yoti. Fancy a chat on the back seat? Box No [f/277/2.

v I saw you Andy. Silt/(ah March at lMS Job Review Workshop. later l.eith Walk. You big Manchester lad. very handsome. Me small. dark. Fiona. Karen gave you my number. Please use it? Box No [7277/3.

V I saw you guy with dark hair and beard in Tlte l.ast l)rop on Saturday 30/3/96. Was it my long blonde hair you were staring at as you came otit of the loos? Box Nob/27761.

V I saw you late l.yceum. trainspotted on high btit sweet with or without bon boit. l.ike to see you again. like the lemon flavour. Box No [.’/277/5.

V I saw you behind the bar in the Bailie. 3 l/3/96. Dark bob. divine eyes. You had five minutes in which to ask me out. That wasn’t counting injury time. Please love me! Box No [7277/6.

V I saw you Gordon reading The [7.” thinking you had an admirer. Obviously it was its correct? S and R. Box No [7277/7.

V I saw you Claire. vet student litlinburglt. at Junction Bar. 2S/3/96. We spoke for a while then you left. lf you t'eiiieiiiber. phone Andrew. Hos .'\'o [7277/8 V I saw you in my dreams. walked hand in hand through meadow on a summer's day. You: female. ('anadian. long fair-iin hair. check shirt. jeans. Me: 36. relatively non-boring. slim. likes cinema. Box No [7277/9.

V I saw you pittk shirt. faded deninis. Swinton. April Fool‘s Day. Me blue jacket. black jeans. Yoti were buying insurance. I was waiting. l-Iyes met? I'm no fool. l.et's meet. BM No l"/277/l(l.

V I saw you lst April. outside shops in Alexandra Parade. 3.45pm. Yoti: long hair. green eyes. brown jacket. Me: navy cricket jumper. brown hair (short). l.et‘s meet? Box No ['/277/l l.

V You saw me Baiiii‘s Monday 25/3/96. You ate burger. l radiated heat. Were you just looking at my sunburn when ottr eyes met? Can we meet? Hos No U/277/l 2.

V I saw you all of you on Sun 7. You left disturbed my poetic phantom. When will I see you again. because I know you will be track l9 of that special (Tl). Yours the v irginal one! Box No [7277/13.

V I saw you Todd at taste. 7/4/96. Are you gay? I would love to meet yoti. Maybe nest time I‘ll move closer. Your smile kills me. Box No [l/277/l-l.

O I saw you in (‘oiiiet-s. Good Friday and in The Chip at New Year. You. dark haired. attractive and in advertising. Me. l.ondon-based and tongue- tied. Get itt touch? Box No [3/277/l 5.

V I saw you I sat with you. Queen Street to llaymarket and your "l'rail‘ magazine at 6.30pm. Wed 5 April. You with longest. darkest hair. I was your neighbour. How about coffee/ctiiiversation? Box No [7277/16.

9 I saw you Good Friday. 5.45pm. liruntsfield. Yoti: long. dark hair. tallish. slender and gorgeous. shopping for vegetables. laughing with iiewsagent about coffee and Twix. Me: bewitclied bloke with rucksack ftill of shopping. Wish l'd said ‘lli‘. l.et me buy you coffee and a Twis just to hear you laugh again. Hos ;\'o [7/277/l 7.

V I saw you Alan from Weymss Bay. We spoke in (‘("s. You have my number. I said I could change things. You should get in touclt. Box No [.1/277/lS.

V I saw you and you saw me. 550pm ish. Sat 30/5 in Waterstone’s tlten HMY and towards West Iind Princes Street. You. dark jacket. jeans. short brown hair. Me. blue

jacket. beige trousers. I wish

we'd spoken. Box No [7277/l9.

O I saw you (‘atrn llotcl Cai'rbridge/Ptariiiigaii T-liar. ('airtigoi'tti. liaster. You said I held glass like lleriot Watt football team! Like to tell me more about siitiwboarding'.’ Box No [7277/20.

V I saw you at Mt cinema. (‘lydebank. 6/4/96. speaking to Martin the Illitllltgc‘l‘. Me. Helena. lots of make tip. Did you fancy itie or was it hint? lf me. I'm gagging for you. HM No [T/277/2l.

V I saw you near 'l'hornwood Bar. l)utiibarton Road. You tall. glasses. squinty teeth. Me balding. picking my nose and a blue and white scarf on. Any chance of a shift change and rendezvotis‘.’ Box No [7277/22. V I saw you as my floppy pig and l was your sweet pea. We messed tip. l.et‘s fall in love again. I love you. Hos No [7277/23.

V I saw you (".(f. Bloom's. Saturday 30/3/96. Me: tall blond guy with green shirt. Yoti: at Strathclyde studying physics. You spoke to the straight girl I was with. Fancy a beer lll Glasgow? Box No [3/277/24.

V I saw you BOYD-()RR-B Drop-in-cluster. l5/3/96. Your subject was linglish literature. essay topic ‘modern city". accent .-\mericaii. We wondered about the upside-down numbers on your title page. See you again?? Boy No [3/277/25.

V I saw you Sainsbury's. Blackltall. Sun 3| Mar. You: small. cute. dark hair. btit with blonde girlfriend! Me: gorgeous and cool on the frozen food aisle. Ditch her and take a chance on me. Box No [7277/26.

V I saw you and see you every day from The News Steps (Giles St to Market St). You - blonde hair. nice smile. desk tiear window in first floor office. Me 4 struggling tip steps from station. daily. l0ani. lfl wave. will you wave back. Box No [7277/27

V I saw you shoe repairers. (‘ockburtt Street Arcade. Tuesday 9 April. You -- dark hair. glasses. black leather jacket. paying for keys, Me ~- green moleskiti jacket. waiting locollect boots. \Vislt l'd spoken. Box No [7277/23.

V I saw you stripping furiously at 2.30am. How about letting me come over for a game of snakes aiid ladders? Box No [7277/29.

V I saw you two at liari'owland. Tet't‘orvisioti gig. ()ne of you looked like Meryl Streep. the other l)emi Moore. You botli gave me the once over arid you. l‘m tip for a tht'eesome‘.’ Box .\'o [l/277/30.

V I saw you with your shirt off. l liked what I saw atid want to see ltttil't‘. BOX Ni) [l/277/3I.

V I saw you with your gauge hitting new at the Top 0' The Walk. ('ome up arid see me when your tank fills tip. Box No [7277/32.

V I saw you iii The Bailie every Tuesday for a year. Are you my pub quiz pri/e? Bo\‘ No [7277/35.

V I saw you with 'Big l)ode‘ T— shirt on. speaking to two girls at llaithill Service station. Sunday morning. April 7. l was the one giving it ftill on eye-to-eye. l.et me be your fantasy. Bo\ No [7277/34.

V I saw you fitting gas pipes with a pencil behind your ear and a van that's seen better days. Get rid of the dead cat and l iitiglit give you a date. Box No [l/277/35.

V I saw you and spoke to you at the Henry J. Bean's party. I said you had cool hair. Fancy ‘Sex On The Beach"? Box No [5/277/36.

V I saw you at lion King's. l.‘i/-1/96. l)espite being a tight fit we saw through the smoke. ditched his court and met iii your chambers. (‘oiiie again? IIU\ No [7277/37.

V I saw you on Livingston lidinburgh Road. 12/4/96. I cut you tip. you got out of your car atid gave me a tongue lashing. I won't forget. Drop me a line and I'll try to lteal your cuts. Joe Boxi. Box No [5/277/38.

O I saw you 13/4/90. Cathouse lidinburgh. You tallish. cute. long hair. glasses (look about 12 yeais old t. Me. not. btit enjoyed a few ltistftil looks. Box No [1/277/39

V I saw you Sat 6 April. liHl. You in sliort-sleev ed shirt. blond liaii. blue eyes. Do you work there .’ l was unable to get iii wearing jeans. .\'e\t time. I'll wear something more

comfortable. Bm No [7277/40.

V I saw you Henry .I. Bean's opening night. supping Bloody Mary's. stiit. no He. You seemed to be surrounded by women all beautiful. I guess I've got no chance. Box No [F/277/4l.

V I saw you l.eigh. at ’l'eri‘otvision. 27/3/96. Nice haircut. You outshine Tony any day. Box No [7277/42.

V We saw you at Pygmalion on the opening night. The girl from the bookshop atid the boy with the biggest smile. When will we Taste your Puressence again? (‘ome on -- Feel The Noize! Speechy boy atid silver-haired girl. Box No [1/277/45.

V I saw you Sauchiehall Street. Mon 8 April. You. tall. blonde. beautiful. btit not much in the chest department. You'd just left lidinburgh to start a new job. Come back? At least fora visit? Box No [5/277/44.


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