CONTO FROM PREVIOUS PAGE V Edinburgh female 36 non-

stnoker. energetic. liy ely. theatre lover. missing male coiiipanioitship aitd ilte strength that comes front being iii a positive. caring relationship. (‘otiltl il be you" lio\ No 275/7

VIBRANT, OPTIMISTIC FEMALE (3 l l. fairly creative. loy es films. hunks. theatre. t'dllllg’ (till arid good company Looking for good company

Box No 278/8,

V Professional Edinburgh male 27. tall. slim. liito tray el. \valkiiig. cineiita. books. sincerity. llas had enough of solitary confinement. Seeks woman 25 fun. friendship and more. lilo. Ni) 273/”.

‘5 lot cottyetsatioti.

INTELLIGENT ATTRACTIVE MAN 37. umyeisity graduate. St'llsllfl t‘. caring llJlllllL'

successful. affluent. Z‘tuittoz-izis

linioys restaurants. cznenza. \valks. cycling. outdoors. tiiuseuiiis. reading. ait. \yiitine. sxyimming. Seeks intelligent. attractive. professional female l’ltoto please.

Box No 278/10.

V Handsome Glasgow guy (27) .5ft 7in. seeks a beautiful. intelligent lady who has many different illlcl'esls. l’ltolti appreciated. Hos .\'o ITS/l I.

V Professional guy (24) set-ks spontaneous female drinking partner to share ftiti aitd stupidity taitd ttty laige bottle of gitili. liitioys fttii days. is ild nights attd lots of laughteil ’ro\ No 273/ l 2.

V Intelligent, independent, mature female seeks sc\ chemistry and occasional t'ltillv encounters \\ llll generous. indulgent. unconventional ma}.- Respect important. romance optional. discretion possible.

photo desital‘le. lio\ No 27S! \. V Tall tousled man, youthful 40 gentle \yitlt inner fire. attractiy e kind eyes. Bohemian by nature. deeply ayyare. seeks intuitive muse to share ait. adventures atid abiding happiness. Hos No 278/14.

V German male new in Glasgow 3 i. making for international company. interested in a lot of things. seeks \yomaii to go ottt. haye lllll. impio‘. e my l-anlisli l’lioto appreciated, Ho\ .\o

3‘s l5.

V Slim, attractive 30s woman seeks similar man into tl‘eatre. citiettia. llutttoiir. \\.lll‘.llll. affection given and teceiyed

to Mom coinpatihle person. Sincere 'spectal' man needed tor this ‘special ‘aoman. l§o\ \tt _" V 305 guy. stranger in town a. (ilasgmy lll .\la_\ for l‘:/. tlien l’s'l\lll’c‘. Seeks ll' S\\'l* UM \\ ttii natural eneiyy and sense of nondei to share liilhvalkiiig tplus biking.

ill llis'

ll t‘le‘. \Ellt‘ hllthE \


.s to



l‘i.lll\.\. .‘.:..

\l.‘1 '.~.l'.‘ i‘ioztd blue. xyaini a

.l\‘. .11.". .‘.l::ca'.' l l‘tt’.

' ei.l\\ ‘.l//. ii‘.t.' . 7‘..' arts. .1'1eiiia. l .-


lleti 1t;o\ L'lt‘..'l'.i. goon \t:-.':= Denise}: ssl liti\ \l‘i .‘7\ '


liattca1~ ;-.'.t

V INFP man (33) v. e2:

:io l‘\ seeks “mil!!! in of 1'eltll.‘

piano l“ll

\H.W!Slh HlEILHy"“lHln'lW Hi3 s

HVvs.\Mlh\?‘sdlnllhlPC\ liH\

\o IVS l\'

V Good-looking young 45-year- Old ( 'eiztzai Scotland inale; ezitii‘ely hetero but occasionally \l(l\\ dressing, successful piotesszonal career and vyile :‘sts. is looking to: understanding lady of any age to: tizendship aal hopefully lasttiig relationship l%o\ \o ‘"s (it

V Edinburgh female, very attractive ills. into (raye cyclnig. lit

ait. llillslc and .‘ll)t\\ét‘.'.‘ \‘.o'.:l.l lone to lie..: liom an atttactz‘.

c.'.l!li._'. socialist :‘rale non %.h‘szl‘ l hidii.h‘PlctldlCd

l{\i\ \(t :q\ :ll

V Male 31. professional mm \ iocl. 'titisic. rock climbing. ‘.‘..tll.lll}_'. hottest talking. \ camping. tlimkitzi'. ylil'!l.l3!..'. hiking. :1i:.!i:ng. :ea.i:ti:‘. Slalllz'.

tzayel. seeks \‘..:llZl. intelligent lttn te:tia:.‘ :ztlet

III\“\ tlii

ested :ii tackling \.‘Illll!.‘ together and e\pio:ing the possibility of genuine tiiendsliip relationship

Iiy‘\ Nil :~\

V Like to meet a pretty blonde lady thirty -something. slim. intelligent. tun. very tactile‘.’ If you‘re a smart. tallish. attractive guy i ‘~5 ~15 i. impress iite \\llll ktlill‘ \y it and charttt (photo ‘» Ema ill at» the rest? Boy \o

_ S--.

V Sensitive male academic (32) slim. iincony eiitional. likes travel. lndian iestaurants. leiemy l’a\mait. l.isa -\ltliei' iio\els l)l\lll\t‘\ iitsiitceiity. bigotry. politicians ‘llllt‘ll\t‘l_\' Seeks interesting female for cotttpaitionslap and attitisiiig nines together. Hos \o 2752 x

V Irish Crystal Tipps (35) recently returned to Glasgow seeks good company to enioy the pleasures of city and country. (".ii'ltit’ llit Iti.’ lio\ \o :‘sxji.

V Cynical workaholic ( ilasgoys male. still optimistic. closet :oiitaniic. likes usual /I\/\‘ puisuits \\'l.’l‘.\l fallist. sensual. opeii-iitiiided. non-ageist. non materialistic. music-lot titg corals. loo much to ask'.’ lio\

\o 27S.‘25

V Stupid boy (29) lidiiiburglt. seeks girl. l‘m tall. blond and blue. stuck here \yaitmg for soitteone like you. musical. tiiagtcal. caring. honest. loy mg. but most of all lonely. let’s try. \Vi'ile'.’ lio\ No 273/26.

V Edinburgh female (young 32) tall. slim. brunette. attractiy e. outgoing. intelligent. vi. llll

(iSt )l l. liito music. gigs i mostly indie I. cinema. puhs. travel. Seeks male in er 5ft ‘liii \y ttlt similar interests (20 35 1. (iSt )ll a must. lio\ No 275727.

V Two desperate bitches \‘- llll really outgoing personalities seek t\yo equally \ tyactotis men ill ill v. lto can dattce

amongst othei things. .\lust he

\‘. llllllg‘ ltI come ltl (ltlllct‘ lessons l’lioto appreciated. Box No 27V},

V Smile-wisher l’m flattered. t \yottltl ietut'ti tlte coiiipliiitetit hit! you have me at a disadyaittagc l \youldtt‘t bite if you offered to buy itte .t drinkl Please get lll touch If not. tlzanks for the \lllllt‘.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE


The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW G1 2JZ

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies. send them in one large envelope. Don‘t stamp the replies. but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

V Edinburgh professional ()rietttal iitale. 4t). honest. affectionate and caring. seeks personable. sincere aitd reliable male to \veather Scotland's inhospitable climate together. lto\ .\‘o 2~ V Gay girl wanted by gay gtty. (ilasgovv. .1“. professional. doyyn-to-earth. [lily-type interests. for friendship. Box No 272/57.

V Edinburgh, professional gay male. il. it"s. s/a. seeks similar male _‘\ll Jill, llllt‘t't‘slsi itillyyaikmg. fitness. outdoor. cinema. l'm interested lll learning Spanish. .\'o cattip or time \yaslei's. lio\ .\'o 277/58.

V Warm-hearted Glasgow gay guy ultlsi tall. slim. honest. sensitive. spiritual. easy going.

seeks similar for friendship.


relationship and theatre. cinema. classical music. cats. countryside. food. Non-sitioker. lii‘\ \ti 277/0”,

V Gay guy, Glasgow handsome. 2‘). professional. seeks s/a. non- scene man for friendship. leading to roiitance. l eiiioy sports. music. movies. theatre. nights lll/Hlll. trayelliitg. l’hoto appreciated Ho\ .\'o 277/62.

V Glasgow area (my. young- looking sill. seeks slim. younger guy for cotitpantonship aitd good times, looks unimportant but dafttiess and liking for still. animals and arty things an adyatttage \\'iitel Hos .\’o

:5.“ if“

V Attractive gay guy 30, iltlo football. nights in attd ottt. s/a. it"s. seeks gay guy i2? 3U),

‘\y l shire.'( ilasgovv for friendship .iitd possible i‘oiitaitce. l’leas’e setzd photo aitd nice chatty lettel'l lio\ No 278/50.

V Looking for you warm. vvell- adttisted. \vitty. confident. professional liditthurgh gtiy \yotlltl llkc‘ It) meet an interesting doyvn-to-earth intelligent man who values coiitmitmeiit attd honesty. Box .\'o 278/51.

V Classic 1962 male model blond. bltie eyes. good body \york and appearance. lots of mileage left. linioys pubs. clubs and all other usual interests. Seeking similar tiiale model l‘)(i2 and under for one-to-one relationship. (th you take ttte over 7t) mph'.’ (ilasgovv area. :\l..-\. Bin No 273/52.

V Glasgow guy bi (28) seeks couple or dominant single male or female for open-tttinded. safe fun. I'm slim. dark haired. very clean and very adventurous. llaye transport. cart travel. Boy Xi) 2.75/5“.

V Young gay guy 23, good- lookiitg. tiieyperienced attd lottely. seeks sensitive guy.

lS 25. for friendship. fun attd (‘itsstldc first little love. let's make a better life for each other. lio\ No 278751

V Edinburgh male 23, good

looking. genuine guy. looking for sincere gtiy for ti'ieitdship.’relationship. Interests e keeping fit. tennis.


eating out. Discretion expected attd assured. lio\ .\'o 278/5.5

V Gay girl 24 cute attd crazy about .s‘l‘orts seeks friends for fun times. l.ikes vvorkotits.

chocolate. pubs, clubs. \"(}S()ll.

Seeks similar. .»\l..-\. Hos .\'o


V Edinburgh gay guy (35) s/a. ii/s. attractive professional. seeks guy 18—35 for one-to-one intimate. loving relationship. Varied interests including music. cinetna. travel. fitness. good beer. fun. Photo appreciated. Box No 278/57.

V Male (35) Glasgow-based (but able to travel) shy. sincere arid discreet professional. seeks like-minded intelligent guy for friendship and more. Box No 278/58.

V Edinburgh single gay female easy-going. slim. attractive. honest. sincere. litijoy's nights iii/out. pubs. clttbs. films and good friends. Seeks attractive. dovvn-to-eartlt woman with no hang-ups. who loves to lauglt. Box No 278/59.

V Glasgow gay male good- looking. 25. graduate. seeks handsome. twenties. non-scene. underrated. quirky. intelligettt. funny. possibly studenty. good conversationalist (bit like me) vvith vvhom to take the piss out of life while living it to the full. Photo and original letter would be fab. Bo\ No 273/60.

V Okay, you know you’re gay, you know ‘the scene' is not your scene. You always read l’ersonals bttt only wonder. never act. Time to act! 28. good-looking. tall. fit. graduate. n/s. s/a. boy next door type. would suit similar. lnterested'.’ (Your photo gets mine). Box No 278/61.

V Glasgow bisexual feminine graduate 24. seeks fun female for dancing. jumble sales. cocktails. cinema. chocolate. tacky television. attd possibly true love. Passion for 70s disCo music optional. but highly advantageous. Box No 278/62.

V Edinburgh male 38 bisexual. tioit-stttoker. seeks similar male for discreet encounters arid friendship. Please write iii confidence. Box No 278/63.

V Gay professional good- looking early 30s disillusioned with the lack of Mr Right. seeks l)iet (‘oke/l)ean ("aitt type. l'nlikely'.’ if you‘re a similar. s/a. fun. easy -going gtiy. then get in touclt. Box No 278/64.

V Gay professional (26), 5ft Sin. dark hair. hairy. Seeks intelligent. professional for friendship. possible relationship. 35 55. My interest are travel. fitness. theatre. eating ottt and the outdoors etc. l’hoto appreciated. and detailed letter. Discretion assured. Box .\'o 273/05.

V Edinburgh gay male 34 slim n/s. s/a. looking for friendship leading to vs ho kitovvs. linjoy cinema. trayel. outdoors. cafe life. So if you enjoy the quiet life. let‘s meet .-\l..-\. Box No 27SNKx

V Edinburgh area male 36 s/a. decent looks. caring. likes classical music. cittema. \valking. vvould like to meet similart lS- still for friendship. l’hoto appreciated. .~\ll replies altsyyet'etl. liim No 273/67.

V Glasgow gay guy very young looking early ~Ills_ easy -going. seeks similar for friendship. relationship and clubbing. cinema. music. eatitig out. Noti- sltiokei'. Box No 278/63.

The List 5- l6 May l‘)‘)(i 99