EATING & DRINKING GUIDE ’95 The Guide published as a supplement has been very well received in general hut a few errors have come to light which we would like to correct.

eating drinking G U I D E






I Ashoka The restaurant on page 43 referred to as ':\sltok;t liltlerslie SIIL‘L‘II is in fact known as ‘.-\shoka‘. (‘ontrath to what was stated in the entry. this restaurant is unconnected to the w ell- known chain of restaurants with ‘.-\shoka' iii their title in (ilasgow and elsewhere lit the \Vest of Scotland and in particular with the other .-\slioka restaurants listetl on the same page. The same applies to the photograph and caption also printed on that page. We apologise for any confusion which we may hay e caused.

I Tron Theatre Victorian Bar/Restaurant ()1 'l‘rongatc. 553 X587. .\lon 'l‘liurs

noon ll .iltpni; l‘ri/Sat noon midnight; Sun llt._1tl.ini llfittpin. if“.

\'; NS: \\'.

.-\ former church fitted with an old gantr\ from a (ioi'hals l‘uh. this is a comfortahle atid husy meeting place. Apart front snacks and stll‘slaltltal l‘;tgllc‘llc‘.\. there is an eclectic menu of tneat. fish and vegetaiian ilishes. piHas and salads. all prepared with cosmopolitan llair. There are some dangerously tempting home made ilesseits iaiound Bi. a children's menu t i l U5 i and a special Sunday hrunch ravailahle It)..‘~ll.iiti -lpmi.

I Tron Theatre New Cate (>3 't‘miigiiie. 553 8587. Mon I‘ll .\._1l).im -l l.5lll)llil Sat 9am midnight; Sun lit,3tlant llpin.

\'; \V.

Modern .Itltllllltll to the lion huililing.


Soul Food Restaurant 93-97 St. George's Road Charing Cross, Glasgow Tel: 0141 333 BYOB



with a more litiropean amhience than the Victorian Bar. .-\part from drinks and a wide range of coffees (served hot or iced). there's a continental hreakfast served ttntil l lam .\lon- liri. avarier ofpil/as. pastas and sandwiches for lunch l l 1.30am 5pm) and a selection of tapas. which are .set'\ ed from (rpm until late. It you etttoy the coffee then yoti can htiy some ground to take home with yoti and a cafetiere to tnake it in.


I Cate Florentin The St (iiles hrancli is in fact open 7am » l lpin on Sundays.

I Cafe 0 at the Queen’s Hall (‘lt-ik Slt't‘t‘l. (ioh' M56. .\lon Sat lllain ~lpm; pre- concertevenings.

\'1 NS: \\'.

(‘offee :ttttl croissants i35pt ot‘ scones t55pt are popular in the mornings here htit as the clock inches towards noon inore suhstantial food comes iitto play with salads availahlc ll.3t)ain slpm arid lunch served noon 2pm. ('lief .-\rtliur .\lainga serves tip dishes .such as pork lillet in mushroom and mustard sauce at 944.5”. salmon in paprika. garlic and mushroom sauce at £3.95 or try the vegetarian pasta hak'e at £3.20. l‘roin 3 me tea. coffee. cakes and salads are availahle. (‘ale Q is fully licensed offering w ine. hottletl lagers and cask conditioned ales. ()n the evenings of concerts. the food availahle is tailored to .ltttltt‘ttc‘t‘ needs.

I Haw House The natne and address of the restaurant did not appear. 'l‘he address should read: .‘s-l ('andleinaker Row. Ill) 4420.

I Lorenzo’s (lites not have it RH in service.

I Sicilian Pastry Shop is now (illlt'tl


Tlll BIG




455 GT.WESTERH R o A o e o i it

357 l038


doll s diner as



I Edinburgh Restaurant

Booking Line liver wante

to go ottt for a Thai meal hut not known anything about any of the Thai

restaurants in lidinhurgh‘

()t' the Mexican restaurants‘.’ ()r indeed. any of the restauiants outwith the circle which yott itsually visit'.’ from now on you call stop gnashing your teeth iii anguish and ruhhing you stomach in hunger.

'l‘he lidinhurgh

Restaurant Booking l,ine

could well prove to he manna from heaven for

l’li'l‘liR S:\.\‘[)(iR()l'.\'l)/Sl 'NI).-\Y TIMES

Restaurant booking made easy with ERBL

those in need of art information and hooking service with a human touch. By ringing one numher you can hook a tahle at one of over l,‘~t) lidinhurgh restaurants. It the restaurant that you want is fully hooked then the telephone operator can suggest another restaurant that serves similar dishes f in the same price range. The operator can provide you with information as to 1' whether or not an establishment has a no- stiiokiiig section. what credit cards they accept. the atmosphere. the price of iltsltes. the type of

cuisine on offer and. should it he required. they’ll even hook a tasi to aitd from the restaurant for you. Most surprising of all the entire service costs the user nothing more than the price of a standard rate phone call. The restaurants themselves pay to he included in the service.

Some of the restaurants even offer added-on henefits such as a free hottle of house wine or free starters for people who hook a tahle through the service. 'l‘ltitl (tll important numher is ()l31 467 X700.



“sensed nestaur‘amt

LUNCH 12—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—1 1pm (last orders 10.30pm)

to, anchor close, Cockburn Street EDINBURGH 226 5145 50, East Fountainbridge EDINBURGH 228 4005

334 7165

The List .‘s—iti May 19% 103