I The Big Ceilidh Renl‘rew Ferry. l().3()pnt—late. £5. The Ferry ptrts its Mayl‘es‘t hat on to introduce the regular three-piece outfit Cora. Part or The Big Fringe.


I Suppressed Desires Rainshorn ’l'heatre. Weekend conference on Susan (ilaspell. the American playwright who -- together with lingerie ()‘Neill co-t'ounded the l’i'oyincetown Players. which helped establish an Aiirerican theatre tradition. (ilaspell's play The lt'ret' is presented at Glasgow l'niyers‘ity' Studio Theatre to tie in with the cont'eretrce.



I Prydain (The Impossibility Of Being British) Tramway. 8pm. £l() t£5t. See Thurs 3.

I lovers The Arches. 7.30pm. £6 i£3i See Thtrrs 2.

I Salus Populi Suprema Lex Raitishor'n Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 t£2.5()i. See Thurs 3 and preview.

I The Stronger The .-\i'ches. 7pm. l‘ree. See Fri 3.

I The Threepenny Opera (ilasgow School of .»\it. l.3()pm; 1.30pm: 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50; £l standingi. See Thurs 3 and preview.

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Tratiiway. 7.30pm. £10.50; £8.50. See l‘ri

I The Verge l'niy ersity ()l'(ilasgow. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.5(h. See Thurs 2.


I Maydance King‘s 'l‘heati‘e. 5pm; 8.30pm (no concessions). £5; £ It) i £5 r: £30 (£15). See Thurs 3. Tonight. iirodern dance champions Titirotlry llowson and Joanne Bolton replace the lliltoiis.


I Elaine With Attitude ()ld l‘ruitmarket. 7.30pm. £ It). See Thurs 2


I Horse (unplugged) Renl'rew l-‘ei'ry. 7.3(lr-lllpm. £5. l’art oil The Big Fringe. An acoustic showcase tor the warm vocals ol one ol(ilasgow 's most respected pop musicians.

llllaicia l)i l.'.'\itririeriiioor ('ottier Theatre. 7.30pm. £‘).5(l t £7” 5th. See Thurs 2.

I Drgan Recital St Mary 's lipiscopal Cathedral. lpiii. £4 t£3i lipic sounds in atnrospheric surroundings.

I Silent Noise The ()ld Athenaeum. Spin. £8 (£6). See Thurs 3.

I Mike Travis l’iI/a l-'.\press. lllpm. £5. lithnic t'unk/ja/z t'trsion.


I Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (18) Glasgow Film 'l‘heatre. 2pm. See under (ii-T in Film listings.

I Smoke (15) (ilasgow l'ilm 'l'heatre. Sec under (il’l‘ in Film listings.


I Maytest Club ( )ld l‘ruitiiiai ket. ll). l5prrr. £5. With The Johnny 5 .lung:lo\e. See Thurs 2.

I Tangent Renl‘rew l-er'ry lll..‘*llpttt late. House and techno. with DJ Richard Brown at the controls. Part or The Big Fringe.


I Maytest Ceilidh liislroploclc Residents llall. 7.10pm. £l r5llpi Steep the l-eet


make a welcome return l'ot' an e\enriig ot heuclring and tetiching.


I Suppressed Desires lx’aitrshorti 'l'heatrc. \\'eekend conference. Sec Fri .1.


I Rag ’n’ Bone Man ('ottiet 'lilreatie. Spin. £(r.5(lt£-l.5tli. See l’ri i.

I Salus Populi Suprema Lex Rattisliot'tt 'l‘heatre. 7.30pm £5 t£3 5”» See 'l'lrtris _‘ atid preyiew.

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing 'l‘ramway Titlpm. £7.51) L“ i H Um See Fri 3.


I Elaine With Attitude ( )ld l'rurtiriailcet 7.3Hpm. L it). See Thurs _‘.

Musrc I 0.8. Murray Quartet (‘ottiei's liar.

lt).3()pm. l-ree. ()ne ol the city 's most e\cititig iii/l comlwos.

I Northern Uproar arid Audioweb Hit- (iar'age. 7.30pm. £(i adxanee. ()asis laid the hlueprint. now Northern l'pioar are taking the Northern l‘antl‘ cloning thing a hit l'iii‘tlrer l’gly mugs and rousing tunes I Ludus lnstrumentalis (‘oint-r ll'liealie lpzir. £(\.5ll t£~l5llr '\ harotlue L‘llttllll‘c‘! orchestra including lraipsrchords .tllil chamher organ perl’or'iri cliairil‘ei tayourttes lay Handel. ('orelli arid llach. I Scottish Dpera’s Sound Bites s‘i-t '( '. 7,3tlprri. l'il'c‘c‘. Repeating last year's siiccesstul conceit which aims to introduce the populace to opera w itliotit the lairly e\or't\itant ticket prices to contend w ill]. \Vorks include those l\_\ Verdi. .\lo/art. l’ucciiir and other snippets ol Scottish ( )pet'a‘s WW)" repertoire

Film I Smoke (15) (ilasgow l'lllll lllealtc See under (il'T in Him listings.


I Club Ecosse ('aletloriran in iiicess 3pm ~1airrtdoors close lamr £(r. See l‘ll ‘\

I Maytest Club ( )ld l'ruitiiratlcet

It). l5prrr. £2.5(t. \\'rth l‘g \‘rnearl l olrarr and Shooglenrtty

I Slam’s Rock-Da-Boat Retiliew l‘t‘Z iy lllpm 3am. £5. Slams snirrirrer parties are a (ilasgow institution. l'tnil out wiry they pack otit the .-\i'ches e\ei_\ l-irtlay at this watery night. which has heen l‘!ttllf‘lll torwai‘d trom Sat _‘5 See pre\


I Maytest/May Day Ceilidh (ilasgow (il't‘c'll. 5 ‘tlpm. £5 it The peitect way to end .\lay llay (ilasgow (iieeri's ltial‘tltl'c‘c‘ ls lliilll\lil)lilllt'\l lU ltitsl liit‘ tt..t‘.‘.c‘s in the Scottish ceilidh scene such as The ()ccasionals arid I ast Train 'l'ae :\uclienshuggle

Events I May Day ( ieoti'e Scpaate ll l‘tai‘a statt

l‘tt‘c‘ (‘oiiredy iitarclimg. toggling and music are among the things that lllctlxt‘ \lay l)ay one or the highlights ot \laytest.

I Suppressed Desires lx’amshoi n tire-airy. \Vt'c‘lsc‘litl (lllllt‘lt'lk't‘ \L'c‘ l‘Il ;



I Salus Populi Suprema Lex Raitislioi 31 Theatre. 7..‘\ttpiri £5 £3 54%. See Thurs: and prey rew

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Traiirway "k illpm. £7.50 £0 l£~l cor. See l-ri 5. I Women On The Verge 0t HRT (‘iti/etis‘ 'l'heatre. “Hittpm. £55“ r £3.5(ti. Two temale meml‘er‘s or llanrel ()'l)onnell's lancluh make a pilgrimage to l)onegal with the aim oi rrreetitrg their idol iii the tileslr. .\larie .loires' play is directed liy l’am Brighton tor Northern Ireland's l)ul\l\‘lionit l’ioductrons


I Lucia Di L’Ammermoor t iotttet llteatie. ztlptii £".5ll » £5 5H» See 4 huts:

I swelling Meg (‘ottieis liar Ill ltlpm. l‘ree. l-oirriei l)ailiiigheait singer (‘oia llrssett has round a crooked niche iii this ti io which includes cello. tlttlll‘lt‘ ltass arid \ ariotrs other ‘t'otiirtl’ instrurrieirts to help l‘tllitl a .liai‘aatzc tolky \t‘lllitl

Film I Smoke (15) ( il.is_=-‘ow l‘llllt 'l heati'e See under (il'l‘ ll! l'llll‘r listings

Kids I Magic Bob‘s Cabaret For Kids ( 'oirrc-r- 'l lieatre

liotirot tas'.

ittpiri £3.5llr£l 5th l'lllt\\ an naming iriagic which guarantees lots of fun art-.l audience



I Blood And Water The \rclies \pin. £5 'L‘l '. l‘TJN'cl i‘i‘. \'t "l lir’fll't Some: play "My \ ladiririi \ltt§.tlctt‘.slc§. this

\lltt‘i‘. tl.".2\t‘tr

.air early

l“ lll'c‘ .-\lcltt‘s {liltc'alt'c‘ ('onrpairj. \\'.lll \lllc‘cltll \iid} .-\rrrolrl centres or: Ill; growth or iltl‘._'!.tl‘rl

conirinntrties .tir‘lllltl the worltl. an. was

.!;\l"rlcrr .“. .! .cyc lll c.l\c ‘rll‘

l'lciaiiiiaii sailors tozzntl .tllcl innrae et.

seyeti \tzica!‘ stowaways The show

teatines postlrtitiious new music l‘_\ \'r\ l.:ll

5|.lllsllttli. ltthIri'! lt‘atl'c‘l rtl lltt‘ limit/rt llttt‘

liatitl See piqticw

I Catalpa The Movie 'I lit \atn-c

5. ani L" L'vl' lieland's lx’erl Kettle

'l lieatre (‘orripairy present a atrial} new

show written attrl 'teilotrrietl lw llotiai

(l'ls'ell\ iwliose p l\\.' '

was perioinrel l. s \cai lw (ilasgrwi. 's

.'IH.' l\\§.'i1t."

l'lieceiitial 11stiateri tiiiiiitialcei \latlrew

\Vtsei'ttrs: coinpanc

cliaiac tet :s it

l\itlt. wiio :s

\lt'l\ i‘i (Ic t‘if.."c'

ileieirinrretl to llllll the tzue \iitlroziy. an \iiieizcair a .iaiazig raid

ii tel‘c‘ls ltoiir tritcl

whaling cag‘tazn entariglcal 11‘.

to test tie l'enia

\iistralian pen

a. colony See l‘lz".

I Cheating l’eai'ee Institute. 7.30pm. £‘s5tlt£2l. liig Buliha Theatre Company present a new play by Tom Murphy. a cautionary tale cetitring oii a titan whose rrrarriage falls apart as a result of adultery. I Dracula The Old :\thenaeum. 7.30pm. £7 i£5 l. Popular touring company Htill Truck present a new adaptation ol‘ Bram Stoker‘s gothic \ umpire classic by John (iodlier and Jane 'l‘horntoir. with new music by (‘at'l llogarth.

I Rag ’n’ Bone Man (‘otttei 't‘ticaire. Fran. £(i.5ti r £-l.5llt. See lit 3.

I Salus Populi Suprema Lex Rattis'hot‘ii 'l'lreatre. Titlpm. £5 t£2.5(li. See Thurs 3 and preytew

I Scott or The Antarctic ('rti/ens' 'l‘lreatie. Rpm. £5 t£3.5(lr. Third collaboration between (ilasgow's Big lake Te\as theatre company arid (‘oncrete llog Visual arts group. Howard lirenton's telling ot’ Scott’s tragic journey into the wilderness e\poses lli'itish arrogance and human \ ulnerahility. portraying (iod and Satan as iirtlueiitral outsiders who tor'tiient Scott. ()ates arid co with their whirtis. See pi‘eyiew.

I That’s \Vc‘slu'tititl (t‘lill‘t‘. 7.50pm. £l i5tlpi Tic Tac 'l'heatre (‘oirrpairy present a new play by John l)aly ahout a lattiin dealing with the practical and eirrotioiral ltl'ttl‘lt‘llls or disaliility iii a working-class em ir‘otrment.

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing 'l'i'aitrway. 5.10pm. £7.5t) W i U £(ii. See l‘ll i.

I Women On The Verge or NET (air/ens” Theatre 7. “.5” £3.50). See .\lon (i

I Witch Doctor ( 'rti/ens‘ 'l'lreatre. Hpm. £5 t£25llr (ilasgow ‘s (‘at :\ 'l lieatre ('orrrpaity. w hose string ol' prison dramas haxe won them a gritty reputation and a string oi awards. return with a new show al‘trtll the scary relationship hetw'een a serial lclllt‘! am his t'eniale psychiatrist.

lllpiir. £

Musrc I 100 Guitars ls'iiig's 'l‘lreatre. 3pm. £51

£75”; £1“ .-\ truly unusual e\eiit with locally recruited guitarists specialising in exerytliiirg l'ioni haste l‘lttt‘s to some terrorism pertoriir Rhys (‘hathatrr's

s_\ iripliony loi electric guitar .-l/i .Il/iee/ lli'l r‘x lo I'm! In New alter only a tee. clays ol' rehearsal See prey iew.

I Little Hopetown Giants ( ‘oiirt-rc liar. lit ittpm. l‘lt‘c‘ l‘ollcy roots sounds with a \l'c‘llllllt‘ iriaiiistreaitr slant.


I Smoke (15) (ilastow l'llllt 'l'lieatr'e. See under ( il-T iii l'lllll listings.

22 The last 3-H» May l‘)‘)(i