directly to the audience. Last seen at lidinburgh's Assembly alive? festival iii autumn 1995.

I Swing Hammer Swing! King's Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 £l2.50 (£2.50 £7.50). Giles llayergal‘s much-admired adaptation for the ('iti/ens' cotiipaiiy of .leff'l'orritigton‘s Whitbt'ead aw ard-winning novel. set iii the Got l‘als during the l‘)()0s. when slum tetieiiietits were replaced with lower blocks. 'l‘orringtoti‘s second novel The l)(‘l ilk ('tmiitst'l was published last month.

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing 'l‘ramway. 7.30pm. £7 50—£‘) (£4- £6). Sec Fri 3.

I Witch Doctor (‘iti/eiis' 'l‘lieatrc. 8pm.

£5 (£2.50). See Tue 7 and rey iew..


I Little Hopetown Giants (‘ottiers Bar. l050piii. free. See Tuc a

I Turandot Theatre Royal. 7. l5pm.

£150 £45. Puccini‘s incredible opera featuring plenty more where 'Nessun Dorma‘ tame from. telling the story of the eponymous icy ('hiiiese princess and her potential suitors. Kathleen Broderick and Deng sing the principal roles.

Him I Smoke (15) Glasgow l‘iltii Theatre. See under (ll-T tn l’lllll listings.



I Appetite (‘iti/ens' ’l'lieatre. \pm. £7.50 ). SCL‘ 'l‘tlc l4

I Diary Of A Somebody (iii/ens” 't‘lieatre. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue l4 and preview. I Laundry The Arches. 7.30pm. £6 (£3). See Mon l3 and preview.

I Speak Bitterness (tux. 7.36pm. £5 (£2 l. See 'l'llL‘ l-l.

I Swing Hammer Swing! King’s 'l‘lieatre. 7.30pm. £5 l 2.50 ( £2.50 £7.50). See Tue 14.

I Talking BOIIOCkS 'l‘ratiiway. 8pm. £4 (£2 ). Revival of 7:84 Theatre Company's collage of Scottish gay men's experiences ov er the decades. First presented at Glasgayl 95. the show uses real-life stories of men aged 2l 6! to show the progress ofgay identity in Scotland.

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing 'l'ramway. 7.30pm. £7.50~~£‘) (£4—£6). Sec Fri 3.


I The Glasgow Girls ()ltl liruilmarket. Rpm. £7.50 (£5). Leading Glaswegian actresses Dorothy Paul and Barbara Rafferty star iii a show ctr-devised with director .loliii Bett. which folows them from Castleniilk to Covent Garden. and promises to offer a new perspective on life. people and the millennium.


I Lucia Di L’Ammermoor Cottier Theatre. 7.30pm. £9.50 (£7.50). See Thurs 2.

I The McCluskey Brothers Cotticrs Bar. l().2~0pni. Free. An intimate gig for Keri and Dave. who have itist released their third solo album. which strays into particularly atmospheric territory.

Film I Smoke (15) Glasgow Filtti Theatre. See

under (ll-T in Film listings.


I Mayfest Club ()ld Frtiitiiiarket. l().l5pm. £2.50. With The Flyers and Cherry. See Thurs 2.

THURSDAY 16 Theatre

I Appetite Citizens’ Theatre. 8pm. £7.50 (£5). See Tue I4.

I Blood And Water The Arches. 8pm. £7 (£4). See Tue 7 and preview.

I Diary Of A Somebody Citiletis' Theatre. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue l4 and preview. I Glasgow Hard Tickets Collier Theatre. 8pm. £6.50 (£4.50). See Tue 14.

I laundry The Arches. 7.30pm. £6 (£3 ). See Moti 13 and preview.

I No Expense Spared Bishoplocli Residents~ Hall. 7.30pm. £l (50p). Wildcat Theatre Company present a new black comedy by Morag Fullartoti. set atiiotig the wraiiglings aiitl machinations of a fictitious local couticil. Power games and panto are at the heart of the matter.

I Speak Bitterness CCA. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). See Tue 14.

I Swing Hammer Swing! King‘s Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 -£l2.50 (£2.50 £7.50). See Tue 14.

I Talking Bollocks Tramway. b’pni. £4 (£2). See Wed 15.

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing 'l‘ramway. 7.30pm. £7.50-—£‘) (£4--£6). See Fri 3.

I Witch Doctor Citizetis' Theatre. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue 7 and review.


I The Glasgow Girls ()ltl Fruitmarket. 3pm. £7.50 (£5). See Wed 15.

I Sweet Fancy The Inn ()n The Green. 7.30pm. £16.95 for dinner atid show.

Home ls Where The Art ls Theatre Company revive their novel concept iii food theatre a compilation by playwright Chris Ballatice from the works of writers from Rabbie Burns to Rabbi Lionel Blue. together with music and iiioveiiietit. all designed to enhance your appetite.


I Chris Thomson (The Bathers) and James Grant (love and Money) Cottiers Bar. 10.30pm. Free. See Thurs t).

I Guest Pizza Express. 9pm. £3. Mainstream iii/.7.


I Blue In The Face (15) Glasgow Film Theatre. See under GFT iii Film listings. I Seaward the Greatships/T he Bowler and The Bonnet (PG) Glasgow Film Theatre. 8pm. See under Gl‘T iii Film listings.

I smoke (15) Glasgow Film 'l'heatt'e. See under Gl‘T in Film listings.


I Mayfest Club ()ltl Fruitmarket. 10. l5pni. £5. With l).S. Murray Quartet.


I Kaleidoscope Citizens Theatre. 4pm (doors open 3.30pm —- audience members are expected to be seated by 3.45pm). Free. A chance to sit iii on a live broadcast of Radio 4's best known arts prograttime. Paul Allen is the host for 40 minutes‘ reviewing ftiii.


Mayfest shows which tour city venues are listed alphabetically. Please note that some shows are not performed every day between the dates given. For venues, times and ticket prices see Maytest programme or call 0141 552 8000.

I Breezeblock Park Thurs 2--Sat l l. Willy Russell‘s comedy of family tensions arid explosions during the Christmas festivities is presented by Five Fingers Productions. the development strand of Castlemilk People's Theatre.

I Blackhill Family Album Thurs 2——Sat 25. The life and times of the residents of Blackhill. charted iii a visual arts project by members ofconimunity groups. Writer Maggie Graham and photographer Thomas O'Donnell joined forces with local people to create a pictorial documentation of a neighbourhood.

I Culture Within Culture Thurs 2—Sat 25. An exhibition of banners made in collaboratioti with photographer Kate Drunimond. textile artist Sandi Keilmati and women from different cultural backgrounds.

I Council For Music In Hospitals Mott 6-Thurs 23. The council. with sponsorship froin L’nison Scotland. is supporting eight groups of musicians. who will perform for long-term patients iii eight hospitals and hospices.

I Dunbartonshire Band Concert Thurs ‘)-—Thurs 23. led by Peter Shand. local woodwind. brass and percussion players have rehearsed for a series of concerts with the Dunbartonshire Batid.

I From Mourning To Merry Tue 7--Mon l3. Devised by the Dutiterlie 50+ Drama Group. this show looks at bereavettient


and recovery among the elderly.

I In Sight Art Exhibition Thurs 2~Sat 25. Paisley-born John Rankin shows paintings inspired by technology. From Renee v Arnswaldt arid Sheila Faber there are collages that mix the poetry of Duncan Brown with everyday throwaway objects.

I Jumping Jack Tue 7v—Thurs 9. A new act for children. which uses song and drama to make learning ftiii for 3—8-year- olds.

I Let’s Play ‘Murder’ \yctl S—Fri t7. Rona Munro and Fiona Knowles otherwise known as the hlsFits. follow up their nosy neighbour show I Spy Mrs l’t'er‘v with another comic monologue (performed by Knowles) about Michelle Morrison. ati eight-year-old who stumbles oti her uncle dead in his armchair.

I Bed Hoad Young Uns Are Naughty Boys And Girls Fri 3—Tue 21. Kate McColl directs the not-necessarily-so-youtig folks of Red Road in a mischievous miscellany of song and dance.

I Carol & Bobby Silver Fri 3—Fri t7. Award-wining cabaret couple. promising ‘top class music and a whole lot more.‘

I Storytelling Proiect Wet) tS—w'eti 22. Traditional storytellers liwan McVicar and Michael Kcrins mastermind a developing series of inter-related stories about fiddles arid the people who play them. with help from violinist Kate Kramaer and pupils from Bishoploch atitl Craigton primary schools.

I Wilting Willows Wed H—Thurs 23. Kate McColl directs local company the Carttiylites iii a new show about the lively characters who inhabit a Glaswegian oltl folks' home.



And that‘s not all folks. The List’s M ayfest coverage continues next issue with another bumper round of day-by-day listings, previews and reviews of what’s hot in the second half of the festival. Whet your appetite with a few of the tastiest morsels we’ve found.

Swinging back into his hometown on a 96 C omebaek Special is TV stand-up star and generally funny bloke. Bruce Morton (above). Join him as he settles down in the easy chair for a talking tour of domestic life which includes brand new material.

From another comedy planet altogether comes polyester king of kitsch Bob Bovine. We‘ll be probing him for the influences behind his act.

Moving neatly on to another style guru. the late Charles Bennie Mackintosh is celebrated in an ambitious exhibition that stretches across six Glasgow galleries prior to a major tour of the United States.

In the mood for dancing this Mayfest are Companla Antonio Codes, who bring their unrivalled, super-fiery production of Carmen to Glasgow for its first-ever British performances. Closer to home but no less dazzling are the Blscorama Champlonshlps 96. where disco- dance devotees of all ages clash sequins over this year’s trophies.

On the music front, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra‘s Tan Dun (above) leads a day of ZOth century music which peaks to a spectacular crescendo with a triple bill: a new percussion piece by Chou Wen Chung, and two ofhis own pieces: Circle (in which musicians are spaced around the hall) and Death And Fire Dialogue With Paul Klee, in which the score is echoed by projected images of Klee‘s paintings.

At the other end of the sound spectrum, serious clubbing is to be had at The Arches with tripped-out English techno crew Fluke.

And lest we forget, don’t miss the exclusive Drive-In Movie screening of Brave/teamt which the Wallace clan are rumoured to be making a

The List 3-l6 May l996 27