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Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Alan Morrison.

I Babe (I )(('hiis \(rt)ii.iti. Australia. 10051 James (‘ioiiixx e11. xx ith the x oiccs of ( ‘hiistine (‘axanaiiglr Miriam Margoiycs. lltigo Weax ing. 02 turns. -\n orphaned pig falls under the eye of a kindly collie and begins to think he‘s destined for glory at the regional trials Talking atiiiiials suggest that this is a kids' mox ic' to an extent it is x and a great otre -- but there's enough skexxered hiiiiioiii (hail the psycho mice?) for adults to discover an unexpected cult hit. A

it itimph for the iindeipig. (ierieial release.

I Balto (LilSiiiiori Wells. 1 'S. 1005) Willi the \UlCCS til Key in llacoti. lit‘tilgct l-onda. I301) lloskins. 73 turns. When the medical supplies to an isolated Alaskan toxxn are threatened by a bli/zaid. hall 1iiisky'lralf-xxolt lialto an outsider because of his rirongiel iiatiiie comes It) the rescue lltipli'ssnt‘ .Iv‘ltrill st‘ttttt'tiee\ ensure that Aiiibliii's Ic‘.‘llttl:' length cartoon gixes liisney a run for its money. Edinburgh lil‘l Borders Roxy Stiathclytle' l'(‘ls.

I Barb Wire ( 1 S r t I lax id llogaii l’S.100x’») Pamela Anderson l'ciiitieizi Morrison. Victoria Roxx ell. 0! tilllts, l’luxl'ox pin tip and Ii‘rix'iirirclr babe Anderson turns into air on screen I’atribo as she kicks ass as a comic book-sly 1e heroine it) the not~too distant future The action sequences aren't bad and. xx htlc the star isn't going to grxc Meryl Streep uneasy nights. the supporting cast do their bit iii the acting stakes. See feature. (ieiieial release.

I The Birdcage r (Siiyiite \icliots. is. (095) Robin Williams. \tlllttlll 1.;iiie.(ierre llackiriair ll0 iiiiris A remake of /.tl (‘aei' Aux l‘ollr'x xx itli plenty to say about conteriipoiary Airieiica's hypocrisy Williams is superb (and more restrained) as the gay nightclub oxxner xx hose attempts to impress the iiglit xx trig parents of his son's fiancee go axxiy. 1-unriy and serisrtixe. xxith excellent performances (ieiicial iclcase.


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I Blue Collar ( 18) (Paul Schrader. VS. 1078) Richard Pryor. lIill'VC)’ Keitel. Yaphet Koto. 11-1 mins. Doxvribeat slice of life .set in the l)eti‘iot car industry as manual xx til'lKL'I‘S Pryor. Keitel and Koto discover that it's not the management but their oxx n corrupt union that's responsible for their poor xxorking conditions. Schiadcr's debut as director is a typically angry and cynical example of his early style. and the central performances have real credibility. lidiriburgh: Cameo.

I Blue In The Face ( 15) (Wayne Wang/Paul Airster. l'S. I005) Harvey Keitel. Michael J 15o:x. Roseanne Barr. S-l mitis. A coriipaiiion piece to Sui-rile. shot in under a xx eek. this loose and llliplttxlSt'xl film has an easy charm. Keitel reprises his tobaccoiirst character. around xx hich other actors and celebrity cameos -- Lou Reed. Madonna. Rul’aul devise a mixed bag of Brooklyn sketches. (ioes on general release next issue. (ilasgoxx: (ilfli.

I Bombay ( 15) (Mani Rattiam. India. 1005) Aiiiiiid Sxxaniy. Maiiisha Koiiala, 1-111 nuns. li’uniur xlllt/Jll/ll‘l. Indiairstyle. as a xx calthy' llriidti falls in loxe xx ill) the Moslem daughter of .i local brickiriakei. '1 hey run off to Bombay and raise .i faiiiily. Then suddenly Ratnam‘s romance takes off: caught tip iii the riots and iiiassacies folloxx ing the 1002 stormng of the Temple of Ran). the couple's families are put more severely to the test. An outstanding epic. surprise xx inner of the Audience Award at the 1005 l)i'ariibuie I'.tlllll)lilf_'llI‘lllliI:CSIl\£ll.Iitllill‘tllgliil:ll1]ilt(1ll\k‘. I A Boy’s liter IS)S(1iriins 'i'lriee gay shorts

xx itli different approaches to the subiect of sexuality in childhood and adolescence, 'l Ire hero in [odd llaynes's Dottir' (irix Spanked i.s diaxx ii toxx aids a bi/ar'i‘c. campy T\' shoxx despite his dad’s insistence that football is the best thing for a grim ing boy. Raoul ()'(‘onnel|'s A I'm-ml (ll/Lunl/ii (xxintici of the Audience Axxard at the 100-1 San l‘rancisco Lesbian and (iay l‘iliiiI5estixa1)folloxvsayoung gay iriari

xx ho moves to .\'exv York in order to find love. I’eggy' Raiski's ’I'i'r'i or (joint xvinner of the 1005 Oscar for Best l.ixe Action Short) is a poignant comedy about :1 Diana Ross fan xvho attempts suicide. (ilasgoxx: (ii-'1‘. l-ife: Adam Smith.

I Bfaveheafl115)l.\lel(iibsoti.I'S. 10051Me| (iibsoii. l’atiick McGoohati. Sophie Marceau. 177 mills. Mel Gibson's long and bloody account of the life of Scottish xx ari‘ioi‘ hero William Wallace boasts some remarkable battle scenes and great performances. particularly McGoohan's merciless King Iidxxar'd. Aiming to entertain on a xx ider scale than the more literate Ix’u/i Rm. lfl'rll’i lit-u/I's Scottish passion is tempered by a fexx Ilollyxvood moments - touches of sentiirientality and ‘drarriatic' historical inaccuracy. Next-illieles. it's a fine. full blooded atterript to tap into the spirit that fires Scotland's history and heroes. (ieiieial release.

I Broken Arrow ( )5 I (John Woo. t's. rims) John 'l'iaxolta. (‘hirstiaii Slater. Samantha \Iathrs so mirrs liad guy military pilot John '1‘iaxo1taeiects his partner (‘hiistiau Slater from the cockpit xx htlc on a routine assignment and trips off xx itli txxo live nuclear missiles. The script (by the xxirter of Speed) falls over itself iii an attempt to set tip as many problems as possible for Slater to solxe. btrt it also offers plenty of superior set pieces .-\iid'l'iaxo1ta relishes playing the villain. (ierier'al release.

I Broken N05e5(15)(13itice Weber. is. 1037) Andy Miiiskei'. The Mount Scott Boxing (‘ltib 77 iriiris. Fashion photographer Bruce Weber 's

engaging debtit is an iiripi'essionistic

dix‘timetitai'y focusing on failed pugilist Miirsker. his family background in the tight game. and his current occupation in training a grottp of boy boxers at a local club. There's some telling obsetxation on the futility of such a irrasctiline culture in this deceptixely casual looking affair. btit for many the appeal lies in the beautifully shot young men going through their paces to the accompariirrient of a cool ran soundtrack. (ilasgoxx' (ill.

I The Brothers McMullen i 15 i l lidxxatd (ruins. LS. 1004) lidxxard Burns. Jack Miilczihey. Michael Mc(ilone ‘1"rriitis Adultery coiiiiriitirient. splitting up. fidelity the main (i‘l‘ics of corixcrsatioii for three lll\l1-.-\lilellc.'tli brothers xx ho are each undergoing a period of adjustment in their personal li\ es lidxxard Iiiir'ns‘ axxatd-xxrnririig debut is a loxx budget indie chat'irier. xx ill) a xx e11 crafted screenplay and charismatic performances l'ife \t-xx l’rcttiic House.

I The Bruce ( 15) (Scotland. 1000) Sandy Welch. ()lixer Reed. Brian Blessed .‘x braxe attempt to take on another slice of Scottish history -- liarinrx‘lbiiiii but all the best intentions in the xxoild caii’t obscure the truth that bad dialogue is bad dialogue \x hciexci lI occurs. Better than the filmmakers' piexioirs effort. ("liming The I)! er. but there's still a long xx ay to go before their xxoik can be heartily recommended as xxoithy of the general publrc‘s hard earned cash. lidriibiiigh' l'('1. Stiathclydc' l'(‘1s

I Casino ( 18) (Martin Scorsese. LS. 1005) Robert De Niro. Sharon Stone. Joe l’esci. 178 ruins. Lifetime gambler Ace Rothstein is chosen as the mobs man in Vegas. and runs the casinos smoothly until things fall apart during the 70s. Scorsese's latest gangster epic has a touch of Greek tragedy about its downfall of a self-made man. btit it's too mtrch iii Gum/Fel/ax territory to be special. The cinematography and editing are as textbook as ever. and Stone delivers the performance of her career. (‘eiitr'alz MacRobert. I The Celluloid Closet ( I 5) (Rob t-Lpsicin/ Jeffrey I'iiedman. LS. 1005) 1113 ruins. Mixing archive clips and perceptive. often xvitty. iriter'viexx s. this infoi'iriative study of the coded gay characters and themes in the history of Hollywood is undeniably entertaining. l'iifoi'tunately. it‘s like ()-l.evel '(iays In 1‘iliii' for those xx ho knoxv any thing about the subject and the analysis of modern gay mox ies lacks both context and intellectual rigour. See ievrexx. (ilasgoxv: (il’l‘.

I Clockerstis) (spike l ee.l s. 10‘151llaivey Keitel. Mekhi I’fifei‘. John 'l'ui'tui’io. 13.\’ turns Lee shifts the focus of Richard l’iice's xx eighty novel axxay from Keitel's mid-life crisis cop onto young drtig dealer l’fifer. but the result is not Just another cycle-of—violence ghetto moxie. The murder xvhodtiiinit provides a suspenseful core narrative. the issues are raised xxitlroiit resorting to the soapbox. and Lee manages to delrxer his most gripping. coherent and accessible frlrii to date. lidiubtiigh: (‘ameo l-ife: Adam Smith.

I Clueless ( 12) (Amy lleckeiling. LS. 1005) Alicia Silxcrstone. Stacey 1)ash.liiiiaiiriy Murphy. 08 turns. Beautiful. fashionable and str‘eetsiirait Beverley Hills schoolgirl (‘hcr (Aliciai is spoilt to distraction. but xx hen teenage romance floors her. she's as clueless as anyone. This has all the ingredients for an unashamedly brainless smash teen comedy >- including a new line in kooky dialect —- but unfortunately it doesn't do anything that Ilr'uiliu‘x didn‘t do better. Iidinbui'gh: l'iltrihouse.

I Copycat ( Ix) (er .'\littel. is. two) Sigotirney Weaver. Holly Hunter. llari‘y (‘onnick Jr. 133 mins. A criminal psychologist (Weaver). xx ho suffers from acute agoraphobia after an attack. is threatened by a copy cat killer (‘My (iod. he's going to do Ted Iiiindy riext’ ) after a female cop (Hunter ) tries to draw her otit of retirement. A redundant. reprehensible slice of schlock that leaves a nasty taste in the month. See i'eviexx. (ieiieial release.

I Cutthroat Island t 15) ( Renny llarliri. LS. 1005) (ieerra Day is. Matthexx Modine. Frank Langclla. 133 units The daughter (Davis) of an infairroiis pirate inherits his ship. ciexx and mean reputation as she searches for an island and hidden treasure. on. Haul 3 director llai'lin's preference for bloxx ing things tip xx hen the action sags shoxvs lack of imagination and he lets it all go on too long. lioi a xx htlc. though. it's a iriatinee-style romp through all the peg-leg cliches of the genre. l‘ite: (ilenrothes.

I D'Artagnan's Daughter r i 5) ( Bertrand '1‘axeiniei. 1~iaiice. l00-1) Sophie Marceau. l’hilippe \orict.(‘1atide Rich. 13o mrus. Originally a project for director Riccardo l-‘ieda (xx ho then fell ill). this lacklustre sxvashbucklei xx as picked tip by 'l'avei'niei. but his approach lacks pix/an and good old cutandsthiust. When a dastardly duke attacks her convent. young nun Marceau is forced into action. and so she drags dad D‘Attagnan and his musketeei mates out of r‘ctiretrrent. A fexx dixer'tiiig flourishes aside. Dick Lester probably did it better, (ilasgoxx: (El-"1‘.

I Dead Man Walking ( 15 1 (Tim Robbins. 1S. 1005) Susan Sarandon. Sean Penn. Robert l’iosky. 12: turns A iiiiii (Sarandon) begins her oxx ii difficult spiritual ioui'ney xx hen she bccoiries religious adx isor to a brutal riiiirdercr (l’errn) facrrig the death penalty Sararrdon's presence is iinshoxxy and corrimitted. l’enri‘s

x rx id and deeply insightful. and Robbins's achiexeirrent is to make a film xx hose intensity and coriipassioir ranks II far above the usual iiiii UTIIUII}\\U(XIl‘lll[1.(llll\gl\\\' ()(letitt. .\I(i.\l l’aiklicad.

I Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (Pt; ) t that... |0S()) Shartikh Khan. Karol. Airiiish l’iiii, 170 units. The son of :1 xx ealthy faintly falls in love xx itli the daughter of a petrol station oxxner iii l.oudon. but her father has arranged a traditional marriage back home in Indra Shifting intone fioiii ioiriaiitic comedy to darker drama. this popular classic screens in its original lliridi xeisioii xxithout subtitles (ilasgoxx‘ (ii-T. ladiribtrtgh I'llllllltillsL'

I Dunston Checks In (l’(i)iKeii Kxxapis. 1S. 1005 I Jason Alexander l-aye liiiiiaxxay. Ixiic

1 loyd. SS irriirs There's monkey business aplenty xx heir a iexx e1 thief siriiiggles his oiaiigutaii partner in crime into a posh hotel. -\dtilts xx ill get exeii more out of this that) kids. because the humour is irresistible. the characters suitably loathsome or adorable. and Saiii the (hang a star in the making. (ieireial release.

I Ed Wood ( 15) (Tim Burton. I ‘S. 100-1) Johnny l)epp. Martin |.andati. Patricia Aiquette 133

Catch the best Film this fortnight.

FIRST IIIIII I Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead He‘s only got 48 hours to get out of town or into a coffin. but Jimmy The Saint sticks around to help his gangster pals. Andy Garcia is quietly dignified in this superb modern film noir. General release.

I Stonewall The roots of the modern gay rights movement provide some food for thought in the late Nigel Finch‘s remarkable film, made against the odds. Glasgow: GFII [L'tli'nburg/i: Film/muse.

I Sale A suburban woman's allergic reaction to the 20th century environment slides from satire into chilling medical horror in Todd Haynes's remarkable examination of contemporary issues. Glax‘gmv.‘ GI'”II Iz’tlt'rilnrre/i: l’i'lni/irnrxe.

I 12 Monkeys Terry Gilliam brings his visual skills to an eccentric but intriguing tale of time travel. lethal viruses and psychosis. General release.

I Small Faces Gillies ivlackinnon‘s tale ofgroxving up in Glasgow in the late ()Os captures a sense of the city and its tensions from the unusual perspective of a young teenage boy. See feature and reviexv. General release.


I Three Colours Trilogy Sure. they've been shoxvn together several times before. btrt perhaps noxv is the time to reflect on the true genius and humanity of the late Kr/ys/tof Kiesloxvski. [film/Hugh: l-‘i‘lni/tniixc. I Seawards The Great Ships As part of the Centenary of (“inertia celebrations. here's an opportunity to catch the nexvly restored print of the Oscar-winning 1060 documentary on Clyde shipbuilding. The Scottish lr’iliii Archive‘s Janet Meliain introduces the screening. G/axgmr: G/"l.

riiiris Burton’s fondly atriiospheric homage to the so called 'xxoist director of all time" is his best frlrii to date It's more than a biopic l‘as‘tiche. hoxx ex er the emotional heart of the film is found iii the genuinely caring relationship betxx ecii Wood and the dy trig. drug-addicted [Sela l iigosi ‘a iirarxclloiis Martin Landau) l)epp play s Wood as a bundle of energy and innocent ioiii.’iiiticisiii. capturing the spirit of dogged deteiiiiinatiori that makes the siibiect stich ati appealing character (ilasgoxx ()deoii I Executive Decision 1 i5) (Stuart Band. I 's. 10051Kirit Rirsscll. llalle liciiy.()1ixei Plan

1 i3 lilllls A team of Middle lasteiri fanatics sky lack a ~.1". and 1S Intelligence pilot Russell reckons they 'ie going to release poison gas ox er Washington Stieaked on board iii mid air. he falls out of contact xx itli his bosses, so should they bloxx up the plane as it nudges closer to

34 The List 3-16 May 100(x