The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

SMASHING PUMPKINS are America's hest hea\_\ rock hand. l‘t'om their frequently L‘thllhllt‘ dehut (iii/i. to last year's .llr'lun (‘u/ln' .‘lllt/ The Infinite Nut/Into. they ‘\ e mastered the rate art ol‘comhining punishing py schedehc ril'lage and tortuous lyricism with loyer melody, They have stiry i\ ed hoth Britpop and (irunge hecatise of their tlttalil}: o\ er the years the_\'.\'e comhined mnox atiye te\tures and ultra~tuturistic technology with the trusty crunch of insanely amplilied guitars. Their mastery of the delicately ummelling hallad is just as inipressiye. What sets them aside lrom the slew of heayy rock hands hoth sides ot the Atlantic apart from sheer sonic ambition is their inllammahle character. Hand leader and chiet' slaphead Billy (‘organ's allegedly \ast ego can he as tiresome as James lha's relentless widdling guitar solos. lntra-hand relations are said to haye heen strained to breaking point by (‘organ's penchant for Stalinesque control methods. That said. the l‘riction sparks off an aural imagination that has been compared to Brian Wilson. Indeed. the oyer-long .l/e/uu (‘u/lie saw their many qualities pushed to the limits. and these liye shows may he the last time to see this incandescent hand in their present form. It so. e\pect a \‘aledictory mi\ of heayy impact and lilting delicacy in equal measure. il’hil \lillei‘i

Slum/tine l’tmipAmx p/rti {lie 515(‘(1 Glasgow on [*1'1' /U Mar.

I Mayfest ll‘ Maylest is supposed to he a festival for the people then this year's eyents should please most of the people most ol~ the time From world premieres of allegorical. deyised performance pieces to hawdy comedy yia slamming cluhs. if you still end tip hored rigid then the chances are that yott are already dead. See flirty/es! preview section.

I Film: Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead Likeahle gangster. Andy (iarcia and his associates are given 48 hours to get out of town when a simple scare joh ends in blood on the streets in this classy lilm noir. See leature. ()Il emem/ release/rant l’r'r II).

I Classical: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra ()ne ol the world‘s greatest orchestras makes its debut

PAUL McGAllll as on WHO - now there’s a thing. Dr Who as a PW'WWmL‘“ l” “‘15:!” “W‘s “'i‘“ one-off television movie with a $5 million budget there‘s Riccardo Mun. an internationally another thing altogether. No monsters made from Blue Peter lilmmn wmlucter. (Hus-grin Rnyu/ cast-offs, no damp squib explosions, no running-from-side-to- (‘mm'rr Ila/l. (I‘lus-gmr, .S'ur //. side-while-the-camera-wobbles special effects. Soon after the I Clubs: Colours Four of Britain‘s top "in"! 00mm (Yes, we: counted Pat” cusmngl takes 9"" We l).ls including Pete Tong. Sasha. ('arl Tardis controls from iabbenng Sylvester McCoy, he finds himself (-m and John Dipwcd pwfmm m

in San Francisco on the eve of the millennium. Big trouble not least because his arch-enemy the Master has metamorphosed into badassed Eric Roberts. Yes, yes, but can the man McGann

5()t)t) eager house fans from all over Scotland in this all-nighter. See

save the Universe? Well, if you can’t wait till the BBC screening PI'C\‘R'\\~ /'Is'/I?\'/W- SUI H .

at the end of May, you’ve got two choices: scoop up a copy of the I Theatre: (unc'el Vanva Radical video, released a fortnight earlier; or find yourself a Tardis. play w right Howard Barker and his The 880’s new Doctor Who video is released on Wed 15, at WNW”) '1‘er wrestling School “499' rewrite ('hekhoy ‘s classic to make its

item a man ol~ action. Barker‘s customary rich. poetic and ahrasiyc

sty le can he expected to characterise his latest play. Sec preyiew. Royal Lyceum. lat/ruluu'e/I. The /-l Sui lh’.

RAM LlLA arrives in Edinburgh this fortnight with 1500 performances under its brightly-coloured, silk belt. The 22 Indian dancers and technicians who create this lavish dance version of the epic tale flamcharitmanus are on a worldwide jaunt which has taken in Barbados, Miami and New York as well as Delhi. Exotic and stylistically varied, Ram Lila is unique - particularly since it’s in Scotland for one performance only.

Ram Lila is at the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh on Sun 12 May.

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