Brown among the big boys: Arnold Brown appears with Klernan and Leach in East Kllbride (Wed 8) and Edinburgh (Sat 11)


I Stand-up Night Tapster's. (‘orner oi. liast Crosscausexx‘ay' and lloxx'den Street (hehind De Niro‘s on Nicolson Street 3. Info: (r67 03:8. Sillprtt- late. £3. lidinhurgh’s‘ comedy club ranks sxx ell once again xx tilt the addition ol‘ this hrand- new xx'eekly stand-up night for up-arrd- coining local talent.

THURSDAY 9 Edinburgh

I The Stand (’ornic Den. ('hristie's. West Port. lrrt‘ornratron (>62 4-107. 8.30pm lain ishoxx' runs ‘).3(tprrt--l l.3()pnrt £4 (£3). Badger-haired Kenny Harris. hest hair on the circuit (iordon Brrrrrton. and just plain surreal Gerry (irarrt spread joy and larrglrter at tonight's edition of the small hut perl‘eetly-t‘rtrrned xx'eekly comedy

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56 HIGH STREET ROYAL MILE EDINBURGH EH1 1TB (next to Scandic Crown) Tel: 0131 557 9553 Open 7 Days

“- It“? " =first":'."r’?:"r‘:":'t;v'z":vfrr':vi "7' 1217.5???19' <19"!



club. eompered hy hold-as-hrass .larre Maekay. Plus open spots.


I Parrot’s Comedy Church Curt- Roslin. 204 Dalyr‘yrnple Street. ill-175 730576. 9pm (doors open Spirit. £4. Your feathered host introduces Stu Who'.’. \'ladimir McTax'islr and an unnarneahle special guest. Thursday xx-ill tioxx he the regular night for l’arrot‘s~ montth squaxx king heads.

SATURDAY 11 Edinburgh

I Arnold Brown/John Paul Leach and Ford Keirnan Queen's llall. Clerk Street. ()l3l 668 lel‘) £7.50 l {5 t. See Wed 5.

mm Edinburgh

I Dallas And Packer and Friendserrr'e Royal. 17 West Register Street. ~147 910‘). 8.30pm. £3. Some early summer madness is promised iii an ex erting of serious stupidity xx rtlr Scotland's ()i't‘ieial l)rro oI Halt. on the run l'r‘orrt their ('ontedy Bunker. 'l'hey 'r'e ioined hy a collection ot top acts including l-‘rante's‘ only stand-up comic iappar'errtlyt l’as‘cale l’orrrprdorr. among others. lrnportarrtly. x'otlka‘s only 50p a shot.



I Velvet Rooms 530 Sauchrehall Street.

M3 ()755 h._‘~()pnr It)..‘~ltpm rdoors open 8pm). £5 tL-lt See Wed 5


I Stand-up Night ’l‘apster's. liast ('r'osseansexxay/lloxxden Street rhehind lie Niro's on .\'icolson Streett. Into: or»? 0338. .\’.3l)prn late. £3. hee Wed 8.

THURSDAY 16 Edinburgh

I The Stand (‘onrie Den. (‘hrrsttes West Port. lnl‘ormatiorr (to: Ito? .\‘. ‘xltpnr larrr ishoxx' rnrrs 9.30pm llfillprnt L11 It} t. More fun and l'rolics to he had xx lrrle pressed rrp close to a total stranger. (irx rrrg )‘tttl the excuse .tl‘t‘ l’ar't‘ot. lltt\t\' I’l't‘slt‘} and (iraerrte Sxxarrson. all under the tlrunrh ol'comper‘e lane .‘xlaekay.

I Phill Jupitus, John Mann and Ed Byrne (iilded Balloon. 333 (oxx'gale. 320 0550. 9pm. .L'(14L‘5l.ililtc‘ lttlL‘sl .ttllttL‘s ltt \xtllc‘ll out of the national comedy talents. l’hill .lrrprtus is the current lime (in! comedian ol the year. and is lit hig demand lot 'l'\' .lolrrr Mann's charm and xx ar'rrtth helies his rrrazer'ial. xxhrch eoxer‘s xx rnter' sports t'or'

pensioners and acts oi spontaneous retail xartdalistn I‘d ltyr‘rre t‘rr‘st 'tppear'ed in



27 April - 1 June 1996

Ken Currie Bruce McLean Paul McPhail Darren Marshall Jonathan Monk Carol Rhodes Jenny Saville Richard \Valker

Alison Watt Adrian Wiszniewski TOM MACKENZIE

In the Original Print Shop Prints inspired by the Isle of Skye

22 KING STREET GLASGOW (ll SQI’ 0 III: 0141 552 0704

jenny Sat/rile, #3, 1995/6


This section lists events for children and tamilies in both cities and beyond. Kids listings compiled by Julie Barklie.



I Jumping Jack \Irr torts Venues lnlormation: IIIZ‘H 31(r5~il.’l'rre" 0. See .l/rtrli'x‘t lirrirr'tre /.rxirrrex.

I Looking Alter Norman Rattts’horn 'l'heatr'e. Ingram Street. 257 ‘51 l. \‘ats ll,lr\’ and :3 May. llarrt: :pttt. Li

it." I .Sllt. .-\}_'cs.< Ill Skin‘s/111.1 xI/rxtrrtex. I Magic Bob’s Cabaret For Kids (‘ttrrrr-t 'l‘heatre. llyndland Street. lio\ l three 157 With. .\lon (i May. 3. illpnr L2 5‘) 'L‘ l .5“) .Vt't‘ .l/tlt/t \[ ./I\!ill;'.\.

I Scott Lovat‘s Magic Puppet Show Scottish Mask .»\rrd l’rrppet 'l‘heatr'e. .\' Ill lialearres .-\xenrre. ls'elx irrtlale. 3 W “1‘5. Sat I .\la_\. 3pm '43 till. .\_:!es I lit. l'Inioy a lion irristrrre ol~ magic and puppets.

I The Adventures 0t lan Direach (Honest John) and Other Stories Scottish \tast. :\nd l’uppet 'l'heatr‘e. h I“ llalcarres :\xentre. Kelx'rndale. 33‘) ots‘fi. Sat ll .\Ia,\. ll‘tn. U t {It .-\flcs < * 'l'ln'ee traditional Scottish lolk tales aze ltrought to lil'e trsing shadoxx puppets. large rod


puppets and In e music on harp. xxlrrstle and flute.

Activities And Fun

I Underwater Circus Royal Botanic (Lirden. lixhrhitrorr Hall. <53 7lfll e\t 480. Sat ll’Sutr I: \lay. l -lprn. l'ree. l.earn all ahotri tlyers. drxezs and skaters olthe insect \at‘tcly rrt a t'arrtrly xxorkshop led l‘y Stephanie \\alker.


I Captain Pugwash \lnsetztrr i it Childhood. 1: llrxhfitreet.53”»1‘llll. l'rrtrl \Irt 13\I.rx..\lon \flrt Illaltt *prrt. lree Itort; ;-.:;rtes on the ocean .rx es to pirates on l'.\‘. this e\lr'l‘rirorr .l‘splays the orrernal .rztxxor‘s o': cartoonist .lohrr lx’_x.:rr. ct'e‘ator ol' the popular tele‘. rsrot‘. serzes .' hooks certtretl r'o‘rrrtl the :\p'.o:!s ol lll'.‘ trirnf;

lttlt shaped oriental goals sf,"

(‘aptatn l’t!‘_“.‘..t\l:

Theatre I The True Story 01 The Pied Piper

l’aislc} .'\r'ts ('entte. Nexx Street. Nh—r’ ltllll. Inc 7 I‘ll l7 May (not .‘xlorr lit. 7pm. Sat/Sun rnat 2pm. £5 r53 t. l’.»\(‘l~. Theatre (‘ornpany promises children. rats. a stranger and rrrrrclr rrrore in this imaginatixe musical x'er'srorr ol the traditional tale.


Activities And Fun I Friends Of Thomas The Tank Engine

lio'ness and Krrrrrr'rl lx’arlxxay. lio‘rress Station. Sat ll Sun I: May. llarn 5pm. £4 (£3); {ll llrrrrrly ticket. l‘.ll}.!lllt‘.\ xx‘rth l‘riendly laces. children's entertainment. lace painting. rriodel rarlxx'ay. lairerorrnd attractions: .-\ popular ex ertt with young lans' ol' the anrrrtated railxxay stories.

I Minibeast Satari (‘hatelher'ault ( ‘otrntry Park. on the AT: near llarrriltorr. Sun I: May. 3 3.30pm. l‘r‘ee. l’or‘ more inlor‘rnation contact the cotrrrtrysrde rangers on otth .lloll i. Take a look into the xxorid ot creepy eraxx lies Ilook at least two days in adx anus and hrrrry a sturdy pair ol‘ shoes or l‘or‘l\


I The Adventures Of Pinocchio .\Iacl{ohert .-\rts ( ’errtr‘e. Strr'hng. Ito\ ()t't'rce. olis‘o .tolrts i. lire H 'l‘hrrr‘s to May. litfx‘itarn; lprrr. L250 \ges M. See photo caption.

I The Pips And Panda Show ('rrrrther‘naulrl 'l‘heatr’e. It I _‘ Vt TKJhV.

’l hurs ‘) .\Iay. Illarn; lprrr U 5“ l’ips .rrrrl l’anda go oil to magic land to help Mr \lagtc find his lost little xxltrle l'.tl‘l‘ll lxxinkle. l’rrrx'es l’rrppets present a

rrragreal shox‘. tor xer'y xonrtz' children. I The Silver And The Red l’crth 'l‘heatre. INS High Street. Ilo\ ( )t'trce: Ill” ‘~.\'

()2 lllil Sal What ll .\l.r‘. Ages 5 s .\ tirrte»tr‘;rx'ellirr§' rrt.r;'re;rl tale ol' pox‘. er and prophecy. .l‘ltttjdt‘n,‘ t'r'orrr loth cerrtrrry l’erthshire to ll1;' .Tllth

Iildlrl 951*.

century. Meg and her lr'rerrtis strrrt'yl.‘ to

stop the ex il liark land ot l :rrtlo ( task and return the Sxxord oI l’rophe :y to ()rrorr.

\lllx‘ll li.\l‘tl

I The Adventures Of Pinocchio, MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling. Box Office: 01785 461081. Tue 14—Thurs 16 May. 10.303m; 2pm. £2.50. Ages 8+. ‘Once upon a time there was a piece of wood that laughed and cried like a

child . . .’ And so begins the mischievous little puppet‘s transformation into a real boy and his discovery ol the good and bad in being human. Visible Fictions‘s new version is a dark and bewitching tale that goes beyond Disney and right to the heart of the classic table.

70 The List 3-H) May I996