enttish linntl‘all‘s ‘.‘.ni‘st—kept seeret \\as tinall_\ revealed at (ilasgans 'l'histle llntel. vvhen l’attl .lnhtt (lasenigtte

The Year h} his t‘ellnvv

prnl'essinnals. 'l'liat at‘ternnnn nt' 28 .\pril.

M (iasenigne‘s sensatinnal hat-triek against a Aberdeen at lhrnx had inspired Rangers tn their

v\'ittttet“s medal. \\'ith the Senttish (‘up l‘inal and the puhlieatinn nt a hingraphv imminent. Kevin Keegan's t'nrmer hnnt-eleaner has the maid at his huentedteet

'l‘ve thnrnughl} eriin'vetl m_\ l‘nnthall this .seasnn.‘ he C(ittlilt'ttts. '.\t the start. evervnne \ahl lid get injured and vvnuldn’t last the paee. hut as usual l‘\ e ' prnved them all \vrnng. 'l'he injuries aren’t a prnhlem nnvv I‘ve gnt nv er them. tntteh vvnnd. and dnn't think ahnut getting injured. I just gn nttt and dn the business

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Wild card

was natned l’laver ()t

Sinee l’aul (iasenigne signed tn Rangers. he has been applauded and herated t‘nr his aehievements and anties nn and till the l‘nnthall piteh. As he prepares tn l‘aee Hearts in the Senttish (‘up l5inal. the l’la_\'e1‘()l”l‘he Year speaks tn

l.nrin \"leDnugall in an exelusive intervievv.

and pla} the lnnthall I'm eapahle nt. .-\t‘ter a lnttg la} «ntt. I’m starting tn plav well again.‘ ’l‘he tnnve tn ( ilasgnvv has alsn heen gnnd l'nt‘ (iasenigtte the man. l‘atherhnnd has mellnvved him sliglitlv while the unpuhlieised \varmth and genet'nsit} slinvvn tnvvards a vnung leukaetnia patient unveiled a \vhnle nev. side tn his persnnalitv. .\lnre reeentlv. his astute tilise‘t‘v’tttitirts nn the l'uture nl linglish l'nnthall

mm" "”““°““"“ ““C- ‘lt’s nice, Scotland I like the ha\e idetttil‘ied him as a earning him his first league place and the people. As the [.mpcmd mick. “.nhm “w saying goes, Geordies are \tim't- Scotsmen with their heid . kicked in and Vice versa so respeet vvas never in slinrt we’ve both got that little hit of ‘l't‘tth. :\n instant v‘tttttteetinn respect for each other.’

:\tttnttg Rangers tans.

\vas tnade last .lul_v vvhett (insetugtu‘ the \lesshdt arrived at Ihrns tn he met by senres nt' _vnungsters spnrting identieal '( ia//a’ haireuts. "l‘he tans have heen hrilliant trntn start tn t'inishf he says. 'l-‘ull eretlit tn them t‘nr suppnrting tne when the press vv ere s;t}ittg l vvasn‘t dnittg tnn \s‘ell. e\ en thnugh I’d senred eight gnals in 21 games and gnt eight \lan ()t'l‘he \latehes. But. tn he lair. the media have heen gnnd tn tne nver the last levv tttnttths.‘

.r\|'ter three )ears in l.nndnn and three mnre in ane. (iasenigne seems happ} tn he etnser again In his helnved \nrth—liast: ‘lt’s niee. Sentland I like the plaee and the penple. .\s