I Messenger Sound at The \"enue. £4. l().3()pm-3arn. 3 and ‘) May. Messenger play on their yery own land yery lat‘gel hona tide reggae sound system the only real one in Scotland. The hass arid the vibes are huge arid postiy'ely uplifting. Zion Brew guests on 3 May.

I Pants at Stones. l()ptn -larn. l-‘ree. Weekly indie session witlt spirits at Ftlp-a- shot.

I Planet X upstairs at tlte New (‘altorr llptn-«3anr. £3. 3 May. Fortnightly. New night ol‘ nu-rtr'g dance with Alan (toy I. Allan (lileyatorl and Rob t.-\irport r.

I Satisfaction at The (‘itrtts l()ptn 3am. £3. l-‘ree with lIy‘er'. All drinks El

lllpnr llprtr. ('lass'ic pop lt'ttlll the oils to ()(Is'.

I Skintight at The Venue. ltlptn -3atn. £3. 0 May. Second riigltt ol this pliattening ltipliop club in The (‘ooler hat with I).ls Nasty l’ and Reel'. l’ltrs. art aerosol eshihitron hy‘ lilph and Ilyde

andhreak dancing.

I Stormin‘ Norman at .-\..l. Ratnsays. 9pm -lani. Irree. IS April. lr‘ortniglttly. l'plil‘ting house arid trrtnced ottt techno. pltts drinks proinos.

I Thelonious at The Raserttent.

9pm lani. l‘ree. 'l’he 'l‘helonious posse

jain it ja/x-l'unk style in the Broughton

Street bar.

I Universal at the Made l3o\. llpni--3arn. H. ‘I May. l4or'tnrglitly. 'l‘he folk helttrtd \liF. l-Bl. .\ladclrester atrd liyol conte together to proy ide w hat promises to he a top night out. (‘lreek the “space age" decor.

I The Unspoken Thing at Negociarits. 9pm -3arn. Free. The Merry l’r‘anksters mainline the due hack into 'l‘lrurs‘da/e with their celehrated psychedelic extravaganza. presented rti ludicrous I’rankstery‘isiott. 'l‘he eclectro soundtrack cruises the stipert'unk highway at ahout nnre on the Ricltter scale.


All clubs listed above take place at one of the following venues, which can be contacted for further details.

I The 13th Note .s'n (‘rlrrssrrrrrt Street. 55.1 I638.

I Apartment 33 Royal li\clrartge Square. 33l 7080.

I Archaos :5 Queen Street. :nt 3th“).

I The ATCIICS .\lltll;tlltl Sllc‘c‘l lull .lilllltllc‘d Street). 33l 9730.

I The Arena IS 3* ()swald Street. :31 30H).

I The Attic renter through The (iarage i. 490 Sauchielrall Street. 333 ll3tl.

I Baby Grand 3 liltrihank (iardens. 3-IS 4943.

I Bar101o Mitchell lane tol't‘.\litcltell

Street r. 331 S 35 3. I The Bedsit 1 Park l)rr\ e. 33‘) H133. I Bennet‘s Sit-9t) (ilassliord Street. 553

576 l.

I Betty’s Mayonnaise A? Queer: Street. 331 503-1

I Blackfriars Underground rlwelrrrt- Blackl‘rtarst. 3o Bell Street. 533 5031.

I The Cathouse l5 l'nion Street. 34S (i(ill(i.

I Caledonian University Union 7o (‘owcaddens Road. 333 (l(i.\’ l.

I Caledonian Princes .-\trdet'stori ()uay. Brooniielaw. 30-1 llFlt.

I CCA Cafe Bar 35” Sauchieliall Street. 333 TKO-l.

I Cleopatra‘s. Sits (treat w'esterrr Rrratl. Kelyinht'tdge. 33.10%”

I Club Xchange :5 Royal I-.\cltange Square. 3”: 45‘“)

I The Corner Bar j/i St (ieorges Road. 333 l(r3.<.

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Street. .‘s t: o? I 3. I Fury Murry’s Wr .\la\w ell Street. 33l (i5 I l.

I The Garage .ttto Satrcltieltall Street. .‘~ ‘~: ll3tl.

I Glasgow School of Art it»? Reltllew SII‘L‘CI. 3.33 (IN) I.

I Glasgow University Union A:

l'nty ersrty :\\ etrtte. 3 3‘) son“

I Hatt Club 32s (‘lytle Street. 3% M5 I Madame Gillespies 3s ('lteapsitle Street. 3(l-l train

I Maxaluna .1 to Satrclrrclrall Street. 13: too;

I Moio's Bath Street. 3 ‘sl 333'.

I Nice 'N’ Sleazy -l3l Saticlneltall Street. 33: our

I Nico’s 3‘5 Sattchteliall Street. 333 5736.

I october Cafe Iop lloor. I’t‘inees Sttttar‘e tort Buchanan Street l. 33l H303.

I OMU 33 l'ntyerstty (larderrs. 33‘) 07st I 3T .~\\lllt‘_\ Street. 3334-15.;

I Rat Trap 9 Brown Street. 33l 7333.

I Reds 37‘) Sauchiehall Street. 33l lo.‘5. I “.835 73 Queen Street. 33 I 33(lll.

I Rhapsody 240 Bath Street. 353 But». I Hocksy’s Basement In New Sitetldtitt Street. I’aisley. 553 57‘”.

I Rooftops 03 Sattclriehall Street. 3 33 SSS3.

I Strathclyde University Student Union ()I) .Itiltlt .SII'L‘L‘I. 553 I395.

I SUD CIUD 33 .lattrarca Street. 3~IS Milli)~ I The Tunnel St .\lrtetrelt Street. :o-t I()(l(l.

I variety 4t)lSauchrehall Street. 333 444‘).

I The Velvet Rooms Sauchiehall Street. 332 0755.

I The Volcano l.< Heitalder Street. 337 I ll)(l.

I The Bar (ittltll‘l'ltlg‘e .SII‘L‘L‘I. 3‘ 33 ltlt3.

I The Advocate S2 South Bridge. :30 300.1.

I The Attic I)yer°s ('lose. (‘ow gate. 335 S3S3. '

I The Basement Ilr'ottgliton Street. 5‘7 (IOU-7.

I La Belle Angele ll Ilasties (true. :25 37”.

I Cafe Dis South St. l)a\ td's Street.

I Cavendish \\est IHIlciiiss. 33S \253. I Century 2000 3| l otlrian Road. :20 7(i7ll.

I The Citrus (it rtrdlay Street. 33‘) no” I The City Cafe Blair Street. 33tlll135. I Edinburgh University Ie\ tot Row l'riion. (fill ~l(t."3.

I The Honeycomb 3(i tstr trlarr Street. 33() -13S‘l.

I The Lane 7 ()ueetisletry Street I ane. 330 (i333.

I Club Mercado rt or rttei'ly nrrster Browns) 30 3‘) Market Street. 33!)»133 1. I MGM l.othtan Road. 33S lots

I Minus 0ne l('arlton Highland Ilotelr North Bridge. 55h ~3'37

I Moray House llttlyt'tttttl Road. 5%


I The Moscow Bar Smith St I)a\ rtt‘s Street.

I The MUSIC BOX ‘lc \tctorra Street. 335 35(ri.

I Negociantst otlttarr Street. :25 tr 1:1 I The New Calton (‘altoti Road. 55> Vial)

I A.J. Bamsays w it nrraretrrrrrr Street. 557 no:

I Riccarton Student Union IIettot \Vatt

l ‘rity erstty. ~15 l 5 3 33.

I Rocking Horse (are. gate. 2:5 3330

I Spider’s Web 35h .\lottrsorr Street. 33.S twin,

l The Subway ('ow gate. 2:5 (For.

I The Tap 0’Lauristonl attrtstott Place. 22‘) 4nd I.

I The Venue (‘alterr Road. 55" tn‘t

I The Wee Red Bar at l‘dtnhrtrglt ('ollcgc ()l' .'\rt. l.aurtston l’lace. 33‘? l~l~l3.

I Wilkie House (‘ow gate.

“s ‘~t)§<


This section gives details of selected events taking place in and around the central belt of Scotland this fortnight. Events are listed by area and then alphabetically. All submissions should reach our Edinburgh office ten days before publication and be accompanied by a contact phone number for our information. Days Out compiled by Thom Dibdin.


I MAY FAIR Sat .1 Mon 6. Ill.3(larti 5pm. The IIirs'el. (‘oldstrearrr t)lS*)() SS3S3J.

E l. Besides the 3i) or so eraltworkets selling and dertionstrating tlteir wares. 'I'he IIll‘sc‘I w ill lie ol'lei‘itrg all sorts ol‘ entertainment. l'rotti lalconry toiax/ hands atrd the Button Bert Punch and .lttdy show. It yott lartcy some early rrtot'ntng l‘oolery. there will he an organised walk on Sat .1. .3 7am til r to look at arid listen to the dawn chorus. Take your hinoctrlars.


I CENTRAL SCOTLAND HORSE TRIALS Sun 5. ‘* (tprir Scone l’alaee ‘I’olictes entrance. on .-\‘l3. North ol I’et'tlt. ()lS3l ($0373. £5 per car. driy'ei and one passenger: L'l rFIIpt pedestrtansx'addittrrnal passengers. ()y er 3llt) entries lll three classes rtlr indry tdual dressage. show

ittrnptng and cross country speed and endurance trials. 'Ircket does not include entry to Scone l’alace. l‘ut the prihlic are welcome to watch the early trials and walk the course on Saturday. 3 ppm tl'reel. I COUNTRY AND WESTERN SHOW Sat l t. noon midnight l)eyortyaie llall. \loss Road. 'Irlltcoultry. lll35‘l 3 l 3| 3l. ‘3 l3 r‘c'lllr. \yee-Irahl 'l‘welye. lull-on hours of litre dancing. cornpetittorr shoot-outs. drinking and good ol' (‘ountry artd “estel'lt stttltltls. litittk ltrm ttl‘ ltt‘ disappointed ;\lttl don‘t lorget your st\ gun


I CARNIVAL Sat 4. l 5.3llpnt. Ilie I’Ieasance ’I‘heatre. l’leasatrce. I‘ldrrrl‘ttrclt. III 3| 53o .ltlll3 Fllp. .'\ll sorts or stalls selling Hispanic and ('arrltl‘ean loorl. drink and cralts. lr\c hands. I).Is and street entertainers. lace painting and 'he odd drunirirtng workshop. Yep. it's all h‘ll‘l‘s'lllilfl. .'\nd there‘s a cluh tn the exerting at 'Ie\trrt Row rsee (It/tr t'oi details'.

I INFORMATION EVENING FOR THE CARERS OF EATING DISORDER SUFFERERS Inc 7. Tplll Young l’eople's l‘nrt. 'I‘tppetlrnrr Road. I'dle‘urgtr. l'ree. HI 3|

S 3" (r 3(r1 .\n cy :‘titlljJ

Izating Disorders \ssoctattori to proy tdc

Hiy'alllst'rl lltt‘

lttlttt'ttrattttlr alrout eating disorders and to discuss the role ol parents. partners and carers tn supporting tlteittsel\es air-.l stllIL‘l‘c‘t's

I MAYPOLE ECCENTRIC MASKED SOCIAL EVENING Mon 5. " 3tlpitt. The Romanian (’ultural (Rattle. loo High Street. Royal .\lile. lidrnlttrr'glr. tll 3! (to- 33‘?" 13‘” .~\n e\trayagan/;; ol .\I.ty rtLadness organised hy the Roirrar‘rr-Hha I’ar‘ttterslztp. '(iirls in t'lower's l‘oys lll shepherds clothes Take your own Iatnh.

duck or chicken pltts a supper dtslt. drinks arid a lttgtSk/L‘its’lttltlc“.

I PUMPATNON Sun 5. noon ~lprn. l’dinlyurglr (‘anal ('entre. Ratlio. Ill 31 333 I33“. l'tee. 'l‘op llrtt'y (lrrt lien/y as 3() lire engines tnrtt their hoses to water splurging use. liyerytlting trorn turn-oli- cetrtury appliances to modern airport rtrachtnes will he on display lot you our grown kids to go aitd gawp at.


Illarn Spin. .»\lnrond \'alley llerrtage (entre. \Iilll'ield. I.r\ ingston. £3.30

i L' I. III). (It‘llo -1 INF". ()ld cars. lorries and other yelttcles lioin the (’entre's own collection ol working tarrn triaclttnery.

I WESTER HAILES CANAL FESTIVAL Sun l3. noon Spin. l'nrort (Rural. (‘alder ('rescent. \Vester llatles. I'irlttllttll'gll. lllrll 37o 3Sl3. I‘ree. .\ day or tanrrly entertatntiierrt wrtlr hoat trips. water

ey ents. side shows and candy lloss to mark the new dredging work which allows hig lioats to get to \\'esrer llatles lrorn Ratlio.


I AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL BOOKSALE Sat -I. Want ~lpnr. Ilillltead l.ll‘!'.tl'_\‘. 3-18 liyl't‘SRtt11tl.(il;tsgtt\\. l'lt't’.lII‘1I .3 33 S353. ls'eplt‘llislt ytitlr' i‘ttttksltely'e\ ll) IIIL‘ l‘L'ltL‘lil HI .-\ltttlt'sl)

I BOAT JUMBLE Sun 5. Illa'rr Spin. Scottish .‘\laritrrne .‘\luseunt. lry inc. “1304 531%. L3. ltatgarns galore on the waterlront with eyerythtng lion: .t spanner to a spinnaker lot sate (lye: lllll stalls and plenty to see and do .tt the museum. including trips round the irar'liottt tweatltet' t‘~er'ttrittrttg‘r.

I BODY ART AND TATTOO CONVENTION Sun 5. 3pm midnight, ('oncert llall. ('tytc (.L'Iill'y‘. \Iotlterw ell fill! “IN'S 351‘ttS. Il‘r'.‘ lirrst Scottish cor;\er‘.t:orr cyct lot those who know that they .IL as pretty as a ptcltltc'. (ir‘ till. f'c‘l Idlltttrt‘tl littlrry It‘ll know you‘ll look Itettct lot it.

I GIANT CD AND RECORD FAIR Sat ll. Illanr (rprti Stilt l3. i'l.t'll alprr; Sl:('(". l‘rrtrnestoart ()uay. ( 'rlasg'ow. L3 It you need sortie Ileip in you: (ll collection tale your Rtrl‘l‘e: Sort? .tlotnf to this lat: which will Ilry little what the organisers clartn is the largest \t'i.‘k'.lt‘ll or Iteatles tnettiotahtlta eyet displayed in the area. It. fire l‘ah totrr rlttzt't till\.‘ your eat their thczes trtost anytlrtnti you coalrl eye; watrt. liotn Fits \2t.j.': to W's rare


'- 3l) 3 3llatrt. \Iugdock ('oaritry I’ark. ('tan'ailiarr Road. \lr‘rrzj'ay re. ( ilaseow ss.'!.'.l.'.l I‘ll I‘ll! ‘y’Ftitrlllll.

L3 Hooking e Yes. tl‘ra'. rs Irrir' 'y. .t‘.‘.ll walk I'slll‘. lite Rainier Sct‘. tee to :Lrirr

rclttc ' you to the

\lL'llI\ tI.I\l \rtrlltt.\ t‘l tlrr‘Sc‘ I‘Zttls It'Silllk'tl

to c.1lcl1 wortrrs your liritoctzlats. I'rtllrty‘ut'tl l‘y .t ctr-‘lsc‘tl l‘l’eaieldsl,

I WEST OF SCOTLAND FIELD SPORTS FAIR Sat ll Sun 13. Ttttn; (ig‘e' Ke'll‘ttl'lt (‘otrrttry ("critt -. l attire. \; | ares l'l-1335tiSti55 L1 L3 \ l1!‘.2'sl tor the

ltrzrttrn' slrootrn and itsltnr' tratcrrrrty.


\‘.lll‘. displns or I‘lllsttlls like tly castrriL' atrrl terrier‘;.lt' oycr the w geketrd \iso cotr‘rpetttrotis or \tlt It country si.lll\ as clay

pigeon sliootr'e: .t:: I .r gundox scurry 'lillt'l'c‘ls L“.;‘l‘r lse'il‘dlfii .Sltk'l'satlt‘ Ill slltl. Ill'c'

ertroy \ourscli

s \t'c'lt". \‘it'\l .tl‘al l::l.' you

itds in w

the list 3 lo .\Iay NW» 83