A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Jonathan Trew.

I Happy Days (Channel 4) (iii-(TSUPIII. Harking hack to more innocent days. I’otsy sets Richie tip with a date with Mary Lou Milligan. a girl with a fast reputation in an episode daringly entitled ‘.-\II The Way"

I The Transatlantic Sessions r BBC 3) 7.3()--t<pm Before filming started for this programme. Michelle Wright. Iris DeMent and Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh all discovered that they had an old song in common from their rural cliildlioods in the form of '\\'ill The (‘ircle Be L’nhrokenf ()ther artists involved include John Martyn. Danny 'l'hoitipson. Kathy Mattea. Dougie .\lcl.ean. the McUarrigle Sisters. limmylou Harris. Aly‘ Baiii and Mark O'Connor.

I Hi-De-Hi! (BBC‘ l)S--S.3()pm. Barry and Yvonne the ballroom dancers give a party. hut only the most socially— acceptahle Maplin's staff are invited. Needless to say. Ted Bovis doesn‘t make the grade.

I Father Ted ((‘hannel 4) 9.30 ltipm. Father Jack has been packed off to St Clahhert‘s ()ld l’riests' Home to he treated for his incredihly hairy hands. l'nfoi'tunately his replacement turns out to he such a monumental pain in the butt that Ted and I)ougal are forced to mount an S.-\S-sty le rescue.

I Rory Bremner - Who Else (Channel -li l()..‘~() ll.l(lpin. Bremner sharpens his wits on the great and good.

I Eurotrash ((‘hannel sir I l.l() - l l.-lflptti. Continuing their quest for education and entertainment the gruesome duo of de C‘aunes and (iaultier investigate lilll'opds first and only vihratoi‘ tester arid chat to Andreas Hoff who douhles up his work as the designer of escape-proof Sk M clothing hy working as an emergency Stkfyl locksmith. Snrart move.

I Flava l('hannel 4) IIJUpm IllSam. .-\ must-watch for all lovers of rap. soul. sw ing—heat and gospel.


I FDH: The Greatest Job In The World tBB(‘ N750 ()prn. David (iruhin's four- part examination of the life of l-‘ranklin Roosevelt explores how a man of privilege came to he identified with measures that made him a hero to a vast and varied coalition of ordinary Americans and. at the same time. made him a \ illain in the eyes of many memhers of his own social class.

I Cutting Edge ((‘hannel ~ll S 9pm. Twenty -t\\ o men and women have each paid L‘oFU to undergo a gruelling course to become hodyguards to the stars.

I Drop The Dead Donkey ((‘hannel it

It) lthtipm. Sally thaws her icy screen persona to show a passionate heart as two groins heat as one.

I Altered States r(‘hannel -l)

Ill..“ll[‘lll IIQSttllt. Kc‘lt Russell‘s \CiL‘llL‘L‘ fiction thriller ahout a scientist whose ohsessron with experiments in sensory deprivation on himself turn him into an apelike monster. The film features some ama/ing tripping sections.

I Court TV tBB(‘ 3i ll..‘~f)piii Illflam. hour years ago. two-year-old Brittany .\'ewton was shot hy hei‘ three-year-old hrother‘ using their father's loaded handgun in l-lorida. .-\ tragic mistake exacerlxited hy‘ the state of l‘lorida's attempts to t‘roseeirre the children‘s father

I Working from the premise that ‘the modern point of view seems to be tied up with progress. that somehow the world will get better in the future. so the past is of no interest. This is an orthodox belief which is causing the death of culture’, controversial fashion designer Vivienne Westwood hopes to examine the relationship between fashion and art over three programmes. Though quite what either fashion or art have to do with her bondage trousers and the like is anyone’s guess. Without Walls: Painted Ladies starts on Tue 14 at 9.30pm.

for the killing. arguing that r! was his negligence that hrotrght ll ahotrt

I Eyes Of Laura Mars t setrrristi- llfiflpm l.-l."‘arrr. ‘l'ltriller starring l l)nnaway‘. 'l'oiiiriry lee Torres and trail l)oui'if which caused some concern w her; it first came out in W".\ due to its graphic depictions of grisly irrni'd.-rs Tame strrL: hy today ‘s standards. hat the plot is fair enough.

I Masterchefrnnt‘ for.“ Storm, l.oyd (irossiriarr. Norman l’ainting aka. I’hil .-\t'chei‘ and Scottish chef Bzrrce Sangster iirdge three contestants skills with the old pots and pans.

I Winners And Losers nnt‘ :-

555 o-lflpm. In 105‘) a (ier'rrran filmmaker. liirgerr Schnhniaehei. set off across seven continents w ith his earriera to film species which he thought were on th: verge of extinction. This prograriirrie updates the work. finds out w lrich species survived. which didn't and why.

I No Bananas: The Wedding r BBt' ft 7.13 8.05pm. Start of an epic ten oai' wartime drama See prey rew

I Doctor FinlayrSeottrshi is s 5pm \Vhen a patient confesses to murder or: his deatlrhed. l‘inlay is torn hetw; all to the police and his medical Unity of confidentiality

I Hidden Kingdoms «trainer 1. (‘arrieiairran Richard hem; film lamrrrer‘gerci. l‘irds w fr. 3: halt eagle. halt where and hay e a rag of lflft. They feed hy finding deal animals. ripping out their l‘iities ..:rd dropping them from a great lie; 'I”

on vi..-


\rt 12!.tl the l‘ottcs sltalti't and life l‘Ittls

I A History Of British Art tine .‘.-

".‘yfl Slfipnr. The t'adrtior‘. of wh 1' 1'...s come to he seen as \ltlllilc'\\t‘llll.tll‘s l‘if'rlfsi'f all pictures ofdogs. horses ml of fannhes lltfltl par: of Andrew (iraham lltxon's new series

I Music And The Mind .(‘tamriet :

*) If)pm. New series whit:


is exaltrzrret li‘. Ill."

;‘\.r!.ttt‘r.'\ "lie profound relationship “etw eeza :trr;s:c airt the human hiarn \c.‘ pre\ few IKaraokernni‘ ran in irrgrrpm Henrits l’otler 's r‘erttiltirrra'e .lzarr continues to w eaxe fls corinohited .‘l‘ I Critters .(‘rraririr-r it to it

eponymous heastres of this rrroy re “war

i<p'r: llr.‘

many srrrirlarrties fir ( it.‘l‘.‘..

I The Clive James Show rsetrrrrslrr

ill I“ “pm. More wit and sarcasm frortr the .\n'.rpodean critic.

I Don’t Look Down iScotlishi

li.-1<prri. Keith Brrrce hosts the

.tt'.s m.i~'a/rne which tonight discusses .leff 'loz';:rrgtoir's new novel The IL r'rl'y

artd the illllt.l/.1I". Reilly. l.iye :rrrisic comes from Carol Iairla and tlieies


( 1'11 z'/\t r'

plenty of .\lay fest coyei‘age.

I The South Bank Show tScotlishl 1E 95pm i.‘..-l§am .\Iel\yn Bragg purities .‘vlazlene Dietrich.


I You Only Live Twice r Scottish) ‘1 Ill " if‘prri Sean (‘onner‘y kicks Bloleit'fs ass while seducing heairtiful women. w inning a fortune at the casino and all the other little duties winch a top spy has to i‘ei'l'orrrr I Later Presents Mark Knopfler In Concert « BBf' 2r (rift 7.20pm. l‘ormer Dire Straits front man presents material from iris new solo all‘um (ior'r/e/r Herri‘f as well as rriateiial from his past. I The Lavender Hill Mob (Channel .tr

\2 Ufprri. (l.isszc liahng corrredy' with \lrc (it-inness as a l‘atrk clerk who irras'errrtrnds a lurlhon ltil‘l‘t‘l'y. I BDD’S Fab Ads I Scottishi S ‘lpm. Boh \loiiklronse cclehrates -Ifl years of coirircai corrmrer'crals including the one in which I orraine (‘hase whines 'No. l.iiton


; I The Liver Birds r BB(' 1 In ‘lprrr.

3 I The

The Sex l’tstols are reforming and now Thel ryer Birds are ha\rng a shot at it as l'w :‘étiy years on from the original serre». Beryl arid Sandra hump rrrto one another again and find that titer: hyes

take cliaf‘rg't .l heyoird what either of them

‘3." t‘ t‘lt‘ llc‘It‘il.

Lord Of Misrule :ltttr‘ i.

" 1" “rpm. (‘r-niedy screenplay in which Richard \\ :lson plays the retired I ord

( i‘..;lics'iilll lltll \Vcl‘slcl who ltt‘t‘tls It‘ raise a lot of money quickly to say e his rlttftll‘illl‘.‘ home. llavrirg decided to sell .r ltlclttta'K wittllt Hi sotdttl st‘c‘tcls l0 Iltt‘‘liitils lilt‘ y'ti‘. c‘llilltt‘ltl .tc'ls Ill sltil‘ ltlllt hefore he l‘irirgs them dow n. .\'ceI.lless' to _ l.I!c'.‘t‘ll\tlt‘\.

I An Inspector Calls .(‘Irazmt-i .1.

it to Whom The series ahoin the secretive

world of I!!\]‘i'ctots looks ;it the ltyes of

insurance cirtlft‘altlcs car clarrrr .rdirrst.:ierrt officers

I The X-Files one 3. to tntfipm.

Mulder and Scully get caught up in more paranormal shenanigans.

I Karaoke tC‘hannel 4) It) «1 1.05pm. Part two of Potter‘s penultimate drama which was also shown last night on BBC.

I Frantic (Scottish) 10.20pm --lZ..‘~5aiii. Harrison l‘ord stars in this average thriller set in Paris.

I Bude Women ((‘hannel 4)

I 1.05pm l2. lflam. .-‘\ look at women who enjoy sex. an outrageous sense of humour and challenge the helief that women are passivecreatures w ho wan: only love and romance. Jo Brand speaks to a grandmother from l’eterhoroiigh. a group of Kirkhy housewives and a Redhili lingerie cutter.


I Classic Trucks '(‘lzannel 4) H S, itlpni Before mass ownership of cars and fridges. Britain's streets w eze ahn/l. with small delivery vans. taking produce from the shop to the consumer on a daily hasis. The post-War year‘s saw Bedford and Atrstin hegin to dominate the market hut enough of the early irzodels exist to evoke the lost age oflligli Street service.

I The Cook Report rsetrrrtsrrr sin “pm The intrepid (‘ook and tearrr doorstep another shady character or eorripany.

I Floyd On Africa r nnr‘ 3r sixn 0pm. .\los't folk go to Madagascar to filtrr the wildlife. I-‘loy'd. of course. has a different agenda preferring to riruneh his way through the flora and fauna.

I Frontiers (Scottish) ‘l— lflprrt. continued after news. New police drama series ahottt the intense rivalry hetwceir the Special (‘rimes Squads of two rreighhoirring


I Men Behaving Badly r BBt‘ ii

9.30 lflpm. (iat'y‘. Dorothy and Tony undergo operations. the trarrma of wearing glasses and Gary wanting to have sex a disagr'eeahle prospect at the hest of times made all the more uneomfor‘iahle hy' Dorothy's appendix.

I Without Walls: Psychoanalysing Diana r(‘hannel ~1I 0.30 -I(ipm. In a re-crcation of a classic l-rendian case study. psychoanalyst Dylan livans puts Diana ‘S‘ on the couch and prohes the workings of her mind.

I Cardiac Arrestrnnc Ir in lfl.3l)ritri. The consultants challenge the minor doctors to a cricket match hilt there are more serious hattles heing waged elsewhere in the hospital.

I And The Beat Goes On (Channel it»

to {l l.fl.<pm. ('onclnding part of the l.iyerpridliarr tale of two families.

I Knife To The Heart: Against Nature (BBC l) lllfif) llCtlpm. l’ifty years ago. transplanting organs hetw'een humans was the stiiffofscience fiction. now it is commonplace. This prograrirrrie exarrrrnes the history ofor'gan transplantation and the dilemmas which early pioneer \ in the field faced.

I Big Mouth ((‘hanncl Ali

I l.iSpm l3 ~ltlarrr. Torry l’arsons lets rip w ill] another round of rrrfor'rired and opinionated cultural .lll.tl_\\ts.

I Moving Pictures r BBf‘ 2r

ll.15 Ilsspnr lar‘r'y (‘lark discusses the controversy sirricrrndirrg his first feature film Kh/y w hrch hlow s the lid otl' teenage sex. drugs and gangs.


I Sharpe iScottishr S lflprn The second of three new stories al‘ont the irraverick British officer played hy' heart thr'oh Sean Bean.

I More Rhodes Around Britain: Ulster rBB(' 2' S S. illprii. The spiky headed one rrnmches his way around I'lster' and illscint‘l’s “‘1' secret ill f_'tiiitl 'c‘ltaltlft

I Lonely Planet rt‘trarrner »lr .s to ‘lptrr, lair \Vr'ight polishes off this trawl series w tlll .r y rsrt to the Tex \iex horder w here real life cowhoys give him lessons llt how f0 meet the git ls l‘i'lott' he \\ IlIlL'\\L'\ an ancient 'l‘arahrrrriara Indian egremony.

lhe 3 lo .\l;ry I‘l‘lfi 87